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5-5 4:10pm Sports Talk: Draft Talk

May 5, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to WWL listeners about the 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to sports talk among the Kasey -- and -- a -- I mean Deke Bellavia coming up at seventy and I LSU baseball the pulmonary show -- may be talking -- the Tigers. Dropping the series to the Texas a and M Aggies 320 Saturday for three yesterday. As we inch closer to the 2014. NFL draft was talking about the grant will be at WW -- television sports -- wanting -- take. On the saints' top draft -- I also Indiana survives they belong to around to get taken on the -- resting Washington Wizards have had six days rest. Since they last played -- query host on quail sixty W in the Indiana will be with a stock about the Pacers. And it was as game one and Eastern Conference semi finals and yes they gonna have the MVP -- -- yes. They are a quality playoff club but don't you do is get a fielded. The series was handed Oklahoma City. The NBA sustaining Zach Randolph for the final game and by all accounts of the most of national broadcast is. May be sitting for a little bit but not the entire game. Crippling Mathis -- shot down the stretch but Oklahoma City moves on to take on. The LA Clippers Randy heights who covers the fund a 41077 the franchise in Oklahoma City. Will be what is the break -- that game in the Western Conference semi finals of the semi finals are set Bobby will close of a drag for asking folks. Who do you think the Saints would go with out of these ladies Bobby's leaning toward eight. Defense it means as cornerbacks as outside linebacker. And we had to have at count as moved into those starting -- Bobby Witt who will possibly be there like a lot of literacy was that we both truly love. We don't think there's going to be I wanna saint tickets points and like eight Odeo Beckham junior. Like any -- the -- obviously Sammy -- those guys gore and Mike Evans. But guys like Benjamin -- like age obviously -- I think those guys would be there I'm thinking that the Saints have their board. That they would be inclined more to go wide receiver you may think. -- -- Well I know this but I think they gonna do. Nice they'll play both sides benefits -- not really you know what what I'm saying is they rank the players and it seems like every year they always have -- maybe one player. Because the Saints have a winning -- taken in the latter part of the first trial. That low and they kind of thought their goal maybe. Mid mid first round are only eighteen and all the sudden. They available. And their players that they feel like -- Devin had a recheck him and I'd be an area of need as far as you never have too many cover guys for his cornerback are. We wanna get younger at the wide receiver position pass rusher. Slash hybrid outside linebacker DB -- have been. Type -- so. I think is positive direction it depends on how. The draft unfolds now. If you go by have a -- -- needed to. And that you go by need and also best player available. Probably looked at totally self mock drafts. And and my when I did my mock draft I had the Saints speak pick and now -- cheese or an outside linebacker. Out of Ohio State. The two cornerbacks it was kind of a 5050 deal I thought when they -- be available would be. Jason correct -- a quarterback at a TCU or Kyle Fuller a lot like a lot the cornerback. A lot of Virginia Tech. I don't know how it's been pulled in another corner I think depending that I really don't think it's gonna happen Bradley Roby Ohio State another quarterback from Ohio State. Now if you look at. Who's the next. Freak our what do as far as production. Way to getting double digits sacks or what is of side. They have a couple of them. And and I'm looking at you know who would be available possibly in coney -- The deviates -- out humorous and resort in Missouri Tigers. You know obviously eating get the recognition of Michael sands. Because Ian had become of the closet because he never was in the closet so obviously. He's not gonna have a lot of publicity but he's the real player as fours getting after the quarterback. That being coney -- anywhere you see. Late first round early second round type of panic and and the dark cars the -- talked about like last week Mike did tell you about this. And it's interesting because these teams all our arm may be on there. This players on their radar and it seems that you kind of trust and -- other successful. That being. You know the New England Patriots. Obviously you look at the Patriots and you know what they've been able to do the forty niners and the Seahawks. And a dark horse is the Marcus Lawrence. That the units have been out of Boise State so when you look at all those options -- who's available how the Saints have -- ranked. -- -- why