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"Go For Two" Episode 15 - The Playoff Preview Edition

Jan 3, 2017|

T-Bob and Seth are back for a New Year's edition of the podcast as they but a bow on the regular season and preview Wildcard Weekend. Plus, they discuss coaching changes, Sean Payton's status, and if the Saints have reason for optimism.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight go for sue podcast will. A big bear and Zach Dunlap. And happy new year everybody happy twenties haven't seen. A better year. Oh well yeah I mean look I edit their 26 he was no great in my opinion though it's probably just say it. In reality it's just that what you're limited. So tortured out there may be wrong maybe towards and you we'd better. Maybe he works on an amusing idea that could throw. I guess from my personal experience I am too much an issue with the with with with the last year. But can be better record shows no yes yes that doubt that. It is true yeah the holidays did to us a little bit. Yeah and apologist for ray but we're back. Shot head into the playoffs here. It's episode I guess eight or seventeen missed a week but were heading into week one of the playoffs recording us on Tuesday January 3. Twice 17 am I'm so I'm at peace team Bob Hebert gives call on Twitter. I mats at Dunlap he's at T Bob 53. Certainly share the show it everybody gonna have a lot of fun with us throughout the playoffs to wrap up. Between seventeen season and T Bob you know I was mentioning that the final week. Usually NFL football's really sat right usually have a lot of playoff races undecided yeah up to have that this year yet the one spot in the NFC that could've been. A little intriguing had a Washington won their early game but it didn't so everything was basically wrapped up other than that Seattle or laugh of the second seed. In the NFC. And switch and the data handled correctness era and the Oakland and count against Adams in thing over a million. Yeah yeah yeah it was I mean it was the I said he said oh there's a pretty exciting. Final rally on its out come. Which it is a better on that beak weighs. You know dirt during Thanksgiving. Gordon that weakens gains it was so made -- sixty over 66 fortunately he was right there in the playoff race. But it should tell. By the N com. The guess. Really did it take wait for me as far as the outcomes from the weekend it's the continued dominance. Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay Packers I mean here you have. Very good they are terrified for anybody drastically him right now. Eight it Aaron Rodgers during this six game win streak eighteen touchdowns zero. Interceptions I mean night in its team as a whole. Has been night they'd better Aaron Rodgers. Has been. Not indeed better which wild is that it reminds me a lot of the year there Rogers won the Super Bowl where. He was just so high that no team could some of those here in the falcons' thirteen three. And Aaron Rodgers went into Atlanta and maintenance. Of made it look. May look easy and it's climate without even really. Strong feeling contender at the top I mean did that to me this feels a lot like Packers. Or falcons trying to bring them momentum. All the way to supermodel nobody is talking about the falcons well except us we've talked about. But everybody saw cowboys you rhetoric talk of a Packers and they should be over in the NFC in the AFC. The opposite has happened right with a Derek Karr injury nobody. I would say including them talk to you about this split nobody's really. Giving Oakland much wish to make a deep run it. Yeah I mean for Oakland that you just. It's such a bad break did tell you feel for them. Gilbert there car too if he would be able finish of the season could potentially. Be in the best case. Four MVP that now. We'll have to mean if it at least they got the Texans. But do you tell mr. got to be a little frustrating when you go twelve and four and then you have to go on the road on wild card weekend. Release sucks. It'll set you like well what's wild is that. It feels like the text that favorite now. Because of the quarterback position of the corporate situation I say. In Oakland GM maybe in a playoff game that aka. We have to get over it the aggregate of the deep run them. We might have expected to release went although I gotta say. Is now means that my AFC west predictions. Were spot on that one too deeply Broncos. Play I think you've got the entire AFC playoff realistic. Yeah probably pretty shortly yeah I think. That. Although I nailed the entire street without yeah. No that's usher actually I didn't I have errors which. Let's get to our biggest stories alliance would have made considered it. Our alliance. Ended the season that has disappoint as you could have three losses in a row. And now they have to go to edit to Seattle is done. Made the play. And the play us and we have this dark harsh. Playoff team to begin in the and the Seattle team is not nearly as scary as previews so we'll get to that and everything but what's your biggest anti public is obviously. Predictions. Like we said it's uninteresting because we saw most of this playoff field coming wave back. In week one of this season you know the entire. AFC playoff field had pretty much chocolate in the NFC except for Carolina. Carolyn see him and buts but yours truly a bear had both Detroit and enemy in the playoffs are Cuba Cuban food. He approved food there about Detroit. But yeah I did not the Atlanta it was really did so I was dead wrong on planet as a goes dead wrong on. Carolina eight the didn't. Out of the thugs tritium and the it's also one of the seats where I had know this sounds really dumb there's been a lot of jokes made about this. But it has been a seasons. Or if this has been an era of sports Wear these long struggling teams these franchise that never had true great success. Well there at the top now they're they're they're winning championships and Egypt Egypt when you deal about that too they are the veto one Super Bowl and their history but for the vast majority of their history gave Mary pour franchise so. That has nothing to do it on the field that you should take evaluated that it from me by. For whatever reason for me it makes the falcons a little scarier heading into the playoffs. But I don't know man and I am still figured Matt. The Packers now look like the team you just 100% do not one Q. To have to play it and look don't I guess it was a bomb giants either right. Yeah and that's actually the Packers flowing it's a game predictions and breakdown the games are a little bit but my storyline was is everybody's been talking about the last two days handicapping the playoff. Field in general I'm guessing that both of us agree the patriots of the prohibitive favorites here this year. Yeah fourteen in two NFL record for touchdown interception ratio. Tom Brady potentially your MVP. It's. Him and he hit this man between touchdowns 22 