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4-16 6::20pm Sports Talk: 2014 NFL Draft

Apr 16, 2014|

Kristian and Bobby talk to Senior Draft Analyst at walterfootball.com about the 2014 NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Roll right along into our number three of the sports blog here on WW LI MF and a WWL dot com. Along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert Kristian -- In for the BT DL via. And John Goodwin the veteran senator. Formally with a two on Saints also formally with the San Cisco 49ers. Visiting today. Back in down here in New Orleans with the New Orleans Saints John Goodwin 85 consecutive starts. Today about longevity body damage to our lack of consistency reliance on the net they talk about. Quite a bit and he had -- base -- cut a year ago from three point 72 point five million dollars. With the 49ers -- you look at the Saints have three that mean dollars of salary cap room. And that's more than doable if they wanna get a deal done on -- one or two UN and basis and with would John ligament. And is in the back again in his career. So you start getting -- likes of and it's all about leverage at 353637. Whatever you still one of playing. You think you know you could be a starter. All I -- -- in the real world a million dollars is still a million dollars. Now. I mean just try ago. You know get a job for some are you rewarded that way so we -- trying milk in our get a lie you can. And and play as long as you can if you -- is selectivity KQ well especially -- not hurt or injured. And you know ideally with something. Game any game now are aware. He's just trying to surviving you miserable so -- yeah I mean. You look at a veteran minimum and you're around a million dollars and it's hard to turn your back. Charlie Campbell's senior draft analyst at Walter football that come joining us here and just a couple of seconds one squeezing Clarence and now jeers and patiently waiting on WB well Clarence. -- -- -- -- back out here and back make quick for a few weeks and out pointed out there or had a delicate sort tonight but you question straight out. He Kristina Akra. A market street suite together screen inquire about the -- about -- telecast and to lead the -- Elway you know Mickey you are take care of it you're right. When he got back and -- would like. Actor and we -- Mono because the money was too high at that time yeah we're going off good years and you came pay everybody you know. -- okay out dictate -- it you're in the court in the banquet question about. -- you know you're on you do that again and it could track down by the oh we there we were gonna -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that we play small ball you know it seemed like all right and Parker did that spot under now and if we didn't do it again although it maybe eighty. Yeah well the good news is I think of the pitching staff honestly is even better. At least collectively for the LSU Tigers this year than last dynasty to Charlie Campbell senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com and -- break down. To -- almost go position by position in the NFL draft for 2014 but. Will start with a quarterback position draw is so much conversation about Teddy Bridgewater who was once thought of as maybe the best quarterback in this class and they slide it slid. After. I guess less than stellar pro day workout right now word you have Teddy Bridgewater. Go in round one. Well I think he's probably gonna go -- in the first round and I think there's a possibility that all on the first round all the other. And go to and -- -- ground. I think -- good and could be looking at taking baby while you -- first overall pick in the beginning Teddy Bridgewater 33 which would be fantastic trapped. From Akron. I'm just speaking what. Contacts around the league a whole lot of teams in the top. Have multiple quarterbacks -- at a local one -- could. Definitely need a quarterback told me in Beijing care ranked had a -- large water so I think it cannot slide on draft day he'll go first round or third round should you. Now -- Charlie. Who do you compare car and seeded top of the class league morals. What is your take on him. In how do you think who you apparent to and then also. Zach men murder. Knows a Ron Jaworski that was -- -- him comment that he thinks. That he's right up there -- -- had them as an NFL armored just break down those two guys. I agree you are one I think Matt Ember are definitely there -- still there can be in and help pocket passer. -- kind of like Carson Palmer Q well in each time. Deliver the ball all couple field and make all the throws and he really showed great improvement last year under Cam Cameron and a pro style -- -- And accuracy decision making we're light years better over at sure you're eager that it gives you hope that yet to develop. And off the field you know the word is that he got more serious about football for the couple years in the more dedicated and helping him improve as well. Now as far as -- you know. Go to I would say probably. Kind of a warm and Ben Roethlisberger. And -- -- Roethlisberger arm. She is important dynamic thrower playmaker. But you know some similarities in terms of being size and pocket present. Could bring down. Can make some stellar road. In -- player that has developed being so hard worker and cultured guy and a good team I think he has that mobility. And pocket passing potential to be a good starter he's gonna