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9-2 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the injury to Keenan Lewis

Sep 2, 2015|

Bobby & Deke react to news that Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis will miss 4-6 weeks due to hip surgery.

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Good evening and welcome to sports talk he is Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia 7 o'clock at night it is a week two of the last mile so it is game week. In fact though tomorrow at this time will be taken out getting close it's and a college football so we have a lot to gate and coming up. On today's program the Green Bay Packers the likelihood of listening to the Packers. May be seeing each other somewhere other than tomorrow night probably is so better than no odds of not seeing each other could both considered to be. A wood in the quarterback's future hall of fame quarterbacks and in the playoff Hawks on the Green Bay used. How more hype all of the sites but. We could see eastern team somewhere down the line are much more we'll see tomorrow night. Cause it's not going to be a meaning of the problem whereas the Green Bay beanie and the same for the Saints but would check out the Green Bay Packers face off with a tremendous ball on the offensive side of the ball their top two receivers. Have gone down what what they do now. And getting an eight to Aaron Rodgers might wicket host on Sports Radio 1250. BMW as its peak in Milwaukee come when the Packers will be with us in the 5 o'clock it's time for the picks that we. I was out last year I got more calls or text or emails about. Where. He's the all where the picks of the week what tonight because it's Wednesday. In sedate for the games. We will have him on tonight talk about the first wave of college football game and they awesome very good college football game this week in Arizona State and Texas Stadium. There is Alabama and Wisconsin. You also have what tomorrow night it's a very good games. You have Duke into right via. The storied program of all time winningest programs in college football Michigan. Ladies at Utah now there David Texas Mississippi state of the minutes at a humane in the states a lot of across the board will go over the ones with the lines into decent picks from Vegas front and at 7 o'clock. Is it lets smile show the case again top news at this point time. More interest for the black and go in this time ought to be their best Konerko or in a guy like Keenan Lewis eight McCain and what does this mean now with the Saints defense. Well. And over avenue of cornerbacks. Mean truly. I mean it depends who you plane also the match ups that. Look at him Brandon Browner last time we anyway his union he was still hobbling around. Now I don't know if that is to be ready week one I mean mean kid dog or Chris genocide bit he was saying that he will be. I said hello. He'd have to have a rapid recovery. I think he will be available beginning a year I just don't know if we won with Brandon Browner and now it Q who's been out. I mean. If and when things guy and a bowl who have an ex guys delving bro and Damian Swann. The mean one it would be. Right now the album broad disguise them and open him. Bright I mean when his lack of experience. It and make it Delmon bro or are Damian Swann DNA on all 32 teams do with the with the B anybody went out to corner. I think you just I think you just indicating Cain I don't think I know you go back and listen that you look at Joseph notes look at Hokies know what we see what we talk about who broke. Everybody got confidence in he's made plays on the field with the number one thing would you say it. Is is experience and that's a mean both both asphalt and I can't go but maybe more so broke. Then anybody closer you know I I would think. And like you say about or think it's unique about him when you look at whereas college Willis or there is not that he did play some pro ball. But though this is obviously differently. Yeah reminded that the best in advance and not that seeking. Eventual. You know potential Pro Bowl cornerback but you gotta do it personally is this why give of an opportunity now. That being said in the there was injuries we've been snake bit. You know at the quarterback position and and we respect thing remember around the Patriots game in nova pro was little thing though. By cal Wilson. Now Kyle Wilson. When you say he was a bus with the Jets are whenever. He has some good plays is that Patriots you see him up and down but he is a veteran. Tibia I don't see how Kyle Wilson is is not in that final cut. Directed the three man roster because if you look at. Who's available. Top corners. I mean beat you might end up being film won. That's not even on the roster right now I mean. I mean. Who's this guy I don't know enough to bottom they cleaned them off waivers Sammy themes that are. From the Dolphins. They claimed him off waivers and cornerbacks so we might NFC and cornerbacks in the week one. That we really haven't seem practice. You know we've seen him compete by how we evaluate OTAs mini camp and training camp but if he had to go. Who's available right now. Room Alec of Brian Dixon is a cornerback. And I view him as more special teams