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Extraterrestrial Ambassador Judy Carroll

May 23, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Extraterrestrial Ambassador Judy Carroll about the mission and the status of visiting ETs. Judy says the disinformation campaign that has been waged hides the true reasons and intent of the visitors from other worlds. 5/23/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's just now unless those wins I coast many are stuck somewhere in between what can be on really redo with myself Jason Hawes and Italy's some GP Johnson we don't. Get to talk about extra trashed rules we took you a close quite a bit but the actual. Aliens to use a word that is probably going to be disputed going bring our guest in later but I'll use it for now. The actual aliens that are among us according toward guest tonight and they are misunderstood. And there's a deliberate campaign of misinformation. Being perpetrated upon us so that we fear of these individuals and tonight we're gonna get to talk about all that. Well and mean. Q I can see it both sides and I agree with you that their staff when this whole thing about making a sphere of them. But also go T think somewhere inside we should fear them. Well I think it's natural to fear though not even fear I mean be cautious because I never truly Knoll. As some something's intention to specially if it's so much more advanced than you. I mean look at look at here and eight assists humans and or more advanced so many other things and when and where were way up on this pedestal. And muy caged animals and things of that nature so. Makes you wonder if it becomes a skier sort of he got to be standoffish. I think you're absolutely right we need to be cautious we need to be deliberate and we need to be methodical about any contact with the alien races but according toward guessed that we will have unbelievable but when a reporter Judy Carroll tonight. We are getting fed misinformation we shouldn't have so much. But I fear I guess is the word which you tell us why she's gonna she's gonna present the case she's an extraterrestrial ambassador. And she is in contact with the grays and she's gonna talk all about that's gonna give us the information. That is they want us to half of and cut through the clutter and I don't know if it's the government that's a mess and an up or if it's other aliens that are messing it up at somebody. Is not allowing message to get through the way it's supposed to. Do you think there's of their only resulted trying to. Murray stepped pennant the there I mean it's a serious thing it's who have whether. It's humans dealing with the other humans and people getting involved and could other aliens beginning involved blog trying to make it so. There's not a connection. According to our gas that has happened already on the earth so we'll see Woolsey will get the full story when Judy joins us in just a little bit. You've got some pretty good news though the beyond reality radio Sam we've radio stations has grown Beisel is the last few days old. Timing it's like the flu which lets us spreading adding around while we knew we would like to welcome Tom and WD SR thirteen 40 AM lake city Florida. W white PV 94 point five Mac cannot city Michigan. WH a K 960. Am Rogers city Michigan next secretary here over Michigan. WWM. And 106 point three halftime Thompson's bill Michigan and her. And KT EL 1490 AM while wallow Washington I've. Never seen more w.s and more gays and single city named in Walla Walla Washington by the way. Do you remember those records they used to sell when we are kids keep tell. He tells greatest hits of live from whatever day is here remember those records era TV all the time I can't yet. KT I mean and there's not and I don't think there's a heroically for real relationship but when I saw that KT yelled the decay tell racial crisis itself and we welcome to all those stations almost marks and does sound like. Michigan is is fully in the camp of beyond reality radio. Now as dyslexia and McEnroe I mean you know spent all its iMac an island we investigated looked down and go senators and it was just such a great time. Yeah it's what we're very very happy to be you know those markets by the way. If you're keeping track tomorrow night we've got Kelly Sullivan Waldman coming on the program Kelly's a dream expert. And she's gonna talk about what our dreams are telling us about our love lives that's pretty specific. And that's perfect perfect person and a test Washington. Men don't ask her questions are just not what city and her place by your dreams of those volcanoes going off I mean when I was sixteen you know if you don't have to emulate what's gonna lie and she's mine now yeah REM I just I just so some images of that and while it just seems to get more more intense as the days go on. Bomb a good friend of mine just came back. From Hawaii he booked the trip long before any of this started happening was concerned that it would prevent him from going but he didn't he was actually able to go not only that they're chewing helicopter tours. Over the lava. So you sit there we see what it looks like it's pretty impressive from what I understand. But yet I mean I just saw that that the lava flows like right up to the edge of a power plant we could geothermal power here which pits could cause some trouble has just terrifying must columns lost already been I mean you know. It's it's all part of nature and thank god it's not like I heard an eruption it's a slow lava flow that that the people can get away from a third if they're paying attention. You know as opposed to early yet what can be right exactly exactly and keep an. Building pressure are we cannot stand track and I think we're relaxing to individuals with severe cases VDD put your hero last night so we got to this pent up stuff we have to talk about I know we just restarted mr. dream we rolled into the volcano dreams and then politely and it was an actress who we thought it would James Olson will be discussing. Howell holed brain thinking conceive the future. Explore how we can achieve peace within ourselves with others and in the world a better understanding the nature consciousness. You haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial to FaceBook page for us. Then head to be under really really good outcome we can final stations we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and enter it separates and allows you to listen live. Catch past shows join me online chat more. We're just click the pop up memory there Omnia on the website in the upper right hand corner and he'll listen to the show read from the lips and any night relies if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else do us a favor and just read it for us. It tells push it forward and makes it. Easier for people far. It's a great thing to do arm we of course appreciated and appreciate you supporting the program in any way that you can. On don't forget to stop and look at the mug is well beyond reality radio coffee mugs flying out of here we can't keep them inside can be checked out mugs he'd stick this. Just not a monster things are hot I just aren't known as of the Earth's that you do that also if you if you get a chance stop by scare conduct comments and then coming up. And it's in June 15 sixteenth seventeenth it's a great event if you like go horror films. And paranormal entertainment ticket out Lhasa from the website there you be impressed. It's always a good time