6-13 7am Tommy, deadliest mass shooting in US history

Mon, 13 Jun 2016

25 minutes

Tommy talks to Ronal Serpas, Loyola Criminology Professor & former NOPD Chief, and James Jacobs, Director of the Center for Research in Crime & Justice at the NYU School of Law, about the mass shooting in Orlando.

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Get a pretty good texts here that comes in David and for the record and David can have an opinion on this officially. Gun control is not gonna work here because if you under the gun. Legally you gonna find a way to get it illegally or get somebody to straw purchase it for you with tears in. Illegal way to obtain a gun how gun however. I would ask did to com. Solve this problem forming all right the FB IA investigated this guy twice in the make clear agreement gang. Danny goes to buy guns. Now. If you're saying the FBI should have known I I I guess here's a question. Should this shooter Omar Mateen after being investigated by the FBI twice. Should have been able to go and buy guns and somebody texted in and said the gas and if he did I miss it. Said that there was a national gun registry and there is not not officially anyway but they dude do a background check in from that. Information could be gleaned by the federal government to know who has a gun and who doesn't legally but there's not supposed to be one. Bomb officially. So I'm Matt I guess it should there be some kinda watch lists or checklist is goes investigated by the FBI is that when you call in. For the background check. Somehow this comes up and and it's red flags in no virtue. But then once constitution say about that because if you're an absolutist on the Second Amendment. How then do you not say well we FBI could investigate me for any thing in and I can't buy a gun. Yeah out and the bottom line he had no criminal record right so he was yet by the you're walking a fine line there on that issue and it 'cause I I agree I think. The red flags and make sense and am I get calls saying that it's infringement on free. Hey exactly so I don't know I don't know two dealers is an in normal or we just there's just a way we're gonna we're gonna live from now on 260187. He will take a break come back with Ronald surpass an ankle take your call. I was on the patio we heard the first two. He's got him pretty well. Then there's the shots. I don't know. What's happening. 7159. It's Tiffany Johnson a bartender at the polls describing the events. That happen in the club blew a little bit more than 24 hours ago against a 29 hours assembling those ones. Text comes in. And says is like the gorilla situation let's blame guns not the person just like the parents had no blame with the guerrilla. It's a person out again I haven't heard a big. Outcry from people about guns but I know and I don't mean to be indelicate wanna say this but the victim Santa Hartley hit the floor. When and the anti gun crowd was getting ready with their arguments in the pro gun trial. Crowd was getting ready woods fares. Ronald served NASA chief joins us right now professor of criminology at Leo and former Angel PDT. More excerpt. Good thanks for being on listen this is not what we invited you for but I'm glad you were able to adjust and helpless. As chief of do walls police department superintendent actually I'm sure there's something that you guys. Looked dead and anticipated. Hopefully that it wouldn't happen but were prepared for when had meetings about constantly. Yet the fact well cheaper natural while chief for the Washington State Patrol portion of the content they have been all my walk forced sent to doubt ought. Which was any of that that could result in mass casualties brought upon by one more government. So. Is there a way to prevent this I know they would item off the officers that. Initially encountered him here's a mask in amount clumsy way chiefly if if somebody walks in new club with an AR fifteen. Somebody should be able CNET right. Yet I think what happens to it in the real world when these things happen and they're actually going on the link and I split Shaq and as well and start take place. And then you always been the crowd's reaction which is gonna happen no matter how you try to play haven't bought sport. And I think what we find it that officers are going to be ready they're going to be engaged and there are often circle around the slows. It it doesn't seem to accent the first but it goes through it and get deeper the facts that occurred. You usually see that the opposite views and tactics techniques to protect people as opposed to not hold that in addition to try to take media trying to. There's some people letter saying now the police waited too long no matter what it is you have Monday morning quarterbacks as you well know Manning to criticize everything you do but. Generally speaking when you win and it all hostages and hostage situations are different. I'm not quite sure exactly how all that unfolded but. The the main thing is get the hostages are alive I would presume. Exactly now the first and foremost thing on her mind that the terrible law like from the victims trapped in December or bought them. In the middle of the situation like this and not permanent we saw salute our situation. But in the middle of the situation like that you make decisions that are quick and fast as. Possible. Many of the police officials and order have reported that there was nation known to the police. That suggest that this column and also exposed by a by the normal understand. So again you have the