tackler. He can play corner but the immediate exploited a lot. You have to go down in bro Damian line. And it probably Kyle Wilson. The blood big guy and you know if trees I don't know if you think Kyle. Five cornerbacks that you think. Are you know be good design a defense where. Maybe not going to be going any type packages were it utilized in them boarded three cornerbacks. But we have 45 on the field. Let me phrase this question now I don't mean to be you know this mare is albeit a bit in the face. The people on the outside maybe people in that when you see okay what to think even the guys here. How bad they were and you lose okay oh what do think I'll fit best Konerko. Easy. If you bet it at as it worse because it. We are we that bad if he was our best player out boys or it's not as bad. Because our defense which disobey it that makes innings in one of what I'm saying no as collectively as a whole we would disobeyed. But I mean he was a bright spot. Was that a long before last week could be dead last. Mean you you king and orders and pain that and then the write home about and right and and his proper English you go from worst to worsen. Now all I know is even B no we all had had had all hands on day. I still living and no matter who we got a bag there we got to get after the quarterback. So I think is that he's Seau will blitz him probably get asked German. But then you put in those guys an island then and then bottom line Asia's getting burned. And a and a grow with interest in. And he would he would niners coach dungy Tony Dungy he heat in a quote they were doing. I read this somewhere like where Tony Dungy Rodney Harrison and and and ward Hines Ward you know they were yeah NBC's football. You know. Sunday Night Football and you know they gonna be doing the Cowboys game two over the fourth. Well he lifted the things even as to where there and now and I you've heard me say it is you foreign and Tony Dungy and I haven't talked. That if you wanna get a pass rush. You putting a lot of responsibilities. On those corners on island he said. On the defense I think is going to be feast or famine. There's going to be a lot of pressure on them than be in the cornerbacks in. He's had a bit Witten is them a couple of times in the pre season a lot of one on one bump and run coverage. Of those guys can hold up yeah of course they'll be a good defense. But he said they don't play well. Is going to be tough. Because they going to be in a pressure type situation we chart to be aggressive. But you gotta get to the quarterback in and he basically said. Is going to be big plays for the Saints defense or is going to be big plays against them. In other words not maybe. Given up 1112. Since you know sustain drives. Where all of a sudden bam bam 234 play drives and they just went eighty yards aren't given up a big touchdowns. Because if you don't get a pass first. I don't know the guys I'd we have by their dating him. I Katie came before we go to break its equipment all right we know we're going to be having a cornerback a once I was out in the experience on this is saint bring more money and with the experience and they could in the book he got players that can be available. About the by the handful on Saturday. But Monday morning. The Arenas that coaches Aaron Bruce there and they get ready to game plan over there how quick will coffin Palmer know that the saint got a call back when no pain. Well but nobody got I think right now okay you'd see down broad don't have the experience and I might know something about him. But then name is one that have any currency could just pick your blog picking anybody. Right now and and now Kyle Wilson. Kyle Wilson will be the guy retread so to speak up and jazzed that he might be. The best moment ex players that can handle. First time pressure of opening the season. So who knows that he might end up. That is being a starter and would you go right at the race on and in nickel. Mean I go out and all of them. And and he's being India can carry covered even hell Larry FitzGerald I don't. He still like I don't think he's got gas in the tank the shall I don't know about this is the idea that you got to have luck would Andrews was the choose when the Packers. Right you know dead now and there of their offensive weapons that. So and I and you look dude anomalous scoring office last year. The average in thirty and have points a game. We were number one overall there were no mistakes so that's an epic their offense with the usual. He's BK think anybody can be really making Lewis goes down who is unlikely. Replacement for Lewis while he is out for up to six weeks it's operated jaguar picking appalled at WWR dot com all about it and Deke Bellavia lesson out tonight at 7 o'clock pet anti book and rightly it's WW. Keenan Lewis having some are served its reported at about NFL network. Would be out to 46 weeks getting your take. Who was step up he canes absence. 