require more well then you throw -- -- college. -- need to move the ball placement. And enjoy it kind of look at the overall gain more raw but typical top quarterback prospects so. I don't think it's a good idea or whoever traps and start week one you're being patient. Go to the old ways of doing things and develop them or they put them out on the field. Charlie when you go back to -- Denver for just a moment here to come a two part question but. I know the Minnesota Vikings are very. Impressed with -- member in the development you mentioned and a Cam Cameron but also or were very curious onlookers at the pro day last week and is part of -- work out but. You feel like. It had -- member or not had an ACL injury he might be in this conversation. Of guys to go -- -- you know least top quarterbacks to go in the draft with them and sells the portals of -- I think you'd be in the discussion only for rounder. Were heady bridge water and I think. You know man throw a little wild card in the -- because all Ers could go in the top fifteen. I think if he can't be -- C now. And he was able. Senior Bowl you know -- that bad environment I think Matt emperor really want to go to -- but from pro team. To practice ability in the -- his arm and one guy can really help them self because the honor. And I think that -- pushed him into that. Late round one category where. May be Cleve land looks to take -- -- 46 and get another player. Or for a team like men well our -- in back into the first round to get mad workers so. I definitely see what you guys -- -- there and I think that makes a lot of -- her hands and so. There's there's talk going around that they prefer to trapped at the front of player. -- me into their quarterback later and a lot of these. I'd be. Right right and a lot of it seemed to see a better -- In getting a professional player in the top candidate in waiting on their quarterbacks because they don't fielder that they can different between the top guy who. And that you're Uga. Getting great stuff from Charlie Kimball senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com right now breaking down a quarterback. Position -- -- -- fourteen NFL draft Charlie sit tight got a few more for all the quarterbacks and we'll get into. Very very deep wide receiver class in this 2014. Draft. Check him out Walter football dot com Charlie Campbell senior draft analysts as a sports talk on WB well I anathema WWL dot com welcome back to sports talk body there rock in the end no white flag Steve Gleason shirt today. It's important team Gleason had the -- middle of it well that you like the captain of the of the teacher. You know I either fall or the food and they should be the captain of the but the teacher that is slow yes you know he loved and well the last couple of -- -- -- Charlie Campbell. Senior draft analyst for all the football dot com eight T shirt for -- with the ball not come on Charlie. Actually -- have some Serbs slugger at some I'm pretty well outfitted. My daily sentinel your body -- Colorado. Round to be the pitcher does. Charlie. Charlie who's stock is rising the fastest among. These quarterbacks go -- lows in the in the -- -- a lot about. Yeah I think there are really good question because you've hurt you if you look at that and probably five different. Scouts third GM you might get five -- there and I think the candidate. That would be included in there and unfortunately the tour hello. You can't match and burger by should share in that by other. And Chara. And how about Derek Carr now I'm thing is a unit. It -- to me I don't know is he batted in his brother you look where his brother was drafted as. I mean you last twelve years where missile in the NFL you're an NFL quarterback Brett are you truly have -- -- Yeah I think your brother. And brother year you know Bobby so much in the NF skull. I'm not where you land in terms that your coaches and your teammates around you. And you know being the first pick up other nutrients. Going to be tough for anybody. I think he's better than -- I think -- -- -- -- better -- think -- -- shop a maintaining importance in -- pocket I don't I don't think they'll need to work on. But he definitely a hot prospect -- -- preteen in the top that kept him out there are rated quarterback. An -- speaking with the GM from that team met -- at the tree chart quarterback. In the playoff last year and they told me that aren't. Hand down in there and in the past passing quarterback in the strapped and they think he'll go on the top one. Two on a squeeze in a phone call Rico in mentoring young W -- -- ago. Rico man come -- -- there. I would put up they would just recently there. Yeah I young W -- things that turned your radio that. What eloquent. What the out that there's been a solo let more. It is going to be a chance but don't look Brady care what are what are you are much of that is at a time. -- government. I special no I -- that is like a poor man's -- Lance Moore and what to do specialists and it's of and I big Kenny stills was the guy really are those articles you look at illusion top two receivers. And you look who's the top three. Edges Andy Tanner as bad as bands is a stopgap kind of journeyman. And he feels fortunate he is on active roster. But I think. Now -- -- so -- -- what else is roster yes yes but that is roster now and adding reliability. Even Kenny stills has a ways to go to Thabeet. Lance Moore yet you know is heading in the right direction. But