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4-8 6-7pm Sports Talk, Saints draft a QB?

Apr 8, 2014|

Is it time for the Saints to draft their future QB? The Cajyun Cannon and the Big Chief take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number three of sport's top quality Casey Gainey and Bobby bare. I'm a big ability coming up in just a few moments LSU baseball coach common area take in the radio is a big big week for the LSU tiger baseball team. -- and -- last week they went for you know this week dominant performances over Mississippi State with him out to -- four runs. Over the course of three games more big one on Friday night Saturday and then they break out game on Sundays -- -- -- a big week and they got a big week plus former LSU great too -- world champion won with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and while with the Indianapolis Colts. And annals of the SEC network. Anthony -- to make fallen he jaundice to talk about the LSU tiger pro day. And also a our area he there was an awful lot about the NFC south and what you were -- in. In many years the other -- pro day is tomorrow and the 7 o'clock hour. Will be done by a promising in recruiting analysts of tiger -- dot com Mike Scarborough. To a 601870. You can Texas and 87870. -- a pay big TP WWL dot com. Operated jaguar opinion poll is it time for the New Orleans Saints to draft their future QB he can can you vote online at WWL. Dot com onto the phone to go to school diamond here for Craig Craig thank you for calling WW. It would -- -- Okay thanks you bring a group like I want talked briefly on can't get. People talk about -- Watson women or -- now all of a lot all packed all of I'm not a lot but we're human being and I didn't want the guy at Atlanta I don't like bat the ball like bat they fall -- -- football fanatics. -- Pat and and -- you'd better bring. -- -- the stupid or until all court player but. Two years ago and better got the more I probably like how intricate a book of well over oral book how Arnold. Much -- -- put skill -- -- -- you're not uh oh. All. All. Entry but think about where were were so complex. Problem. And if someone told me that. -- in about. Why -- bat the bat about it on the -- Watson beat US women's. Soccer team. Our play in the US I'm in the World Cup all on TV and in cheering out out of that everything at that that they would go Corey. But it exactly what I was doing what all -- because you're at I'm with. Point club soccer and in my heart -- -- but. I don't you know and Craig thing about women's sports now and big has two daughters. That 'cause a title nine it's a great opportunity. -- a number of families have to have athletic gifted a daughter. The get a college scholarship so why would you want her again involvement and and as support them and like begun -- It appeared to Don Zimmer Jackie big doing all learn. And they wanna watch a woman saw a ball game on TV when you wanna sit -- is available again as -- so I mean. To me it's kind of which environment. And in now like I said a great opportunity get a college scholarship is not a revenues. Ward -- we -- we -- he would wanna go to play out because Ball State. Article border and an actor -- put up what what the FBR the courts about our quarterbacks. Would -- -- -- -- mobile quarterback. Our back -- -- would either -- parent or a six foot or six foot five pocket passer. I went today and just a moment the first LSU baseball coach Paul many -- Jones is now close -- thank you so much for the time a week ago coach he told me. Well it's an experience we hope we don't have to deal with elbow up a Deanna. It -- we -- four and you come back and go for no first talk about a team coach responded in having a huge week. Well the one thing we know about baseball is that it can be a very humbling game. And that we certainly were humbled last week with the lost the to find an entry at Florida. Even on the you know that tied game with Georgia so you know we were we were excited down in the dumps they are but there's one thing I've learned about athletic. That you feel sorry for yourself that doesn't do any thing -- you just got to pick yourself -- Off the ground and you got to come back fighting and that's what our players that this week I'm real proud of them. They had its literally solid game against that good -- -- state team on Wednesday. And then it took he took care of business just as we can against archrival Mississippi State we want. Two closest part Butler scoring ballgame on Friday and Saturday and then you know had a real but they. -- on Sunday. -- guys are feeling good about themselves you know we never really felt bad about ourselves and we just doesn't sometimes you know this game can -- you we are still a top ten team needed but -- Portland is in a row and think we just kind of went back out of the week period that was -- so I'm real proud of the guys. Now coach -- you continue SEC play it as it kind of the mindset when you challenge. The pitchers and does the team in general. That and I know you might suggest to think well -- you playing the percentages. We have a