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3-27 4pm Deuce & Deke: on Kaepernick, Manziel and the Zurich Classic

Mar 27, 2017|

Deuce and Deke ask whether Saints fans would rather take a chance on Colin Kaepernick or Johnny Manziel as a backup to Drew Brees, then talk with Fore! Kids Foundation CEO Steve Worthy about the upcoming Zurich Classic.

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And good evening and welcome the sports fell along with the great Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia going to 7 o'clock tonight at the landings on the LSU sports network. Poll the Altman area ship coming up on today's program ST worthy. A Zurich classic tournament director will be would have to talk about these Zurich classic media day to day and also that we with talk about the a coming of it. It's taken place they were 24 with a thirty. Too damn Super Bowl winning head coach of the Oakland Raiders and of course tournament is it that this who both should be here in New Orleans every year. The great time floors will be with the upper body very difficult and tough day today as it is so beneficial of the Oakland Raiders will eventually moved to. Las Vegas but. In an uncomfortable. Scenario an atmosphere they've played two years in Oakland before their move and that is the rush. Raucous crowd to say the very least to be coached florist talk on that. Just in there acre with the pelicans that espn.com. We would disappear with a big week in Pretoria to split. Over the weekend on the road going the Utah our night we were involved taken that because that they failed Houston went seventeen to. 100 the other night but they become a bigger last night over Denver would take a look at the rest of the season for the pelicans at the Jays tonight and last time it was a I very ugly game in eighties for both teams scoring wise. And you know basketball coach marks less to do will be would have to break down the final full. 260187. You can take this city seventy eights and disorder it's a good program. Given a choice as a back up quarterback for the Saints who would you choose John remains there a common Catherine. Cast your vote online at WW Leo. Dot com induce of course you know you never know on what goes on in this season that's why he had to get down as they say. Earlier but Lance April right after Villanova ended the game winning shot and beat North Carolina. South Carolina came out as a 200 and want to write to one. Odds against them make the final four. Then in October when the season began they was DO 8200 to want it in January 9 year after a pretty good start on the Coach Frank Martin. Day got to 150. To one. Danny Ferry where they were a hundred to one so this is a ballclub deuce and how many people thought would make a deep run but he if you had a dollar. Our columns on thousand dollars you beast not a right now 'cause they were. It to her dorm pretty much all season long and even win the beginning of march started they were a 151. In South Carolina makes the final four. An 821 right now yeah I'm at 81 pixels. Yeah I mean it is pretty good out. Amazing to me is just you know just to see what Frank Martin was able to do in the in you know we can talk about Kentucky's game his fourth North Carolina. And in even the Florida game you know the position that both those teams. We're in you know. Obviously we feel like football skiing in the SEC but I think this year. They are starting to turn the tides a little bit as far as being known for physical plays. As far as basketball is concerned so bring marte really turned it around they've been playing outstanding. They're gonna have their hands full. Fully. Would go and that is well. You know is this that it's going to be a tough matchup formally as they goad him too. What they are doing this American go dues they can say anyone say nobody's gotten a final four experience between these two guys first time for for both of yeah his first time for both of them so. Little bit uncharted waters but I think you know. If you have seniors which both of them do those guys should be able to you know control their emotions a little bit but at the bench is playing basketball. 26018 send the you can text as an 878 sending LA issue comes up with a big victory yesterday biggest crook. Come from behind road conference winning quite some time they do salvage a victory. In that series and you get one out of three against the Florida Gators. Where you don't have later in the program and of course the pelicans on the road tonight at did you tell a day as to a bank that force feed. And I have one of the most. Underrated and unknown players in the NBA the league six elevenths effort Rudy go bear who is having Utah all and a credible season. This year along with Haywood but the Utah or Jay it's all for real. Out in the Western Conference and that's where the pelicans are tonight that's in the mix also today. Also do so over the weekend as it was such coming to a point toward today. The vote. On the Reyes and he did pears today at the kind of had a lot of steam early get a Cadillac is swayed back to may be well I don't necessarily know. Two whereas today it's officially. Don the Raiders have been given the OK to move to Las Vegas but deuce. That's an uncomfortable environment for anyone to be in much of this. For the Knicks to seize these you have to play in Oakland and I I experienced this once in a minute minute that this team in this city never had any ties. Two Dan the Oilers. But in a season that was considered because I layover when Houston was all us they