if you look at nick toon. He has a lot to prove things make or break. Would have minorities in mini camp. You know they had their look at. Younger guys stepping up. But who can drew or who really as a whole coach they can rely on and trust right now Kenny stills in that number. And and then I'd say need to and only keep wanting to column I'll that I is that and they'll begin to not have liked is that a video review. Arizona Rico -- a phone call Charlie Campbell. Senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com let's talk about -- assume this is quickly and obviously is the big name down here folks are are. Not that's -- with a curious to see is is O'Dell Beckham junior and LSU Tigers he I've seen projections from. You know thirteen to 23 in that range tend to you know eighteen and -- where do you feel like O'Dell Owens of going. Yeah I think you and until -- the bottom on the popped on I think. Picture through the Ravens are the most likely landing spot for them and I'd be surprised. It peak at the apartment -- -- dynamic playmaker. And I think -- really you know he has excellent picks for someone I -- the guy and I think that. What what he brings to an offense in terms of the ability to stretch the field he's sure handed. Special -- playmaker. It's going to be able her team want in your lineup -- I think he's gonna be. All pretty much -- Richmond and like all. Well I think go to help come. It's gonna be a really that sick and I think the -- and -- and one -- two that's where that hole. Also wanna talk about Jarvis Landry he had a pretty good pro day solid -- after 4740. India com buying. Of course -- that last week with a 4540 yard dash will get. Charlie Campbell take on Jarvis Landry coming up after the news headlines he's -- senior draft analyst at Walt -- football dot com he got a question. For Charlie you entertain your phone calls at 260187. -- -- free. 866889087. Breaking down with 4014 NFL draft class right now focusing on the wide receiver position won't get into by the defense this side of the football. But now on along lines of -- Beckham junior the fact that he can double as -- -- more value Foreman Charlie you guys talk about result on the value aspect of it. But because he can return in as a punt returner and a kick off returner that just rises his stock arrow push is a stock. Even even higher in my opinion but Jarvis Landry will break Charlie Campbell's brain on. On where he might go in the coming 2014 NFL draft. But after the news headlines -- Welcome back to sports talk Bobby Hebert of the cajun cannon crushing -- in for Deke Bellavia to be back in the saddle tomorrow Charlie Campbell. Senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com before we get into the phone calls. And a double questions that we have. How the folks find your work in NL or the guys do -- -- block come. Yet at the wall but all of them and we I've grown a lot -- up these days that'll be -- -- All up and around by the time in the draft at them until per session rankings the player breakdown and scouting report. Can create your own mock draft there are mock draft though -- we got everything you could -- And -- -- colleges dale on that no -- ever is receiver a topic. When -- look at analogy to break down. Look at Sammy Watkins the -- you got to Clemson. And you look at -- haven't done in and you know I look at the holy trinity. That being Calvin Johnson. Andre Johnson Larry FitzGerald. Considering what they've done in the NFL and expectations. Oh where do you -- like a likes his semi Watson and Mike Cameron's like into like him. Well I think they want you could be a clear that similar to Julio Jones and he's a little bit smaller. And show and then the other guys you mentioned. Obviously. Air play making speed. Current score any time watching the ball so. I think it's going to be back caliber wide receiver Julio Jones. Potential the you making big plate or in doubt you'll also at that strength. Technique and that Corina to work in the short to intermediate part -- -- Like you -- think he's gonna be. More along the line and contract terms with his play making ability outfield to make that you will -- the I think the either gonna be an issue or. And guys -- -- neutralize earn and that's the way you covered. Eagle because he can go deep doubt that a -- or coaching at the poker the current backs so. I think that why you a little low watt can root extra beat tractor. I think -- will definitely be. Like secretly. Well -- not -- -- that fear that holy trinity. You mentioned. Bringing down the wide receiver class position of the -- fourteen NFL draft with Charlie Campbell. Senior draft analyst at Walter football dot com David into worlds of the question for you Charlie you on a WB well David. I -- you I'll I'll -- article -- an -- I know what you think about it -- I market small -- we're gonna you think ought to be a bit. What Nadal -- partner. Yeah I actually great question I think Corey is gonna be valuable -- -- someone. My tradition on day two I think second third round and most likely. Period to go I think there are a lot of team that -- -- -- seeker in the range. Whether someone like a pay. Check and -- all the more the chat. The Lions. It out. Yeah and Charlie what about. -- -- with a mock drafts the Saints -- him in his second round. And maybe be developed. -- replaces. Who played for more schools. Yeah other -- I mean you you look at. I know what he's done against elite competition