interceptions. That Saddam spring and we will that's Aaron Roger and thirty at 39 years old. Or no it's quite literally better demand Rogers because it's the best touch senator saturation it's ever been turned and it felt mr. So look Tommy I don't know how Brady continues to do it where the patriots Belichick it's like death like taxes yes they they're the favorite. Born on this okay who should who should they most be afraid of give me or. Number two number three other conference. So really set out Al the NFC. Although a degree in nursing staff this morning I'm Andy is to Renault and Lambeau Field and play off. So it will be looking your three victory. I pick ups that are able. OK okay see on the go down there and give it all oh wait you were ordered him to be premature. The Packers agitated six cities that are really threatening. The falcons what holds me back in May be their defense I saw just don't think cowboys he'd done which maybe I'll end up elegantly immediately that but NBA you know. Curious about element let me ask you about that so you've been a cowboys non believers since we get yeah much to me why. It's why it's just it's supplied just as they have a rookie just because they have that you or let it be. Has another offensive lineman street. And I are talking I'm even talking pre salary cap blog guy owns them. Yeah it I don't have the knowledge based in to the question I don't think right I mean my that that's a match race so wise or. Concerns you may have about that. No I mean look I. I think that it's helped them get to thirteen and three pass I think MIA dowdy of debt is even a bit. Man this engineers is otherworldly. I have no real logical reasons like I said beyond. It's a rookie or recognized negative into its equipment to buy you he has not given me any. He is given that case. Any weight behind so like I am not in a metric to argue anyone else should feel how I feel an event they'll. I'm actually really take the easy way out and just play in the hot because the odds are the cowboys don't. When is it looks at is how it goes I mean you only only one team Canada does bunched. Says that's that's our fills up very convincing his lover's strong. But in the end I just don't think beard but I don't think they're under big a mighty close. I don't think if I it favors Packers cowboys tomorrow or Tuesday. In that. In Texas Dallas. That's your question. Now Packers are here right those got a good I'm. I know its target audience Aaron Rodgers and then I wouldn't be spelled out what these acts first playoff game. It was well remember oh yeah I'm likely going to be his first game because it could happen always Seahawks are playing certainly that Detroit isn't there upsets them unlikely could happen. But if that doesn't happen like most people don't expect it to. That means Dallas would either hit the giants for the Packers in their place to change that policy which are to be twice the pack is not a single. Now on the giant ones almost bit less intimidating no good you've already lost twice in the lowest it's really good hard team twice well despite. It's almost impossible to beat a thirteen and three team. Three times in the same year that that would be pretty absurd so I have seen in my disease giants over. The Packers but either way I. I don't think Dallas is. Going. It regent a million. U countless kids out there. Yeah Ingrid speakers because I'm not back this up with anything of value but Steve you're not gonna win. You go obviously patriots won Packers. They're chow the biggest challenge of its threat as I'm talking global scene that's where you terrorism. Potentially. Maybe it's Aaron Rodgers effect in Al Hadi is in the al-Qaeda as it's him out last April where I would. You call with the Packers when out of the AFC the cheese and Steelers also feel a bit stronger media achieves the haven't have a feeling of a team like. This is our year rebuild on the elevator got kind of game where were redeem bin. And knocking on this door pushing their finely. Something feels different I don't know what it is immediately the exact same as other Andy Reid chief teams this feels like most solid team and in the view of the Steelers is. As much time of the Packers Beanpot. It was Steelers team that has won seven gained zero. Is he was four and five and out efficiencies at 115. This team that we picked to make this Super Bowl for diseases started may have. The best offense. Or maybe not the most explosive offense in the playoffs is that I think is as high as I guess that actually would be out at the highest ceiling yet whose diligence has all the haven't been. Last or five weeks but they have show Medicare is in and I guess it was usual I mean for Thomas those offenses Atlanta and what they've been able do it's been. Pretty absurd there as well but big game has won two super balls in this fast break up. Let him bell I don't know of anybody who grew as a back of him though he's well enough and the playoffs nobody it's there's a Dodgers and her like Antonio Brown in the east I mean is Julio Jones so I yeah I. Steelers and she's almost feel more threatening than anybody in the NFC this. It does it feels like going back tees where in the anise seed is new in. All. Some as yet this year idol it's the a true. Scary threat coming in Tennessee. We've of course we thought the cops that a couple of years ago on the patriots and CEO. Of one match him to seek a role that's added yeah. So you never know you never now. For my money though I'm still. I think we count was prohibitive favorites in the NFC even with that. I don't think Seattle colon and beat them you've got way too many problems. On the offensive line I think it's actually for Seattle they didn't get the week I was thinking about this and talking about this with that Albrecht yeah you know it's a great hometowns vignette here. Now remember brats and nobody falls podcasts big four Stan pockets with the 49ers and is that he can't be trusted at all so devastated right now is actually literally here's my phone to about you literally texted me about that we want to head coach and you know that's become a yearly tradition for Ford manages its not occurred this is the third year row where they have fired their head coach after week seventeen months ago. Three for three ugly at that point he was telling me and I never thought about that I was. That they missed offers by executive forum because they've been playing so portly. They didn't want the week off. And it is that this is that it though I am I. The head is that is them at least in zone if I've ever heard that mess now. I think all players wanna buy two get healthy to get ready. He had time to gauge it to get prepared I'm and I think that it's like what I'm saying Grammy better because sometimes teams to use seemed to. Do better when they don't have any time off and they run. Straight in the while car but I figured you ask any player in the NFL which it would rather. IE I