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Jan 11, 2017|

Bobby & Deke go "Around the League" with reporters covering the remaining playoff teams.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well bested Tennessee and now rested the Dallas cowboy all eyes are coming off a bye week in which they had a chance to sit back here and opened a big. In sport they're thirteen three record. Entertaining now a team that they went into their territory earned his season pretty much and the Green Bay Packers to rematch to historic franchise Green Bay. And Dallas this time it's in big the hitters over about around the mean we start off with the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC east drew Davis and drew. Dallas and Green Bay and you know I think it's safe to say battles with on the day and time in the first meant. Green Bay wasn't and now these both of these teams Dallas closed down the stretch of the they've gone thirteen three in Green Bay has won. Seven straight contest now this there's like a very good matchup. Oh yeah I would that a question in that certainly while we don't get. It. Packers and Cowboys that it. Great game two years ago and been right of return catch game up in Lambeau Field a team like that are pre game in the count. Beat the Packers thirty Eckstein in October. Aaron Rodgers certainly did not look like it all well certainly. Every down or the now would happen in all the. And I drew what you think eakins real live this our from a confidence standpoint going to regain that being deck press cut. He threw with three touchdowns in October matchup do you think that. Transfers. Are his that I almost like the ceiling a different season are. For a I think from a confidence standpoint that that that has to feel pretty good because he's compete against his group and had success. Yeah I think though and I mean. The dock and certainly shouldn't be lacking confidence I mean you VQ well at or is that. Games against the Packers rushed for 57 yards like he said that Brett where your game. He did have been intercepted streak snapped in Lambeau by. Outside of that I mean you'll calm and poised not being. You know this was the first real big cat go to against the Packers at other people winning quarterback. And how your bonded in our Wellemeyer was very impressed and happy. After the Green Bay game ever got to realise just how legitimate. Out real back problems. Now what drew when everyone's breaking down the gain to me this has to come into play you could say we'll mix men out. But I it doesn't matter when you play a team and I think the Packers not have an all hands on deck are being injured and trying to play the played through that. Then that Devlin bodes well for Dallas. I I agree and in would you like as Cowboys seem army. That there were probably arguing that healthiest. Of any playoff gamer especially on our side of the ball that article LP. The tropic of linemen that harassment rom there you set up as you are now that they should be. Didn't gallery in the defense of line and their key guys. Were able to give a rats that all bring them locking up the one these. Two with two weeks ago and beat him. Drew now they're gonna hit the lessening the Giants have put out semen that would have been a situation where they can you can and you beat team three times. Washington and Philadelphia moving forward. It's hard not to smoke it's a go at Dallas is going to be the team with a few todays sit. But is it new York and Dallas are moving forward with Philadelphia training camp allowed on a hot start they had and next year who who. I think there. Yet now. Berkshire. The Giants have a couple years let Eli. Threatened to beat a division I. When you're a big picture over the next decade that. Guy in cart win at Angel the a great quarterback. Duel throughout their careers are in the back Eagles. Our team a lot now mean that the dark from our corporate C and then there aren't. It is real. You know they roared and on the way to set them back in the Al would not. Drew Davis and covered the Cowboys in the NFC east for the full or star telegram drew had a fever cable with you on social media. I got my Twitter handles actors David and DA the so. Drew thank you so much for the time. Things through. And then. We all could've went home the game was over from that point on. A tight first avenue in Green Bay brood opened with that one play took Freeman covering the Packers in the NFC north the Debbie this is Ian walker took. At that time did you think that they would really put New York debated as quickly as indeed it. No I didn't mean it has little influence for the Giants just kept on. You know snowballing. A bad way I mean right now I mean. The first quarter of that game where it was good quarterback and I would get players look up and up six nothing. And you know start the second half of a Packers feel fourth and one near midfield. And the Giants go back to score they can okay. You know the jacket back in the game when it was all Green Bay you know about well we won't sit and have a majority else troop but yeah. It alters your Eagles for the guys if you we still don't expect that people