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11-4 6:10pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints-Titans with Drew Brees

Nov 4, 2015|

Bobby & Kristian take calls on the Saints-Titans matchup this Sunday, and Bobby goes QB To QB with Drew Brees.

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Several five rock and roll our three year of sports talk WWL I am FM in dot com along with the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic coming of this our. QB to QB was Saints quarterback Drew Brees looking back at the giants' victory look ahead to this Sunday's matchup with the one and six. Tennessee Titans since their opener against Tampa Bay. They've dropped six straight and a marked Mary Odom back in the line up at practice today for the New Orleans are few before the Tennessee Titans in the world Saints. Nine players and all missing practice as you heard there in the sports flash from mark Menard a full list on line for yet. As did a google.com fortieth in a phone calls also the 20/20 national champs you've game here in New Orleans I was announcer on Saturday so and a positive. News event for the city New Orleans now you get that suitable bombing. Yeah got to get the soup bowl win. He never wanna be competing. Went in cities like building and use the Atlanta Lannan Minneapolis yeah well that's the standard now learn that couple years ago when they. When he put in a bid in Minneapolis ended up getting. For the suitable. He's got avenues data that's at a cost a billion dollars I kind of figured now change obviously if someone else abilities the human. 12023. And yet they have a shot there I think because those guys yet because the pin Atlanta's gonna get the next one. I am in Miami. Indianapolis. New Orleans got to put the bid for the I think the twenty. Need to tweet when he lead only evidence that that was giving Dallas the eighties laws. And you that you want to but I against Miami and against. Indianapolis nothing I think the world right now has the advantage of that. That's I think we kind of figure out like 22 victories yeah and then I little daddy all the way up in. Cincinnati a little daddy. I. You know. Well covered. It and and you know Detroit. In the fourth. And you. Can play. In. To. But. Quarterback the quarterback. Well so. He. Well. Or the pro. Write it out you know that it's amazing. You know is having success that a and it ready. That from all of the bridge in New York cow with yet with the Jets. And look at his versatility and a but it is goes to show you Chris is Steve gallons in muted. The top five cornerbacks passer rating Lyle. We reverted Josh Norman right we Carolina number one. The realm Revis pulled the Carolina by the way coastal Carolina fifth round pick yet on the coast the regulars who. You know in that darn now I nights out nut he's not listed on the Alley cats and the medical full Carolina. That coupled who yeah. But Chris salukis leaving heavy jogged over the top passer rating while Johnstone noble and Darrelle Revis them at two guesses that with three and had a Patrick Peterson. He robbed Patrick rob that is right and has been playing outs saying it showed me with a David Krejci. That means we developed him into net now now you look at top safeties. And how about this when. You look at top safeties in the NFL this season against is them lightning enclosed are as it is close. Oh Thomas. Now averaging a that's right Malcolm taking and stumbled blindly eight point self on the loan and Campbell at safety now. While things than we while we get so down in now. Because he couldn't make the big interception. All and you look at it looked like he is I guess I hair are speculating again. Gays are remember. Him in Roman Harper that Dan 49ers playoff game in 2011. Well we took the lead twice in the five minutes. It was third forever and Vernon Davis who's now with the Broncos beat Malcolm Jenkins. A great way to put a man to man but he got beat over without. And it Roman Harper in that red zone but Roma's TV is this still a liability to look at a big play he came nobody has the Colts. When looking ladies deputy batted the ball up. New people in is that that it's so. I don't know we've develop those guys in Iran I believe was leaders and being able Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins but I don't know according Robinson's. Doing with the Cowboys and out. But pat Robinson has. Line. And you know he was one though and the ball in his hands. He would catch yet. I nights where it would make dinner says now I remember talking Patrick Robinson last year and he really I think the biggest issue with him was confident right. I mean like the you know that you could see that the skill he knew what to do you is he just played a little timid. Maybe maybe San Diego got about a that. Now and another play document would Jenkins. Because I guess it was Chris Ivory and other things where we've played the Jets. The Jets. It was a that there are past two yard does all these bubble screens and we lost that game yeah and our member Robert on. But that rod. Was a great ones that would add was it rob. Went when they play the Jets yet that no one that Chris Ivory Lhasa that Sosa was twice that was toy thirteen LOR Bryant yeah his first year. Rob Ryan's the perfect defense there's not a good thing is right there. We will be inside the five yard line into detail