great opportunity to get off to a great start of the as any kind of support with -- -- but the -- challenge may be a couple of other guys well. Look we just got in coming about a winning series who have we get off to great start that. You know to win on Friday than how we should be able to take care of in this as the weekend progresses. Those are out to the weekend yet that he -- try to match it -- pitcher it's hard to picture book that. At Coca with Erik Cole and you know I think you are -- that that person you know I thought that that it's a real challenge. And he didn't want to let that strategy worked for the other. Superstar and sit up or in you know now with game two with the pivotal game that weekend here. And you're approaching that that channel. In order first the -- that we get geared to somebody else has the -- in the side they'll for a and I obviously first to witness the series. You know -- get a chance to do well so. You know tocchet with depth to the challenge he pitched a remarkable game against a really good pitcher from Mississippi State brought Mitchell can admire very much. And that Mississippi State play good ball in his -- -- later in the -- -- to play a little bit better than they did we want. That kind of set the tone and or Sunday I have to get the Spurs to win. -- like I really wanted to sweep this series we had a chance we. Georgia we let it slip away -- the last two years we've had Mississippi State down to gain and -- would -- weren't able to finish this week on Sunday. It -- we just weren't going to be denied in -- -- here would help open went out there gave it pretty good solid innings on a hurt ankle. The rest of the bullpen picked up the slack I didn't and we look at it and not that an explosion that. There was really a lot of fun to be at the ballpark here -- we can definitely so all of all the good weekend and a great athlete he didn't get to break back in the middle thing the. Which very how hard is that you know it's about swinging the bats when you have a great player. Like -- Alex pregnancy is struggling and he years the young man and he's not a professional and when you're dealing with adversity especially this -- agent of social media and everything -- it is dealing with the media is it almost like that your father figure trying to. To do his best hopefully you sign are you kid and then sometimes though you can't control the circumstance and adversity is the face. Well again that this is -- very humbling game and Alex is gone through the worst slump that the lights and as a hitter. And bladed it it's. Especially when people are now again you know or -- in. Probably what's wrong what's wrong with strong and you don't really have the answers or nobody really because it is the game -- be very humbling. I've seen greater -- -- Britons struggled work in struggling believe me. So it can't happen but I will say -- to that out. Alex this is an outstanding young manager or wannabe. It is not take the bat out to his position -- in -- were together pure -- itself -- -- contributed to this team. In other -- to report shortstop of the last couple but I don't think he made -- but the least. And it's it was -- is very deep that the shortstop. We were the ones several of the games we've won so you know when you when you're a player that you know that you keep -- tribute to your team the other way. You don't -- well so much on the aspect that your game that struggling. -- -- played -- -- an opportunity what you can't eventually you come out and struggles and I have no doubt that Alex -- about it struggle. Either are ready because you -- that's what -- yet like. We know we can't get closer to. The sooner the better part -- there. Tennessee coach dominate as witness tiger's taken on the mall tomorrow night followed by a he matchup against Arkansas coach does take a look at these opponents does that -- something about Lamar before we talk about Arkansas. First -- -- more -- cherished tradition and history in their program. Hit a coach by the name of Jim Gilligan and that's what about thirteen hundred games in his career had a tremendous career there -- It's got some outstanding players like Kevin Millar goes through their program and so. -- they did it's hard fought game as a I think of 11 games and beginning late in the game you know although they struggled. That it came all the weekend sweep at their own. In their conference and so they're doing pretty good about themselves that -- -- pretty good right handed pitcher dentist tomorrow night. -- can be tremendous challenge to it's going to be a good solid ballgame and we need to be ready to play. And then of course -- normal archrival Arkansas proud -- this weekend. The most most years yet -- he -- and decided by the series between the Arctic target. Seven years I think you're -- -- -- this year. Either Lester or concern -- one way or six times and usually the winner of this series that went into it so -- -- that they can -- they always do. End they're well coached team hard nosed game that it's going to be great weekend cherry talks with the weather is going to be great like