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1-10 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Bama upset and the NFL playoffs

Jan 11, 2017|

Bobby & Deke break down Alabama's championship game loss with Marq Burnett of SECCountry.com, then start analyzing the NFL playoff weekend, zeroing in on Falcons-Seahawks with D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number 30 sports talk with chicken on the Alabama side of things at the last night's NASCAR its image of game. A very exciting contest between Alabama Clemson with the Clinton Tigers. Come from behind late to win with 12 at 35 to 31 give issue or take. And operated jaguar opinion spoken to coach Davos Sweeney 2008 had interim tag removed and became Clinton's head coach. Leading into a national title do you expect new LAQ coach in overdrawn former interim coach to have the same time the success. In bad groups canister vote online at WWL. Dot com and also coming on Nextel all in Dotel will go around the league you don't all the divisions what changes have been made. A lot of coaching staffs have been shaken up in the into coaching hat we don't call that. Coming up in the 7 o'clock am page again in its game last night in the course a classic game natives last night and now. The battle continues. As far as college football programs they have about three weeks of Bobby. To lock up or try nailing down those Contra Kreutz and it's got to be the merely top off a college coaches you know accounted territory. But to be playing all season long Indian food in the bowl season is done it. This he's not over I mean you you've got to really push hard these next 34 weeks to make sure in the end is a little breather between that time and when you give greatest or. Prepare for spring ball. Yet this is a different season and it's all about. Getting the future prospects that will help you. Oh win a national champion. Oh. Boy you know his crazy when you look at it in own players get into four stars five dollars and in all Latin was there based on their chi Minh in and a perception of their ability going forward the playing college football you looked a you know two players dealing the deck press cut starting quarterback of the Dallas. And look at the situation he's in it. And how LSU was Johnny come lately in the following offered him. You know scholarship but he went to Mississippi State. You would say. That he obviously. You know was like go king miss an individual. Oh this evening with the Shawn Watson. Right there and university of Georgia's backyard now. The proximity. Clemson. Selanne and Georgia. Billionaire forget. I went. With Tebow and Cameron Heyward is now with the Steelers right there are all juniors who will we will work out a close and then Nike camp when you're affording you all. Kind of a come line and nova high school kids and had I any into his head off yeah I was I Clemson yes. And the Al Kamen and and you know great college I was third just two and a half hours from Atlanta so. When you look at the shot Watson the point being. And he Gainsville Georgia he's been gains a George and I Gainesville Florida. McCain to a Georgia right. Not a ball right by bush to Falcons training flowery branch of I 85 Sola. Because right there are those charges backyard in my understanding that Georgia really do any recruit him and did you look where he's at now. And you know what he means that a Clemson program. And bring an end to bag the bag now as national championships and finally you know when and how open and being a champion. 260 on Mason he could Texas and eight cynics and has go to Houston from his Carroll missed care nobody can thank you for calling WWF. Well hello there. Being. The new year to a year and then happy new year do you bat. Had a three Jimmy's best era is carries sound good you doing good. Yes. Loudly that my coach. Yeah. Yeah. What I say is don't need to use them to. We've been the issue out of that league. Look. We. You know. Yeah. Well we do want to so Bobo. Lipped it. And we. Went. Out but once we. But I think. NASCAR. Well I'll let you do your. I'm playing. And yeah. That and call it. And that. I shop layout. Quote unquote. Well yeah Obama of a witty TV you know when you had a chance. An aunt and an end when he. And so on in the world to do and then. It. It. It. Definitely. Now and when he went into to team and then Adam. Yeah and this game. And we figured we. Hadn't. Gotten it. This is some is Carol you've taken the approach because of their feet is now the on the hot seat their feet is held in a fire so to speak. Wire his play also buzz they've got to get the double digit wins than it is hovered around 500. Know that this Sean Payton and Drew Brees and the Saints as a whole they got to get it done next season. What this means to me sitting at end and as I can drag it. I'm yeah yeah yeah. And comic if it is no question becomes good again do you did. And