receiver because I definitely need to get young and -- receivers Celek was going to be the next Marcus Coles who could be explosive. And a big receiver -- without having to move up in the first round of the city at 27. I think these three receivers would be available in the Saints might stay there. And that in and and I think -- the Saints don't draft them. Someone else will in and it's namely first round early second kind of Kelvin Benjamin. I don't know we -- one -- Florida State receiver I don't know enough about his attitude. And -- -- -- taking him at 65240. Pounds. He's in -- next here receivers Riley Kelvin bits of Florida State. And Daniel Jeff Duncan had this in his last month's draft -- his did divide the Adams Fresno state 61. 212 pounds. But the guy big highlight game and you obviously. And two guys at SEC fans LSU fans that familiar UN. And UN would Jarvis Landry via LSU and you say what as the first round well I see that one mock draft. That Jarvis Landry was going to Carolina -- -- twenty pick because we kind of you know being compared to Hines Ward is efforts special teams. And and and what he does of the total package you know also but is more second round on T in my group -- -- this. Six foot 2220. Pounds. Another big receiver -- -- -- second round Alan Robinson Penn State. 62220. Pounds. In a couple of highlights. Where he just flat out beat the cornerback -- -- -- we get the ball and we've seen seen Jimmy Graham. Do a number of times on when the game's on the line it was just so run of the mill type player but the guy that I like. And I think if he's not drafted a first round. He UB early early second round like within 545 picks and as Jordan Matthews the wide receiver out of Vanderbilt six foot three. 212 -- so easy days thanks so many different directions you can go. Also. Mr. Mia NFL network a lot of you would trust his opinion and -- talks a number of people. And some Saints fans -- -- have a problem with this but you have to look at what did you bring it to the table and -- I think would be a -- Come the next decade. And yet the flexibility Nathalie please -- -- in our guard a soothing as a lot of upside and that's Marcus Morton. The center on USC six foot 3320. Pounds now -- it would go that direction. And -- in the later rounds I think this and it would be available Brian start. Florida State six foot for a 315 pounds and then you go on to see. Who this thing to be interest that in. And in -- later rounds and and what did he bring at a table where my dictate talk about this guy. Like a third of four -- around -- I just an -- the -- it's attack on Louisiana Tech. The get and and and I think he's better. That ball budget we don't have you don't know if you don't have a better career. The free Johnson and eagle Ferguson NFL. You know that LSU players it is -- Louisiana Tech adjusted Ellis now on another late round receiver didn't really given a BA maybe. Productive receiver Brandon Coleman. And out of Rutgers six foot six. 225. Pounds I think that can be a later round possibility. Still looking to build depth along that -- -- line. A couple of players. Like laid around Carnoustie Lucas is guys six foot 850. Pounds and Kansas State. Second third round kind of guy Antonio Richardson. Tennessee six foot 63 and 35 pounds so he's just look at a different possibilities. And depending on how they fall. -- came to pronounce his name the lines of it's attack a lot of Alabama McCollum bus first name's Cyrus on Julia Kwan do yeah that that that and an -- also you know I'm on the market Moses out of Virginia. So it is so later possibility estimates it fine -- and just can't wait to their draft -- -- Thursday night. If the Kasey Kahne Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia double get -- it has now given the cold -- a 1000 dollar vacation -- content here on their BW and welcome back to -- can it says his first pick for the saint could be Ryan Shea is an outside linebacker. Ohio State. I'm saying jobless man to wide receiver Ellis -- that take into account they would kind of thought the process who would we think's going to be there and who will not be there at that point in time. Who's likely to go. Cast a vote online at WWL. Dot com and the draft week is here. Thursday 4 o'clock about exclusive saint -- preview of -- the -- -- incidents and I was -- guys don't realize that thing take cordless. Guess to clue coach Sean Payton vice president general manager Mickey Loomis offensive coordinator -- call Michael junior. Be physical and around Ryan ankle to -- Coach McMahon the -- of special teams director of I was scanning Rick rikers. Dwayne Jones in just Lucas -- to a regional scouts that go deep at that address some of the stuff you hear those guys say. Will come to fruition as a map out the same strength. The end draft this game ends Bobby might