always good time. Are sort of take a quick break and then we're gonna get in says this whole Dziena message and so much more would Judy Carol our guests extraterrestrial ambassador. Are you listen and Jason GDP on reality radio won't after this. Yeah Francis champion I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June sick and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary coming mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BE RR. Spirit con dot com. It's beyond reality radio chasing and TV break down the phone number. We will take your calls later in the program and 8446877669. You'll want to get involved in this discussion we're going to be talking about extraterrestrials tonight. With Judy Carroll who's an extraterrestrial ambassador by the way her website is UFO grace filled with any great info dot com UFO great info dot com. She's got several books to her credit including her recent book called the Zeta message connecting all beings in one so let's bring. Our guest Judy Caroline to the program Judy welcome to the schober caviar. Thanks for coming. So Judy let's start by eight figured out and telling us exactly. Who you war and what your messages. And it will cure and I actually. Tied to Hamas slide. Into coach's wife consulate or some understanding show us who I am why don't ya. And I'll bring people down here in greater and launching it to. I'm not actually being part of an eighteen mission in my slotting in Charlotte. And mark roe. Also this mission was to be an ambassador bridge between. Your cries and the machines bases safe harbor might create a slow progression but actually to commit energy. Collect consciousness and right. Arm. It's actually made our way to slow which are on sales and image editing the true enough. Is suing aunt she should and shouldn't and cultures. Well new usual while most people coming. Around. How do you. And as much luck couldn't being human and what she carried out on a mission which basically only she opt out he would torture awaken. Humans to honor. Come levels of consciousness and our border crossing. Order functional reasons we should call the aforementioned rice so. We're carrying out. I am a moment on the Archie instructor. Slight change ranking which I am and I may change people and energy but we're carrying out the entire world. Two assists in new young conscious awareness whitening and a team and we're also carrying out genetic work up stay and I work. What people don't understand generally is that. And expand it conscious awareness seeds linked intrinsically the amount Dee and I that we have actor Isaac. Of course stand here and talk about junked 89 which is simply ride at an actor went to unite the needs you welcome. Senator. You or are coming not a stand as much as well possibly court matter what it used to actually they. Sheehan and so that I can work with the role in any armed with people people applying that Christ our motionless. Waited around Munich Tyson and articles or sanctions are against us so this is the reason why someone may come election it locked as an achievement is to learn. Much as we can. Sir so this is a monarch on borrowed from a speech and pop consciousness. And this. Tonight only rumors or actually in you're actually being you know shame. It's worked very well but at the same time some way I should culture. Be changed was coming true. Arm and Qaeda cause isn't likely to experience. The trivia for Beijing Caltech through. Who has even honors. So read on cultural norms coal industry and A agent tune in tomorrow and existence which console is aren't true or carrot shrewd one anxiousness. Arm awakening kind of age and she looked very sore right on and countered we are actually moms eat cheese is my friend. And you're pitching count on I would remind all my assignment down via arm and a message down matter in my Haitian robots and may god thing. It's worth carrying out on earth have to understand consciously. Capitalists. I know. But also I mean that starting a new group in order shoot under its work. And it I suppose it was a little bit tight because I would assist communication which has. Are also all that's on election cycle Hamachi because I lecture. Dana professional dance. Which Paula hurt physically oriented and wanted me to sit down under legislation would have been her car. So are the grunge and needs gesture like I Cheney this. Especially quickly is because back then I mean this is 1993. And try. We had very little knowledge limiting what at all every bit cheap and and I got. Beautiful but hot air water well it was like a top button and hand them. It was quite some on lighter and I had the chance of actually tighten our lesson and our eyes on them themselves and I'm moving at a high action. So it was a wonderful bridge to get me stretch where I need to pay. A toll on me excellent general and hailing technique. I met or beat teaching these things wonder. Was quite a surprise Cheney made an indication what I know. Why I extraneous. Online China and costly. I call it I don't need it to her actions sushi where Wimbledon and I cringe a hard question. I'd have to admit I now. Again do you arrange things which. So under extreme years so I'm. I might implode in terms patent oracle whose futures are are hit. And term also serves. China's climate model in that suit me to tell them touchy on Easter and the cola. I'm a woman who is involved in that session there in next door to listen to chip adjustment and Queensland where I don't think arm machine gun shop meditation classes. Mom. This didn't lit room team listening to do. Automatic writing and channeling Schneider no one opt not to Google started to slice. I am so the teaching. Art Shay. Oh let not a nineties on on non work and them. How the match I should read about him I'm was joined by a man restriction rescue at the time and so I'm not running ranking. Our own policy change for us live right in 1993. And went through the question she's minding. And Jumbo in teaching shouldn't. Not in non non. So truly avenues are at it. Well you when you were saying earlier that you're doing genetic DNA testing are used specifically doing that or are they graze supposedly doing. Well all the the look at Lionsgate carry. Out plastic variety but the rise unit that's one of the mind to all we're dealing not actually had me originally out on the ship carrying out this work. Oh. Judy you I'd I don't know if you wanted to add to that right now we've got to go to break here and a little bit less than a minute you said a lot here in a very short period of time minimum become that you we come back from the great quick break we wanna break it down a little bit I wanna get a better sense of of exactly you said that you you have you lived a life as a human. Obviously and then you came back and I'm not sure I understand are you now still human or are you hybrid or are you gray rule. Or are you a human that is that has been assimilated to the greatest. Let's answer that all of that when we come back from the break OK let's let's because I don't wanna cut it short 'cause it's a very very. Very very important a question to be answered so we will get to that. When we come back from the break don't forget the Sauna you're gonna wanna wait and me in on this conversation 8446877669. Judy's book is called the Zeta message connecting all beings in one ness and her website is UFO gray info dot com. You also finder on FaceBook and it says Eden message assuming she checked that out as well