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12-13 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints, LSU, and the New Orleans Bowl

Dec 14, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk Saints and LSU football, plus they preview the New Orleans Bowl with Jay Cicero of the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to sports talk about a very cagey and and Deke that doubtful while it be right back. But just looked it was coming in the future. That being tonight and tomorrow shields with the net during the week. LSU tiger basketball and you get excited about tiger basketball at 730 tonight they host north Carolina central. Home was the thing you fight Tigers so. You can listen to that. Not our talent toward youth and Carolina. Central's. It is Tennessee as you transition. Between football. The basketball you know pelicans oh shoot the ball. And the developments obviously. One and again being and his Golden State Warriors. And Belichick and the kind of down considering. Late in a against the Philadelphia Phillies Sixers and maybe the first ruled and in 76ers is that. Seventy sixes doc PG in Andrew Toney thing belief. You know eight is going to be part of something that to look forward to in. And hopefully they can turn Corey has been disappointing for the Saints. Obviously always what I hope for the playoffs then you can hope the palace at the playoffs and CC. At Ellis you'd be element. An SEC also but it. Look at also right after us now we only thing dale Sheba school with tomorrow double coverage but cresting guarantee Bob. You know sensible organized showed that today tell me. You know relishes office coordinator Anthony continues obvious feeling pain and Lane Kiffin. Take in the Florida Atlantic University. Head coach and he wanted to be a coach with the Rangers note a few years ago. In Philly coach cam and I have an opportunity but. That would be the guy ending the skins on the wall worries that also Carnell Hayes is fog with him and slower and that. Formatting it will Schmidt was just deserve. Should get the full sixty years to the ones. Are blessed time 46 years and has base like I'm finished considering where he says it's O. There will be on tomorrow night to eight at 11 PM. On notice of it you part of him. The clothes the night after we gonna be coming from round losses. Yeah you know cross and rode in industry in his brings with him his campaign. Pete Rouse is tomorrow. So we're looking for their you know okay do can we talk about wouldn't be done lately. And I think he can go in quarters that's pretty much fair how deeply over the course of four games of the time because this you know this for stretches of the season. And you know you come out the gate four games and is pretty which coaches say well you know what we do go to a fans thought he used about the first report games this season. You look at the last five games Denver Carolina the Rams Detroit Tampa Bay. You want to scored a 116 points in those games the right about five. They're 23 point two points per game Bobby with the Saints offense is averaging you know five games. And we talked about having the middle of the pack defense if you go about where our defense is allowing take away. The scores from the opposing team's special teams or defense that is scored not a guitar defense. The Saints defense has given up around 2324. Points so we go back to the point if we can do is have a Miller picked. Defense where you got to Miller pegged defense but if you get a Miller pegged the pits and in the pack offense. What you better be a plus sign a terrible margin thank you like to have a very you know it right but even the even though if we broke down in if we break down Tampa bays and last five games what do they list I games. If form one of their last what five and Ornette Lance fat. And now at the this past week they've created turnover what do they now about a plus fifteen they were plus twelve in the previous having games. So that he had the Saints as they they were plus three so now they are plus fifteen in Atlanta's heat games. That's BS and and as a football league they've created more turtle would know by getting by in the last eight football games. That's when you look at strict so to say what have you done me lately you can break gamble for games you could bring down by six games what do team is doing right now and what have you done me lately. The Saints I'm not half. Tampa Bay is. Well begin now you look at the team they're playing the Sunday I was on the road against the Arizona Cardinals. Their average with the Saints have error originally 23 point two games in their wrecked his 57 and one. So basically five and eight as the same as teams so. When you look at whether say to rattle pages for scoring offense. And the Cardinals right now averaging 23 point its fifteenth in the league so basically middle of the pack. He had an issue plus one we're not good enough to actually win change could be close. So close