myself pokey. Albie. And Oceana restaurants in there to that contact and the world famous for its quota will go back for the last two Christie Garrett NT about a bay at saint headquarters. So round on Thursday we will be. At Oceana restaurant. Thursday Friday will be at Rockefeller pizza company on veterans boulevard and Saturday at twin peaks. Draft fast all weekend long brought about repairs disposal but always a lottery corporation next home new bad Mercedes -- to New Orleans. And the flagship of you with saint WW OAMF and and dot com Bobby -- things happening over the week in a remarkable remarkable game seven between Golden State in the clip -- remarkable game seven. Between. The nets and the Raptors to oldie but -- on the backing gave a vote and a big mistake Paul Pierce. Got the ball knocked off him he thought Ronald and do like the idea but in the old veteran come to with a huge block. Right and the Brooklyn nets move on and they are in the conference semi finals against Miami a team. They swept in the -- -- big you know who might say what I as the regular season. The thing counsels them in nearly absolutely absolutely feel they can -- now. The big we gonna get the two time defending champion what is the health status the game inning came out of the -- -- long physical yes yeah I mean he has to help out. LeBron in in that perspective. But deep to me the most entertaining listening and close and holly went down to an alarm was. The Portland trailblazers in the Houston Friday night so all of us and I'm I'm like. Portland fan. And you look at -- -- -- mean. How could you know like the moxie in the swagger that guy. You know his rookie of the year last year and we need is a flat out stud and it didn't seem like anything faze them when he hit that three pointer as time expired. I mean I though the Rockets look room you know going -- and it was like OK. You know point nine seconds. But if he had the right play design and channel pars and get around the pick. But he launched in and edges. How acrid -- regular has been not did you look at that buzzer beater. I didn't realize this that shot. Buzzer beater was the first shot to win a playoff series. Since John Stockton three that led the Utah Jazz over to Houston Rockets ironically. In in 1997. West finals. So when you're talking about. Winning a series on a buzzer beater. It's not just an ordinary game talk about -- don't gain any. You know tougher than that and Damian Miller -- Bottom line has been flat out stud and you look at Portland. I kind of view that -- the city. More in Seattle more like New Orleans. You know I'm not as big as Seattle. But more club in a blue collar like northwest and folks how they love their team. You know the only game in town and I have NFL obvious in his Seahawks and do we how we lot of the things and we fortunate to have an NBA team also would you look at Portland. They're into it the second round the playoffs now for the first time. In 914 years. So that they bring a lot of energy in the next -- that's a long way deacon in -- take care of home court. You know and so now we -- -- see how that series and -- And we'll come back not much money was put into this -- But Bay Bridge a Kentucky Derby champion the story on California chrome Nixon ran away. With the field Saturday at Churchill Downs he's the Kasey -- and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Debbie -- Tony's time. Is 430 it's not the first news it will go to -- hands. And welcome -- delegate lead in the Al dvd coordinate 1000 dollar vacation countess -- that is here. On WW real radio to the fold to go to the east for Nate thank you calling WW yeah. Yeah yeah I've done. It. What about their often felt more perfectly won a couple of -- and the laws he's I don't care about is this that I've known him talking about it Gurode. Yeah it is that I don't know I don't know why you know in the dry overnight but he's kind of viewed as the third -- thinner. Not necessarily. You know noble or number two. That setters they're talking about and and we already mentioned Marcus Morton the senator. From USC but the other senator. I think Cuba moderates -- -- on him west and rich burg. From Colorado State. The said he might be maybe right now better. But Marcus Martinsville has maybe more of side. And you know been rich Bergen and I mean Travis Watson's third so you'd think. That. He's gonna be on somebody's team and you and that being their senator so if you had a top three in anything. That you projected to play in NFL obviously. Okay you guys there about. And all of the black market bigger than the individual and team won the championship and Erica and it racecar right. -- call now two big guys play tackle angle it. If he's been about the play for anybody else back there but it is academic fraud that vision -- Well. You know it is creating