probably slept. To be portals to spot in Houston. Yeah I judge it talked about Jordy Nelson and on the entries what it. I was knocked out of the game what eleven minutes eleven its second quarter with a rib injury. What do you think his status is dizzy dress out of may be via a decoy type players then you look at running back timing gummery. Believe what he limped all the feels that time in their fourth Cordero and then left leg injury but what is the status those two guys and you know you want all hands on day and ending it as I said this early does matter when you play a team. As far as injury wise that you could say next manna but it's things like they impact that they helped with the offense has to hinder agreement. Yeah you know sooner or later you know the next man up for the Packers don't they did so clean injury all ready. We felt it with Jordy Nelson all of them that are at work while we beat the Hekerob policies. Eric Campbell did not win the division title without purity off and I I I doubt he'll play the two broken ribs it you know court like Kirk eat. The packers' dark when they are are not going to rule him out I mean actually. I have a large of a marketable we bought this week to week. I'll because they want to give the Cowboys will much time to. You know I'm good that he got tough for him included some other team I'm not you know that little extra time in the majority. Like I mean you talked or you've got to. McCarthy said yesterday's practice Saturday. Or he's got to practice Saturday in the plea. Get two broken ribs I just don't see him playing in this game. Not other running back what it would it would timing gummery. It's and I kind of been a favorite I guess so when you look at 88 out there. What is the status with him and look you know only had 27 yard lemon carries it. And what he can do as a pass receiver also 41 yards and three receptions against the job or. Yeah like I think he had Packers keep that called the best that we always do. You're trying to demean Richard Green Bay pretty tough army and I have urged him. I'll like Shaun Tait were the things. Yeah I hope guys there yet. You know yet like occur in the press count on day you have to bomb you know what instead of so but I Montgomery. All your attention at the top tight today. In our evidence you have to see Jordy up the check out a little bit extra talk to chop player stoppage. You know who's to keep so. You know McCarty just got to put it will be up there as the Spurs are we talked about injuries then the next thing you know wants it so so play. Are and so the by split them yet is I. I would say shortly is probably going to be not playing just be a problem but entry that is. Our Montgomery I was still I don't think question. Now jug of all the games you witness. With the Packers. The heroics Brett Favre and Woody is able to do in extend plays and and you look at Aaron Rodgers and this stretch. Nineteen touchdown passes and zero interceptions stern is unbeaten run. Oh where would you place that in and how hot is. There are lodges you know going to Dallas. I mean he struggled the first ever get stale right yes it is toward the dot. It turned out there the second half but. I mean I think what the most impressive thing about that which you know remembers people adulterers. He has dropped an interception in the seventeen streak. He had he been called to join in reception my that'll be. Just pretty remarkable. The Rockies are people is that guy to throw the football. Early in the season he did struggle picked off beat twice and how we gave up the bulk. Back in October but. Think that just massive role and know he's he's put himself in VP conversation. We don't get it but still these guys we do have a heck of a second after the season. Took Freeman WSS in Milwaukee cover in the pack as an NFC not to talk to be able Tebow we can on social media. Chuck free them up or yeah if you win the league Twitter chat with an REI genuinely appreciate you. Don't know what we threw it out there I don't people go by you but I doubt the parties to market what the final four go back out. But he's yet alone now except it's amazing is in the seventies today yeah. I don't let well. But Ortiz but it but it only. Took Aggies a much of the time they. That was a Seattle Seahawks here with us talk about this week's matchup with Seattle against him Manning in the divisional round and the NFC west division from the sea off the ESPN radio in Seattle isn't his Matthews. In Liz looking at is that that this is just a feeling but. I've got a feeling that whoever wins this matchup is going to host in a seat Sammy to gain excrete dad being either. Seattle or Atlanta would host Green Bay your thoughts on Seattle going to him. Bought out and it might say nothing else and a lot more than porch how would like to drop that's why didn't have that chip gained a are you lead agreed at home field advantage in the yet are now pretty tough to beat you guys at all. They've been through what for the third time in four seasons when the. Pat Lilly do you eat China's I think that there actually get to the divisional round so no bumps and bruises along the way. Somehow these