when it you're in it and and grandson. That. Why you know I'll. Odd how they met you'd aren't you glad I'd be. What I wanna let you. May hit you. I don't know if I would agree. Well luckily guy's human this carry you never lost that firing a ballet strike you use a big memory you a great senior member of the hood and nation. I don't I'll be don't take his only bit I'd deal mine if you could. Tell the hood and nation and listen how old are you I don't hardly out young Rory. Well. I'm still in the we. Blew. Ha ha all wideout damage can. It's a bit ms. Carol would you date. Then Nate shared big and it turned a corner because there's a lot of fans that think that way Netherlands aren't as optimistic. And it didn't happen because. Now. That book. And that that he's in there and yeah. I. And one we that we. Well I'm not promised Carol I had done now we've got to be objective about this are. Michelle and Pena hitting knowledge this he said as I Carolina will Bulls having to hunt down now Atlanta got to hunt and are now would you think Atlanta is gonna do deceive you de Vega. Beat the Seahawks and averages is in no wind sunny San Diego would evening. Oh. I'm good with the kind of. Yeah I'm gonna blow up and do. And yeah what. Kind. Yeah. I. Pretty. My. We'll answer Ryan went straight and narrow mindedness is there no way are we going to voted to I would got. That. About it I don't any is that I'm not. And I play is aggressive yet. That. Yeah we got to be a grand got to be aggressive as opposed quarterback what has Bieber had an American team is Karo all right economies which AT and on the Alabama side of things is attached file for the first salmon hasn't had a game makes a team that loses. What does that do to sports Oakland WW. And welcome Matt. He has KG can game by BA bear I'm Deke Bellavia nixed that we go around the league. All the NFL at all as we talk about the divisional round of the week in and who gets closer to the Super Bowl. Whether it be. Some upsets this weekend you'll look across the line to get two picks that we coming up and publish those at being on Thursday. Do 60 point 87 that you could Texas and he seventy eights in the case he came in their college football season comes to remain in the deep water recruiting. Nicholas to get into a college basketball now and that's it just goes to show you a list during Kentucky. Eat and the game to mean Pete in the ACC as this so sorry bro it women as he blow. Note that big it's a shame because they have the talent. You look at the it wasn't that long ago when you when you think about you know conduct he's always been relevant right into the Florida Gators. Their relevant but I mean minute winning national championships. Have been our SEC basketball they gave you look at. I don't know when the March Madness and who's involved. Like well can SEC get like three teams. And they're probably get a couple of Wright did dig it did it is that Ellis shoot. A large part of a game it's his AB stayed at that was embarrassing. And how much Boise gave well almost a hundred against that team. Marlboro K joins us now talking about the Alabama Clinton to have mark thank you so much for the time in. Looking at things that you know went down last night the day after what what is it now I've what do you what do Alabama fans talking like today. They got them in the nose sort of change it a little bit you know. Is the first time they've been humbled like this on on this stage so I think there sort of trying to look for a small victories in this season and it sort of looking toward the future. Now you know mark when you look at what Clemson was able to do and you could break down when you look at numbers and tell me that. Who won 99 office of plays that you could say you look at the third down percentage you know I was not able to do it I don't think it's ever have an obvious it and exceed indeed it's our team. Though posed in. Opponent. Runs basically a hundred plays. Yeah out about the two big aspect about the heat. And they Enos being directly to try to beat Alabama off and not been able to sustain that. A consistent dropped to thirteen on third down a a good defense and at bat to commit. Oddly they were their plan to do quite well for the most part by mean Liu on the field for. You know and deeply about it their record not now please total for the game like. Anybody but he's he's got very human. You know having and the net look at eagle occurred at all sides directly related to the deep into the wind down and he's been silent so got completely at and didn't have much left final minute fog out Oakland. And Marco but that being said. I don't know you might know this. In the history of Nick Saban and him being a head coach. Has he ever a loss of these plus two in the turnover margin and they're only able to get 3.2 of those two terms oh it to my original review for the gains. Now Alabama's to be plus two. Does that