that pass to the newly analogy. Sure all year -- -- yet -- a 160. On what you saw more than 10 or under again that junior. Well obviously you know -- creek at play making ability. To him that -- call. I think you go deeper in the stretch a year from now people are gonna look back and say man back and it really should have gone higher. You know you stay his senior year I think he -- The pen and paper can be a potential first rounder next year but that struck out to be content or at receiver class should get pushed down the open. Charlie Campbell breaking down the L Iverson class of point fourteen in the NFL draft and final one on the wide receiver position -- before we move on but. Jarvis Landry were -- on him from LSU obviously cannot being overshadowed may be just a bit by -- Beckham certainly deserved because of the Talbot. What is was Jarvis Landry fit I happen a lot love the way the guts and which is guy plays with going over the middle -- and. What is -- to parlay only Christiansen Charlie it's about tough and you know we talk about how tough Hines Ward was -- with the Steelers and and downfield blocking and and also. I think Landry. Even if the say he's on the bottom ended the receiving corps is contribution is special teams. Yeah I completely -- -- guys and they'll fearless going across -- little. He can make plays corporate downfield and that forty time decay heat. -- Highlight real -- last year were under strict the whole world and he's. Figuring out a way to get it dog and protect -- Latin burger from throwing interceptions because he without competing defensive backs for the ball. So when you look at what he did last year you know seven DE. There are 12100 yards untouched around. You know about Lambert -- lie yet -- the and I think he's gonna be. Probably a mentally second round pick like a trio landing in France and go for example and being. A really good receiver all the player that contribute enough variety of ways. Charlie Campbell sit tight get more for you'll start moving on to the defense of some of the football. Here senior draft analyst for -- the football dot com this is sports talk on WB well I am FM in dot com. Breaking down at -- fourteen NFL draft class with Charlie Kimball senior draft analyst at -- -- football the dot com great work on line up. Five round mock draft. There right now on the side at -- football -- comment. Charlie let's shift gears the defense is not a football and when it's colonial Mac that. Outside linebacker for Buffalo and it's. Now long -- Davey clown needed to deep into the studs I guess in his draft class a lot of folks I've heard talk about. The Lil Mac might be a better pro when it's all said and done. And it -- if a team is in the twenties. Today what they had to give up to get into the top five to have a shot at and -- Yeah -- -- you or your order I think a team like that -- you know that would be something they could think about because they are so close. To getting another party color structure like Max -- that you are inactive. Active around him a lot he can play and I think people -- mood dropped again. We'll probably be. It would definitely include a 20151. Rounder and a package and other neat to mid round pick kind of like what the Falcons bit. For Julio down a few years ago -- What 41 spot -- brown. Will take them the package to get the job on but I think at the same time there's no. They'll keep you know we -- Indiana style and you need a player that -- -- -- So a team like the Saints did that -- I would definitely applaud. Now. Charlie before we still on the Davidson noted in. This and Rob Ryan would love that that we had that kind of impact game that's legit and manager yeah you you never know and I'll. A moment ago. Back and all of that aside right -- When I look at it in kind of take granite. Darren Sproles and what I mean by that is on the Sean Payton Drew Brees since 2006. We had Reggie Bush. That we had Darren Sproles now ankle sprain has commented on Tarvaris -- Patches even running back I've seen an -- play one pre season game. About it twenty some yard touchdown catch the shipped him out of the backfield in the slot in when of this team that oval what is your take. That potential that he has to beat. The next Darren Sproles it is not from Mars cadet does come in on. I'm Kent State fell archer and and now -- and Oregon -- at the Anthony Thomas. And maybe against a terrible and you look at their size speed and all that but -- may -- but it -- Sproles replacement. Yeah you know he started mentioning replace -- -- that strapped collapse archer a guy that came to mind army. I think the one thing that -- so unique and so. Interest -- though that as. Messenger a -- that you know -- Even though he. Tackles. Right exactly and the one thing at any comments I think it's really lacking Padilla well he's just too small. You know you're in terms of his stature he's gonna have to. In Spain I don't know he's a real candidate to replace roll on the ball I'm pretty so I think archer a little bit better bill. And put together and more a little bit more -- and -- -- -- you're such a playmaker for them on the ball much as they could. -- at the end of the week I'll let you know kind of -- now that here or again after an ankle injury so. Think the targeting guy like archer. There are more -- -- Corey -- for the -- -- -- give them another option to keep that they have other guys. And they can still do some of the things that they