cats aren't going to get it done. Now as you look at the Falcons allowed at least a hundred yards rushing and five of its last six games to finish all of the regular season. Nina although. Obviously you know Rawls what he did 27 carries it's a franchise twelve pregnancies to win yards rushing. But then end of week seven. Verses that landed just 72 yards Russian how important that's going to be in its is like un under Pete Carroll. That when Iran over a hundred yards and that's winning football. Netting against Russell was that they need Russell them perform at a high level would. If they can run the football hit that a hundred yard bargaining. That it could not maybe a bode well open and Atlanta are you might see as shootout type game. You know and it's simply not important to get that weren't complacent. Interestingly about records the actually be Marsha I'm anxious put it rusher. That was at cap intact against the war so. Well we'd have a game like that he has not been healthy they're real slow to act totally and it's. Once healthy rob and Matt he'll look at that top line finally start to gel. Other gonna run on the sweet and. Now Liz has you know when he talked to the players and obviously. It's a big challenge he's going it's all pro quarterback Matt Ryan MVP season and he's having. And the likes of Julio Jones and you missing injured safety Earl Thomas and considering the success when Ryan had three touchdown passes Julio waited seven cage and at 39 yards and a score so. Are they humble the Seahawks than me on the back in a signal it's going to be a big challenge for us or award is their swagger when his approach this. He came out there where your entire way here they're not about not for the front and a bit actually sent. There are out on the ground and match. Secondary certainly it's a complete but it looked at the decision to got old pro linebacker. Wagner got my job and Terrmel each guy there. And they're fast and most importantly they can't help it and that he consciously. It is now of course I know is Seattle seeds have gone on but Arizona was there for the last cubby is with the exception of this season. The Rams seemingly in term on a game and a fully new leader. And the rest of the division is it who who is going to be their team their points toward okay we are legitimate. Come competitor I'll contender with Seattle who who would it be next year. Now that the Greek actually got to meet cabinet again crap draft and the big question mark what they're not according attack quarterback spot. Where they are and they each shot the crap on me in the at the end she lacks strong. Street sports. I last year Andrea and virtually and we again so actually eat at the seat we'd that he pitched and getting our. Ms. Mathews cover in the NFC west in the Seattle Seahawks at ESPN radio Seattle this happened people follow you on social media. I only did they can call me at Twitter lit up thunderstorm app here Matt Matt you would like chi. It is thank you so much enjoy the game this week he. All right we're flying around the league here on the home of the NFL divisional playoff WW it. And they've been pretty much imposed season mode even without their leader Tom Brady came out of the gates on 31 of their first hole which they. Miss Thomas in the rolled down the straights pony and losing twice since that point in time once that point on that with the Seattle. And the team that they played this week and it was one of those victims of the back of quarterbacks Tony 70. Hey why Washington as the Patriots ticket at Texas way back in week three. And now the Patriots become one of the biggest favorites in postseason history in attaining that tech and its weekly Chris price of WEEI dot com car and the Patriots. In the AFC east and Chris. A New England basically now people kind of morning towards. That will it be Kansas City where they beat Pittsburgh next week and AFC title game. But I you know any time there's a week off there's always a little bit interest they have because so some teams feel. That because they were playing such a high level and which you know six straight wins that's what the Patriots were. That may be you know having that break. Doesn't feel good and you know both real formula toppling the we're talking about a team over a decade it's even had a number one and number two seed won despite every time. Yeah. You'd need these are guys who you know you look at the roster about roster I think it while they welcomed we caught. Olympic deeply hated you then you know if there's technical he's not what would you go out there are probably help you at beaver that's part of economical critical unless you're a rugby or. The opposite the court and on all cylinders even without ago like that are in pretty good about it going in the. Now Chris I don't know it is NFL. And the Texans do have. Noble and defense. That's amazing. You when you consider the bookends and you just have today being pony. And and I mean is speaks for itself what they've been able to do defensively but it. Look when united be facing Connor cook you we gonna get Tom Brady and a mile when I read this. With the bill Belichick's Patriots they've