head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page Taurus. Then head to be under reality radio dot com where you can find all the stations were on we err on across the country and we just added a bunch more. Com also you can download the free iPhone and android apps great there was listen live sketch show all on the go. Or any night you one just listen right from the computers quote the pop up cab on the upper hand corner of the website and listen right there from the website. While joining arm Charron a great community people were to take a quick break more to come to listen decent GP yeah. From the Australian group known as midnight oil for our Australian. Friend. Our guest tonight Judy Carroll who's an extra trash ruin bastard don't forget to stop by her website. UFO great info dot com we're talking about her book X we're gonna talk about her books. But the recent book the Zeta message connecting all beings in one news and and Judy before winter break EU. Told us a lot eat you give us a lot of information and it was all kind of very quick so we got to try to break some of the stout. Explain to us exactly. What happened between your past life as a human and your current life what changed in between. And what exactly are you now are you fully human or not. Yes it on them fully human I have some very genetic thing nature and I hole. Aspect in my consciousness date yet what I. I'm actually could muscle pain is a blender soul studying shape aspect is jewel on that harm our current short creek. Team are on the blue physical. Ian recruits to this is nice to share greater. It could it just the will look into that. You're you're pretty you bring him up on prospered and kept it day and keep it will fall 02 adults were kept her pet. OK did you you were nasty. Have Eddie look into that connection here and assume we can get something fix because it is just breaking up terribly right now and I know we have a skirt Skype connection because you're. In Australia so let's have that he do that let's take a break when we come back I'll awfully well better connection to me. Sounds good in the phone numbers 8446877669. Again all three days 446877669. If you wanna weigh in on the topic. Listen Jason GD BRL radio. She's. Got a better connection now with our guests were talking with Judy Carol Judy is an extraterrestrial ambassador and the question before we entered into that bit of a no man's land of Internet connection was. I'm Judy before the brakes you've told us a lot. I wanna get a sense and a real understanding of of your progression from your past life a fully human life to what you are now and it's some kind of I don't know if its hybrid. Or a human within understanding of the grays and end and their culture weapon explained that part of it to us in detail please. Where the onslaught of war cry I cry. And in. Onslaught which ended in the 1940s. On my AM physical body actually not in one published to crash him. I'm. I spent some time down here and become a way I bet it wouldn't let you community kite woods and it's human arm a little. We can't we can't do that in actual treatment to skip it because it. So I'm a decision come during cultures on crutches with practice. That are written comment back down here are in a fully human body and actually in the human body. From. It's it's necessary she did it it's your BI to exist can't hear there are numbers. And people here in in Rome. We do you have. Some off planet genetics and am my top armed somehow do some have latest. AT connection is actually have a whole lot of little. It does is not necessarily act shall I saw doing sound medical chase and also do some stop children is not sharp. And it's a blend so well how are locked Ron Marshall. Where I am. Connection on the so little between your human culture and right. Culture. Now this. Articles may have a connection to our cultures yeah experienced coach usually in our shoes. This choice is actually in my arsenal. On preparation already in on a neutral experience. I understand that she and the chief frequencies that are required for a lot for kids. Build up around additional actions Krajicek in combination. It's a lot of skin on and on June. The shortest and presidential individualized. Patient all source wonders what will action on a disk. In your harshest synchronize function with. What is planetary collective consciousness. We our planet coming cheer in town knicks' loss. We all have to connect species consciousness and racial group etc. insurance and home. And at rocket lands and on. And experiences that we need to carry apple to share although it and the whole reason I'm. A lot of close friend Eric hit it not enough lift chants. So make it work involves paying an inch and I am acceptable. Choice on my costs are a lot of slush. Secret artist on the energy level. True planetary groups rather than just want. This entitles us to understand and connect our group helping to right. So I went on with us humans aren't currently you know I understand life from European perspective. I allow LaSalle street experienced tea or any contact with shock of having as our. When my agent cool in my state assembly where it unchecked may. On a date political around us to have what was done wrong but on more shallow. Can't say culture shall win as a human level I didn't understand slot experience. This was actually actually it's Obama who coming here. The fact that. After rushing multiple set up a written three people on the line a lot at the British one addiction restaurant owners listen in history. And do a lot of interviews and I got a lot of pain in my Shula the plan. And a game and it. McCain I hear people I have frightened has it my house are gonna be out armed stand strong by the Specter of steer each age. To get to help this popular reason why China owns. Comment on it. What's not a lot of memory of my. Writer I distance until I was all. And I salute into graduate to Maurice. Well Judy let me pass this now YA YET. This this row. Seuss sort of make contact or letter but he knows that the pair here and instead. Somehow world just getting an LP if if they have this technology gaming. Couldn't they just get it out there and let the world know that there. Really because edition continues. Right community kind Ayatollah CS do a lot of the Hariri. And when you and it's in Austria by. I can't pick up much an example I'm not all of our litany of polish on her her family as. And will into a room where a human man was lying on the type in the clinic. And found at all in the tool shall equal to. And the absolute sheer horror it's nice arm was quite an hour fit this in hammering. Let me show. It to me just now Turkey. On lying really really hot shot that you will which can't on the Internet that you actually don't you see on national groups. I could not get root out to remember frustration on again and against a brick through this sort of a it's brought conclude its. If you hate wrap around results. From. Human body actually reacts. And I young. A physiological why when Nancy beings that are written differently doctor rice. Let's look at it optics Ryan opening at a doctorate on looks like it's it's an actual ideological. Our reaction to human body pets and to get through that is extremely ha so. We knew that we have to come down here and this team won't you be I understand people to be at the community Marines. So how many of you are there on on the planet. Al-Qaeda issue. Well at general they would be. Several styles of course I