nephews and play one season in the Liberty Bowl right dammit this. In attendance was down even for the big game like Pittsburgh because manifesto like colleges use in those four years at such and such. And they went on to Nash feel. Deuce and they most of the going to be a lot more high in this situation because this is a team in the long to oak. Yeah definitely so deacon. I I think the only question was always going to be the financing you know they Wells Fargo poured out and once they did Bank of America stepped up in. Was able to a lot of financing peace dead Oakland really needed to seal the deal. There was one descending vote and that was only. The Miami Dolphins too I mean so from the owners. The of the owners you know they get a relocation fee. And Yi you gotta understand there have been what three teams that have moved. And the last couple years so each team has to pay a relocation fee and sold the owners. When they look at it from a revenue standpoint I think that they felt pretty good you know the only question like DC it's going to be a two year process where they're going to be at Oakland playing. Gains and not really wanna say committed to the community more unsure of details still loosened things but it's kind of almost like. You look we know that we have to get things going and in our new city so how committed are they going to be to the new CD. Verses how committed they are to their currency. And deuce of course the NFL and you know it's never too Ernie do look at Delaware teams are ranked but. I used Dayne is come out with a oppose free agent rankings where the teams stand at the free agency. Doing and is that one and managed to running at the top Jane Green Bay used three Dallas for Pittsburgh is five. 613 and have Seattle Oakland Kansas City did Giants in the Denver Broncos. And New Orleans Saints come in at number twenty. Four that's where the back in goal are. And the NFL post. Free agent ranking thus far I guess you take going to drink. Which used to. Well I like I don't know if I'll like them that. I think we're a better team. Mentally for from him but it is what it is you know you didn't make the playoffs. You've added some pretty good pieces you know if I had to give the grade that grade is going to be. You know they've they've been pretty solid you know so far. He's really just is. Reason induced not to pay itself to owner. But both Tampa and Carolina are ranked well ahead of New Orleans at seventeen and eighteen also. Can I can see that nobody. Did they gonna say okay we'll cam is concerned are you still don't have them ahead of us some insult. I think it's like he says assists on the talk about it at this point. I mean because even though you may and a dynamic player and eleven how much does he bump you in oh outside of just come in in and being a dominant dominant player. I think you abetted in the 24 this team. In in this field he is deuce. McAllister he's been there and done that course his opinion cares anomaly because when you're an all time leading rusher for you comets and you're a professional team he's been there done that on both levels. What Joseph take it to Saints if he had to choose between the baca. With the B happened nick a man failed to me is a no brainer. I'm seeing Kapanen. But do you it may be something different take this 870 eights in and not you Kahne and when you considerable bad apples the sour apples Awad a lesson to be with. Of these two if you had to have a back. Which one would you choose to sports talk on WW. South Carolina too hard to one odds going into march. To even make it to the final for the reason why if you are bidding. You're looking for a long odds and it would get to Vegas pick on later in the week to see anybody get down right before retirement you look for a team that kind of takes a dip. You think might make a on second and a with class of two and five in this setting gains leading up to determine. In all five of their last seven before the NCAA tournament that's why they dipped. Back down the tumor to one odds be aggressive somebody jumped on because of the idea death not to win and asked him chip. That's not to get to the national champion Estes to get to the final four. Some might care to future but in something like that who knows maybe no one at all even bet there to the fold Vick. Oh let's go to Tom on line one time thank you for calling WW it. It's good it's legal beginning here like at a bad connection about amateur treatment. You know solid in Vegas. Or rather the global credit Oakland. Raiders fans and yeah that was about it but Al fumbled out of date and they're gonna get it may. With the bat. Think it's time and I couldn't believe that almost every raider and talked to you. At that don't go to Vegas to them look better than they did in Oakland but did it and improve in the twenty something years. That they were a couple of good as anybody in the national scene in the and they were happy about bigger than it gonna pick it been travel every week. What Tom I do agree about the part as far as you have to understand it's only a thirty to 45 minute flight. From a LA to Vegas on me and the the fans there. In LA you know obviously the Oakland fans a raider fans I know they will be disappointed. But. To be able to steer go and see their team and not have tuned. Have a connecting flight it's a direct flight. I think they got a pretty good deal you know obviously I know that dated one a loser Tino. Number I think. It's going to be effected it on the things that we would with the Oilers went over slept. Nobody you'd think here