but so far bridges goes to show you how far ahead when we were number one always. Or has been that way over ten year period top three scoring offense and right now we big win almost every to have thirty plus point now we slid back to 27 have which is still second best in the league with. When you look at as of late. Know that that's a big difference. It is basically been a touchdown list. Right we were rolling. You know on offense and scoring. We like scoring a touchdown Lesnar and we were we were you had the best that a benefit and really had the most. Hey you take the Rams game out and has been yapping so Pickens Zach fortify its I've been very good. I demand in Metairie Claire good evening thank you for calling WW ago. Yeah I know you sir it's. ER I am like hard courts orchard and and a driver entering the good news broad in January. I am. Spectator as you can pick you're a partner should be a great group Metallica and where storage. Ever have been our ship and you're in the order for the current. So I've been during your credentials that your there are core sports where I am. Very very upset with the factor than ever felt that started to like the ten and Marin on yours to lose or. And courtesy Christmas. It preventive because there are start. I had a camera plans that have not and came in and year. After that it incredibly African there that aren't there are a bit and make more money your newspaper on Sunday neutral court game a true partner. But for them to reach four to decide that they're gonna go ahead and it's a huge game and people have camera coming into town and commitment are expect that but in sensitivity chip took the band. That and I am in particular Kremlin sport and. Every all it does oak lane at Wrigley especially because denied they do it at the Tampa Bay say. Saints are right and here's a thing in and the Stanley come from but they did it with in the rule needed your partner in our route and being looked. I can promise you right now me if I'm working on Chris busy to basic 10 o'clock at night I want to be taught by a team has gone to the playoffs right I don't talk about it and Dave playing Chris previews the same he's a medical home for Christmas. But I agree we all in the same boat as you moment. Our our at this point that certain that the intensity every actor Chamblee. Am I mean I understand you're on the rumored for a twelve territory which. Are at Houston there has been the fact that portion later Christmas and and that's not realize there allotted their loyal LaRoche and it is government reform effort for. Fifty years. After a Morton's. Where they have no control over what club as it down the NFL and they aren't there any news they do it in the NFL's anti you know they would say this do we so insensitive. How come we moved all of our Christmas games to Christmas the. Mark Eaton and in particular quite Christian community are more devoutly Rezko that well but I burger trench. I'm. Earlier or not a matter a lot a lot of fans might do that England. Maybe you do change of plans at this thing replaying the CD it makes it double whammy it is like OK stuff like. You who's a playoff team relevant. Angela you keeps the stalemate be noble to write as far as it may be famines and compromise but that have a home game for the Saints. That I do and it is the Saints are relevant. They do it shows that there aren't yet I take a timeout come bagged a Cicero the president of the great north sports foundation B was talk about the New Orleans Bowl. Coming up this week in southern miss the Golden Eagles and down from Hattiesburg mighty Mississippi. Not far mean taken on that raging caved in Louisiana Lafayette man ought to be a lot of good folks in town this week. Sports talk on WW. In addition to New Orleans Bowl journey when they have good crowds it's a local influence Tulane or Louisiana Lafayette southern miss. Golden Eagles the raging Canadians won now this year it's another good matchup for them on a cares jewel of the ball 9 o'clock Saturday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. The Golden Eagles and the raging KG to help us talk about it is the president and CEO degraded or in sports foundation Jay Cicero Jake. I would imagine that this is when you're excited about got Golden Eagles fans are very excited eight. Mississippi native and coach Hobson becomes so from Alcorn State where he led him to back to backs whacked. Title games he now has southern miss rolling they got things off to a huge dog with a win over Kentucky in the cases got Heidi and there's like a good match up good local influence could make for a very good crack. Well big factor at me I couldn't have that a batter out. So that comes in the year which well the cockroach SA players the year quarterback. God. Over 111600. Yards in his career and an eight yeah great touchdown then. You welcomes them which senior Elijah McGwire. We've been following. Since he's the freshman. He got over of these seven at all or shards. Mainly