am not expect any anomaly in contact quite cute but yet what else. And to stop children were being told there generation who are carrying already she genetics. And down some of them have actually gone through medical tests and prudent. I have moody and I have to fight on just reading about acting Amiri will's ball the new human shield guys maturing focusing on Kenny. And that. Four with trying. But now the start children connect to the greens are the start children their own genetic make up. Ole Ole hole differently teacher and six many many help them connects the rise there are well it was a hope I. Cannot stand it all they rise and playing in this is that it. Quite like that all of Canada it's very British type on it absolutely Sheila. American Sheila English or French will have a picture of nationality. And then there's no such thing as a pure American. Your Porsche cry let. Treasury yields are expected to sign armed they botched hold culture yet so the majority don't mom Harper's. Armed and yes on the basis for example and heartless human side column that many different. Young ones from all different cultures and whatever shall harbor thoughts. Oh when it comes down to the human race we all have. Common genetic makeup. So I'll do what I'm saying is we were talking Mostar children were talking about agrees we're talking about. Other types of a so called alien alien life forms are they all genetically connected or are they'd. All Mulder their own genetic make. Well Alan gross is a genetic. Connections for the holy office. Again campaign went which candidate are different. These sheiks. Fanatical islamists because in reality where 01. This has gone beyond physical again. This is just some really hot ticket. It across. Single unit session and aren't much different cultures and physical act very very small part of the hall. A hollow is off right now than human. Couldn't be intruding into a machine down here or check now technology and cut off. How interested multi dimensional celebrity could be trojans Milpitas. Home and of course there are some unload genetically linked into. I'm an outlook. It doesn't make sure different genetic. Mountain lions and the other thing is that us humans. It all from. On a prominent race. Or genetically engineer should shine. But the Russians can't lose that Reich example Bain genetically and develop Rohm and instead all right so I'm there are at a at a prep Chileans. Rice's yes additional many different. She and control type many many old new approach is not just slapped down here. Judy who have couple minutes here before we go to break again and wanna ask you about a soul you were. A gray in your prior life which he said ended around 1948 over the exact date. On and then you came back and chose to be what you worn now which is human but a human who has a mission. A mission there was assigned to you by the great does that mean our souls are interchangeable we all operate with the same souls whether or gray or human. Yes yes we're imitation many years ago about the Christ I'm on clinical acumen lap. Actually yes article on April and evolutionary soccer through the universe. And we actually they come. Levels what I researchers collect equipped at all I mean is there a cynically at conscious awareness. We actually had an aspect of it being on all those little old civil aspects of any although let's liberals. So all and each yes picked dole the senate and in our human aspect armed. It's the actual melanoma than people couldn't get hit you around here. Com chat show reminds us time. Wait and come Jews like landlocked we're not going into next block will not only one of the Bryant racism which there are many an awful lot we might come. My Avian. So I am so all sorts. Actually when we get consultants and it's being long and street culture religion mansion rice. So just energy on its content all sorts. It's it. No libel law rituals you energy. So what is then in the overall ET mission here on earth what are they trying to do. Okay I've pearl mission is to assist in the evolution of a team now month. This book on the latest oh I imagine you mentioned alms is actually a notebook on our. In Utah Malia Obama spoke. It's cool extraterrestrial presence on its lesson in history is being released. And even as well. I don't into the history of Canada. Out of England number in his pants down here. And all these answers and instant. On how they shall I and its history. And I kept on one of these groups done that no Linear aren't. And you know it didn't suit simple sentence is it an accident. It's a sad little coup Danes were crucial slide. Wiped from the mind flow of the you know atlas. And senator. If pollution down here example. Indian I would actually actually equipped in this presidential partner in on this particular group are cool mirror here in Margaret whether you're in control. And I've continued to remain calm night. Down here. Com I practically run they're well and hands the mash the world and Aaron people think that. Street will almost I doubt. There it every carry arms tightly controlled all of that script and that's what it's about going into old wives' way forward. How happened back in two. It's not true blue line pops. What's happening now how. Get out and that's the abolition of the change coming here is to help people at radio control. What should lie any cheap Christmas Day I'll be in Second World War. Owns a little changed the rule. You know I gotta say Judy every time you spew give an answer it creates twenty more questions and radio how we've got to get ready to go to break so I don't dare ask anymore but we have so much more recover when we come back. How were also going to open up the phone lines in case you have a question you can call at 8446877669. We're talking with Judy Karel she's an extra terrestrial ambassador you can check out her web site it UFO great info dot com gray is spelled with an. She's got several books on the topic to her name and you can check those out as well. Yeah and upcoming shows weed out tomorrow night we've got Kelly solvent well like Wheldon coming on dream expert. Or me Todd Malloy your dreams are telling you. About your love life and then Thursday it was good team James Olsen coming only discussing. A whole brain thinking can save the future and explore how we can also achieve peace. Within ourselves with others in the world by a better understanding the nature of consciousness the Edison gracious. Yes some great programs coming up. We hope I don't know for going to be able get to this week TA but I'm hoping. That we can actually reviews that are psychic experiment well again we haven't done in a while and I know that people kind of anxious so I don't know to be tonight but hopefully within what's tomorrow would. We winzip hopefully the next two nights will be able to get some of that and yet. So also only Jimmy Hussein and and phone numbers 8446877669. And told freed 844. 