ball is enough room. Yeah that the greatest in the young man that is not. Except in the law and Alabama when when I haven't double digit lead in the fourth quarter. I feel like I need to a dollar something. Yeah he couldn't. Not critical of scrimmage and really turned it on there in apple or watching to Mike Williams was up immediately and all it hit the ball. Irons in the turnovers out there and I think you know considering at a game player now I think. Art with a big play in the game was I think it was one renfro. Tackling line and said come on that they figure. Nasty guy given up that those lakes who puts. Yeah addict epic dimensions scored there the game probably turn to rout. Canal and it's one of those Patten decent sized down. But say that backdrop and Clinton's call and I couldn't beat the coming out now and 2 o'clock doubts go to big sort sequence of the game. I'm all what's up next and Alabama crimson that. I mean there's there's still recruit at a high level you know gonna lose time on defense. In terms seniors down amount also is among those guys. But in between maybe go to work out into the debate if he goes off. Gonna be out in the current development true freshmen and a sophomore from the and he bigger leader on the team and I'm on the you know position players back. But the biggest key is going to be jail keep it to that extent I think that it album back in the playoff action. Mob okay Alabama be brought it to my SEC country dot com mark thank you so much for joining us we appreciate you. Our current IR Ike I'm back we'll get to Mike and Patrick call is a Knicks but first eight CBS news update from the Columbia broadcasting system. And welcome back to the phones we go let's go to Marrero for Mike Mike thank you for calling WW ill. Eight be about that day. Are Adam I want two. One accord but. My comedy is about New Orleans thing. This year it will moderate. That year forward one to the old war we all like. 56 gain by such an. Yeah we have finished eight and a dent in 2008 yeah. Bottle that and but yeah they were. And I think you know. The injuries and a Oakland and and Denver you know. Yes go you know it showed a lot of resemblance there. And Bobby a question or he has a little bit word. You know upward peak at the Giants peek at Ellis. It. Know a moment. Well where he's crazy days where you're nervous the last time you saw him play. Now I don't know we. I. Cook the meal. Yeah no doubt about it but they handled it is all about coach them up you know LSU got a ton of last organizing god and and he that was seemed beat. My my personal experience with in feedback from the fans is they were. They showed there was underachieving players on the powerful players on the guys are more prepared correctly so yet a no reason that if you wanna get noticed get nervous I mean maybe. Haven't I have all of that thing is you could be in servers it all of a sudden I think it would be concerned. Even with the coaching changes no issues not in the top five. Now all of that Ellis in the say it would drop them at twelve. I'd add that it is appointment but if I'm very anywhere. Audiences is why this guy if you. If you read things in high and and and finish strong and coach those but it looked finish strong. Look at his drag race you'd pass in the past about it Natalie Allen shoot a different programs. Where the guy I heard the highest name in Mike. Number three but I heard gambling top fives so to me if the united that are changing and yet you get deceived his appointment. You know come recruiting season. Right and you know Aurilia. Last night I mean you heard he would talk about one of things errors out Clemson went to the state of Florida and eleven players on their roster in the state of Florida. But not worn them down and watch it wholeheartedly every second that I hear anybody mention. You know this senior class a Clinton was once ranked in the top five or his junior class a mental front we're trying to the top. How would you watch other recruiting chose they went out and you. You know they did that he had good homework assignment. Just to look at. You know all continues well the rivals are as sound nuisance on the last five years the last seven years claims he finished in the top and I tapped in and recruit that's gonna say that did this it does seem like all the national services rivals at all and it deceit. Where at Clemson. Are just too hot I just do sits dabble Sweeney's been there. Yeah you know and see okay where have they finish now depends the you know the players have been in U coach well like I said the shot Watson. Right university Georgia Vinny recruit him. Right and aunt and look where he's at. I mean yeah I mean is it. You've got to have good players there's no doubt about it but I mean. At the end of the day you know it's how they come together is how they play. And that's what it's all about I mean Clinton is one of those teams that