outscored bill O'Brien and Texans are combined 54 to six. In the past two what had they had gained so the UC anyway they could be an upset edges they'll CB even if the Patriots would could be minus four minus five I don't know what it would take it. I'm Brock house Waller you poly got them at cal was back winning their playoff game how many chances start and winning one but. I mean blood dubbed by lopsided. Ending their points Greg. Might mean the way could be even three tires on the status tuna. I agree. Keep coming back yeah yeah. You could be secret come out and he out of collective human life. Let you know all the Patriot. Or reward or. 24 point something in your recording. Is there any level of confidence and brought up or that you will be able at that that crank up to a point where it because put. When he thought the bird went on the board in the going to be open in the but he. Group will be here but it seemed you're talking about you. It quite frankly cannot put the ball you'd go and that he material court brown broke out. I don't think there are all that going to give look which come into Foxboro and that put up points are or what it's going to go out. Now Chris looked a little bit ahead looking at the AFC matchup of the Steelers at the Chiefs I'd take that approach of their as a team. They could. Overtake this the pages who would be a team like the Steelers at their weapons obviously they'll LB Antonio Brown maybe on bell. Because I'll look it can does not know the Steelers are gonna win at Kansas City but I think at the Chiefs win. I cannot see Kansas City going New England went nagging wedding to Steelers have a better chance. I don't rector will be I think that the only way speaker could get up that. Is the is that the Buick theater at Pittsburgh come to Foxboro. It would be it would yet. Bell and you're here or error in it would it it'd they would bring up who ordered. Where he could put 31 point on the wing and although there are all run review it that. The only team that people are quick and the scrutiny of the regrettable but comfortable he could prepare speaker they do it. In the city it is pretty good grouping of a lot of the local art ball. I don't think they count the level up up into still caught the portability apparently Perry oh. I hope it but I do go bring it figured America would of firepower Pittsburgh on good repute that we would Burke. You you can be tricked you good bar for a couple. Now you know Chris sells look at it top defenders that we all know about. I mean is in his seat next season edges JJ one engine naming clowning and he could play a whole season. And JJ watt would be at that level he's been the past seasons but. There I don't know how you give Bennett won a curator at top rank the guys and you know when that Whitney Marcellus. That they're divas can run by sideline to sideline and they have a little comment considering the text is their first twelve victories since 2012 season. Yeah I agree in their own Bill Belichick are about or any year well there might be able. Out of the ball back that they are not. You know that that practically regarding respect there than what it Utley double. Electrical with the delivered at the and we are there there are able yet. Clear that the quarterback or in order to give our top lower round and before the year you'll make it meet him even relatively serviceable quarterback you could dignity if he now. That should be a division where they can poke at the lip read okay its automatic you. It I and I look at it supplying him and if you put a quarterback like Drew Brees on the Texans all of a sudden it's a different picture. Obligated yeah yes it's a totally different exactly a totally different deal and it think it. The Texans are the fact print the report the that it would regard the weather about Gary because they figured that aren't we can go forward with with Brock contract regular try to create a little bit go get what or who wanna think about come epic org or goal into the creek market in what could be one of the more eventful. The quarterback position in think about going after I'd like Arnaud di Carlo or or or or Q you probably yet. You know a little. In like it did before create a little bit at quarterback for the because they're. Really quote beat you be able bailed out and it really got. Oh in the Patriots this weekend millionaires and AFC east and the course divisional game doing in attaining Houston's Chris price of WEEI dot com Chris I can be the folly on social media. Hundred feet right in a row that the president on Twitter. And vote for. Chris thank you so much at a time they Chris. And it was a big day for the Big Three for the Pittsburgh Steelers Chris Brent Duca was the Steelers and the AFC north of the Beaver County times Chris. Thank you so much for the timing as dominant as the Big Three were for the Steelers it just. It kind of never really get the you know where with Pittsburgh laid a foundation have a dominant wing and the cannot. You know there is comedies in Miami plain hard at Pittsburgh stallings from the so to speak but. In the blow that did lopsided score the game seemed a bit closer than the