2601870. Its operatives jaguar opinion pocono Ambrose Spanish team that he's Damian Swann about vote online at WWL dot com out of the experience I'm a huge effect here the phone to go he's by being bandied Bellamy. Hattiesburg Mississippi for Patrick Patrick thank you for calling them Uga Uga. I. Bird but I order all and what they were right all. Or are here. And then what. And we liked your nickname Bob. You know duck duck right there it like. Every not yet somebody is we are. You know we. Got Browner got. It. You've got seen him out. You know. They're. On all. Oh yeah. In check out there. Ability. Is that the air it out. There. In. That. Despite or. Well I'll graduate Patrick regular Colorado NFL. Look at the number one receiver for the Panthers and Cam Newton. Benjamin I mean Jesus running and he gets hurt nobody vineyards that. You know you look Jordy Nelson. And the Packers mean as players. By DiMarco Mario is he gonna play for the bills week one you can go on a number of teams. And Andy gonna have I'm not saying handling your entire AC OK it's in the first three pre season right I mean it may be what I'm saying. Almost every team. I'm just guessing. We'll probably have. To that degree announcing a handful with two to three significant injuries as an official team we won. Yet an era peaking here in the conspiracy thing yet this year that there's no doubt about it but you don't like about this is you know. Nobody is off to a Sauna or you are not a whole holly injuries and it's always thinking Lewis. There was one player and it's a second there to start every game. It was Keenan Lewis right so he's he's he's been healthy I mean it's it's you know it's. Not well yeah you look at the thousands elements of line who would Matthews. I mean right now in my bag his bag so object. It it's it's become now that you know those first the first five or six games Bobby. Who can come out of pre season. Healthy in it is not it is not as much about like old physical way. This far less physical way and their own so I mean. Like you say we've seen in his book and Al Hamilton was almost a walk through we all simple season a few years ago open doing this. It seemingly it happens I don't know that by obtained ban local would have you put a somewhere Buffalo somewhere in you know New Jersey right now talking about one New York teams. A somewhere out whereas there's a radio show going on by the and it talked about how to eighteen with is having a Tony injuries but you don't know. What impact does how we talk about oh cornerbacks in the fans and the Packers are talking about their office the way. It top to receive an aunt and Randall Cobb now I heard it is not a broken collarbone that. But he's still obviously going to be hurting for that Lou we Colvin and in case one hit who knows he might be out again. Brian bad route on line to Franchitti thank you for calling did you do you ago. Hey the on the ground I think ball. To replace him and by the or it gave have a date ghetto. How no rain and it plays like I that your. Now and he we noticed that aside Taylor I'm not sure. I know like Ike with Al Bobby I don't know if he was if he went to camp with anybody I'll put that up and see. I know that it was a situation where I was and minor thing I thought he had retired Vinatieri widely. You do c'mon retirement. Know you you can't you can't come out of it on a day you have beaten by you know the contract because I don't either and it is experienced BB in my net. The the things that might be an a good option to get a veteran that thought right he might be retired and. 812 years with all of this team with Bobby he was you know I'm at a ULL vote was. What I thought he beauties this year he's he is you know done announces pac twelve year career Pittsburgh so. He's not with anybody you go to camp and anybody so but you don't know about it and we think it's a pick up gather up the street before it will both be dealt with football. You don't date they've got people who know and and they've got they've got targets and I'm sure it will find out eventually. If they think they've already got somebody announced that they want to go with. All they wanna bring somebody else. And but what the Davis is now dead but we don't you know training camp Sowers that they brought in right claimed cornerback Cesar. Seems to off waivers from the Dolphins he might be an answer. Yeah he can he could very well be our could be a pets were pretty sweet spot because they wait the you know completely pesetas 3 o'clock. All I know how many fans and who would and nation and he Florida. And one is starting cornerback Stanley John ninety's. Yeah we really missed them. All between that and him bringing the trains them back a day you know Arctic vigil. All right WW reduced time it's bought 32 it's not the first new left handed off to him and that. And welcome back the sports stuff indicating came by every bear I'd Deke Bellavia 7 o'clock at night. Is it this week's edition of the less miles so you know you haven't checked it out lately you are missing out but. No fear you can steal chickened out each and every night from eight intimate night. Christie Garrett antibody that double covered sports and more continuance sports in the mix and they also talk about a lot of things that are happening. Hot but not. I'm most recently obviously things have gone on long fourth and poorly thought of that going down. Article about social trending. It is everything that you could but it desperately tonight they'll be recap with some of the things that coach miles talked about on a