right to receive an out and keep yeah kick return. You know we got to start looking for a great match up that Saturday night. And Jays begin the match should be a great trial Louisiana Lafayette they really embraced you all in to New Orleans Bowl and and I'm obviously a proximity and had his brute to New Orleans. How are absolutely Bobby the job. You know that's one of the reasons why. We created that the world both Stewart track regional crowd that would bring more people. To the city Derek traditionally slow top men nostalgic means so. Opposite this is the perfect matchup for that day in and out I think he cheated got to go out a lot of people in the world and we're kind of great on Saturday. It was generous in two and David those made that keep it in it in tune to it was a it was a review call. That allowed the raging cadence to give to his contest they beat Arkansas State 2419 but Joe's a bachus. They Arkansas State is scooped up what is it to be seven on the ground. And went on in for a touchdown but they were ruled that the Hanson's knee was down before he needs to football too but there's the back in the from the option. Any reviewed and ruled him down indicated point one for nineteen talks I don't know if you'll watch a big game and Jay are not but I would imagine you all hold your breath a little bit. I thought last few minutes that. Are currently world are brat that. We're awfully happy that they. Became bowl eligible one bad game so and I am. We love having them there where our coaching staff and administration that as you well has been that. Fantastic. During their time year. And we've had we've had government here if you count also but it years that you know they are they're great crowd cheers can be a great match up but. I'm I'm a group on the light up a little bit here tonight. It Dei were what does the New Orleans Bowl means to community what do they do community we see bowls and BC you know they'll they'll be commercials and of course. UB a prime time the last game of the of the day said he would you tell bowed and act like ESPN. They show going to community there's a lot of different things they visit charities or visit the hospital of the take us through what this ball game means to do walk. Well you know that people that are not about it is the sixteenth annual world. The sports foundation started that I can. And 2001. And we always knew the opportunity that may or may not have been the first few years that we were coaching until. Cabrera going through Super Bowl model for women's final four events. I'm back at that time period. And what we're ever start concentrating a lot more and started work groups sales started make that Corey actually did that for. For the war on and and grown grown each year that's overdue really add up and then when you're when you're able to attract. I achieved like you well or are to blame ourselves and that's our our Memphis. Some of the other great schools that have brought. You know tens of thousands of fans in the world over this time period it real fulfill the mission of the organization sucks. You would do a lot of things in the community big but he that this student athlete to be visiting me out. Children at Children's Hospital. Or the next couple days. They'll do other espouse events Earl spouses we've got parties toward the for the players at the shamrock. You know we've got all caught up windup over the next few days late in the student athletes lob it hit and can't become love it. We also have. Concert Friday night as champion square. That is better than that are opening up for the June a lot of free concert or where the fans and for anybody else to want to count. The try to united that start at 6 o'clock so we kind of expanded Elvis special bat around the around the ball game. And the and expand the ballgame itself but from Mora community outreach and that's why I had just been stressful has been muted. Jason is on a day for those out there listing I would imagine they got some folksonomy drab and up this week in but the for the big game how can people get tickets and opponent and the right direction. They can go to Ticketmaster dot com card the world bulk auto worker sure I'm a link to ticket. But you know again we look for great crowd were great weather out Friday and Saturday so that and I'll oh that is right out that. But you know to drive in markets where strong attendance. And and short drops and that. I and I and our natural robbery between between these two schools so we're we're pretty excited about sixty and mark carriers well. Jay Cicero president and CEO degraded to a sports foundation to about ten days. Are an okay areas dual eligible suddenly as the Golden Eagles and raging canes and the reason that the I'll write it be to be a new Sammy 631 time the first news and we will go to Japan's. All right the social media bonafide Kasey Kahne yeah I haven't had a yes of ticks of. Therefore well they surely do now. Sad it's been. As remembered