score your thoughts on the matchup and of course this week going to Kansas. Yeah the score was you know it looked like going to blow up there are yours scored twice burst. On the first three possessions and but the student who went by you know thirty or forty point it didn't happen in. That put up the that a little bit but I think there are and happy to do that period that run game maybe they'll. Thank and a grind out a victory I think that's kind of been there and about that. Doing their their eight game winning streak Utley go about getting it make it possible. You know I've they would like it one you know while larger market and any time and what game. You know do it and it went in yet. That's where he didn't can city. You know I could beat Purdue beat back again for a second time knows that game against Miami the first and Lago bella played well in and said that. Franchise record for rushing yards in particular that are happy with what. He's done but that another count to exit week in and it'd. That you came that you know it that with second ranked in the history of Serbia game. Now are Chris I'd say that very similar. You know at the Packers. When you go winning streak it is a game of streaks would you be positive or negative. But you look at the Packers winning streak to look at the Steelers once those rattle their eighth straight victory. They have to be playing a lot of comets as swagger considering. And it wasn't that long ago you'd think it was two different seasons but it was in the same season worded Dolphins. In barriers them but then you look. A Jai the only gets 33 yards on sixteen carries where. Mean when that long ago where he got 200 plus yards I mean that's amazing to me how the Steelers though quickly turned around things defensively. Against Miami's attack. Yet had been transformed defense since week six when you're in Miami they've added three youngsters the expert on draft pick. In the starting lineup they can't they're outside linebacker. But Dupree had been on that the public for the first at the C game there and you know you've been sitting out there or irritation. And now or should keep Patterson and to prevent plank put our percent defense snapped an even at thirty years old Derek Jeter and continue to do. Beat father time. You know it's not a great defense by you know any stretch it's not know that this stoker which Purdue. Yours test but it's a very good defense that's putting it that well all. At an opportune time for the Steelers. Now why you double any distractions grizzard formula to go a couple of things. Now the status would you being around his burger you know would his foot with a walking boot and let that even come into play and then also when would Porter. I mean is that any kind of distraction I mean he's almost. At times acts like a player in instead of coach. I don't inspectorate equipment to reporter tactic sometimes like a player that coach we mastered or awkward game at Cincinnati where it went on. Antagonize them Pacman Jones and about as perfect and it paid off and that in that situation at the tour were. Were able to get the victory but that a guy he does have a little bit of maturing to do yet you're 39 or did. Five years removed from an playing date you play only. Like Tom earlier today that is not going to be a distraction and I don't think it will be do it or team that. That it had many controversy and distractions don't look at kicker with respect to the league alum Davis Ryan and you know other things like that but that. Yeah I can do it we had put that behind him and Roethlisberger has sport is that. It's what it concerned yeah I don't suspect that can be a problem Mike Thomas didn't mention it. Great post game remarks after and to win so yeah they expect him to be back and yet Ben Roethlisberger yet the history of not. I imitate that. Is that it is infrastructure that do that nobody. Color you are in the Steelers and AFC north of the Beaver County times Chris Bryant Chris enjoy the game it's leaking. They are like to continue around the league mixed. The Texans when they move on to take on a new wing man that is coming up on a Saturday here on WWR and Willis and that was a Texas with the Houston Chronicle and and these Houston team they are short on defense. How can they manufacture a given the points system around what doing in this week. Well we'll have to. Run the football over effectively enough to stop over in its pressure on Tom Brady in. All these years and and I mean at the top seeded features the fortunes in for a reason. And that's why didn't picture it can point favorites what should the highest. Point spurt of the ninety Vikings over the years on the cardinals' divisional round game. Well you out but it is the NFL in obvious you are not a ball's gonna bounce again it would be a major upset to say the least. But look at it Aaron the taxes as organization. Their leader quarterback now Brock a smaller. In their first well big east is 2012 season and you look us all offers. A career playoff game he actually got a chance to play where in. Damn well know you know they went with Peyton Manning but it wears off swallow right now I mean