less macho Tigers open up this season too late march taking on Duke. And of course the Saints and they rants of injuries including Keenan Lewis out put up to six weeks with a hip injury. He is by the that the ability to think 01870. Texas at 8787. Isn't it coming in I like Damian Swann. Although broke him to because it's Augusta it's about being like so what he saw from Swann and some of the pre season game now is about to point out. Swap with time in that I would say meant the meant that he did make some good plays about it but also you saw what you pointed out that experience and Baltimore wake gave up a few place. They're well always got penalized. All of funny jokes are audience interception and that's gonna happen he has to learn how they call a game and he could change. The pitting on the officiating crew head a couple of illegal contact with think about it the Saints won. When necessary throw it was they count on him being like in nickel guy you know like. Now got a Jonas. But you know the they were being well he really can help without the light being the fourth corner man not without too. Saw I don't know how you can be confident I mean I. They I think he is being now. And ran brown doesn't play that affects the points for. You know he's a lot of times you look at injuries in. You know who's the quarterback in and who's helping and all that a key skill position and ending with the Saints defense. That is dabbling is in effect. How outsiders view this game that we got to go to Arizona. Vega a look at this scenario. And the things had the number on third down offense last year you know we were number one. As far as sustaining drives in. In moving the chains well I look at it thing and be challenged from a week one. That the first the first quarterback. In the NFL as for as a quarterback rating on third down is Aaron Rodgers was against who's right behind him. And Philly got hurt Carson Palmer. So. I mean it is that. He had a look at who you're playing against then and who you face in. But you look at third down QB rating. Last last season. Carson Palmer or is that an infringement two with Tony Romo did drew every season and quarterback ratings almost 120 on third down and and arises basically 122 so is going to be a big challenge. You know whoever. We have Wagner and you know they got an Ohio team get to worry gonna say the ball's gonna bounce away and and and that'll make a difference. Open and I'm looking at like French is the Packers in May proceed as one of the top teams. In the NFC doesn't matter tomorrow night you a lot of players that 99 you're familiar with who's gonna have an opportunity maybe. Half a dozen when you put both rosters together as far as who's gonna make their final Rossi could have an impact. Tomorrow night alone. I thought this is interest in. Like that you look at the Packers they averaged thirty now points a game last year. And and indicative represented NFC is who will put their defense that they were just ranked fifteenth they were middle of the pack. And heard terrorize and ended view. Saying no we have to stay a top ten offense in and primarily you know passing team so they were six total office and aid in passing. So that's the thing I think will be all right but how we gonna stop. Opponent's defense did one thing. And that is the big difference. If you look like the Packers are as good as they aren't you could get more opportunistic than they were plus fourteen. A number one and NFL maternal wars in and right and like you said who do you Hermes in his mind is third team long before last I mean adds. And we beat the Packers think about that we does when most impressive games last Sunday night last year in the superdome. Yeah and how well we've played. Look at consistency game in weekend and week out. The Packers he doomed their defense wasn't. Like. Top five or even a top ten defense they would take the ball away and that it also protected tree got to give their rise a lot of credit within two. And and look I thought I would want him like he's doom and gloom and again you know Keenan Lewis is out before a six weeks in Indian youth of this article you got it. And I think the mindset. You don't want to lose you best of me thing and especially when you have the look at the whole situation what's behind him with Aaron here but that's what the Arabs hate to do. Is that always have a plane somebody goes down with the plan works. But you can turn things around and not been that great of a defense a case in point now and about a thing when he got JJ watt yet they do. But prior to last year our thinking that Texans the year before Bobby fourth eleven or twelve turnovers. They did. Thirty and 37 urgency tonight so they that they created torn something more turnovers right last year we you go from from seeing a form eight than that with the saint it. So you don't. You could be opportunistic in not be that great but defense and in really do a lot better in a turnover category now the one thing here at the train that we haven't seen under Rob Brown. We haven't seen a game a botched a rash of turnovers create for the Saints in games stretches of games and so forth so it would have to be something. That we have seen on his stint here. Well I and that's all gonna