process preparation while someone shooting shooting it you try to figure out what. So it is always too soon to suggest what should the critical work and they'll coach a little cute too little too soon to Chicago. One thing we do it by about in the nation fairly quickly you report tractor. Is that the gowns were purchased legally so many police chiefs and not so conclude that remote struck approached this question of the that part of the use of the gun is illegal use so shouldn't be a democratic or Republican talk important or shouldn't be the issue the Second Amendment. If someone get a gun legally that is what it is but I use it illegally band our power trust our government Rick's list. So our hope that it goes that your reports that the guards were purchased legally and much more from bird. Because that also reports that the gentleman and XP exhibited tremendous happens banker mistrust. So there's a lot of issues go wrong but we should focus on that should focus on the shape the post. And we should recognize that legally purchased. Law and it was illegal use just like we are human children each of the street this country every single. Yet a couple more minutes because when I would like you to do is I'm sure you're familiar with. In Louisiana with what a gun buyer has to go through how. Easier difficulty it is to getting gunned. And waiting periods. Background checks at Saturn of looking at it from that way if there's any way something like this could have been prevent idea a couple of minutes. Thank you chief Ronald surpass professor of criminology at Leo and former national EDT back in a flag seven to money Tommy Tucker time would attract. I'd Tommy Tucker talking with former NO PD superintendent current professor of criminology at literally university Ronald surpass about. The events over the weekend at the Orlando. Nightclubs so if you can see about the purchasing of wet and what exactly are the stats different for handguns or rifles. Background checks waiting periods of what it. Well they have that I think we need to note that the alcohol tobacco are only Kia. But he agent knew the agencies that investigate and maintain double federal our dealers. If you go to purchase a total are pure purchase of our debt at each you're gonna go to a process that's predicted a law and hinged forced by law. And it seems to work well there are those people think there may be polls and to each of the past well I'll were cheering and those are questions. But by and large the Kia doesn't incredibly good job of maintaining. Wolf files between registered at all our viewers and purchase such. Information to date on this case is that at least two of the weapons found were purchased by the shooter. In first ordered June following would have a blue wall or at that time and outlaw. State and of the federal government. So I think what what the age yet it's the bottom how about all secondly the FBI is incredibly that it investigate terrorist. If in fact this is a terrorist group that would a lot of people are believing that a recent leak yet we don't now. Let these two agencies do the work they do and never lose focus. Whether that country legally purchased illegally purchased used in this way our out. The national traffic safety board the NTSB approaches every airline crashed and you how to learn not to do that yet. Right now I'm not sure as a country we've learned yet how to accept that gun violence could be approached from. How to not do this again look up to get fourteen chipping out people here. Killed in this country and almost 9% of the time on these files. Is politics still roadblock a giant roadblock to all of this incentive pragmatically look in and it. As you just said in how we prevent it from happening again both battle lines have been drawn both sides are so polarized. They won't give either way. I think we have to recognize that without quality independently done research would shut up for disease control and duke should do ought to do. Must be turned loose to do the research that's required you know and I go we go back in the history. The congress on that this CDC's ability to do independent survey research on you stitched. We live in the nation will go to the moon and back with that would all of our market which is cool searched. Let the facts speak for themselves because would be the Democrat Republican independent. Is an important way our nation works but without fact world just leaning to the one that you notion that aspect. We have the right idea. I think so too thank you chief I appreciate your time. Is in the former superintendent Ronald serve pan as a professor of criminology at Leona former NO PD. Superintendent said that Henry Mississippi higher and other W good morning. More out don't know. How you know. I remember. Oh our old luggage you don't let a and Puerto outlook are not. I was. And they were always told that not who. I got my permit. Thought there have so much the upper. Walk out there that would. It's no. Way way way to do so you're saying they have to take me through that again Henrik animal have been confused. Well thought out and I would go oh you know that went on for at least two week. When. There. I walked into a pot and so my arm out and walk. Out that. I thought it would mark the single arm and all that earned it and there. I thought. Maybe they figure that in some way you were vetted by the in this state police and the concealed carry permit you liberals he downton. You know Robert. Blum that the error. No hard. I get that but then maybe there's some revision