Izzy take the approach already got the money because of their contract. The pressure is he should be any pressure on him silly because. Sure ball exactly go out there wing it and play. Why exactly. I don't think there's pressure on him and more inning then he hit some of you know really. Need to be solid young yet to win and he comes back I think starter anyway. Acceptable when he went on you know what I think he'll be controversial term and coming back and starter. He can do that respectable game you know he's gone. Sounds. Ridiculous but it's a feather in his cap he's talking like you mean about it hurt worse. Which I believe he would regain he's in an exception. Yell at or over like. But the big streak for them. Yet you know. I guess Aaron people have to be optimistic going for about especially with the dual and defense and a good Javed today being clowning Whitney Marcellus. McKinney. In the and you throw and JJ watt is nowhere else to go but up when you are number one defense but that's got to be excited going forward with in the you have the bookends both healthy. That being clowning GGY. My expectations of me in the connection. You didn't Clinton Kevin Johnson back to corner you know why. Wouldn't merciless I mean they have a deep at that party top ranked. And I think it you know you look at what they would have. You know with all of those and those visuals. I think to be amazing. And wasn't going to Texans for the Houston Chronicle Aaron thank you so much in dog the division Iraq. It I like we stop when we start with the Kansas City Chiefs in with the Kansas City tease about vesco sixty in Sports Radio Casey Bob. A big run now in Kansas City they feel like they're ready to me you think this match so we read anything into the first matchup between the Steelers and Chiefs. You know in any previous matchup has any bearing whatsoever on what's happened on Sunday afternoon but I know that. Players will remember I was talking with all that quarterback what boss night. And he would tell me you know you know these guys think about that game won the games start on Sunday but they're gonna remember this week they're gonna add that at eight of their bout. If they do get out there are evenly Ian Bell's that it immediately agreement suddenly for Pittsburgh has. You know we know that we felt that that was to Miami get ready. Predict game that other and he'll grow up getting ready to skate so I don't think it to determine what happened on Sunday but it is going to be the look the cheeks player they. They can read all week league and the game. And Bob don't you think is the kind of gain that and obviously you won this went in to move forward to get truly. Recognize an outcome of the quarterback Alex and account like Matt Ryan with the Falcons then. That you you almost to be in a certain group that you have to win these cutting is obligated. Each gain PG as a starting quarterback as one is suitable like Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger. So that this is important gave Alex been in his career where he's at with the Chiefs. Yet bit ago. We talked about that today show actually execute and be eight seed in the final game. Possible he will probably extremely well achieve what people remember this game they will remember the range but he was out there is horrible a couple of interceptions. In the game don't get by Alex missed speed and possibly his tenure here in the city because of the real bad. Day. You know or Alex and at the top all walks beat Gaby how do you go between seventeen and Alex Smith of the quarterback beat them the way he played. The spectacular play in the postseason guys who changed on all are averaging just under thirty points per game. When he quarterback that in the postseason early but that really good number they score a lot of points. It only they have the ability to do that with Travis Kelsey Tyree kill them the other guys that they are at. I expect outs let it be did did the guy that he's been kind of all the longest at a steady guys gonna put in the position with a. It's AFC divisional round Sunday here on WWR radio Kansas City in attaining Pittsburgh three and number two about Disco cover the Chiefs sixteen Sports Radio Casey Bob. How can be cookie but we do on social media. Used follow me on Twitter at Bob that's very simple. Bob thank you so much for the time. They've I coming up next here it is lab coverage from a Chicago as president Barack Obama gives his final speaks to the nation. And about four minutes in 2.2 tickets and the television said he will have live coverage and four year and then later on after. We have president makes his final speech we will have Christian Garrett and T about David take your feedback and double coverage sports and more that is coming up next. These are doors of all QB QB. Those will be closer. To the week in a divisional play the condemned the recruiting and also get too caught up LSU basketball tomorrow night at 7 o'clock thanks so much to. Chris Miller on the news all of our sports there and of course more mental now on the ability as always job by the KJ came in Bobby a bad bunt the way you lay soul that night people. It.