3-21 9:10am Tommy, online security

Fri, 21 Mar 2014

10 minutes

Tommy talks to Jim Henderson, the Chairman of InfraGard Maryland's Insider Threat Special Interest Group, about online safety and security

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Anderson joins us right now not -- Anderson but here infrared Maryland's insider threats special. Interest groups Jim Henderson he's chairman morning Jim -- -- are good thanks to take in the time is when it comes to people paying bills electronically he had issuing the post office if you will. Is there one that safe it is and is safer than any other audience too worried that. -- he put at routing number in on line and -- is negated your account number. Well there are a lot of people that aren't present -- -- my opinion my expert opinions -- people out there. On some researchers say it more likely the lift financial. In you know less financial information from your mailbox because you think about it. They approached -- and now just put stuff in your mailbox even though it's only a partial number it got all the information. And you don't know -- anybody -- it now paying an online yet or are -- but. If you are what I call cyber conscious type bomb. Internet citizens for better work and EUK -- -- You know a lot of that are out this year or. And make people now so you've got the banking trojans. Crypto locker trojans. Malaysia's worked file PDF files. -- -- -- route or organ which is playing. In the best protection is you know. Barbara slow at everything but at the start. On any black. Any mall where. Using -- VP yen. On -- insurer on when you're on your bank web site is actually. Also paper example. -- mortgage dot com pay attention to the URL. Com. If you know a lot of times I got one the other day chase bank and use that -- account what is going to be suspended I'd just been on it. Didn't look that real portal tried to call the bank could get right department might -- not to spend so. Which I don't think so problematic Jim if you. Almost got snookered and and you weren't sure and I was gonna ask you jokingly a couple of minutes ago to start speaking in English but now a lot of us just. A lot of -- just -- logon and and go to the site and put the number in and I know I've heard that advances HTTPS. Or whatever it secure but. -- and means and and you take -- allowed to campaign. Yeah that's true I mean if somebody want to put up a server somewhere. And by a very close to maintain that bank. You know. Not stop them from buying coming project and a you know -- radio stations summit by very similar on make -- HTTP. And send out something that looks. You know quite like your age and -- People don't really pay attention they log into it they may just be you know putting all their personal information that's -- you know where. So what if you go to. The you know the site that is that comes on a statement that Uganda or even if it comes to a 401K etc. if you go to that site. Yourself not solicited by anybody else at the united statement and a male and it's a good says go to XYZ dot com and you do that can you. Reasonably expect that there's some security there. I would day I mean that's what I like you know -- -- -- to the -- -- Campbell marked with our I don't pay attention to any email I discard them. I mean I get in my -- my business account I get emails all the time about. On from banks I don't need to count our counselor like bank of them there for example please log in -- stop it looks real. On. The first thing people as first about it he happening -- just don't go on. I get built like Verizon bills on what you know on the right and like you have to put that. Sense of urgency siting -- oh okay. Thank Latin count and I get the have a package to pick up the FedEx which I know -- down you know you look at it -- coming you know -- -- -- that real. When you really look at the links. The link is there anywhere close to -- -- rise in shifts on obscure wearing. And of course click that network and -- knows what's gonna install. You know -- say this I can't I cannot support any more Nigerian princesses so please stop emailing me. And that mile -- Tom when the on and -- I go crazy when -- critical auto credit card offers in the mail because. I shred all of that because now again an open and a credit card bit. Related thing about it that same envelope that team know my address could have easily been delivered to somebody else I guess. Perhaps I'm going a little overboard. -- Yeah. It's hard to say it down you shred everything TV -- Our record on it and I don't actually I don't like -- -- now. Sometimes I am Nike and even -- the envelopes you -- know that sounds crazy it. You know like in Africa and now so what. -- it's what a lot of people it is it is because. Whether the darker but the writer or actor or information. And the bottom line -- information network might mean so targeted tax and other where they can tell you're it's worth money. And I go back in the old rookie on the content neighborhood around all lock on the door of getting one. When you're doing it away run. Somebody saying. When your -- somebody's computer connection trying to get into what you're approached and so they rattle off in negative. They're getting the money. Burton you know what he's -- -- -- analogy is. Somebody might be that this person so it on the artwork on the ground now -- not. But a lot of people. I mean our -- war property on the leading like any virus. And that about -- researcher and when you look at what she and why. You know you can go like malt we're sure that. -- -- A map to your radio station I don't build all the tools I can go out the right there and did we hit it straight and and I want to. So what actually -- cyber criminal underground. Well before they let you know it if we if you decide to like I had T to get away from the the checks and in the paper in the mail is it better to do it. On the phone call and not a wireless phone and a hard wired phone column in. And given the routing numbers and balance stuff theory is and any better in doing it on a computer online. I mean of course. My -- com. The problem is that on computer in your computer -- pristine state it's clean -- first. You're probably safe spot. Our own bodies that pays their bills on line for over there I'll lose on. Who knows. What installed there. Computer. Who knows what what I call should looking. Looking at. Looking at all the I don't talk term you don't know what previously installed computer. Like driving now. -- and -- -- never had any problems if -- reason. You know again computer. Your kids are all over you know and goes anywhere. Who knows what install what's being directed. You know so it. And there are other ways. You know be safe or mine is. Do what they call virtual machines were actually -- go to the Internet. Com. It's like they're opening up browser fresh all. Effective running separate our properties as well. Com a little more technical most people don't do that. One call and build that in every time sure where you can be in what's called. Stay where you politically by now a lot of the problems news. Bottom line. South Koreans -- -- start -- web page to your your beard and you go and check certain things with the caller here. Browser or -- -- browser plugin like what is. I -- Jim you know you're right I think we've scared the mess out of everybody you know I definitely think. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah the messenger I realize that but you'd you'd got me right to put the doggone thing outside like the and a poltergeist. -- No matter what -- You know -- -- -- the court with the machine email on the stop it. Think -- think about. I'll look it you know what it more now on his short or well you know not the World Bank you know what you. Think twice because. That what they what those would -- -- out -- play down. Is our customers. Quote ultimately war. -- September she spoke with -- bill in the you know in -- active and it's too late so it's like slowdown. Now armed and in re think -- him up.