6877669. Reopening phone lines next hour if you have a question. For us or our guest Judy Carol actually trust true ambassador gives a shout. There were gonna take a quick break a lot more to. Army listen Jason TV beyond earlier radio. Louis post when. East Coast new stuff some. Review of myself Jason Bosnia is awesome she's each ons. I'm always very very happy when we can talk about news stations to the beyond reality radio family we've got a bunch of them somehow Michigan came in big in this last round of new stations clinics rarity aired Michigan and other -- tell us I think we have Michigan double blanketed their with a well thank you Michigan and Michigan's a swing state when it comes to presidential elections are won because of BR does not is full in the DR Kemp I love. Let's throw big wall Kamal two WD SR fourteen times thirteen 40 AM lake city Florida. And we've got WYPG. 94 point five Mac cannot city Michigan. W each eight K 968 AM Rogers city Michigan. WWM. And now won all six point three halftime Thompson's bill Michigan. And now last but not least KT EL 1490. AM. Wall while Washington. Welcome to be unreal affair and yet we're really really pleased to have those stations added to list of affiliates and to build those markets and those listeners welcome to you all I hope you'll look to appease these w.s or hope you. Will participate and give us today show you ads down what are what are chatter said he when he tomorrow stations were working on that for sure. By the way we've got a great show tonight we're talking with Judy Carroll who's an extraterrestrial ambassador and we got a lot more to speak to her about. But a quick reminder that tomorrow night Kelly Sullivan Walden who is a dream expert will join us to talk about what you're dreams are telling you about. You were love like some people may say it's a nightmare no. And no more likable camp poker site and and if there's they were restarted with James Olson we're discussing how whole brain thinking can see the future and explores how we can achieve peace within ourselves with others. In the world by better understand the nature of consciousness or listen on the can deal with the OK I will I don't I don't make too. OK we gonna like the Steelers thank. I will open up the discussion with the dream expert about my volcano dreams when I was sixteen years old I will because I. Think that when we did have that one that dream interpret that we had that one explanation for those dreams. They're probably other opinions is probably other explanations for that went in light of this once do worse like I was just very scientific minded when I was sixteen years or so far. Others are his GO logically. Into net at times. And a dinosaur that oil look it isn't another explanation. Which shall go unnamed but we will have the conversation. I don't what you know I don't care what the wanna know what this one tomorrow cents and it's just it's something you never let out of the bag and you letter that event I did I was unsuspecting I was just tell hey what does this mean I had this volcano dream there occurred all the time when I was sixteen times. You know at night of sleep praying and let's release teenage boys that's what you you don't dream even when your teenager this is during my term task the way through. Anyway everybody thanks for joining us we've got a great Cilic is set under way and if you wanna stop by via via web site to be unreal to read your dot com. You'll see a whole bunch of things there are a little puppy out our list of affiliates you'll also find their way into the chat from there you'll find a way to stream the show if you don't have a radio station available. And you'll see the beyond reality radio coffee mug which. If you click on that you can purchase one of those babies and shipping is included its domestic shipping and it looks great with a cup of coffee and it's steaming coffee in the morning it's perfect. So many she grammar mugs. Yet so in the month RS current let's let's get back into talking about extraterrestrials. We are ready I'm ready Judy we have against so much to talk about here. When you hum say that you are an ambassador for the grays and you were trying to help them deliver their message and help with the evolution of mankind. I'm one of the questions that always comes up when these topics are discussed is why aren't they more overt in their effort if they want these messages delivered. I mean maybe they can't communicate because they communicate telepathically but why aren't they need more present physically why don't we see them more often. There is just let the other thing and why and and how. Album it's not riddle it final critical moment to slay this material from there is precious and locking Ortiz in the master government. Can't grow a plant bombs showed that I actually. Copper irons crashes were that are. Am a decision that was my quality change to actually and I have actually helped us to happen when Nigel. People down here to get called its estimate to two degree material. Troops that you're actually I really calorie cheese or not Al and they really are being paid. Oprah nation some things. Shell on a higher consciousness level so that they crashes were allowed to happen to his arm trouble this year is free wheeled down here to burn them all material hit a lion and down. Call it a couple so that policy change and I can tell us arms yet it has into the Britain's. The others say it seems there in my job down here it's too is just an evolution of humans never evolution of human kingdom. It is expansion of consciousness. This may expansion of consciousness why beyond 3-D should tell us where we're stuck. There are high eighty chase could just come down Rand rock has little or something and yes but if you listen not boats on a typical eight. But does not really dying to help human consciousness jokes I am. That evolution little biased on all need to. To chimed in need to China and indeed she chimes announced she and I will. There consciousness pops straight day so cool Realogy harsh reality. So. Nikkei climbed to. Creation hey Adam this this. Onsite. I'm an outstanding hey look I need to expand name on lol they don't understand or this is all about. So you trust and courage she she extension down Lucic and emotions. We're Judy and I and let me assist if they have the technology to get this plan. And YE wife fake it crash. And then allow the government to hide any and from a white fake crash to let us know they're here. And then let the government hides I hide everything I mean if they have the technology to get here. Technically they have the technology to. Q first off devastate destroy annihilate anything they wanted to deal fact of the matter is why would they let no overpowering government hide the truth. And why fake crash as your means of trying to let people know. They hear that just doesn't make sense. Well attention editors of free will planet on. So once you should go into government hands and got the go no it can't count it up. And I get it well. I get that parliament saying why I get that part once it's in somebody's hands they can mean they can you know change change what that person does but the sentiment. Why fake a crash as your means to let. Us know yours year I mean instead of just. Well to replied. I tried to Brookline impotence in your bio bodies which the. This on just sort of tree whatever we're liable to teach DOS at home and I right he didn't ask. I on a little slow the physical evidence that the crash aren't all that content back engineers. And he looks a little lock up an intentional acts hugely. Yeah but wouldn't it be more effective to who'll win none well mail your sign on the front lawn of the the White House or land at TV station where they can be broadcast over. The television networks and most people in it does get out there's no way to stop that in the government Stein not going to be stopped there with a time. So I mean to figure crash in a place at Roswell, New Mexico or other places that are in the middle of nowhere. Just seems. Why