who detonate you know OC EO of 500 team. Andy not so fast. Is very discouraging and yet it's that. Shoots it takes them. 9287. It is hey guys uses that the union. This 825. And 31. Since week six of 2013. That's it we started by avenue that that is as sound like 500 to mean now. Now we're 25 to 31 it is two weeks exit to go thirteen and did possibly be could be 25 and 34. After residencies and that is been over three years since we're playing winning football. This Texas thank the embassy Peyton isn't coaching winning football. As time Favre changed now I don't think that will happen but if you're entitled to your opinion that they changed now. I think being going to be really dead on the hot seat you know is okay Rangel who don't ever everybody did there on the nation here whose good odds he'd been. Boozer Nazi who Mona bank Monday approaching big I think and again ago now Q now that you said that all along that day that is is that well have a shortly will be on the Hudson because that's not even if 500. Right then no. You can't say you fibers that you below 500. I would think in the Sam Cooke's now is big and. On all. The all time coming but it's me people could not into about seventy. And we embodies is seventeen he means is seventeen sees reason and it you know depending on when to gain man's game is played their final game probably playing in. You know early January 18 but yet that's Indiana there was in next season not these January because you look. Every year. Did the did this is again not opinion. They've had his mail Odyssey eight coaches get fired every year and it's like it's always like five or six always going to be some motive here yet the only candidate because everybody was the way here it's a no apprehension Brad embankment. Look what happened big evening Andy Kennedy gave Lovie Smith a chance. You know although and think that right now I have made have made the right choice and rightly or daughter is named in the Buick this year non no and they look like whoa we wanted to develop Jamison went that we Nikos credited humans. And boy talk about it doesn't. Didn't fall far from the tree how how big pickup was that you know to bring Mike Smith fan I'll. Very familiar advice they'll go back to go legacy Mike Schmidt when he was code of the day. When he was a Jack Jack he has the corn in the nineties and Jacksonville when it division. And people don't remember the remain Arabic but Jacksonville in 07 the year pages in nineteen you know. Jacksonville beat Pittsburgh in the first round of the playoffs and they went to went to new England and played pretty respectable does the mean in that year that was going to be San Diego and AFC Jamie today. And in Austin the Jazz in the super bow. Note the big now he had success I would say as a head coach of the Falcons but not necessarily success that mean you gotta win a championship when he was in the in that regard. But I guarantee as far as skins on the wall I'm equally Smith is very where he could end up being. Learn atop the in his two coordinators going forward. Because what he's accomplished very similar to Wade Phillips right. You know wade and work out as the head coach Buffalo Denver. But unbelievable deep into Corning in my head batting coach Schmidt going forward considering what he did at Jacksonville now. Yeah any tease him about it coach he's been a deep you know and may he was eighty immediately wasn't coach Elaine you sees out of football don't Dirk got a guy in this year. But I don't know if he's been a long enough. But unit Tampa finished on his streak to stay dodi's turnovers I guarantee and then in and week where you can tell these coaches his name Kokomo. Yeah because if you come out hot coaches these did you coach in and right direction. Did not want how to make him right now in the last eight weeks and National Football League if you atop coordinator. And NFL circles over the defense. The head and your top Corning you prove it. Game and give you negate chances you know the Netherlands who sucking as terrible as a coach in the line. The Cowboys that the now as the as the coordinator. Know the Dallas Cowboys deep in the coordinator. When M Mark Ellis out. Rob man Allen yes via. Compliance sports to David safeties that's what it something that people don't even know that I can't as a head coach. Andy is terrible right medina's coordinator outstanding right to a Abydos brings the Bryant Bryant thank you for calling WW ago. Did you hit on it caught our ops which Carl. Sport. I. Well but you know Bryant I think. Does coach Carmichael. Easily Shawn Payne was gone and hammered about negate our office is an outstanding year. Now coach bags and a defense but you talk about as far as ranking of what we're doing. That I being. In that meeting room there's a lot of great on with the lines and Drew Brees coach Carmichael Sean Payton. A column everyone even Lombardi with the quarterbacks all get together. Is that I've dealt Mosul Smart for their own good