where they figured he'd been vetted and cleared to have a concealed carry permit then they would make UH I don't know I'm glad he. Don't know who bought a 10 going. Got you so what do you think should they have made you wait. So not complete the circle you know but they are all gone. I thank you appreciated at some point there was a three day waiting period I thought. Bowl or maybe it was proposed in never pass and I don't know. 2601870. Is this a gun issue. A homophobic in gay issue is that a terrorism issue all of the above none of the above and what did you first think when you heard about it is. Andy do you draw your battle line about on and here we go people attacking guns again or seeds that's why you need to control guns. Or was there any other aspect to you or did you just think you know what there's a new normal to have an air now man avenue again. 730 time now Devin W offers news that we ought to David Blake I David Gregory you're talking about. Is there any way really to prevent this kind of staying and I get a text that says. A quote new normal houses new people have been killing people of thousands of years long before the gun. Was invented another one says it's an Islamic issue of their this is an enforcement of Islamic anti gay law plain and simple. And another one says it has nothing to do with gun control in the median needs is stop twisting it as such. This is a damn terrorist attack once again on US soil in the Muslim blank blank blank you voted into office. Has allowed this to happen once again I'm just read the text Nancy no it sure are good morning on Devin WL. Good morning and I. I did. It very easy. And art scene. Aren't. My understanding that I'll let. Well. You can hear the press now and and rightfully so. Referring to as an insult tight wet it. When Anne and I don't think there's any doubt in this case you can call it an assault rifle Kazan was it was you believed it was used heavily was originally designed for the military. And I know a lot of hunters hand man and loves them. From Don Dubuque could be that it did not answer this question I guess tell me Angie what your thoughts our. I I. And protects and more. I'm I don't. Let things should be and generic and that should be issues. A week. But either police or our Mary. What. I don't look at it scared the I don't under and it may be on air template I can point tag. I'm sure they'll be able to I'm sure they'll be able to me and you if you keep holding. I do knows this and it's just my opinion. I think any gun used against an animal gives you an unfair advantage in listening to morning and you back. Yes I. And it's like okay fine you sit there and again like you know he had a sniper's and it's NASA and unit clip a dear. If you want at a shootout winning seeing what happens. 741 Italy Tommy Tucker debit W. 744 to sixteen before eight Tommy Tucker with the on this. Monday morning to be another hot day and ending in what would you really expected June 13 here and Crescent City. Eight home. Deputy communications director for the gun control advocacy group every town for gun safety says. It is simply untrue that gun laws don't make us all safe for the evidence is clear that common sense laws. Keep guns away from dangerous people and save lives. Somebody else says. In the absence of high in the sky measures like repealing the Second Amendment. Mass shootings in America week here to stay the person that said that. James Jacobs director of the center for researching crime injustice at the new York and YU's School of Law good morning senator. Good morning thank you for taking the time witness. I guess first thing else saw it with is a person's in this article I'm reading that says there is no and explain that if you will. Well I don't think there's any. You know there's no there's no magic bullet here it will. Do all we have to do is reach outpour. And can prevent peace he's terrific command. It's a very disturbing. Unhappy feature of contemporary. Life. Here in Europe. Or their common traits among these man shooters in and you know we're asking today on our poll. Is there religious terror image terrorism issue and ices issue homophobia hate crime guns all of the above none of the above. And I guess. Regardless of all of that when it comes to whoever the man shooter is whomever. Is there isn't our there's some common then diagrams however you'd like to say it among them. Well it seems to me and the mental health issue. This is the most salient ones that. Those across all of them sit in almost every case to dealing with very disturbed. Person. But on the other hand people are disturbed in different ways and you can be disturbed mentally ill person and also the eighty. The religious fanatic. Wore a or racist. It's the same time. But there's no way to determine that right ones when somebody buys a gun in terms of gun control like it its first off I'm thinking in net in terms again control the genie is already on the bottles seeming it'll take that. Also the table and in terms of deciding who gets guns and who doesn't. From. Criminal rank who got how do you determine that right now Doctor Who decides what what is the losses. Well that is you know way a mandatory background check and a person goes 22 they but only if you bite from the dealer. If you buy on the secondary market like by putting an ad in the paper there's no background check in with that's the controversy over. What is there should be universal background check in but. To shoot her in the Atlanta case. A bullet from regular. And to pass a