I don't know whether it's fake crash like that anyway. Is we don't understand Capel. Lucky Shelton and me and inaudible people involved in the US are hosting com. Where oh yeah it completely and yet property and aging and in front you're in our time torture and you shall be on but the majority of people would not it would create a structure changed my. Functional cool were almost had to have happened. All right crashing and. Everybody's there it was a lie or trying to show that they're human knows. And polls two and not able being kissed a guy whose two run home. Lou was here she key Darren Helm it's really hard to put into words what what teaching is trying to do trying not to addition how are humans. And I suddenly sending out ominous let's freak out if on. And congress includes estate and Gloria runs aids or armed organized salute to us where you type Capel Al Michaels ship seeing. And in many many incarnations the ships are coming on and I kicked up such a level of clearance all of the people live action around and got back. Yeah velocity change wont to do it is true colors that I ran it down here on it and change. When other people would be natural response to its bottom line. It was the most in Paraguay. We could approach Siemens. You do let's talk about this disinformation campaign who's at the part of it. And if they are stood spreading disinformation. Or misinformation. And they must know the truth. Is are both of those statements troop. All I'm asking you if if if if they're spreading whoever it is tell us who's spreading the disinformation and why and then if it is in fact disinformation. That people that are doing it must know the truth. And I pledge to confirm that yeah. Yes yes it. But once you do I'm cool problems down here on state is there during the Harlem. Extensively in ma oak extraterrestrial presence on the then there's. Rhetorical record here in control unit have been reincarnated from Canada and I come down in human form I called them. And arm. When uncle her real chain presence and want change and try to. It seems to have all and I don't want is to help them because I basically shape unions say I won't hate unions and they. I want Hussein controlled it I don't want some eighteen quick stepping in and in the right action on the idea they're very very well aware or not. Yeah you also talk about mullah. I'm sorry did you mordant sentence her to read erupt. I guess I was just got the size somebody eighteen crashes and actually being quote either ships being shocked Taylor. So I have little thing accident will include some of them being shot down that's the level of technology did the political. So you also talk about the miss interpretation of some ancient scriptures I'm assuming that ancient scriptures might have something to do with some of our religious beliefs. What scriptures are we talking about and how they've been misinterpreted. It. In mobile she sure you're honest. Around include. Call it loads fray and has been directly translates actually our my language she is our. Now it's so different so the lord's cricket waiting in inaction she should die now. There and on the auction block the Bible were written in these territory I ancient languages. And I've been totally missed some some October has English interpreter. And then I'll talk about the evening in marble. Com I let it kicks but it translation the honorable action which original language were shocked English Hebrew or are right when it lands sit here. Domenici also translated the Koran the Islamic check. Actually its original. Arrogant. And these town last. Well Lou the problem that a rift between christianity and his slam come out tradition interpretation. All of these languages into mall in nine languages. What people got to understand is an article shouldn't be tightened actually on our site probably to Koran as well and brought it all scriptures shot. Com via written into multi dimensional language Jeremiah multi dimensional edge. Trent like literally shrieking I'm standing on. This is where all the problems shorts between different religions come out its mission trip sanction their scriptures. And are you suggesting that those missed them this interpretation was done deliberately to keep these groups fighting. Yes original equipment and bomb and then it's being done problem. What other people hit a mission I have been in chipper he interpreter for all the misinterpret. Original. On the original mission and I should. So I translate into great instant translation into English legit and friend Chile. Com and Shia it will end on this deliberately I mean I can come there. I'm not only currently not not being understood. Okay we're gonna talk a lot more about this might come back from the break the phone numbers 84468776. X nine is gonna weigh in on the conversation you listen Jason TV. On reality radio. Jason Hawes and GP Johnson were really really happy to be here we're also very pleased that we've got so many new radio stations joining. The affiliate listen we'll talk about that list on the other side of the break and we'll have about a minute here and Judy I wanted just to give you a chance to talk a little bit about where people can get your books and we've given the web address how to few times in his or any other place that you would direct people to find out more about your work. I hit by secret gun. The where's why I'm here at broad range title home become an old song friends spoke in China but I coached my message. We also have a couple of you're shoot channels around the mine Ron is there. I miss you which all one word rather how race unless it's. Also another one I got Ian watt just the number one arm arms I've got in one we put up an aura wins that I Obama. Right teaches to us which are very interesting people live and I go on winter when you should have cable couldn't live and on them. Are liable for Amazon Adam and people actually Kindle Sony originally honorable. The trickle Amman nicest ones extraterrestrial. Presence on and its lessons in history and I'll put triple the budget and exchange connecting holdings in one list. And human I die I should on notched a counter right in combination as humans. All right Rick. Four of falling to gonna be open for the next hour I mean are yet next half hour to give us call at 8446877669. Dental -- 8446877669. If you have a question for us or against Judy Carol. She terrestrial ambassadors who some juice Majid beyond beyond really Yeltsin. When I just. I wanted to say that there when we get back wrote Judy I want you to tell us about is specifically how these rays appear because you talk about them and you talk about. That being able to determine her age by the IC must have a very very complete description than I also wanna talk about their language which you've described. As being something very similar what we hear from dull sense. So we've got a lot to talk about on the other side of the break I'll Mordechai on this case and JVP I'll area. SR thirteen 40 AM lake city Florida to be on reality radio family also WYTV 94 point five FM McEnroe said he Michigan WH a K 960 AM. Roger city Michigan also WWM. And 106 point three FM Thompson fill Michigan NK TEL 1490 AM Walla Walla. Washington welcome to all those stations to be on really really a film I think officially was taken overmatched I think Michigan is ours we can put it firmly in our our column. And we are like five stations in Florida in two aero crosswalk I mean we are all across country general meritless