it is more of their own good so this feat when you get too cute. And yeah and you don't always have to treat people about just winning man to man now would that being said. I think there were times we coach Carmichael. Might have been a little bit to pass happy. And and all of a son Clifton navy saying are realizing that have more balance. The daily coach Peyton. Got the range or he's calling plays again. Disease truly go back to well a wanna pass the football he'll tell you you got to convert on third down so then you have more opportunities to run the ball. But the two things that. I don't. That I can set I should say is that 31 twice the Detroit game to have a game when they shot Gil Wendell banked the talent the beavers were you doing. If you shot gun 31 no bags. And they know you've passing and the united remembering the quarterback draw. Would draw on third one in the shotgun. So to be that that that's why you going back was to go forward and that's. I mean I don't know that scored treat me getting a little too cute although they'll. Those two particular plays. Somebody currently there right pages did not go nineteen into the wind eighteen and one. Thank you made a mistake now and Prescott testament to Marmol praise for the correctness is on the mistake we made was figuring out here. But with radio part of the auto I'd everything in it for you but it. But but our regular audits is used to it. Our our true Metairie folk Heiko hello Michael. Yeah. Is that quality. Like oh. Yeah I have some submission about. Change quarterback. System that seeing what the thing. Grooving in his. Right. It's obviously old cornerbacks and yeah. So little that I go like Tom Brady's oh yeah. Regional level. Right so why not repeat cup Johnny men jail and send him. Well there's a lot of teams that would maybe. Ago or maybe would take a chance and John Damon's double why isn't it happening up Michael. I mean only you know adding other teams need a quarterback so why did not take it Tim Tebow Jon Heyman notes in Tivo I mean he was outstanding at Florida and he had a couple of chances he has to play baseball the Mets on I don't know. I mean and he's always in the news that are wrong stuff. Because I mean and obviously right now. Yeah he's three years easy entry is free right now you right he don't have or try out gone on him right now he sent out a core and that so called abuse that he did with some female and all those talk. He's had case in the game but by and pick up another quarterback no dope Michael John Amos to his credit the season highs and awards ceremonies. He looks over he looked like you hear what he's got to do some damage control first there's no doubt about it but I mean. He he would be lucky down the straights if he gets and other teams that you all knotted now in the National Football League now he may get another chance in another league. But I don't know if he's come on the dues yet yet they go to camp and yet I'm gonna take OK right now why not do this you know to great NFL quarterback exited that route and Joseph dies in me and Warren Moon. On field batting yelled good and it looked good scorers in double digit scorers again as hell can't you gotta go to Canada back in it though going that route. They wait for me desert dogs don't see it die anyway US have now been naked NFL with a kid can and came back the NFL right c'mon. Google prove yourself Canadian football over all around you and them ignorant not to do it. While while in eases the unemployed you missed him to a all right let's go to Judy and habeas bring Judy thank you for calling WW TO. What he can not copies. A question that body. Abby how Cold War field the crowd while there about the saying. He's been doing it and it is saying or certainly right. I know it not been paying me. I thought oh boy well listen when I went widow Leah when he came. The music now well as the game we had DO you know we are talking about that and you know he kind of you know much is gimmick to require you get paid a lot of money got to produce but he would you know I remember always tell me and and that is the way it is it's hard to win in the NFL. Yeah dead that that the Craig Biggio in the like all of players that don't like they playing any passion our. Are we are terrible war you know there's like they want it we have to realize those guys you playing against their pros too. You try to Cleveland Browns wanna win at least one game and haven't even one game but there's still pros the lead it would get there early because they like cute. So local tomorrow would say no that it's. It's tough and I paid an oval and he was thing he would say. And that is only here it is. That UK if you did turn it over in united team two way. And their would you ought to be on the plus side in a turnover margin I know he would say that. That it right at the last two games by he'd say hell help I got into a while we lost a minus three minus three terrible margin Sibley said. That's why would be