different articles written about you know -- think that success obviously. Would division. Two players. Look at Bloomsbury will have a name any. -- -- I when we -- -- -- I don't know we -- we -- my -- in front of -- we'll see if we can -- at that point but I could tell you if you look at. The game. She -- me and Terrance wins. The running back I. Mean that's. A big running -- that projected as the third round. Look at hand that. Details. The on Busch ride. With him and you look at this cornerback. And I think it might be in the it. I think it's -- university in Tennessee but Pierre desire I think -- not a -- cornerback. Who is a small college a prospect bed when I was reading can hang and anybody and he did that at the Senior Bowl and East West -- Game. Robert definitely the potential stared at him in the may be a starter. Another blows were a player. I think he's lifted says that like late round. Tied it and David have been. Larry Webster out of blues were were Jahri Evans is from. -- -- -- Big the players that look when he transferred to Stillman junior -- Right -- million and a and look at -- Chris Ivory so that they'll find anywhere yet and so don't be surprised. The drafts. All's said and done. That wanted these players are not familiar with the university of bonanza. You know -- draft about a Saints in an Odyssey. You know -- produced have a great chance to league team to saint Rose for Lee Lee thank you for calling WW. Great he Cuba. And he's in the possibly eight but hey I. The few guys that you don't don't become world. Where. It would herb is one oh. Is it -- the trade talk throughout his second walk. -- hope not grant that was easily delighted if the regularly in the -- Well that although but but definitely. Definitely go for swapped it for what year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- -- in the fourth. Well what you'd only the when it was last Wednesday and Thursday it talked about that and and leave -- -- to it throughout -- -- -- and nation and you and it's that it is. Is there one player in the upcoming draft. The Saints feel would be. The key to returning to -- mobile. And therefore worthy of sacrifice and draft picks over the next 23 years and you think -- -- likens to -- -- Helpless all overtake us in the lights at the Seahawks 49ers. And I tell you this if you look at their crystal ball. And I think BQ Lowe's mr. Benson's excellent Peyton. If you could tell them with those unused plane in the game here. Could tell them that you draft Sammy Watkins and sacrifice the next. 23 years in a draft and owners doable Cologne. -- majority would take that route and some fans as crazy as it sounds. You know they look that we -- -- at around the window of opportunity. We Drew Brees and that and and we are proactive. You can theater there and position at Mickey Loomis and sloppiness with the Saints and we know we're a playoff team but it's gonna take. To overtake. A team like the Seahawks and going get top safety. Right edge Harrisburg so -- this thing to look in a what does it take for us to get back. That to the Super Bowl not necessarily his chip well because we are ready that. And -- -- at some fans have told that that they think -- like it would be the difference maker. Absolutely bank bought but. It's already army. Secondary. Kept the potential to see the best. That we have back there. I'm gonna stand repeat let -- opting to solidify. The defense is there. -- -- pretty well. Put him. At number. And called them and -- -- -- you. Don't know are. You -- -- Drew Brees probably. As of now. Well they are until I was about Sammy like new life watches highlight -- I have I never. I've never seen I guess a receiver as much highlight real. Where he just flat out -- as the ability to run over. The Mets have back to regret over not that he can run around them. -- or run over room and an almost like a running back when he gets his hands on the ball. You talk about the yards after the catch. Now the one thing that separates out these on the level mega Tron. -- I'd be almost blasphemy Wolff first off he has to do it. But the difference is La. And that's along with Larry FitzGerald is the height. He's like six foot one lol what led to FitzGerald. We got -- avenue apartment mega trouble you kind of viewed him as six foot five. Kind of 66 type receivers. Where's everyone is so compact it's 61. But no I'm Taylor to but even the corners and burn him in I don't know. Yeah it says we like Jimmy Graham. Colston has left. Just talk drew spreads the ball around we don't need to throw with 6000 yards is not that threat igniting now but -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you know we want all of it simpler shall pay England's momentum player development to coordinator but who knows that the I think if a lot of fans will be disappointed I was to occur