have Ceres to how many years say out you were real. Ed I think almost to a man everybody. Would have one and a bye weeks congratulations on itself and the bullet and I'm here on ourselves a little bit there by. Animal water imported toward I didn't they win. Do they win efforts. Seahawks via a reliance. On your area to arguments now. I don't know Allen would patriots this man I mean that the old age old question I would stick it to feel that the field. But you have to write because of this that the odd that the fact that even a question. Shows you just out dominant even though Edwards about winning streaks lately it. The Packers credit for six Steelers strippers and who else won seven Euro. Zone and therefore keep. Speaking of streaks. Patriots. Won the scoring defense championship audience it's really points out the season first time in years ago. Announced that Brooke than. He that's a little scarier because I had no idea. It's easier than the Patriots defense is always. There are always under the radar like there are always better when the credit for Africa's Tom Brady and Belichick kind of outshine. What order they take headlines. But it then it's different even in most years I did Hauser defensive. Texas I mean Belichick's defenses are used for. An LA and they are undervalued but they're not normally see. First lead but the reason they're not. Best is because they have so much caps the office and Brady receivers. This year with some of the receivers that departed and get a chance. At a couple pieces by the way. In the gallery following mills. Michael Floyd amount Michael what you'll hear. And he like directory people via instant. Classic patriots. You had a super duper do you like by the way it's not a joke he got something like a that super duper its way did you see his it was a bad yet what if I go altered it's something ridiculous like super light super maximum of super altered DW. The page because it was more than three times. It's it's accurate it's like once your past three times and yet but the game. Talked about that actually completely okay. With the patriots. On this as it state a very bad mistakes. Obviously something that as an adult responsible adult human should not do there and he should take responsible. That's means. Ostracized him. Out through the busts this that was very repentance. He's a great talents other than this mistake he's not its natural state that is. Life. College or professional so. Just sometimes via. The nets. And the optics pile on as. Well yeah. A look at states. Just like when I got. Do you get your private college and 100 takeaways aside it was late thank god that. It's going worsen avenue her myself for hurt anybody else done and get off light now big key is can you learn from that. Can you nature to never. Made a mistake in the future and I think for again and and really the worst Friday part of me in the aged speaking about was actually cardinals cut him. But -- that I had to do more within with having just the arrests that led to do with lack of production Syrians. Frustration kind of with the dolphins as a whole and the page editor push route scavengers and the strike. Once again be delegates as far as Floyd goes one of those situations where you're not going to be able to recover year reputation immediately that comes over time. It comes did not getting in trouble again for an amount of time doing the right being in. Maybe you know maybe negating actively involved and talking and people teaching class or something like that. And then Floyd can be I guess acceptable in the general public guy once again. Our its outlets and move on analyst we can be remove a little bit differently. These are working out of a new law different studios yes here's. Here's a week in review. And I see this one or review the firings this week for Oxley cape post season tradition in the NFL a lot of them. A couple of big names obviously. Coach Kelly I thought would stick. It was gone along with trend Melky in San Francisco. I was probably name Johnson had a white people were saying this was surprising. Mike McCoy and Sampras or San Diego's lead I would achieves. Year after year and I realized what happened this year with close any seasons and always do here for them. Players said they were all shocked I was especially for a franchise that. Maybe moving soon. Just seems like they needed you to refresh refresh button. Yeah and it takes surprising view are I mean of course you had Gus Bradley. The previous week you've got chucked it on the news as of this recording. Still in limbo. I guess there's few other balls I mean drop dominos may fall but it's it's kind of a quiet. That we so yeah I think. It was in the MM QB where aired this that there's a real black Monday as a black December his guys are getting fired at a time the Bryan Brothers ardea fired the artistry or whatever rock writing was already in the wall he said for Gus Bradley. Others some interesting got to imagine I'm still intrigued by the Sean Payton. Situation and that he went on air yesterday and said. When asked can you unequivocally here can you categorically deny that you wore like our league are you going to be the saints had complete seasons and he said. Yes my plan as of now are like the plan is to definitely an invented the plan well. That leaves you guys there's that would lately and that's Smart Alec I I don't. I don't believe it's Smart to 100% leave yourself no out and commit to some because you never know how. Deals are gonna change nothing's gonna shake up I still don't know what way. Would have to offer. For patent but look at saints 37 in nine seasons in a row. Jeff Fisher had like 35 in his twenty years as bad as Fisher was and did people are very very upset that we are we sedatives weird alternative to a name synonymous on the big deal. It was kind of a big deal to the saints because of the context. Because of the mediocrity of the past few seasons and now you're four or five years. At 79 but as far as fired goes RTL. Ticket sale now and that's locally relevant here the podcast I actually. This 79 season for shopping and the reason that I'd. Didn't think well personally fared at the tiger extension but the reason that it's just felt different to me like I wasn't. I didn't feel the angst and the ire about the seven season like we did the last couple years because of the improvement was on towards second half of the season because of the defense that seemed to gel little bit the young guys who have and the young talent you have around resuming office in the future. Pretty darn bright. I guess the only frustrating part it is. You had by four the number one offense in the failure agrees with his best seasons in 2011 a year which you knocked on the door of the suitable. You were the only offense ever heard the second ever off into the 5000 yard passer. 