start on the back can that's something and if we even if we at all ousting him and we still got to get a pass rush. I mean that that if you wanna create turnovers and be disruptive and and defense to improve. You know disciplinary body being healthy. You know you can only cover so long you still need a pass from that's why. So this is magnified. Now more. Which is so good in the NFL Rossi an NFL team Pete telling them. That they're starting this season without their top two cornerbacks. I mean along that that that that's a huge blow. I mean and united eagle will mean. But it just realistic gave Brent just looked at this. Okay. When you have a look good in these are not who we talked about Brandon brownie Keenan Lewis. Now how about two other guys. What we have invested in him how would come on them Gerris averted safety CJ Spiller. I mean when CJ Spiller is supposed to be like. How Sean Payton utilized. The running back kind of combination what we they would Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles. Miller there and then kind of Jerry is Bernard. We expected him to be a top say they saw a lot of outs and lack of success. Our should say lack of getting fed double digit wins. There is because guys who have come on. Just having come through. Whether it's injuries. Or availability everyone to call a bad luck whenever but guys and they were come on to say when next man up. That next man. A lot of Keisel a lot of times and there's just not as good. 2601870. You can take this at 878 cynic in saint cornerback Keenan Lewis on down with a hip injury he is out from Puerto six weeks. Also the black and go away asking you at WW dot com operated that or people who do you think with that book in his and it absence. Vote at WW dot cup final pre season game tomorrow night coverage starts at 2 o'clock offense for us take how many assists. And Steve court that if the Bud Light countdown to kickoff this thing well and the. At this date they might the ages Cottam oh in the in my time back they don't like for a week long as he goes to do Terrance Frederick. And I know he's there and cut him before what he started. What restored to maybe three games in the back in the last season. Thought. Son really knows what he's doing. Yet he's at Dayton and no but I mean we just cut him. In right. No I would obviously it was a thought about it was better in the right guy exactly so now you might well at least I'm gonna look he knows what he's Dylan he's been around here and has started for us in a real NFL games so. Who knows it might in the back on the. All right he came to camp Bobby Hebert IV got to be a lot more yet to come the picks of the week but with ticket on the Green Bay Packers say this thing dealing with injuries the Packers both their top two receivers we'll find out about that. And the lesson how soon at 7 o'clock at night it's a sports talk on Saints radio home that you Tigers did you get you have. The first installment of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up Friday night 7 o'clock that Dunlap Allah while dale and a host. A great reporters on playing sites across the state of Louisiana boy it's a big game just leaking you hide Rommel is certainly one of the Venezuelan to have all the big ones boy. Scoreboard until what sports the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up. Friday night 7 o'clock here on WW rayo. Keenan Lewis out of the fourth six weeks with a hip injury who is likely to step up and replace Lewis in his absence it's operated debt warping your opponent WW dot com. Yes that. I have another question. Does this bother me dinner break okay we still got a doing the play before a real game counts. Mean I'm can be a Ford not know the experience can they afford maybe. The play they'll remember a while there against the Packers. And Bob I know that he yeah it is say no it makes sense because the cake. Can't you afford to put America because if you losing but do you not afford to put in my eyes because he needs experience right like Dan did you do then that. And all of us yeah and a miracle would do was. We went at the Seattle went down down seven or he's running back all year yeah I mean you don't want these rash of injuries and some Chinese says no vina or pray the rosary is them because. Right now. I mean we don't wanna get to the point where we count on all off fourth and fifth cornerback. Or two to operate I know I know we I mean and his stress should be not noted. Is the Hollywood of Buffalo Bills and I'll front seven. You know and our whoever you might perceive as the Dolphins are dom akin to a front. I don't know with the guys that you actually can't get worse yank and with the B classes that along with the last. Brandon in Texas Brandon thank you calling WW they'll. Though he brand new. To augment them. Why did that. When when Utley got that are not that that injury. The dead and you know the target in in close injury. We know what it is but it was a timetable is an auditors that are. I'm just not understanding. The last 300 handed out and out I am with you yes we've heard all birdies that bird would be back before. The pre season ended when the open tomorrow night you cancel Christmas and I'm glad all that the truth but I know this is WWL.