they're predicting an. But big crowd out there at the box and everybody excited about it. LSU baseball coach Paul many wrinkles and Eric thank you so much for the time guillotine in the tied with the rest this week. All right LSU -- in the mall tomorrow evening here on WW rating which on the network at six a 630 or speed. Sending good are traditionally. Need to coach and I imagine that Arkansas pitching. Just look at it on face value I guess on the surface. It could be. Kind of Vanderbilt tied games or almost like. You gonna be in a dog fight -- to go on aren't treated to a low scoring kings in. Because that's one thing you know like you said he just looked articles program. The pitching and that's something that really a comes to light and why they've been so competitive and SEC with. Well Bobby you know today's deal pro day was hailed at your alma mater and all western state Louisiana Colvin Manger throughout there. Then -- could hear their names doesn't get a chance not sure that there are going to be. Drafted -- white is a safety itself probably not -- Monday and then. Former Amy -- -- Leslie -- was a four year player at northwestern states are for three seasons -- -- a freshman. Probably or maybe maybe -- -- round casserly again like 92 free to looks or trap but you know Bobby you gotta get -- scouts and. While a perfect example. Look as Seahawks Jeremy lane. And no it's one yeah did you was like they're nickel guy and he was their top Gunner who wanted to top gunners in the whole NFL as far as covering punts. Just wanted to change yes it is get your foot and a dollar and and the what we say it is a time they'll find yet they were you aware of it didn't matter. You know will Wear your. I mean even if you beat a top ju co prospect in. Maybe you didn't do well in school and you've closed out the good that they'll find you and gave via a workout and NC may be your potential there habit. -- the scouts are well aware of all the Louisiana schools no doubt in my talk about L issue pro day in and stuff yet as tomorrow. But all lower than matter from nickel state Thibodeau. Ten in the northwest are these it is state. He's southeast and they have an all covered look at. Mean we're talking about last year going to address the cornerback. From southeast and be with the top often offered. Isn't Robert -- an idea in. Will win in their. Draft him in the second round that it did that someone's getting abused don't know that yet I guess Charlie -- ms. guy in a matter humans the southeast and no they don't use the skill set in the I had outstanding Senior Bowl -- match and a match of the inside the top receivers so he has a great opportunity. And we continue to see that. You know you look a web the various web what -- there with the -- though he hurt his need it. How you know -- give up these situations and -- southern miss right -- he's out of there and eating guy looks relishing on his live in the Woody. Did in nickel state I think in the get like ten million dollars guaranteed in the Ravens can be dead -- game and because of his play on the field. Doesn't matter where -- be involved and I get no doubt about it is it time the Saints to draft the future QB you can can jump vote on line. And Debbie did you and that kind of thing you know -- out -- among quarterbacks and future quarterbacks. You know whether it be with this -- Taylor you know. They can take someone and develop a more. Oh they have a plan where they think in May be Ryan Griffin or even. Waiting till next year's crop so is -- quarterbacks with. He just goes to show you two even if you have adversity at the college level. And maybe yeah a little change -- plans and when I'm talking about his. Just look at how the NFL precedes these two guys. And look at the success. Zag men burner kicked out of Georgia basically right ranked. But he's ranked higher and Aaron Murray as an NFL quarterback. And and he's coming off a knee injury edges happened right so it goes to show you. You know you have great success in -- college in sag members kind of like a one hit wonder and Cam Cameron right right because going to senior year but it's -- is a point it would have been his junior Brad. He got the proper coaching and how he developed. And and then and haven't had NFL type arm. And it looked at 65 to 24 verses. You know when you look at Mark Wood at six foot above 20527. Pounds from around there. That even knowledge Aaron Murray had an unbelievable career -- SEC records at Georgia than -- burgers. The scouts look at -- look at know the potential the dead and even Ron Jaworski jaws. And now a big guy goes a long -- haven't him even you know are you peaking right reported draft having him and maybe as the number two guy people listen -- -- you know the number two guy so he's making me want to make bugged some Santana why he's saying it allows -- he breaks to big league that's why I came out. -- went all. It might have been instant conversation are in and he -- -- now might be selfish and thinking it was the best class I don't know I TV on the ballot in at the John Elway Marino Jim Kelly and all that and the 