2000 yard receivers and it fell back the only other all of its. Was the Broncos 2013 what do they do they may be Super Bowl so to be doing these incredible things. And come out of it at seven and online. And but they were talking about improvement on the defense to that is. Varied disappoint I agree review. But it G a Y agreed to this year felt much better but as of thought about it more I hesitate to give too much credit. For comparing like this year's team to last year's team which was just an absolute joke defensively as the roster. News terrible Brandon Browner. I refuse wannabes to funny at the guy who cannot even step on the field now. Because he doesn't owe it to you he was calling every single defensive play. Last season's alike Philly I guess my point is. Do you celebrate. If I take a one what about trying to look for. And turn it to try to help or something like I glass half full year notre not a good lesson like OK like Noah just. If it. If you're improving from garbage. And you just slightly better bet that's all you yours you're you're you're. Slightly better garbage garbage of higher potential and that's may be a bit rough to this. Saints team but. IE AI I just say I feel like I've heard a lot of people may be giving a bit. Too much credit and a maverick. It's like this season stopped the bleeding number that's OK I kind of like this team since that 2011 season regardless of the record it'd be in the same last couple years 30. It's like this team was getting worse and every single aspect including quarterback play including Brees played obviously treatments the offensive line. The play calling and it seems Ike. That almost almost every across the board in almost every single category every that this team. If they didn't get better which indicated most of those areas be at least in your worse they don't like there's one area it's humid hours maybe place kicking. As they have there now actually so bullet taxi and it's a pretty strong he would be muted up well I don't say it amounted to just read it. This morning but he tie it and some seem to record for most Google's me in a year sitting on his lines. He definitely struggled in the middle but he seemed to get it together. And all I we have talked but I greedy but it's still they over. Seven. And remember this was because of the cap situation than my situation this was sent here and also though but that's good that's another problem. I'll also hesitate to give credit for making the best of a terrible situation that you created jitters that's fair it's like it's like redeem the deck. Against yourself that it gets all of the look at what we did would such meager resource that look it's true. Getting fairly. On Craig Roberts in some easily shrewd. Bargain in signing that they engaged in it worked out in May be way. But Hillary in the or had to go to that organ and it was because other groups they missed on terror in the first back to Sean Payton is a wrap up this coach Todd. You. Do or don't think will be head coach. I tried to calm but I guess or just. Put that with an asterisk because so much whether or not you will is outside. Not control itself that we won't hear this I mean it's it's conversations taking place between. Mickey Loomis and other GMs around. Do you think if if you leave and I agree that you will but if he departs do you think it'll be more of he and his agent forcing entry is what happens traditionally this fire with. You now at this site or fired is it trade yeah you take this more Kemp from his camp pushing a trade. Or Loomis Benson. Company feelers out there fueled. I don't know army. I know it I guess it's a mixture vote and in the ultimate deciding factor here won't be desire of any side. It will be what's the offer does somebody just pay kings grants and promised they icy body. Making the LA LA would be making him first round. Our audience is yours has in him for trumped it says mean that that's a major hurdles and sisters a bit more intriguing potentially. I don't know fertilize and maybe this is me and we talked about this on there like how life like the press last year champagne this stuff about equal. I still don't think the job once I could be completely I could be completely misreading the situation but all I read Steve Bob Hope my three needs. My reads right now are the shot patent is now one out Leahy do you see this in turn one actually I like he wanted out last year though and Juliette that forty million dollar contract measles have potholes and sure that the neighborhood in but I think you saw our your friend's house if you if he or sharp and you saw the development of this statement after the there. And the young players you have around and you saw the other options out there which as of right now looks like Jacksonville San Francisco or. Where would you wanna be forget about the money freedom anywhere as they gave you wanna be here Andre that tiger's text. Really strong. Arms and that's where maybe it's outside shot at troll right did somebody offer Mickey Loomis. The king's ransom and then he desert for what it's worth. I do thing. Lot of reasons you just named him you have to get to seventeen as the final maker breaking year because you did Stan you finally stopped the gleam. Now it's time to start recovering Sunday in the fiscal they're actively. Better as a team and it really have a chance to do that with little more money to plea with twits and stronger pieces in play that will be getting older. In any room really look you've got a Ryder direct presentation as a package. Right now in May they continue to be great. So one more year 27 team and then if not we could be looking at the blowing up of the current saint error as we know. I mean for as much as I've been on the man why don't do it well I did say blow it up in the reset but I Isaac reset with reason being that Iceland timetable but they did that. They've they've did not go nearly three years now like this year or nobody. Yes yes I disagree I think that they have in May keep. Major changes trying to. Tried to recover from all the missteps have been made a couple of years which is that they made more missteps. Along the way while trying. They've been doing one of those. Slow rebuild all trying to win as many games as possible type deals so if if if if it doesn't work next year than yes it is time to truly. Load up and honestly I think at almost like you're Brees deserves better at this point it's true let him go. And hammy Peyton Manning moment where you to take over a good team in TV and went suitable. Figured out all right let's move all market 49ers real quick yeah Jed York Kris got to mention an absolute joke yeah in as an owner. So we just power strip a couple of weeks ago. Some of that you see that are now trying to the rest of this family remember this is this family loans she's just the obvious that the president mercies have to have the York's always on the 49ers. Since they bought from the it'd mark. When resistance and is this really is related ninety's out there early 2000. Especially dads are really