against as center like this is. -- -- on WW and welcome back he is the Kasey Kahne and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia 260187866889087. Bobby's thinking. The Saints will go with Ryan -- is outside my back Ohio State on picking close to home on saint Thomas and wide receiver and -- -- No right or wrong -- no right or wrong guess the areas we'll know more Thursday night. -- -- -- Mind of the case again cancer vote online at WW dot com and he give us your take by -- If they did David and I could be the next JD white JJ watt -- Albert -- were. And -- Johnny football be a big boom all of a big books at all Bobby isn't big -- at the Bob how about right now if I'm if I'm diamonds they'll. If he could have a career a football career I don't know. -- is sixty here. Like Michael Vick I mean that me and if I'm diamonds I would take it because you take about how he plays as -- -- -- beat us out immediately in happy that mean that would be of. Pretty good career yeah I mean a very good career very explosive I mean. -- -- -- miles off the field yet again with the Falcons team and gotten in trouble obviously -- all. Dog fighting -- -- -- I -- -- Hollywood movie that would limit Minnesota to see it happen. Because. Either you love you hate the cowgirls. But if he was the quarterback. For the Cowboys that being Johnny football. Ayman Al and he got the success this him Troy Aikman. IP. In the history of football or Texas I mean who would be a great he'd be of their would Davy Crockett. Sam Houston the battle Alamo Stephen F Austin. Johnnie L with a go down in history big I which I think when all's said and done. I look at would Drew Brees as a that is city post-Katrina. He'll go down as one about our founding fathers and -- -- To this city bound to back at the Katrina. You know when you look governor claim baron BA and bill. Look for historical standpoint. Right here Andrew Jackson. Know Drew Brees and John MLB thought of like that in Texas if you would truly. Make the Cowboys relevant in and really try to was part of making the Cowboys. The team and a dedicated ninety's. Sola. I hope -- -- as well because it's must see TV I don't think he could -- footloose and fancy free obviously like he wasn't in and you get to -- an -- last. I think -- example RG three. And I had a knee injury before he with the Redskins at Baylor. But it. When I'm encouraged by John immense -- holly to from the pocket. This past season compared to his freshman year where it looks like and his upside he's getting better and better now. You know well he's -- Out of the pocket. I mean St. Louis Rams. Brought him in. Deacon and not and Nate. -- rumors out there how impressed they were it would Hammond notes all about. You know maybe teams that won John -- though they try to get some kind of never felt like the -- whenever you wanted to. With the keep that pick in these trade and you get extra picks. But. I don't know I hope John -- elbow as well because it is more fun to talk about write it be like a modern day. And I think he could be this. The modern day frank target you know you run. He quickly you -- -- instantly come into the league. And more people wanna know. With their favorite team beat you wanna know what their fantasy team will hold their immediately following. On a short list of things they wanna know he's gone beyond yet would he do today. You know to his team where it needed you know to be golf going to be -- -- April -- -- there conference. The difference between your money in -- -- between him and Tim Tebow is Tim Tebow was never projected. As a early -- it to a first round he was I was actually surprised he -- draft and into labor trial yet he has he was -- all your any one team -- the -- late first round. But it was kind of a reach I mean what like -- -- Ayman -- -- People who view and him either you lovely Tatum. But top five -- top ten. But they -- I could tell you when the Dallas Cowboys are picking them that are a first round who that would be interest in. Like -- statement Tony Romo. And used that pick as leverage our time -- those levers to get more picks all the people who -- Jon -- so there's no way to meet be going past the first fifteen. Come and get to fanning -- this is sports talk him given to coordinate 1000 dollar. -- contest on WW it's the 1000 not a vacation cash -- as sick nowhere this hour is handed. HA indeed -- where this now -- hand. Mexico -- to hand to 72881. At 7288 want for your chance to win 1000 dollars nation while without ever putting down your phone. -- -- it's an easy 1000 dollars vacation case is just want takes the weight. Now listen for the -- -- were before the top of the -- tomorrow morning at 7 AM during Tommy talk. We never charged for Tex but individual planted some data rates apply good luck and small radio to calm and always here at WW yeah.