background check that's an FBI background check say they checked criminal record. Except if you look there a date basis. Like if you've ever been involuntarily. Committed to a mental hospital. But you know the shooters should most all of its shooters who look. Look in the perpetrators of these events at least have gotten their guns legally. Not on the market. So you said the FBI does is background check. The FBI had investigated. For calm Omar Mateen twice I think it was and found that. That there was nothing really use criminal going on and as a result when they did the background check on him. Should that have come up and is at hand would there be any thing. They could even do about it. Well I don't think yet it is kind of a background checking for. Gun. Purchase eligibility checks intelligence databases C he he just checks. A few basic databases like criminals criminal records is the main. Some name database. There's also database is up for drug addicts and illegal aliens but they don't have the very complete. So there's but is it to my knowledge we have no way of saying that a person is. Is suspicious. And therefore should be put on the database. So that they cannot purchase of fire. Is it that doesn't exist. The FBI doesn't have that kind of power. So many people wanna do something emotionally neater Korea and friends after this event. Right but the numbers show that the aware there are tougher gun tougher gun laws. Did this did that doesn't lessen the chances something like this happening is there. It is very hard to see actors help passing a law. Can prevent. One of these very rare and it's been so terrific events. I mean if he couldn't have. I mean do you really preventive person who's bent on mass killing and and suicide it's the same time from. Obtaining obtaining an effective weapon. By passing a law I agencies. Like pie in the sky to may that we can't prevent drug addicts from getting drugs we can't get a prevent alcoholics from buying. Alcohol. I mean we have 300 million firearms in private hands in the United States that we have black markets we have. Gray markets. We you can use straw purchasers. You know the idea that another law. Could and could prevent says something like this exist just seems completely unrealistic. Homily when it comes to a big guns in the nation and ran regardless of how you feel. A full absolutist Second Amendment. Controlled Second Amendment I'm just argue pragmatically here. If you're going to control whatever that means guns in the United States or limit those who had guns. When you have had to begin with mosque it's back in the seventeen hundreds. Well what I'm saying is in other words it's too late now as a genie out of the bottles so you can't do it now you would have had to prevent. Americans from holding guns. Way back when because now as you said 300 million. Yeah I I think that's exactly right incident is it too late and it's it's just too many of firearms and you know in circulation and is circulating. In every in every way all kinds of markets. And and and I I just can't see it passing though I mean what kind of look they wanna pence as the main. You know one proposal that comes up all the time this assault weapons is very poorly understood I was reading that. Some reports in the media today that they talk about them as automatic. Not automatic or semiautomatic. Like other. Semiautomatic that just have some cosmetic features that make them look for example. Military weapons. Give millions of them the best selling of the AR fifteen to bestselling rifle in the United States. And that's ironically. Professor because. They peoples on there are gonna be banned right and every time somebody talks about banning the AR fifteen. There there is understand with gun dealers there's a waiting list again. That's of course true and solicit proposals like that exploded then you have an enormous. Rush. 22 purchased before the lowest past. So you know then maybe to maintain its achieved by these proposals is peace he is producing greater sales. Of the item they wanna ban but even if you could somehow band. And then get rid of all of the so called assault rifles and people because he's other. Semiautomatic weapons that are functionally the same. I appreciate your time sir and hope we have to talk to you again my. James Jacobs director of the center for research in crime and justice at the NYU's School of Law. And on a lighter note he must have had the window open because he got a little audible taste of New York there's 7537. Before eight. More calls we come back to six 1870 right now the time for double WL traffic. I have a tremendous amount attacks only get to that to the news doesn't want you to be heard as well Steve Gramercy quickly to talk about. Money ar fifteens. Yeah atomic comic that they're where they're created 100. People who shot to the problem being she'll on the net income itself all on one and audit side chair. It should reach our out in the military they would do you know sixteen out of him sixteenth all automatic or automatic. There are no police well who would do well. Battle you know it's not like there are it is not that on my person that is ma. I'm me he'd chew each year than we and it's who is that movie now is army where where and a triple assault weapons. Is that dangerous just went through three terror they're gone in the you know in the senate there have been it and then how hungry are you. It's hasn't yet been big on resigning kill people and you don't think people should handle. We're we're our way to. Catch eight.