the most success the York's had been would have bitten the marble. Yeah yeah definitely. So for Jed York should take over the team won the into the Harbaugh era third gear maybe they go to LSU for. It did there should be. Some sort of like. About how this franchise blew up so. On believe complete fast it's like. Think somebody came in and raided it just burned it down they were. You reviewed a franchise that was NFC championship three years or with Super Bowl won thirteen wins and young roster of those three years and young roster with a one of them was dominant defense is that looks like. Like almost ever eight pounds and they continued did it he could've avoided trouble we can you play well and then. When the span of three years he'd like half of those guys are tired despite the fact they're really young. There have discounted try to get out of there are three different coaches now. To actually joke how do you attracting talent head coach to go to San Francisco when. You have displayed at the hair trigger. What would it comes to fired a coach's exit three years in a row you've started running that you Gallagher evercore we're gonna have a good team work with the and you still. Fired. You know you're mr. rob trying to think of the creek Roman out so that separatist who was Rome. Who would New York via their leader and and words like the Seahawks or partnered the end of the rest the FUSB like I Carthage or something you would have to you have to look at in this what I do not know about. I have read a lot about this courtroom is the you have to look at the fall of the western. Roman empire at windy when the gulls one odds that Seattle would be gall. Yes a judge Yorkers in golf Simitis has got a somewhat some barbarian tribes. I'll be a Jed York would be whoever the Roman empire what Roman emperor was at the time and yet Seattle. Com. All the others just all these other NFC west teams even you could say well maybe so but the rams lost minors twice. Yes they tore it down though and and judge George it's just. It is it is a fascinating case study in. May feature mismanagement. An organization that. Involves millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. Others head coach Tressel talked about the future podcast star let's get to our weekly. So. Users. Oh weekly preview. Four and this week wild card weekend you haven't once you number 12 season conference with a week off the number one seed in the NFC Dallas. The to see. You serve the Seahawks their. Wins and now fortunate ones that the guys over it via if you why you look that up AFC ought to get one order of it's the patriots know one seed in Kansas City. After the car injury they retake the two seed over. And so those teams are off this week at home games next weekend we'll start in the AFC with wild card weekend. And Oakland who would have been a heavy favorite in this game and carbon healthy they're road dogs. To the Houston Texans the AFC south champs Houston the four seed Oakland a five seed Houston in two point favorites in this one. And on earth. To accuse them. I just as blank record as miners are on record they don't know it's still up in the Allen announced yet he's thrown up there. That's its main Oakland's Oakland's defense hasn't been enough were obscure Houston and Hutchison's office has been atrocious. And I know SATA football Houston's defense that's a little bit report story right at his office have been absolutely atrocious the quarterback play at least until the switch had been dreadful. But even in the absence JJ watt sees that it's it's been pretty darn solid. And it carried them to another. AFC south championship. Yeah and nine does it does does exist in the JJ watts overrated. Is that the executive got to you have that today at that angle that we got to take our every want people to click on the podcast okay are. I mean the breakdown this one's easier it is comes down to camera owners playing quarterback for Oakland get the whole. I guess all those receivers are argued his hand the ball off forty times dimmer I mean I opt. Still feel like the raiders. Should win this game I guess but. There is such drop off and Tom are going to guide their car who is still in the MVP conversation even with the injury to Matt McCoy and product coach you're having one raiders players said the other day. When cook was taking wraps it is the first time he's ever heard his voice says that snaps for a little perspective. On. How good team feels but getting into it like you said the Texans are really that inspiring. When did they went nine and seven with a team that will be on the field. This week in the raiders have knowledge goods court redwood down maybe with that O line he's that you Ballmer he saw Marc Cooper Michael Crabtree can make kind of help ease the quarterback was I'm not assured that the raiders don't win this in fact I think I would actually. I'm going to pick the raiders to in this cigarette brokerage cover raiders well I slowed Texans as the Texas home. Oh and on the road this season. Everything's back to their car from him although. Home. Office. They're veterans say it's like that Texans. They are a nine in seventeen as they are that you they were late as they are right now. The raiders were twelve and four they lose their quarterback now maybe Derek Karr is worth flight. Six wins in their really six in ten type team by. Mean they're more like a tendency to me they're more like not attending this speaking of offensive line's big a deal lined out there they're right behind. The cowboys cowboys are one than the raiders to. I mean I am so it's I guess my argument comes more down to. Detectives of the least impressive. Division champion once again. And I'm no reason to leave it there and do anything. Israel makes you wonder does Jack Del Rio yesterday came out this press conference and said we're gonna stick by them feel tapers. Off he'd. Some you'd releasing a press office that was I mean I hear you. Who knows in that maybe maybe. You have to do so now he can point out there improbable that it. Certainly via toll diesel keeps growing amount bombing raiders. The rate of error raiders. Are other game in the AFC this week Miami ten points. Dogs to be red hot Pittsburgh Steelers Miami sixty Pittsburg. In order rebound for them some 10. And they are the three cities everybody stop this abuse of little container coming into the season. Ands. And yes. You put that in that category now nobody's crystal at least that's just the patriots factor erroneously. But this is super high considering how well Miami is played. It again he would be a desperate attempt. Oh. Now and in them. Oh I know oh no it's obvious is details. Yes ma'am mores at habits. If Matt Moore was plane we're look delegate two point maybe a pick him I'd fly out of it takes it makes more sense now details as. Did I believe I'll take ten in a playoff game just out of principal principle alone but I do think that I think that