on that area by putting is to make the tackle to be elected to the three yard gain gain 37 yards but I much of Malcolm Jayne is the Eagles you don't miss any tackles. He's been out. Talk about Pro Bowl Malcolm Jayne is doing them make it all rope and Eagles lighten. Mike him or aero you're on the B to go hey Mike. Hey Mike T there. Yeah M and didn't. Oh actually when a question about. It. They're great and then he told them yes. I mean in. Are there. And probably. It's partly and some in a note and he's not a players' action and being on the. Yet you would think Kevin Steele and coach Saban has been I'm sure a number of the bits of meetings because. Coach Saban is a defensive back and if you look at his background so. I'm sure now that cat and mouse game. And you know who truly. When he trying to. Set a certain play out. That would save and say well another's how quick Kevin Steele think in yet inane and and help out and vice Versa how about Coach Kiffin way and vice Versa exactly. When all of a sudden. Coach Cam Cameron and could steal it in have a conversation. That this is what coach Saban likes to do it's there's situations. But you know I mean if you. Put the players even with those tendencies are nice Wright and we will know that Bobby bit the player ultimately has to go out there and executed. You know you can you can give them you know you can give mullah Tennessee's all looks ala. Hey this is what the tells arts so cliche quicker in the r.s to one yeah I was trying to not to go there and I you get at it and did. Did wanna get cliche. But anyway mile might I think you bring up. A good point. That you know maybe Kevin Steele can provide some valuable insight to LSU's offense but also don't forget now. He cut his teeth if you will learning under Knicks Davidson Nick Saban can provide going Kiffin with some insight like this it's their defense basically. So is there an advantage there I don't know. And a I don't I mean it was advantage him the only reason Sean Payton against coach bags. Woolley pitted Giants Agassi not that that's a slant delicate than it goes back to the companies and last week with with Scott Shanle basically telling me because he played under Spagnuolo and 220 you remember that year. We all do. Historically bad defense and respect he described Shanle describe a Giants defense to me like this. Unsound. Completely. And he said he told me last we'd like you watch it the offensive line holds up. And he's our quarterback like drew aces that spells trouble for guys like breeze coming down you know going to work on your defense is it. I'll goes to as far as to say hey look I think there's probably going to be some sort of offensive records set he didn't know why but he's like it wouldn't surprise me. And low on the old he's a prophet and it was a there was a little there was a seven touchdown passes. 500 plus yards. Thirteen touchdowns all but eight it's just gonna say it looked like Bobby tell me. Drew looked like he knew exactly what the coverage was pre snap every time. Yeah well if you dictate. You know controlling the coverage would his eyes and in the ball coming out on time. And then when he's on fire he was on fire. Just felt so confident that's why they don't want dominant saudis kind of stuck them in the fog we should it was at 37 just took off and run. You know easily because he felt like I can get the ball in the tournament no matter what now is one Cromartie added I interceptions. Yeah Marcus Colston and I'll think we'll find it easier touched them mentally and on Sunday you know as the clear boss the governor watched that on NFL game pass and I'm looking down on. There was some clear confusion in the Giants had it like I am like that it Devery Henderson and Patriots Patriots via. Nuclear but at age thirty yards that was Jimmy Anderson's call he can do the backstroke. Into the end zone from there he body of our Kristian garic as a sports talk on WWL. Coming up tonight at 7 o'clock it's less miles show that'll be a good one. LSU and Alabama this Saturday in Tuscaloosa also. Double coverage at the last mile show set the last filling in for me I meant for the ability and tonight. The line to open a 504260187. Tech's 878 and about fifteen minutes away from QB QB with Saints quarterback Drew Brees but in the meantime. Back to the phones sitting coming to hasten the. How are you a good news in. What question I. Eat. Didn't. Of Ricky Martin ankle money by by this undue. That. Glory that. Kind of fumbled it and ran it in part. In NFL history. It. I don't know valley had to think that there are one of rare company yeah I don't angle. I know at saint sister units though precedes it yet never happen. Rio and I. Was it 1980 team won its fifteenth season he blog and against the golf via its. So. I've I was a bad I would say they're probably. And me only haulers accommodation to do that. One more question. Aren't you can narrow. Well it can't be die again if he coolly sank when you do a professional. Football. Are. You know. It's essentially simulate that. He's he is to put up the numbers right and and Ritson out yet and he's a great story and he certainly inspirational. But. He's not deserve being on based on Mack the attitude and look at the criteria and it takes to get an up and that's where they. Why because if you really truly look at it now if he would even say he's not deserving