33 and and myself. And and Ken O'Brien who went to UC Davis -- division you know one the only school to division two school I think at that time with the Jets right. Him and I ran his routes -- round was the name and a client do Tony Eason who might Bob. -- claims he's a move along Alexia -- at Yankee UN in -- class about it before Arnold when they don't give you more yet he doesn't usually not but it may have reason that yeah but in them haven't liked. Seven guys that started ten years or more started that not just on a team. And them not to tell you when they are coming around the date they could. Care less that I -- and -- Louisiana they'd be just looking okay. You measure was telling you vertical do and all that would you -- forty in right and the Canadian film making you make all the throws. And and stuff and I had to -- Astoria. While I that body -- and NFL it is that right quick it was it was here. The US -- felt good guarantee me. 250000. Dollars and I talk to Gil Brandt the Cowboys in this thing all you might go. You know he did it become mind it was in Tampa Florida right you're -- become like you might be able to move up -- ended that the latter part of the second round. Early third round verses made their run fourth round and and also what can you guarantee he's no we don't Gerut we don't do that gossage you know I'm I'm I'm gonna Michigan and. I am fully is -- Gil Brandt was applauded the Saturday night massacre that's tonight they called infamous in Texas football history NF issue and Jerry Jones tickle. Because all the time that Tex Schramm Gil Brandt and of course Tom. Landry -- that of the infamous day in the history of Dallas -- boots on the ground are at the LSU pro day Christie Garrett DT Bob Hebert or bring you coverage all day long movies within doing sports talk. Tomorrow take out stuff on the air and on the way out as well right now. On line WW dot comedy about breaks down and I think -- -- -- Also the Saints matching the offer for Raphael bush Christian gave got dates to its latest blog -- man. Mania fans of people to and you got to see Tommy took with the -- of the video about why he's open to new experience. Who knew he'd love to tango music playing -- here -- -- At Tom Izzo was of -- The last thing Paris -- is 188 Ian GE L Lewis thank them in and paying a lot Anglo. The women's basketball came into denial about his bosses the station. Thirteen 50 AM three debut with about a third now and though UConn in 37 -- -- -- Tonight coming up to about thirty minutes on W did you know -- really well. It's cheer for the lady Huskies this that having unique. Via two national championships. Yet again yet again right and -- For the first time it again while confident his service -- -- -- -- when you know he had a good year and in the bank with the basketball -- again. -- -- he's been like a chicken in between need to get like a steak and -- are -- here -- some good. -- have a real good banquet demand that spring banquet that big you know we've been. Bring -- up although Beckham junior kind of like yeah he possibly fall to the Saints now. We've heard this comparison also the other receivers Jarvis Landry we all remember that great -- -- had an Arkansas game tremendous special teams play backhand and although all around good player you know -- even compare as far as his blocking ability. Like kind of like it tough Hines Ward. I've receiver and you know a very disappointing would forty. Time when you look at it's -- Beers and see what he's gonna run the forty Ellis is pro day in right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you look Jarvis and get away from somebody you really don't matter how fans -- law is -- and get away from a half and you know -- if they are good just. Not be all right so they get away from coming to jamming you get all of -- end you following the ball's in the air and you've gone up and I don't. Look at -- -- no more an analyst but I'm looking at them with a QB for four years and he's he's going to be dependent and -- you know I -- it compare him. -- average in this it was a speech. But every music and rumble -- and you know. Saints have run the ball more how important that wide receiver block is. To spring dead. 67 yard run all assignments and a 3040 yard touchdown. Physical receiver -- when he surprised at the Saints are also. Look -- Anna Jarvis lands I don't know where you in the -- and what's -- with second third round or something. But it is so it's a very important to him. Obviously have a good pro day. At LSU tomorrow compared to the first impression we do with the scale. In BA action mamiya coming up the lights schedule -- in the NBA as we look here but the pelicans on action tomorrow night. Against Phoenix tonight Detroit in Atlanta and I can continue to. It's closes the sewing up that eighth spot Brooklyn Miami San Antonio Minnesota Dallas and Utah Oklahoma City and Sacramento. And Houston LA like two top notch teams and down to end the -- regular season next week by the Monday night against Oklahoma City and we did that in Houston in both those team could be still playing for some on the