at all when but that an old broad field record today. I think individually and you might be out and it might be the thing which we so shocked and in human thing nobody stadium. But it does. Rare situations where and destruction. And yeah him on the vacant the other. Yeah I'll be interest to see how it goes you know I do think that there will be some type of dip in attendance but terror I think Oakland will do pretty good job of to make sure that this that the stadium is fielded Mark Davis loses short term. He knows he has pretty good deal long term. It. I town thank you very much toothpicks so UNAIDS and the you can Texas and eat seventy eights and union dues. It's is can be generous to see because I in a way I don't wanna see say that the raider fan and not going to show the cause you're talking about a team right now. I would say they're pretty good especially the way Pittsburgh has been dominated by New England as the only you know it's almost like and give some idea of a child Baltimore Baltimore goes pretty Canadian. With with New England. Outside of New England in the AFC mean you could audited Oakland Dan. Came to see they had just a good a chance against knowing and is anybody else in the AFC so. When that dominant team it's you know like the all it does not going to be a playoff team and stop him into Qatar about a team that it's going to be a legitimate Tubal content. Well they have a really really good young quarterback. Which makes a difference they have a really really good young defense of me and think Cleo match which makes a difference I mean so having those two pieces. That that that's that's a lot of the process analysis surrounding talent around. Bet the Deuce McAllister I'm big elevator coming up next week and I had a CBS of the game we will have. The local news and we'll give back to your calls to 601878. Era between these two that being coming cabinet. And Johnny Maine fail if one or going to be your team's back up which one would you choose and why. Sports talk continues but first a CBS have been. There's been a stadium situation in Oakland that we felt needed to be dressed I think you can. Our friends and Oakland agreed that it needed to be result for the long term issue of the teams and frankly the community. And this has been an issue. For well over decades. That is the commissioner of the National Football League Roger Goodell talking about the stadium issue and what led Oakland. To eventually get the vote that they needed today in order to be have a move approved to go to Las Vegas now calling for the timeline. They won that played their first season in Vegas will be 2019. They're scared to play seventeen and eighteen. In Oakland where they currently play. 26018 MV you can Texas at 8787. Here is a Mark Davis talking about how he's thankful to the NFL owners for the votes. I'm glad I like to think commissioner Goodell that you committee chairman mr. McNair mr. Rooney up. And my other 31 partners in the national football league for making this vote in our favor. Now there was one deuce did did not go along with the vote and good to comment on that third down in South Florida they chosen not to go along with his treatment so to speak. That being the Dolphins so. Yeah I mean and you know just the Dolphins. They hadn't I hadn't seen anything publicly where they've come out and say why right now they were against the move I think it's just being a traditional team in the you know just trying to protect Oakland's interest. At him today he's still talking about close twenty million dollars. Thirteen. They will receive for relocation fee. You know from via Oakland Raiders you know from moving to Las Vegas and even though they were descend the descending vote they will steal. Get that that fund throws to seal against Tony mean ten and on and on each NFL team gets right at twenty million dollars. Has there relocation fee or Oakland moving to. Law to be ray commonality that took to Vegas. That's almost like absentee man in the community to come into its about it or demand tempo number three he sat with them. Is that Dario and Tony Mir and with the way they aren't any. Pertinent scene they saw me and you talk about the three teams that have moved. It's right it's won him and you talk about it it's just sixty million just for relocation fees and of course Roger Goodell as you would. BC expect committee correct Hanley feels bad for the opener thing. We're particularly disappointed for the fans of the Oakland Raiders in Oakland. This is something that I know. Will be seen with a great deal to support him by them we understand that. And reworked this tirelessly as hard as we could try to find a solution and we just couldn't get that done. Would you like to see on paper view deuce and I could do hold true like the took it would like to see paper view. Which is legacy Rodrigo dale likened eventful. Like in like these you know he's TV shows likeness of bout on naked in a free New England got its about over 21 day period will stay on the along with and survive they win the money. You can erratic at dale in the black hole right after today's vote. You can have radically Deo. Out in Foxborough and Gillette Stadium in that scenario right after the Brady thing not the first time for the second time member he was found innocent in reach out if found guilty. All which you like to see him work as we got to dole. After the round that would be some good made for TV stuff fill up Indian springs Philipp thank you for calling WW. I Ellis. And Los Vegas in the late eighties and through the nine. And I'm