you know when you say the book tree and what have you but. Of the team did it the last several teams that won national champs at Ohio State Alabama. Florida State Clinton and Dan Dan not a perennial. Top team in. Power recruit team where these a year of Tuesday's second they got a rundown of all critical to the stated geologists more than you know a lot there. I mean I continued to do the biggest recruit any issues as they Asarco it was probably sand. Which it dating crown and he went to University of South Carolina so you know Clinton's they've negated done. And I'm just surprised Bobby. How many defense that is Clinton turnout the Yankees. Because Davos first game plan was and often to make a gym and they went to me seasons ago in the Orange Bowl they gave up a hurry or the same viewpoint that was the game. And avoids his name got fired a heck of steel yet could still hit a driver issue right in there who's now carbon. But it is goes to show you how their program got better and he jobs emotional we had to be better defense in the could what the reality Lance Williams Clinton has had one of the best defense in the country last year when he loss Alabama based it is we finished number one and to. Would be fun to show you how big I'd better. Inning give of the ghost so to speak because I watched Clemson league being way better I've seen on TV North Carolina State. Should have been in the league game easy field goal to win to gain. It negated a North Carolina State was learn those teams you wanna play. Because I think you have that much talent and a number of times they couldn't finish the deal. But then I'll also look fellow in back of Ford Louisville and and Clemson. Or where it was a track meet tide gain. But look how they close out the season the playoffs by Mina looked Ohio State going to score a point. Mean I don't think he had at that impressively never do that in a playoff atmosphere defensively. The Atlanta Falcons are number two C entertain the Seattle Seahawks this week in and division around the all men don't let them the end and a journal constitution. John does now. You know I go back to their last drive and you know at Atlantis go at it Seahawks offense standpoint that I'm not sure Seattle came back down and scored. But I really don't Julio wasn't of fear writ this got me interested to see this week and how. Seattle defeat in Atlanta because there offering its particularly in receiving department. It's much more deep diverse and allow better they weren't in the first and these two teams playing. I about it between not Bobby bank have me on again. It's not very intriguing match that. The big being. The bigger differences and time is not there to help Ricky Sherman only go to around it now. You know the game and Doral I had a little bit in practice at a time. Their you know a couple of our. Pack up and little get back into. It's dumping and to read that it got to go out there. Not. It'd take on again. If he's really excited about Ian and now. You know not to coach the don't try to attack each other in state. You know I don't know squat so well that dumping more intriguing match quote. I mean. Don't. Yet indeed looking at and coach Dan Quinn that used to be Seattle's. Because Seattle and they can run the ball the Falcons. Could be in trouble is slobbering and a B for the final three games in a regular season. The Seahawks averages 79 yards a game a ride and a three yards per carry. And and again at a final gained only got 87 against the 49 as was the worst rush defense in the NFL. In the and you look against Atlanta what a week seventy gained just 72 yards. But when added up formulate that you see we might ceballos 'cause the lines but look at running back like Rawls. To Thomas Rawls taking advantage is opportunity. 27 carries did he set a franchise playoff bracket what a 161 yards rushing when I say that I go argued there right now and Seattle. Can run the ball against Atlanta and I think the Falcons might be in trouble. Yeah no doubt about it yeah about. Which is. Being in the league. You know I didn't and that Byrd did you ever been Christian might go. Going back right now though. They haven't seen golf the year. Into you know I'm not being there and Rory you know it. The battle and capable. To do my job now and opened up the note Matt and oh. In it would be. It's a Saturday. In which Bob love about the being the one. Now. And buddy is a big way at reason why we're to problems are their plus eleven you look at the Seahawks the only plus one for the season so what all said and done. You know who wins that that turn over battle but to me as gonna take this a time of performance would. They did last time against a Seattle on the first meeting where you look at Matt Ryan. And and I think he should be MVP all pro quarterback he got voted that bit three touchdowns and Daniel Lugo Julio. Seven catches 139 yards and a score so. That that