that now they can have different. I guess achievements are as far as inspired moments different franchises. And in mine I'd be on the level of Steve Gleason. But I guarantee in his ship called the 32 NFL teams. They've had these kind of moments. And Gayle sayers the negotiators. Only playing seven years never yeah Bryant song yet. Brian piccolo and out so I mean if you look at all the organizations. They would have great few good stories. Like Steve Gleason and his scenario. But. The thing is having knowledge and I think that's good enough with these silly because let me put a statute you know outside and you know another players and they it was a a big part of the Saints in the dome patrol to showing what they thought of them. Sam mills Carolina ability that Carolina build a statue of Sam mills. Whitney played 34 and yeah I mean all her thought that highly of Sam mills and even. Always say Sam mills junior is still in the Carolinas. Carolina coaching staff really yes another's yes he looked look account is goes and Sam mills junior. And so. Any at this date to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It's a tie you might question tomorrow. I kind Dixon. You know OJ Simpson whatever but. They trying to be every being. No matter Vienna felony park you've got in trouble all of the feel what you've done on the field in the in the recognize that. Being probably number one criteria is fours achievement. Yeah it again it's a feel good stories and you look at when I'm trying to step all over your question but. You know really the merits don't bear that out in terms of what he did and it would the impact he has on the city of new world Owens and in that game against Atlanta at the in this story. In a fight he's currently in with a ALS. You know all touching. But I can you know hall of fame in Louisiana Louisiana Ethel. It'd be enough of all that out yeah LUH yeah committee now you wouldn't give any resistance. With that week when you consider the criterion that you were comparing apples oranges at that point. As to what Louisiana verses pro football. Yup I'd come back here. Leva QB QB with Saints quarterback Drew Brees looking ahead to this Sunday's match of the Saints and Titans the black and gold trying to get to five and four above. 500 will also look back on it Saints 5249 win over the New York Giants it's a bit too well IMF and Docomo Bobby encryption. Are about three minutes away from QB to QB. Saints quarterback Drew Brees stepping in here. And just double moments. Cajun cannon Bobby gave our Kristian garic in four Deke Bellavia lets smile show coming up at 7 o'clock job in clocked him in hey John you're on WW well. Base of operation in simplify and you say it she was a big east and when I don't. Obviously there and about it. Are never at this attention to what she left. But the only problem in. I knew. But talent coming out and cheap you can answer it is in England and it it just seems like. In that. It properly and it put me in operation did you call that. Well. I think his scheme is not good enough. To overcome a lack of talent the Giants are have a terrible. Pass rush and defense. And ninth sack and a policy be Armenia a Christian it is one before last or last. That's what Avery about Jason Pierre Paul is three fingers of one. And because. Christian he had twelve and a half sacks by himself last year yesterday's appear proposal. When he really that recognizes and a top divas of coordinators. They had just. They had to Hollywood Justin Tuck and ahead Michael Strahan and I was the other one out of front Osi Umenyiora out out talent now. They got to get credited playing him in the right direction yet but. His success is based on right place right time. And and he's had a great man you know a nice man. But he had a great players you predicted that adds another cliche Christian. What great players make great coaches and yeah if you have we know what you do and point him in the right direction. And hitting out of the past success in. And by the Giants organization. Still want him to be. A part of their future. Only because at a past success. We don't Saints quarterback Drew Brees here in just a minute for QB to QB. And and lots of talk about obviously recap on a 52 for 49 win over the New York Giants look ahead to Tennessee Titans I'm curious to hear drew thoughts on this defense of Tennessee Titans it's it's a little may be under the radar when you consider their. Their ability to stop the pass and they were impressive in week one and a victory over. Attending Buccaneers but have lost six straight. The only thing is it is that. You know he says what to do it with smoke and mirrors you know when you ranked fifth overall. You have a success they're ranked pass defense given up. 190 yards a game but. This is. That he had to look at what they've also allow. The Tynes. The yards allowed per pass attempt. Let's write about seven half yards that's in the bottom third of the league so. Begin Drew Brees time I think he would go to exploit that pass coverage and you look at running the football a Mark Ingram. The tides have allowed eight runs of twenty yards or longer. Which ranks as the third most in the league and will no that was kind of Achilles heel not. A tiebreak in Albany long runs against what marking him do that against the Colts 443520. Artist so. I think you know given the opportunity heading in I