Steelers in this game. And now that you guys it's a deficit being about talk about it it's not hard to imagine him really blowing now. It's not. But isn't hard to see them with their recent playoff struggles lose that's the volumes and that's why I guess when we go back to play Elster was living over just look at the earlier in the year. Getting blown out by Eagles like they've been in. Went toward they've been vulnerable to use him really surprising pitfalls grenades get absolutely dominated by a team that is not a team that again. Is all early seasons Steelers this is quite literally. More than two months ago. Now at this point since it may be Dwyane Wade Sicily should in his Steelers here I guess it's a guess we'll take the dolphins plus ten. But I get I don't think I am very worried about the skit. Little did tune up for them because dolphins are a little bits. Kansas City lie really stout. Defense could pass Russian had been relying on the line and play action while Kansas City just which would be the team planned second Albion and dozens and situation. Like Israel is it. The relevant to mean the there's he's guarded success in the media or else. That that's huge for the different Aggies are to be lauded and praised. For the Steelers and Steelers fans to. Mean last few weeks the story lines and Mike Tomlin not could coach and Pittsburgh needs to move on the day they need more. Then a that they need more discipline of. It's interesting both franchises that have had really successful coaches that had this weird. Media hot takes that they've been bad Tomlin and then obviously the Packers Mike McCarthy red assumes that talk started happened over the players around around my head coach but all these incredible runs. All the ribbing about the Pittsburgh one of them having Brad just kind of kicked in and I'd year but he is two weeks ago. It's all there or some whispers about this season yeah but it was in the middle of the way I feel like but it began an artist in the mail this winning streak in and they kind of shut everyone up when they go win. The AFC north so did seven yeah aid it is BS I agree team and the Packers. Another example a lot like get the inning and the Packers set at four and six and the two bat. There was no reason to expect him to rattle off six in a row especially in the dominant fashion. In which they did so that's why they're so terrifying. Is because this is a team that seems to be playing out of its mind. Baltic at Pittsburgh here. And so on dolphins against the spread even them and their quarterback situation how about this in FC north decrease year. The NFC north yet to write with we're lying about actors of ice the vikings vikings five and oh. The team to beat the best all my god this is the vikings here they're gonna be an archived for sure gave. And then they absolutely crumble. Green Day looks good out of the ashes Detroit seemed to rise line up they go and they they're gonna do they were gonna win the division and he. Crumble at the end ended the day that the big dogs the bully for you finally thought you had kind of knocked out or maybe you'd punished him a little bit he was as powerful as he was before he comes back he takes your lunch money again. He stops Matt Stafford back in the locker. And they dream date takes down the NFC north. Scary. I speaking of the NFC north the next game on the docket nearly NFC's number six he had those Detroit Lions. At Seattle's top spot for them it's been fourteen years now socio awesome playoff games doesn't happen. Tenants such written seem like we have the type team gives the has given Seattle trouble tied the team that just loves to throw the ball. All over the place. Which again with Seattle without Earl Thomas in the show goes in the net quarterback spot this year and Astros this year. Towards the end of the season that's what it was joke on the run defense has still been released out. Lions don't do that. Why is royal defense in early ball control style offense. The big but here this is you know it is comes from in this account permit this comes from a proud Seattle home from big Butler ethic and a Butler. Seattle's just. Does not. Look like the same in the apple last year and obviously please. And just. They don't look like they don't even remotely like super. And I thought there was very interesting quote from Reggie Germany ran across and toward the other day that. Kind of said as much where used in his weekly video orient his questions and he's up my Alley and you never know in the playoffs. But you never know you just gotta he has got to get hotter way to better it's kind of one of those things like. Were excited that we're in the playoffs icing it at the big accomplishment if it happened and he goes on to say. You know but were misty and Earl the pearl and about Thomas that it needed silver added he has the he's the corps and other pro returner and number two receiver and mean to admit it is a Seattle home faxes did this would be dumb meat cheese I would be. I would be. It's done that to see them lose this game at this was the red hot Packers let's say the Packers have lost that games. Yet lines last week be much more client especially concerning was shellac English Seattle. In this one Atlanta Atlanta had come to Seattle. You know and they and their first game that would have been that Seattle to see their bit. I feel much more workers Joba be stunned. To seal lions opposite really early struggled this season pretty much throughout the season yes go in there as Seattle museum. It's it weird year for Matt Stafford and the offenses stroke that he. Hasn't really lines in various lines here on like he's done held a job. For having a management team that's 01 dimensional when people are game plan for you. I am going to go completely outside odds and now that lines of the points I would think the lions to. In outrage because they have won one playoff game in the last fifty plus years and eventually eventually. They have to win right they have stayed at that trip at the trip and fall into pentagon you'd pick the toughest wasteland America's. Lectures sometimes. It is the craziest things happen in the oddest situations I guess. Quickly if she were to somehow maker in the play. Well in this Tennessee right how would. Do you see it happening and how would like what. How would this happen with the profits one's mental agility as our plan and there was a lot of talk about this week it was in the some of the national shows that some are saying this time's going to make you were a penalty I don't. You have to be. The absurd Russell Wilson. And I keep yourself if you want to play out of his mind like he did it in the last. Lately he was when you vastly out kind of forced himself and that what's envy people what's under reported. Is Russell Wilson had some. Man playoff moments last three or four years he's been in downright atrocious in some spots. Four interceptions in the NFC title game company