the public got the feel confident that drive a game that Matt Ryan had and Julio. Again against divas like Seattle and especially. Went out you know injured safety Earl Thomas. Yeah I'm not maybe. That Garnett monopoly pac 1012. Other. And got an agent. He did throughout the book in years. He can't only that but you know. Yeah it would. Fight in you know they know that Elliott. In Vietnam Matta yeah good out there. In the being honest direct Welker and you know I. You really need now would it equally you know in the pocket no that. Now the idea along those lines looking at the match Evan how familiar they are one another a thousand instant would see all the lives have been Michael bandits and like we said earlier. Talking about the ankle any cities it's a hard nosed type of coach. And his team embodies him out there it's like playing ourselves and so we talk about winning in the dredges and I thought this is Aniston when you look at Pete Carroll team. That's Seattle. If they could sustain the kind of success like you did against the lines. That's gonna be crucial against the problem because the Seahawks have just one. Playoff victory under Pete Carroll when the rush for less than a hundred yards. And in bed did you Dallas last year's wild card win memoranda Minnesota. When the via indicate they had 97 yards rushing so I know they gonna try obviously issued Farley's attempt to. Where a winning formula for us to help Russell Wilson is to run the ball. Yeah and I think our impact will be no. You know. Oh. The bill about that link. You know you'd demonstrate against Seattle back. There again in that. You know fabricated there that they can't. They had problems with. In the first game and so. Apollo oh Colombo would be a couple of security. In your own pocket dot spots that defense which you know there aren't that many. That. There's no doubt thing so. It Colombian looked Bears. Topic don't have the bullet through cared anyway still. Only. And I DO what is the fans' expectations. Obviously their favorite. Are they kind of antsy our RC well got to wait and see. Considering. When you look at Russell Wilson and you look at each game features once starting quarterback who has won a suitable in the garage as a Russell Wilson. Tom Brady and Roethlisberger. Almost have a sense that that maybe I don't know and I should die hard fellas thank you say well I don't know what's gonna have a bit maybe not as confident. Going to get to quarter I mean like air Roger is a Russell Wilson considering. That balance fans have gotten burned and a pass even when they've been a number one seed and home. Yeah about hundred code. That goat here but. Greg. Not only. And the fact that meant then yeah I don't know it could to limit them in the mouth but it. I think it's got a it and celebrate competent. Cramping. Expected victory in that game. You know. I think. That. You know a bit bigger problems. And and the Cowboys who have. You know stuck back on the big you would have on the quarterback back. There. But I don't think that big mound by you don't look Greg saying. You know down on. Got a leg and Brackett and so. You know again at Winona. You know have a party being blacked out there in the championship. Current Atlanta Falcons send up Atlanta and Seattle. It took with you onto it. I'd be your man don't you Twitter. Joba probably about. DR Orlando I'd he would talk to your next week or ID. Right come idea. Around the league. On WW yeah. And welcome back. Now coming on the exam augment our as a give us an update on the pelicans what's and a damn big win in New York last night. And big issue a rule to go to. Broke here pelicans and it is seventy yards and in a Brooklyn so they sedation when those two in a row and yet yet they out of the bit road trip and they come home and got the the backhanded a must on on the twentieth when they come back on the in the playbook on the twentieth. And New Orleans Arena they're going to be sitting at the bit to the blows in the paces too so. Not too bad I'm Ned Chicago seemed to be you know backcourt heavy but they have had some problems there a seemingly. Anytime there's a rumor that you know word did you wanna get gritty and number one player. And that kind of wood would there reporting up thinking about so you know there will be going to arise I'll Rondo. And big I'll. Derrick Rose being MIA missing in action. I mean Colin does the Indy you know do you adjusted era and he just caught a plane a sun went on to Chicago and communicate don't. This and you might be take on the day good assistant coach a friend and teammate and NC what you two with there. The name is gonna be bad. And he's going seventeen point three points per game and these are they count on. All that outside of there really a personal issues you have you have got to communicating your your and the people now so. Whether pelicans a day chemical around the league next on WW yeah.