a tiger right now. An hour from north. We guys didn't see that sign play whenever they went oh I never stayed. Took a year ago the Raiders never. Tire. Yet they have their fans nationwide in Oakland but you not support in. And I guarantee you I guarantee you there and make up its economic more money and all of the other elves that. That's a guarantee know what I'm yet it was so many raider. It's unbelievable and looked at stadium in Oakland. All would be an appropriate it would. We have been very that was. Correct if I'm wrong when Davis moved back to Oakland in which Thomas. Understand and they never came. You know I. I don't then ultimately you know receipts in our actual monies in and so full can be tallied in this liked it to you who's got the number one cylinders and I think. But it would be taught me to imagine that a franchise in Vegas would be one its goal make the most money do we just because it's in Vegas and whatever else is don't dislike the franchise and LA. There's just so much else going on you did it digging up out there you can have three in New York three in LA before New York for him late. But it just it seemed to me that if I'm going to Vegas I'm not. Oh I'm Michael wash to raised it while I'm here but I'm going to Vegas to go to Vegas yeah I mean. I don't I don't see them making. The most I mean you you have to look at everything else that's going on. Most people are gonna go to the game is going to be an added attraction I mean by as much as they got going on in Vegas. A lot of people. Gonna say you know and and and the question is. How much. How where is the focus going to be yeah it's going to be on the team or as a folk was going to be on the activities that goal in Vegas. I am right now dues if the most worried person in Nashville for about me if Dominic coached in AFC west. No I had to go out there is at least once a year but anybody's got to go out there who you gotta wonder what would that guy lines for curfew be insane. An out and Vegas as they would be anywhere else I don't know we're not doing the ES deuce is correct is it takes is. They pay to me and between the uber team know and do sing it. Each team it's twenty million dollars because Oakland Reno okay. But that's the same thing with San Diego right San Diego you know they will play basically using the layers in the last messed in and wonderful Moss each France I guess sixty mean now Corey it's it's. Why I'm lighter but I mean we'll you know 44. Ram for the right charges in a better rate it will be only forty because they're moving them sales I got to they're yeah they're yeah they're they're moving them sales but it's not quite there and it's like 56 and some change yeah I mean we talk it's going to be TD. 67 mile round allegedly. I economic demand Atlanta made an animated in the U. They would yes this is a great point to reduce the gotta wonder how how Las Vegas will factor into now the entire sports season. Sports teams as far as sports city because Vegas also got to prove they're gonna get a hockey team that's come before come out of Pakistan with an eighteen. A 1718 but it is correct the NA TO did also approved move it's almost a sheet of deuce. I got a one I don't know how much it played into it but when the my little brother is basically waiting to Vegas about a decade ago. And they froze and now it's a response if you love him or not he is the most. Tight disciplined batter rains. Commissioner I've seen David Stern. It to get him to go along we have an all star game need to seize gambling activities on gains that they for the all star game. You gotta warn deduce if that was not a model hey if this can't work what can we tweak it at times. Radiate it to continue as a figure that was I do record it I got appointed. It was the icebreaker now be interest to see you know what kind of freezes or what you know they had just. Things that they do differently. You know once game day approaches. You know as far as the news in the bidding is concerned in the seeded. It's going to be interesting armament amidst it and you know most teams when they come mean and how well. Fielded and stay out how foreigners stay away from the city so different things of that nature as well would do is out. Out there way will we be. Will would be fair to like I don't know what to be Reno we see some Wales language I'm not familiar. It's Anderson you outside of the you know I know he's in doubt now is well I don't know a million less in doubt downs on I'm not sure where the stadium what would actually go. But I can I can I could probably imagine you're going to be there at 45 minutes. Outside of the CD when you vote as far as strip is concerned him. I can imagine in a fifteen day they go on in the day in the book quickly. We don't and there's not supposed to to address because we don't even see things we we go into day to day game boom and it's it we don't even go anywhere. Like do things that could be a situation where it. At a Miami. The actual stadium when the Saints went to the Super Bowl. Is completely away from South Beach in my you'd just basically get nothing makes it where to stay in the news and if you stay in. Saying no Fort Lauderdale other railway Ewing sees upbeat and just going Indianapolis it was different because Saints they might do at the Intercontinental in the water. But they weren't like quote unquote on down on top of us south between new and different soon grow footer river pat pat thank you for calling WW. Area. You Odom. That element might be relevant here you know door on preferred destinations to be