like to do you bowl and using a rookie like archer. Now Charlie the only speculate. You know whenever draft comes around to this that and the Saints neighborhood increasing Gaby is scenario. At the Saints sort of move but now as far as moving back into the draft. Like your opinion when you look with the Saints pagan on the 27. Then I how many players you give truly would a first round grade. And then you look at the next tier players. I think it's -- somewhere and it could be sixteen deep. And now I was yet have a willing partner. But it's almost in theory. Where if you are at 27 the same player that you began at 27. And -- -- target when individually you may be can get. And the second round maybe 1011 or twelve. Yeah sure I mean there's definitely. Aren't going to be some really values early in the ground here I think. Much better than last year where there were speaking the team you know they all -- -- -- each team. Guys for the first strong -- in other word you know that higher and the ball low twenties so. This year stronger I think I'll definitely. Be able to get a genuine first round where they are. They can Davis led to them right our fault more. Right exactly and then round two they -- I think they can still land the guy that would make a big -- could actually at cornerback. Kyle Fuller from merchant attract. Bradley will be from Ohio State one of those guys. Might be there early in the second round that would be an impact player that can come and that really helped their secondary well. I mean they could land a really good player might look back a few spots and giving the lecture -- Charlie Campbell senior draft analyst that Walter football dot com. -- -- him -- segment to go breaking down between fourteen NFL draft you check them out in his work. Online at Walter football. Dot com will be right back to sports talk on WWL IMF and -- come. Charlie Campbell. Senior draft analyst that -- football not comical moments within. Advice talking about javy Connie in in your mind this defense and now South Carolina this ego number one Houston. Yeah I think he well I think. You know it at that trapped in a -- -- -- a good time now. You know you hadn't that they won't want to go the player we want to take the player. Regardless. Possession. On the can beat that guy and I think. What they'll see -- well they're looking at the quarterbacks and they don't see things in different between the top tier guys. And a player that they can get and second round though but that being the case it -- make them not to -- -- but it's pretty. The the greater physical freak prospect that he is an on target a cornerback 33. Yeah and -- Charlie -- is like -- question anything about cloning would be that work ethic as far as taken plays off. Mean. It's a wide if you -- put the heart of Justin Smith. Party nine is a sloppy it would be a no brainer now. You know but I think that's an -- and it I've heard. And you -- get -- right place right time high -- -- an agency should be a pro and on the play every play but I've been around great players too. That that do take plays off. Of of these still make an impact and they are difference makers. Yeah and I think Brad. Only. You know it's important. -- in two and I think that they're not gonna be an issue for them and approach them I think -- them. Would be the perfect landing spot and they have a great defensive line coach and they'll call -- JJ watt is right there next to on JJ watt and the worker he's gonna have colony at an actual. All our feet and then throughout. You know about the strength and conditioning program so they can't be a good atmosphere. At a health club in and and I think. -- well come here and there have to be that guy you know -- -- to checks from drill. There at that franchise be your -- and probably well in that rarity at GGY. -- -- Evelyn. Exactly. Yeah you line up next we -- Then again you know you put extra each other going to be really hard to double team all about what we're gonna get Pringle blocked. And that prayer answered and you look for the fact that. I hope Houston takes -- because I don't wanna see him end up in Atlanta -- that's pressure to two straight two times a year that's for sure excuse me Charlie Campbell. Senior draft there was a -- the football dot com they look great stuff from you all -- in. Then just tell folks once again before you run here how how Leighton collier were. Yeah go to Walter football dot com we have got all over there fire round -- -- -- a position we're in scouting report and we are so are on Twitter at -- short ball and catcher Campbell -- A ball player you can find dollars. Egg itself will love visit with the again as we get closer to the NFL draft and when I'm back on my out my morning -- -- -- Bobby bare -- get John. Three WL thirteenth at the as well I Charlie. Great sound great. Area won't do it again. Sounds good -- next hour. Will LSU baseball has talked with -- Parrish Alford covering the Ole miss rebels have at the rebel point of view for the daily journal. And -- LSU baseball a series begins with the rebels. Tomorrow so Thursday Friday and Saturday in the course Easter on. Sunday we'll still makes him a little NFL talk rules Saints talked as well NFL news -- they Sidney Rice signing today agreeing going back to the Seattle Seahawks in the Saints. Entertaining John Goodwin the free agents senator. -- back on a free agent visit today sports talk rolls on the next hour this is WWL IM FN and WWL --