line I want a top four seeds are way up probably. Tutorial for normal warm pretty much -- with San Antonio. Yeah we got about three and -- Fallen. Hard not peaking at the right time -- by the -- -- the Pacers. Yeah. And that's what happens over the -- -- them and I cities and I know it is this is from being a fan. In a -- three season. New York Knicks feel that if they had home court. They would have beaten the -- which they would -- doubles but they did the Bulls 6 games in the Eastern Conference semi final -- So Manny fall within a whole lot -- home court does get home court we've all we don't beat the books they got home call nick at home court. They go up 20 against them against the Bulls the Bulls won a fourth straight. What. -- when you lose their home court and all season long your mentality has been if we do hope if we get one ball game. On top court in what they give we're gonna win the BS. So now all season long Boldin Larry Bird in Boston I'm against -- they've been of the mindset if we had saving games last year and -- the -- Indiana. You said a full maybe in Miami we -- won a series. You could have still won a series because you had a chance to win another game in Miami and you didn't win. So now all along -- -- is -- if we get home court we gonna go to the finals of them beat the heat. Now you don't have. Now what does it do you went out yet. What about it though is this saving game series funny you could -- -- -- see you win one of the first two. Home -- The way it. How would you -- -- on 82 game schedule while would you bank and football all year it's one day it's a big deal seven game series now come home. Yeah and and you look at Georgia who is a superstar. Annually him. Obviously. Playing a lot of comments so he can't close out games and they need him right -- -- -- look Roy Hibbert we can you comment where are they put him down as nowadays to wobble around is just tired and am I need to do what am I -- Then resting Pena then -- rest well look at dispersed through the it does or does they rest their players off the title we ought to be an easier big big I would be surprised -- that's another seven games in between Miami San Antonio game this year it -- -- -- I would be surprised at all if pop and you know coach -- vigilant the Spurs. You can be Collison waiting lot of Spurs took over the town again this week. Tim Duncan Ginobili and on regulated -- I -- yet is innocent and he'll be like hello. Well I'm not gonna play a tenuous and in time being isn't what they've done yet when I'm in nineteen game win -- -- the number one seed began. On the Jimmy -- like that if you look at the 21 hinted there like the Indy. Version of the Patriots you know the consistency. And right there all. We could say it is is anyway Papa -- guided by as close as you can win it and I. -- -- -- -- they did you in what I winning again that was just about me it means they was gonna call it pain roller guy there it's have been doing this would you. And on the radio and even even -- happened as the years whatever look at. Hundreds of -- all of this Spurs again no big you know. And Edmonton and they'd plug it in the right players and we -- -- -- and no occasion I had gracefully you know yes or a graceful and you know for sure you wanna count them out. And I -- that us there I think is Colombian Novo. A he -- this year haven't you been looking at LSU's pro day next now Mike's call -- -- -- -- com will be with us. You'll take last night to the right team ranked Connecticut over Kentucky and women's basketball national championship the first time -- two undefeated square off the remaining UConn. On three WL thirteen 50 AM check that one out. Tomorrow morning off first -- -- to another pit bull attack but this time it's the human. They heard the bell all aboard dangerous because their owners make him that way innings turning a hit to discipline them. Ever is -- -- a pro. Well attest to -- and they don't seem to do it in colonial and all. Yeah I mean you train and now I mean it does not have promised today. And it will be in his. You know -- -- -- the Eagles get at him rabbits that wore it like the country. I don't know -- coach of Cuba they treated -- I'm mine and he's looking no train right now. Because of the economy come in and day and I think he'll be good you know going to go to Cordoba came what is fingers I mean it was a the what you're trying to Delgado. But I mean that that's -- that's the way -- -- Hamas and I'm not saying you punish animal but. There are dogs you Watson -- -- -- don't dogs some balls go for 203040 grand. It trained a certain way it is not OC who boosted his as the -- known they do some different methods to -- ago to be -- way. Look big and I didn't know there are drama grapple islands like the rabbit hunt. When he anybody to ram it down -- trying to you know and him outside. It you know -- -- makes such a rabid dogs too because this and a gravity. Beginning anatomy and I think in the end it's taken a brush and everything and that's it. They had to say and then loaded grounder to kind of teased him rabbits out there is always saying