was gonna have success and. So would drew. QB QB brought you by go auto low cost auto insurance to welcome in now the quarterback of the new world saints' Drew Brees. NFC player of the week drew congratulations on the win and also. Getting the NFC player of the week thanks so it's not. We're good I guess can we start drew with the Tennessee Titans a defense of me and I know you look at the record in one on six that. That defense is pretty salty there up there and rankings. There are really good here though you can look at record the odd ordered that he's done here there are other goalie. Good job in a lot of different areas. But you're rod quite crucial quarterback. Triple Albany they can be really disrupted because a lot of really good players Albert bell on the back in those are breakdowns where. Now drove. What is it. Obviously. You look at a game plan in IE trying to attack a defense that. Bought shares they'd like you've had the giants' number nineteen touchdown passes and only three interceptions in. Talk about. Playing a team I know how well. Naming you thinking about the New York Giants. Having that kind of success that also maybe being familiar. Oh wait maybe practice against coach bags of the events in the past when he was part of the thing. Yeah well should. I care very. They're not him not the magic about it Tiger Woods. You know to call it a solid and really important and now a lot of stage in order a new opponent who's. He always there in the. Similar conditions. Like you know sports are well positions and so. Yeah it was always in the games I've played him in crime the time to. Don't Coast Guard dog. Are so it's over spark for an apartment here. You know I think what I recognize about it because that's where it's. Aren't really good football coach that taught it the oh that'd be sent to a lot of stuff you know she just always had the so poker each of their eight practice. You know but what he took the course today and so gore and acting. I felt like we're gonna see a lot of it looks and you know he would. Secret Service and a target demo and so it's one that he's ready to give their zone opportunities when they did in. You know at least two occasions remain patient recovered hero you know reporter by. A touchdown off that. So on notre Booker opportunities what department. Now drew we get talked about a number of records but but to me this also stands out in. What you to describe maybe two and a nation the fans what goes through your mind would. Now you look at a 500 yard gain you've done that twice. Two times and you career. That you look back in 2006 against Cincinnati and 510 yards in. All you had been rather as burns only quarterbacks have multiple games over 500 yards or more so. It'd just get this certain result that we feel like man I can throw lefthanded I think I'm a completed what what goes I don't mind at that kind of game. The other is that a Lotta Lotta things that go right. And I felt like we were it not a lot of different sorters. On Sunday. And you know everyone involved you know what part is that if we a lot of guys catch a ball making great place. And not think we were able to do some things. The you kept their Eaton talk about you know they. They can draw with a lot of the coverages that's a lot of different looks so we all amateurs. You know which is testament to our preparation. Alamo implementing the not that it's good hearing him you know power like the current order. Now. We are you all up in the game and visited taken against them at a certain point. You are up twenty 3528. Usage errors bird the caused fumble recovered. It was a third and eight situation you try to go to branding coach in from Marty came over the interception. Was it was in the third quarter. Will lead his side as a quarterback to tuck it and run part of may get through a 'cause when I look back also had. A difficult time would that. Playing the position has at times I thought while on the pocket passer. And I didn't maybe attempt to run now and then. But so does I guess that and have that vision. Just that it will look at his whole targeted run him again defers and and I know probably look at the phills and what would probably could've got the first there. But he just feel like man I still could fitted in Maryland. Well you know man then covered and so you feel like there it's an opportunity. Two you know you hear guys kind of separate Weytman BP in the record and so. VO when I was back door open Watson and then. All he replied picnic table in my back to sort. I had to try to chuck the ball out a moment and a spot and went step I don't cook the black. Air boat by art it biker throw out fault or torts there or the itself and let it brought it out there are in the play but. Our entire site you know interception back after a wire that are there football in that situation. You're about to go out. There but. Bill gently rock it's extra yards here tiptoe towards that the court he brought the. QB to QB here on Saints radio Saints quarterback Drew Brees and drew. I know the the NFL change that. The fumble to an interception and no ultimately you do you'll you'll take to win and it in the that they really doesn't matter but. And be an assist on that she can you help clarify I wanna football movies. I. I really tore at her but I don't know I know. You know it's it's hard. Returns bigger your art you trying to