correct. Esiason. A lot of activities artistry too busy every during the cook all carpet stuff going on a lot of people come down for the game. But at the same time there are a lot of people like goat of the game that are all from the area. Com fees and ticket holder I'm from the durable right in opener and on a cardinal not a lot of people have been pager that have been there all of our. There are quite a few people lip and they go to work and work him crew would probably enjoyed Camping World team there. And it at this senior at him after the open being so close so probably a good number people vote. And retirement angle into the game. For the game. Specifically what they're local people in a spot but I. Living there. Yeah I think that to see the. You know not only. The state of Nevada but the city of Las Vegas will support him but you know I think that they'll get a pretty good amount of fans that will come over from Oakland as well you know just from. California that was steal followed that are raider fans. And as we go to break a Mark Davis very Arizona talking about he sees greatness in the future the long term future of the eighties and since it. My father used to say. But the greatness of the Raiders is and its future and the opportunity. To build a world class stadium in the Internet entertainment capital of the world. His weren't opportunity. That will give us an opportunity to give us the ability to achieve that greatness. That is the son of the late great Al Davis have it greater as the movie's approve going to Las Vegas but they'll play the next couple of seasons 1718 where they currently in Oakland. Comeback to you call us today was media day for the Zurich classic to debate on that. Coming up next on WW. Steve worthy is here where there's some you hear their name you know what it means it means it is time for the Zurich classic Zurich classic. Tournament director CEO for Kids Foundation Steve thank you so much for the time always an exciting time today was media day any another exciting feel for the classic coming up next month. Think Fred meant we're we're fortunate. You know before that change a lot of excitement so it's going to be a good. Steve want to jump right in that the fans know about the format change or what they can expect it to be different if you. Well we've changed to a two mean keen format. There hasn't been that team in team format on the PGA tour since 1981. The our format will have a combination of both alternate shot agency at the Ryder Cup presidents cup and best ball. Yes Sammy you guys have never played alternate shot. In competition before so it's. You know if I hit it off the tee you've got it from where my way in Detroit duplicates in my it secrets machine dynamic with the between the two players. You know the guys are able to -- partners and that's something that they really really been excited about you know college teammates best friends. And it's really Sergio in the field you know we've got a really good feel going right now. And have a large number of other very impact for players in this it's that they're gonna play the way don't make it official sort and count them as well. Stephen that's what I was gonna act you know just the commitment from the players that you have already Indian. You know just Warner 23 more pieces that to try and and to make determined even better. Well you know I mean oh we've got it is we've announced over the last month or so you graduation day and rookie PowerPoint the other. You know two of the more popular players or two were Jason Day had been number one in the world for about your and we just overtaken a few weeks ago. Justin Rose and an extensive appoint the other and Eric Wood just has won here before its laurels US open. An extension one masters British Open and the two of them work and so medalists in the Olympics when golf came back last summer. Another very fun team Bob Watson his past champion you're going to be playing with JB Holmes. Q you know two of the top five longest hitters on the PGA tour so if you wanna go out all the group to be fun to watch. You know they'd be great. You've got to adjust and Thomas who there's an Alabama player who top ten in the world right now he's playing would call each. Another Alabama guy you've got some different SEC rivalries getting started that Alabama came Uga education doctors one. Boozer class in the past point one and other Auburn player. Billy Marshall is one Desert Classic in the past playing with the other for the player they got a huge team with John Peterson and it wouldn't. Get a couple of Georgia teams so there early you get into covered and got a lot of big names covered in complexities daredevil some pieces that we expect to popular in the next week or so. Steve were the Steve everybody listen pack and they get on line going get tickets gets set up for the Zurich classic. All the information visits or golf classic dot com all the ticket packages you've got everything from what about the grounds tickets to doesn't include food drink more and more popular things on onside of the tournament so. Reportedly coming out have a good time. Steve worthy Steve thank you so much for joining us good luck when it for the talk to deal later down the line. All right he's Deuce McAllister on Deke Bellavia you know there's always a tend to look okay which sports cities having the best. A year as far as across the bowl or about colleges and we're about states could this be the year. The status soccer Manning is shining brightest much more on that coming up next this is sports talk on WW.