meaningful -- that than dolls live outside their whole life and and I'm saying I government grandpa. -- -- to chicken balls and he was asked Posey did you know I think it's splitter often yeah. As a I don't know how to do -- and he was home yet so I mean it is probably true that that is like. You know. And you see old school you would like an avenue when I first had not dog whatever that Bob -- All got to rest this old Brooklyn and Bronx but I am I'm shopping season ended that. People look at Dustin -- daunting always Q -- that is a aggressive breed. Mean I had a good season down as an assistant got. When she was -- and expecting her first now only just the kind of turn and he was at in 92 if you need to -- -- -- we had to. But. I had him by -- -- that was gone just talk about given what people think about what's -- give adult what -- you don't give -- dog chocolate in oh yeah always up. So -- go to a bit. I'm in -- -- and I had a friend on the day in his little cute little -- this -- he's got his dog winning games it's annals of -- -- What -- -- he would move the blow is this he gets up in the bill -- outs in the comments are trying to -- And and the is the most will manage well behaved dog I have -- -- -- cut and paste these he would. How do you is like being on the arm back a forehand down Mickey Mantle and a common keep straighten paint there I think in the day. Allison and passes at this unit as a young Fella said he could do a dog eating it he would anybody's it -- I don't know if people daddy -- about it it is nick. Smallest Annika in his pocket and that that when he had vacated noticed that I see it as a dead dog. About this what about -- given dog truck he's hit all that did general arriving here. And that now with the oil -- in Miami the movie like as good as it gives him when he went down it was kind of bacon in the pocket. I don't know Brussels grow -- it brought back before opening your degree all day there. But always talk about the hung dogs anyway three volatile -- -- -- tomorrow on the tuck will be talking about another pit bull attack in our pit bull is dangerous because the owners make him. Then when he gave up in the morning do you feel good with tummy -- Andy another round NFL news and shows too. How you handle adversity and things always don't. Workout as far as a bit of -- I'm talking about like Pete Carroll. The coaches Seattle Seahawks. He's locked up now through 2016. Season he got a three year extension of him by running him Jimmie Johnson -- which had only three right. -- imagine gentlemen who own ignorant right out yeah I think yep and then you look. Big not as surprising. Because the way he -- it's like he's almost an individual. That. Could easily excitable and refused to turn forty how these young at heart and I didn't realize. You know 62 years of age. That -- if you lose a -- is this Jenkins to second oldest head coach in the NFL. I didn't and I'd realize that it's sixty point at one time that that way. Spanish chains you know it's a young yet gain and a right right in the -- side -- distress. You know the pressure. It is considering. You know looking really good coach Mora museum and they're holding Houston coach mark these games there in the in the upper seventies and a mean you know how well he looks good. You look at Pete Carroll peca -- the four regular season is that shows you. Where. UT is heading aren't. Going forward -- expectations. If you look at four regular seasons he's just 3826. And in it but you look in the playoffs he's five and two. You can look at well that Pete Carroll he gets his players to play farm. And if you look at -- he's won about seven current coaches right now what is suitable title. Now the reason why I brought a -- about the adversity. He can always have success I tell you 1987 the first seven made the wells we laws that are Vikings. He was a secondary coach with a -- coach for the Minnesota Vikings at that time well. If you look at in his previous. His two previous stint as an NFL head coach was with the New York Jets in New England Patriots. Now a lot of food on him and realize that you know it is kind of -- he did is come out of nowhere all of -- and winning national championships at USC. You know he's kind of like college paroled and a bank account and I was back in the pros. But he did not have success. And the head coach level in the NFL with the Jets in New England kind of like a Bill Belichick did restart -- with the Cleveland Browns a member -- practice. And training camp against the Browns. And they -- very good big you know it was crazy to. Playing against Cleveland coach Saban. Who was it the was to back coach. -- the Cleveland Browns so coaching is -- to be persistent. And I -- believing his system what you're doing do things the right way. And yet to see -- the glass always apples that have happened to be just might be. In the wrong place. You know wrong scenario. Where -- -- -- -- and now in. World champs and two previous his legacy -- not have success is the head coach with the Patriots and Jets TV Kasey Kahne and Bobby -- a big Bellamy basis sports talk on WWL.