as costly getting bigger and bigger make she checked analyst out of beyond reality radio dot com. And we're gonna get to your phone calls in just a moment here our guest tonight is Judy Carol Carol when we're talking about the grays diseases. Judy. Before and to break I had to kind of teased the fact. That you talk about being able to tell the age of a gray based on their eye color explain what that means to give us a really form Thoreau. Description. Of what these greens look like him we've all kind of got an image in her head is at the right image or not tell us what they look like. It's very hot describe it or something different right Amin in particular is there that he different rice alone. Home on their rise sure Ian let's many different planets so because Eric Alterman stick to it I. All moralists have a large hit the big all eyes now. How were the Ohio this is really really hard to describe because yes they do find it click at all. But at sun time on also blocked some spots that are built into the audience really can't explain to the champions. Com a lot of them have a compound not structural and engine student. The audience. Like. It's an insect bite and they actually ha ha leash. Dairy area will develop spiced apple and not edit album. Gosh why try and it's human bodies are much more strength to Seneca high G forces inched spiced apple. It shovel and have six fingers some have told sometimes Serena nugget from different rice and hit different characteristics that aunt and great I have. I'm an touching fingers arms so exactly example a full tinker ride it is preaching to us on this one. Right the regret sharing and you actually have a I'm by hand and we're attracting the hand. And staying so I just bring them when I need. And they're the spiritual lump them in their shoulder while I am innocent to solar it'd general description that's the luck when did I tend to have. A lot in our trial or rental action so so yeah so these images that we've seen their mostly artist renderings. Their pretty well accurate and and you would say and I think there are some actually in your in your book release any website I know that. So okay yeah. Yes it'll shock somewhat constrained and are very accurate bombs on in I had to settle auto. On line and I have pictures of very negative gras it's what you are obviously an hour a stigma opposing imagination. Our our real riot doesn't have. Aggressive cost you touched you don't illustrations. Yeah. Let's let's go let's take it we've had to be going waiting on hold for a while here with some questions as good Zach in Missouri Zach welcome to the show. That's citations. I question hearkens back to. What was stated earlier about to soak lord's prayer and things that we're. Yeah I misinterpreted ancient texts. Yet that's I'm. And you go in more detail about that there is a lot of historical evidence that it goes towards the validity. Ancient texts. So your your question your question then Zach is just one little Searle more thorough explanation as to what we're taught what what Judy is talking about and how these things were misinterpreted. Yeah what particularly is misinterpreted I doubt. In the ancient text. You'll only hear I don't have we only have about fifteen minutes let's from the programs so Judy do your best here. Yet look at okay jet and it's it's congress this. Because tactic and I was sanctioned language is multidimensional sign. I ancient scriptures are for example. Multi night. There were able to stomach and chipper to answer shall remain on the I have engines are deepening on the. And slower and the whole. Most home since all that in some titles he's been chimes. Yeah are obviously in the pond did you hear bout them issue have a look at. They chip patient all day lord's prayer hour my in my life spoke to the fight or tight camera actually put a lot of people say. It's costly incurred from the mountain to over a trailer. OK so maybe that'll that'll help out Zach if you if you look take a look at the FaceBook page we probably don't have enough time here. To get into much more detail about that. IE doesn't wanna take a look at the books to pray let's go to John in Texas John also as a question hey John welcome to the show. Hello I'd like to ask the lady. If there is any astrological. Prenatal chart schedule that these you have so clearly he's talking about Iran has pretend you can interactions. With. As here on this planet down here and is there any connection between her Australian Open the Sean he has served for mountain area at eastern Ohio back. Thank you for the questions John did you get all that Judy. Not really not just to put it only. Johnny is still there. I think he hung up. On he was asking about some type some sort of asked role. Timeline that these alien visitors are on as it relates to their visitation to us. And if there's any connection with your group. With the I didn't catch stuff before part of that question. And maybe John can give us a call back and we can get more clarification I never talk about is there any type of pastoral timeline that these alien visitation Iran. No not really well. Let's say it again time is a 3-D thing I'll surely candidate. But we don't operate on lawn. I just really capital trouble getting their heads around the onto your on because in reality. There is such touching on everything is happening. Assigned tonne in the mail. And this is extremely difficult thing she explains treating him. Let me ask us let me see expand a minute maybe this was part of what John was asking is there a timetable that these. Alien visitors have. In place that they may require or demand or expect. This mission to and end this evolution that you talk about inhumanity to have taken place. I'm not sure I am actual humans it is aunt and uncle asked about the appeal on non Rick Brighton on in his car on. Actually in on Karr would refer you threw in labels or declaration read and even a little. It was our M than 120. Aren't you so article and the anger 20000. Something yes. Archie Manning machine with 80. Changing shoes and excited or evolutionary Jenny Jenny where actually go through when they are now what you want ET'S_T. Sony would be shooting in her arm but it's actually might have been let us run them anywhere else and energy so I guess that they are also so I'm uncles and there ain't changed what was a planner. And under can't conquer closer to encourage them to be changed the spotlight. Yes it does wanna move good topic to the language that the Zeta speak in new invention they talk they communicate with us talk telepathically. But you also it's so. Is that true and and is there any connection to the language that we hear dolphins speak. Yes Willie didn't you know there's different prices rise so many different ones they sloppy out. Different languages you're speaking too easy typically but they're refugees it physically I can might sound. Now Brian April Romans six awards are aides are the genetics and here's where else are they in some dull engine kicks in as well on rice. I am sorry this thing with nice speaking here solar whistling ticking sounds may actually funnily enough come across some wrongdoing in two years. But also might sound rocket Altman and I actually experienced one not in my slate while putting all sanctions on shape. I'm RY a couple of middle underscore the coaching staff shall I'm on my yeah. Actually if you managed to sort of actually when reality. The senate got me get a lot of organs in sick or something