delighted to have a me when we mine is an internal margin you know to beat anybody. Yeah. You think you ever read believe in that saying like he is. But it's set up. Not as easy as it was he was so stress he was he's really emotional coach. A code pink in frozen so a whole lot better and go over. You know as far as emotions. And allies I just think you as like overwhelming. And and he knew he'd have an of opportunities or Olsen and Eagles that are both against the coach Peyton Manning. The medal in a playoff game and and that stressed the mob it. Relatively speaking in the evenings yet agreed opportunities National Football League you know with Griese. Well why I know coach Maurice is the winner. The you know on the decibel and it's all competition pro football he was in three. Like championships in a row you know 838485. We beat him in 83000 Michigan that he won and 84 and 85 so. No. This is a lot of pressure. And coach or to tell you that he does thing. That is time we have to go in New Orleans it's big was like nine seasons you know you have to they'd look all around the league all the organizational happen no more did take you very seldom. Get to double digits in organization right to coach the Andy Reid and I think Andy Reid knows how to coach you the unique as any when it's noble. Got a chance to the tees that would achieve Sarah deterrent you know as a satellite that we last forever there are no. He was with the Saints not echo what Mike McCarthy with the Packers yeah the only reason you know do you has it he'll end up going somewhere else yet and probably have success also. I'd like you do the green I come back he called Randy Jeffrey and Johnny Gasol nexus is Debbie did bureau. And welcome back this go to a Randy in Madison via Randy thank you for calling WW Leo. I got out everything and it's. What are mega the comment I am opera but what lead in the second one on my. Job well you can but. At the plate I brought in my whole life it's bad that I always deep threat oh win them all. One of the things that out that want me to comment on and that often in the program. Had a terrible it and that it the global appearance because they had such a wonderful all of it. And yeah in retrospect not been many years after that. The Baltimore Ravens had a wonderful deep threat and not so good about all that with the same result. So at that point and all I wanna see it a lot of the consistency. Between the truth squad. So we can get them over the road. And you're going with the consistency. Right and I always wondered that as an advocate that the that we don't you think. All week but Wallace will put out the product. You know Randy when you look at those two example is it you have given us the Rams will going to be at this may be. High teens twenties private defense and the Ravens are Columbia about. May be a middle of the pack offense and that's the way they were built because. You're not gonna have a high scoring offense an a stout defense is just a good day and they kind of defeat Joe's purpose is Spencer drug bust out tempo. You want it could Dotel position which he does not OC I'll a wide open offense and a stout defense complements shut down like that double BS you could hope for. It's like what we've kind of talked about you don't have like a very good offense are very good defense and he would it was on the other side you want to beat middle of the pack. Or close to the top team in historically over the course out. There's only been one team I think it is the end you know one in both categories and that was one of the cowboy team is a team witness who voted here. Yet big I can remember then. What's gonna get more recognition you know as great as Joseph Montana Jerry Rice and all that as an end their all of it is number one Brian. You know Dallas had a top ten defense the end of any go to an active part by the Ravens to 2000 Ravens that was a. Offensive minded head coach. Coach Billick he'd just coach to fifteen in what fifteen wanted Vikings that they were unbelievable talk about a great team navigate two syllable. That's got to be right up there that one of the top of the list. And he he knew hey look we Lloyd defensive team we've got to be defense and they were now they they do smash mouth and people anyone a blown out to Jazz. But that was all predicated on what the defense put pressure on new York and beat that shows know that that you do have to have a socialist league franchise quarterback they won. Where a trend over the year and and to have a Buccaneers who only Brad and I liked the idea how to I was a great day Gabbert a deal foot to go for over the garbage. Yet and an actor cute yeah. It was go back and Tony banks. Ellis this is that was in the house as it this is poised to Auburn WW yeah. All right coming obligated Johnny at the in my Scarborough Georges is Ellis you close to having eight new offered to call NATO hit on nag you to sit there LSU find tiger basketball. Vs north Carolina central here on WWL.