make it clear cut rule out stopping their we're the third quarter at the rule book bigger or more air. There's got to follow accordingly. Let you know in their record are excerpts. Dirt than you know. There's. To interpret it different. Appreciate groups you know that that those rules and then. You know a quiet but that's where there so. You know it's. I I I got rejected much like there's the planet as well watch him he'd be there. Hitters play. And I'm like man I caught the ball you know and any spot around lunged struck first or something like that. Ball pops out there that said it's called incomplete. Added to the net and Decker Decker who's caught that ball there aren't around. And I considers putting your body lead to her burst out of all the so it only happened took off actually. Adult though but that let them but I know the rule to Micah islanders' net that I saw that replay but thought well two weeks ago. A deer caught in complete desire. I do think although that one last year complete. Miracle out and so sure that it. But you know that's. At Torrey ultimately lead with another in order really looked for possession of the ball up and on the flip side you play where. But that's been around all knocked out and out open crown they recover. Call her fumble and you're saying well awkward rule you know the other so should we passed ball back so. Eric Parker or bunkers are. Now drew who would've thought. And maybe. Obviously you'd have more confidence. Simply because you know quarterback in this thing but who would have thought at this point at the midway point of the season. That I don't need to hood a nation nobody would've predicted this in and that's a big you look into the future. That Ben Watson. Who would have more yards or more touchdowns than Jimmy Graham. Mentally they both have 38 catches. Look at Ben get three time zones Jimmie got to I mean there's no one could put her. At this way and at the halfway point dog they've been watching them more production and Jim Ingraham. Well I mean that's a credit to Benoit sent him and and party looks and what leader something desirable level. Crawford's. Everybody concrete so each other. It's an odd it would look sort of are no more important that we. It better that there insured your eternal rotate some of that work on things went right to want to do better in that exciting part is just north. It I would but it wouldn't be equally. Now drew look at it marking his contribution. You know. As there as the fans at times you look at their running back and you look in that Q what an average of per carry. Purely as a running back regulate it today's game it's much more what do you do in as a pass receiver running back are actually running the football I can remember. When Reggie Bush on the team. All purpose yards even like a Darren Sproles and Wallace saying boy count whether it's punt return. Or something in the return game or as a pass receiver or running back where if Reggie can to get 18100 yards a contribution while look at him marred inning and right now. He's on pace to have 16100 yards. A total when you when you combine Woody's done as far as running the football apartment at thirty yards in 274 yards in receptions. Yeah I mean that's. That's so important so that you know you're in summary people lock in on just what the Russian starters and there's so much more value to be difficult to. Play a nickel situations. Export back field so protective does. Altman to come along with in an all purpose back with mark certainly here. Reputed analyst Mark Martin is what to Wear their CE Eaton part of our success. And so however we didn't it the most such as where we run. Or in the past. That you got that you you'd like to win when it bought him at. Dreading kitchen on two and over what was the final. Ruling on the on the costume for Halloween for you and an acute. I well sorry to hear it went to school as the Star Wars. Certain that I mentioned Eric and scout law in the style locker. I'll go to want to know the Oregon on the order changed. There's characters there's Wilbert nature rather like I was I was dogs like that speier meant and so on their heroes. Draw up and out on are sure. So what electorate could be you know like a thriller and then. What was power enter Britain border war. Which it is here since you worker she. You look the part. Privately people. And I was I was supposed to beat shabbat they're but it. See the shot ended up in the and the mask the mask or last for very short time ago to students and Jets are out we had a good time. Are you big Star Wars geek that I mean I am I. I am freak you out. I love I mean the original carriers also worse for Wear. Lights out I can't say I really got into the so the those three New Orleans but I'm excited for the one of up there and it's December. But yet those and those are very very chilly whatever but the chip shot in there you know you are so. Talking about acquired with them in America and so that's. That's what they're and to. Saints quarterback Drew Brees go look on Sunday thanks our age group brought to you by. Go auto low cost auto insurance as QB to QB this is sports talk on W two LA anathema daka. I want to back winding down here on sports talk Kristian garic in four. Deke Bellavia along with a cajun cannon Bobby bare several fire I'm out do you think about it but really elation all. Night people. As it.