oil that they want he goes in the Super Bowl the next game monster throws that are in the spirit of the worst play in NFL history. Well I got here got me to do its. Last year told him last year he goes to Minnesota. Is this Daschle out granite nobody was of their it was admit negative point when she was badly follows that up. With a four pick performance again against Carolina runs last four playoff games it about as bad as anybody's four game stretch in NFL history I know exaggeration. I guess may be why he's getting all of these years what yardage yes the title which the deflects a lot of crews and they want to lose. What is at as much they should have a got Packers game specifically. He played terrible. But when they had do you have it. When it was like the true back in so all this is your final to educate their EVE. Games there in the a lucky Minnesota may view lose all four of those more of an issue by the now that's fast and I just got no idea guy and I'd never. It was not my radar at all what electorates that read proud Russell Wilson. And apologist here and there butts. That's been the back in my mind like is this guy who's been so good his first five years of his career. Exceeded expectations you can turn and when these guys that. Peyton Manning asked where he has been. The trouble in big moments in games and guess you'd say exit is him. Danger us time and CEO. About are finally able to dock it may be the best one of the week. The giants who have. Maybe the second team. It's going to Lambeau in UT's earlier in the show team where Eli Manning playoffs who ought Lambeau. And I think the Packers. If there's one team at a C they would not want to come and beat them. And they get. Should be grateful vote in the slums on Sunday. Ideas though no. Families to. Read our football teams right. Giants with their couple wins against Dallas book ending the season with those. They get to eleven wins on the season witches the second most wins and didn't really needs. Really need to Sunday and they still I mean what what they have been having both Senator Clinton in the kept Eli like very very good team played super hard no one was out there. Dog and they managed did management's like that kind of competitive spear. That it was maybe a bit worried did you unity that is completely bought in and believes bush. I guess when push comes to shove Eli man mean in giant is familiar as the story deals. I don't think I can go against. The incredibly if if the giants are hot the via the Packers have turned tool you know meddling could solo turns lightly at that that White House pets yes they're white that is the Packers. Right now eighteen that's as it takes me it game at home guys to ago. With Rogers. Three and a half point spread here green Bay's favorites at home station recently Vega sees these two teams even on a neutral feel with cal what I see is well. Beyond someone be surprised at all this champion FC in the Super Bowl look I variety you know me I've been on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon got entire season you know I'm gonna arrive without one until it dies. You said that Kansas City kind of feels like the team of destiny this year. They're playing I still think this reminds me it's. Much of what happens. What is he four seasons ago. When everybody wrote off the patriots they had that horrendous start to the season everybody's talking about Tom Brady. He washed up to sign up that would Aaron Rodgers. And then what happens. Now I don't have the kind of stuff reserves officer poems gave them that I didn't there was a second analysts more of a sample size. In the pitcher Aaron Rodgers maybe Abby you're right also appeals to me like it's that are abused appeals to me like be there Tuesday with a suitable. And he was just plain it's it's transcendent level that no one and keep up very similar mentally seasons where did they just got yet know exactly right Joseph vets of as would say to admit it because this is all kind of validating your opinions throughout the entire year I am going to also. Ride in Roger's story and who's the best team file I don't think the three. But questions here who's the best team he's congress playing this week. And Clinton I guess we just kind of talked about it. Yeah. Packers. And I woke ago. Steelers. Good for. You decide shots maybe giants and our that is our weekly preview. Let's get some sucker linesman just to many mice on this table I don't know what's. Where are you might as a series. Soccer lines. Two minimizes. We Meeks meetings the committee meets our rights what sort of one's obvious to me. That Pittsburgh line and said that since. I can't see in the back my mind I just the Pittsburgh going bananas and hold it right this Alex whacked out third and terrible towel down 3810 typing in Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown just ball now let him Belgium live in bill being attends a lot in my leisure easier looking skiers about eyebrows. Porter to it and it looks like that'll basketball player was bill lawyer. Do you think that Wright say these allegations that the fine and good on raji easier. I'm just thinking is he one of those guys who says. Not suspect there you know if he might that have any might be right good good Josh Phelps saying type deal. Ulcers this. It would be. Which means dollar of us. So shut out two jobs and she's here from the court why caesar's sister. Ali why he's such a bad acts that he got made but and so much just internalized it'll. Like any great superior use it to make himself stronger yet. I I could go the giants here as well you know. That and so but it just seems. This seems to obvious. And that's what's got me intro in this moment ago I actually knows. The giants giving three and a half on the road. Again as a police were wise it's human giant Hewlett. Break my golden rule once. In the seven and a half and Seattle feels that way too high. First Seattle is not impressive. Yeah yeah yeah so did La all that's the set all that knowledge over these four seasons this podcast yeah I've imparted on you yeah the one goal. Have you got. You smash it break it candidates. Sharpen up at no need for you were. I need for your gold your money. I have. Matt Stafford in the Detroit line I will say. I love this. If this if the lines to beat the Seahawks outrage in becomes their first home playoff loss in fourteen years. Call him is like doing those things like early in American remember that you don't get a hold me accountable I miss it but if I get it right and I need to be right. But everybody gets it they're gonna win I think it's seven and a half ago. Deals happy for two teams that are probably closer. In talent. And setting makes a big difference closer counts. So. Saint. It's Whitney injures. Lock of the week. Easier. I'll clock here yeah blocked a week now we go to send it to them. My audio week. I guess my boy against Superman I guess Aaron Rodgers themselves can I still think