and he'll. And it also one up at bat probably aren't real loss now was that this conversational helping shape. We have by just a couple minutes left left with few one of the other things that you mention is that the earth is a school planet what does that mean. Well it's basically here people are learning to reaction around its. Khatami and we early bolting to a ping guys or animal. Hard Ricci we are racist and one of the lion makes me she's trying to get across is that the Lion King I want to live down here. It's too early to create such a playground negatively. I'll call it sexist tripping and recreated aren't what they think. And so while the lioness in Harlem that he's learned to screen action or to apply rock. And you. Com uninsured and want to call it a future for children grand children slept in the idea is live in Holland shall. We've had people on this program and others who have talked about in plantations. Alien implantation into their bodies. There are doctors and actually specialize in the removal of such implants what is going on ER. I implants put it bothered genuinely change it also included in a creeped out here and struck out of shape to carry out on the and I cannot ship was removed. And game plan from the model program reduction program that including. Yeah implant chips reparations they Itamar Ben watching him should be energy systems so they. I didn't check records to healing and balancing purposes. Wrong locker punctured right. And should be pollution my actual science sector bodies. That are being used to rising energy frequency it's nice you are more easily access our dimensional frequencies for example to who should and should. I think they use force which is communication. From down here. Especially for you worry she is experiencing a locked down here resonance human. So it's similar to some people are doing now the RFID chip says the self implant chips. Yes that's rock. It's actually announced it would shrink our dignity he would team was telling me happening I hit. And undeniable image at all and having good relations link in juvenile anything on it too hard and it shouldn't mix Iowa two down. She's a Sony SS and only on how much time left thumb. Solicit windows quickly parted I understand the whole concept that time only exist here on this planet. So and his once you get off the planet times doesn't exist but it does exist to a certain point because if I sat there whether I was on Mars traveling to the moon. We understand that that's going to take time. You get from one location to the other so if it doesn't exist in space then how does that exist in space when you when you break Ali that. Yes that's because we're thinking differently if you haven't prospectus when an issue Nikkei was traveling from the ma I think you are in and bombs a second. We don't have the signal Gigi did. Okay but it's still one split second would still be time. Yeah well I will also comes with an amusing human. Tune in on that it it would I it would techno talk. So it is so another blizzard be instantaneous. Yeah I'm going to be even as a human race we talked about time doesn't exist when we get off this planet but then we still talk about. Once we break the atmosphere. It's still takes a certain amount of time to get to the moment so I appreciate it and Eric are predicting soon contradicting statement. This is they better find technology you and Betty teacher acknowledging aging technology is obsolete they get. Will let me ask this scenario with all this connection with with degrees and everything else and all these artist rendering. Why don't we have suit why don't we have physical proof of people actually posting. Pictures or videos of of contact or of of these beings and he knew why do we only have artist rendering pictures. Because date but I don't rattle a much higher operational frequency but these aren't heartland to come down here and critical fault she Chile the heart that you were in the on eight and I. No one's asking him appear to equal pulled harder ones out there or should go slot on who were doing this went down here at all. Com it's it's just duplicated. But at the same but the same thing and they crashed on assert there were bodies I mean that's physical. It's physical beings. So yes lemon yeah but I did manage to do it would have been extremely difficult for them to do. It's just age it's easier not to sign up. Want to say yeah a lot of it's just it's tough because a lot of it sort of contradicts. One statement you said men. But it contradicts other statements on on things so it becomes very confusing with and I'm sure you understand that. On our team I think Israel is confusing our app lets get from people seeing things and why its arms. Racial and multi dimensions it's really early in typical science. Well we certainly appreciate you doing it for us and as I said from the very beginning that first answer you gave us had so much information and at that don't it took us through the show just kind of sorted out. On or out of time Judy thank you so much for being on the show your website is UFO great info dot com. You've got three books we've talked about the mall the Zeta message also human by daisy to buy Knight an extra structural presence on earth anything out who want folks check out. That's an animal equivalent an international matter. Our room where our people got alum they're actually order the shall which saw go to directly and Emma on there I'm likely to pity you people. Well Judy thanks so much for coming in any analysis and I know we look forward to talking union at some point. So. If agree. Okay so we're gonna go to break you're gonna go to break thank you Judy we're gonna go to break when we come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality rated Jason in June. Touring the Mac. I heard that the deal was there ever paid any attention to president he's not doing it in Jay Orlando its fifth since. Quite a talent obviously one of the main songwriters for the group when he became very very popular. Great guitar player good vocalist and apparently he's got a bit of an attitude Zeta wanna work with the many more so I don't know we don't talk about the stuff on the show but sometimes it comes up. But and big banks to a duty Carol extraterrestrial. And asked her coming hang in our August 9 talking with us and they got a big shout out to. Thirteen 40 AM lake city Florida in 94 point five FM Mac and a city Michigan 960 AM Rogers city Michigan. 106 point three FM Thompson's bill Michigan. And 1490 AM. All while Washington from becoming part of the beyond reality radio family Amaechi tune in tomorrow night were in talking with Kelly sold in the Walden dream expert. What your dreams aren't telling you. About your love life so should be an extinct show you have broken homes not these big head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality or ideally to FaceBook page forest if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else just do us a favor and rated forest as adults pushing forward makes it easier for people to fine. And that's what it's all about that's gonna do it for us everybody have a great night's g.'s TV and beyond really radio can chill tomorrow and. And I don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students who didn't. So it can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jackson household and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at gmail.com be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.