I still think that they win this football but it's. Really low scoring after ominous Aaron Rodgers throws per less than 250. And no touchdowns this year that's cents. In a Packers win. Well at Lambeau completely and I think he made a touchdown I think packers' run for two touchdowns they get to the oval that can be up twenty points and liked when he seventeen football Packers plan. Rogers let's they would and they went quite echoed those two rushing touchdowns itself if you like not even English two rushing touchdowns two field goals Rodgers throws from OK fifty no touchdowns he throws a pick at Lambeau which is extremely rare. The Packers this does not have TB contingent in your locker is then be part of it does Rodgers have one of those she touched. Yes yeah thinks it. If if we're going with yours an area of the game I think he missed exit. Or admire lock coach of the week suit. Doubled his chocolate mostly again nobody's gonna remember this underlines. We are worried. On if you like lions oh yeah life you know. I'm going. I'm operators. That whoever. Raiders quarterback is now in the raiders win. The greatest quarterbacks that are pretty good game in his quarterback will threw for. 250. Two touchdowns. One interceptions at acceptable present is that apparently that's that's it's pretty generic 252 tests interception in that like beaten Eric Bruntlett is in this. Matt we're going man or Connor cook going to get where you're deemed early show and even one as real nightmare for unity that the OK it's OK what do the raiders winning but it getting and there are twelve hour days raiders and you've of the two TDs one touchdown. And bill primal yell. Tom savage. Okay like okay visible technologically wealthy athlete you have people W yeah its guarantee. That these yellows or does he not now the future. I gotta be over it doesn't easily EL as quarterback feels like like. Is their quarterback who you would think he's gonna treat with kid gloves and it would about this the raiders quarterback of a better stat line did Tom savage now. Now. Does that Tucci message because Comsat is your mom is so. I mean Tom savage is mad at the point. I don't you put shipped three our alike are goes it will I don't like visible cameras on idea. Yell or maybe people talking about. Yeah after our Ali like the area that's harsh don't think. You're listening. Locker which it won't be back next week for what should be. One of the more intriguing divisional rounds are seen in quite a while pretty open except for a while I mean you may even get access them like the raiders going to patriots I'd be able to what do you think on the whole. Real quickly sixteen season. Season regulation I actually thought it was. These were in close most boom on most intriguing. Regular season long time to speak as. Of the wide open nature at least one conferences the NFC who did not know from week one who is the best team. In Brazil in this conference we started off thinking it was. Arizona Carolina Seattle right that the triumvirate. Of the NFC we called that I'd be and we moved on and after five weeks I was the vikings right Iraqis would like the best team. That didn't happen would back to Seattle I think Seattle went 72 in line at which valeo the Seahawks team looks like it's another title and any team that went out the window. That we went over the cowboys are that bandwagon gap note in the we're off that bandwagon and we're back on like the Packers and. That's an injury this has been made constantly shift team. Look at the Connolly shifting now landscape here. So great from the U I think on the whole is pretty good com I'm just completely disinterested. Yeah that does is that that will. But then again. I guess to argue against that it's you can tell that we're finally out of the the post Manny they're there are some new faces. Well. Actually earlier but I guess it's just the AFC west feels different this year with the raiders finally being good again in the chiefs now not being good looking like you really. Strong contenders did dolphins making the playoffs which arriving was certainly unexpected especially started the year. ANC cell range just you know as an interesting division in all of football what you did to the titans. Come on you titans finished 97. To help accomplish you know what this feels like two or that I can see this feels like. Four men and all the rights and he had that that really great rivalry and battle. The that everybody looks forward to in the AFC and then finally Foreman retires and there's no challengers and. But it's a weird way though it makes the kind of long for Tom Brady to. It's. Not. I want and I ate a challenger to like maybe it's a big men arising from. Alex yeah. Where maybe brace his English is close enemies once again continues to do I still arsenal back to. Almost like if you offered the fight youth fueled and the patriots but he gave me like. It became the portrait odd here and I would if you give me the patriots and the cowboys. That would yeah that's. As a more fair question and I still would not just because. The odds considerably cowboys. That's kind of at the cop out from Kabul the ones. No women let's say that's no that's oh but I think that take you have to do I think it's if you're you're going to preview still had eight. Statistical disadvantage there are out of this out of the patriots in the entire AFC field that patriots. Can't. Catch him because chiefs and Steelers I think we've both period. Doral one day and be right now about on the hair. I Obey abolish it made blue. What's it been a grand reserve is positioning Agrium preserve that one. Are able to hate the patriots take the deal. Excellent shake aren't pound. Our show yeah it was a funny. Lots of fun year and he's going to be fun playoffs. I'm Seth teased you about follow us on Twitter announced that Dunlap isn't he about the three please share the show with a everybody. But notes out there when nor had a lot of fun you can hits on Twitter please let us know what you think. We do have an email if you like to email us as well it is 2042 podcasts gmail.com. Podcast at gmail.com. For team Bob and everybody here in the repeat that to him. Or counts. Happy new year everyone. You have run out of during the holiday season and now we are back. To decried all the Telecom this weekend in New Orleans coming out where it regional actually. Yeah or try to Rio likes internment Saturday. Limits raise we'll see this as Oakley for us. I mean years of Washington. For him. Residents with. Prepared as well. We've actually had him up here in the three WL. That was. Goes before a guardian to the galaxy yeah shows in the edition for guardians of the galaxy. And we really knew him from admiral on Walking Dead. And on. Then Angeles. Part German court. Okay Jeff girth that I can. I. No don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't don't. I'm going home. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay.