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11-16 4:10pm Bobby & Mike: Second Guess hour 1

Nov 16, 2015|

Bobby & Mike take calls on the Saints' ugly loss to Washington.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another efficient the second guess show. I can take you obviate fairway and I have a this post up a casino beach side and Hancock county. Mississippi. Bobby in out field until 630 tonight they will throw the sites radio network. Read the Saints coaches show would head coach Sean Payton in his guest tonight would be running backs coach Joseph Thomas right at the net. The Houston Texans take on the Cincinnati Bengals. Right here on the home the Saints in the NFL governor of LA so everybody has been a a day elbow. Rumors first started out by fox sports. About a possible. Firing of rob Bryant certainly I yesterday's performance. It's not win. You know if it's inevitable that. That that event will occur. Sean Payton that's what you're speculate yeah that would happen and Sean Payton basically said this morning Rob Ryan is still a member of the coaching staff. As of that time this morning but you know yesterday. That was an embarrassing loss while I. The Redskins would win that game. He'll lose it in that fashion 4714. And you become the first team in NFL history. The deal blocked four touchdowns. In three consecutive weeks in zero pass and receptions. That was a lack of effort. As a unit defensively in the Saddam boggled at the office all the Hokies to. Els a woeful performance by them they had a couple of nice drives early on and it basically it was up we shut down. My biggest concern in this game colon and was bottom line the speed guys that they have at wide receiver and it is going past this yard gain eight the Saints much and for a team would struggle running the football and the Redskins hit best drive big against New Orleans seems as though every team. That has a shot to get better on offense they play New Orleans and so you can see now where you know rubber is gonna meet the road eventually. And Thad Matta whose that the offensive coordinator on this team. You still play with the same players. Well and you look at the Saints then the shall it be it through reap the team they have not beaten. We always have talked about that the Baltimore Ravens but they have not had overall success. Against the Washington Redskins not only him but it you have to think it is safe to organization. It now only 118 they've lost seventeen. So that's more. It's one of what you going to go way back within in the capital division report even had the NFC west now in the NFC south. Andy you look at. You know this is what gave dog thought that Sean Payton then an outstanding job before a bye week. The teams that play well we're 72. We're now we're 73 but. You look does that shock me took over our record against the Redskins is 14. You know kind of like it had outnumbered. Boy you know that is words game in the Saints uniform were content on that Jimmy Graham trait Max Unger. Well I experts all think that they might look like pork chop it was pot holes. But talk about a low. Max Unger. I mean he outlook he's struggled all they had a team blow a run blocking grade of Ben Watson. EE at the lowest grade on all they'd think the more run block it and he had a couple of all that the pass interference call that. Look at Mark Ingram with that big run. Not like we haven't seen that in a while it McAllister. With that seven yard runs so. Yet a couple of high but a lot of low who's played well you know look at the glass snapple. Is Jonathan. That's the second straight day late Adam in that he's actually if you look who needs it you definitely. And that the primarily could it job's going to be against the run a strong. In the run game in the camps are now when he can't jarred the plate greet you get sacks but. The one thing I'll wind up getting. Public who watch that with that they your squad to get it back out Atlanta's Travis actually that would a couple of sacks. But I did not realize that the aisles looking at that an athlete it. You know with the novel one pats are now kind of gets rid of ball in a similar path protected the lead sacked dean. And other events in their only give up ninth activating your movement at the filled up the look at those greens now he's getting rid of the ball. It didn't bode well for the sake that was buried on the which able in this thing. When you play if you like it tight and the Redskins. And you Li NA. I mean that the sides gave he kind of gave that up with this. But it was fourteen to fourteen at that although it could be a shoot out type game but it was kind of like you said. At the reception art could be reality wherever you witnessed in Weaver's tackling it. And the screen plays look at it a kid at the columnists. Or it's back in the days but I'll look at that second half. And I think like we're deadly like you'd most like the Eagles game. I would only say it's like a quarter and a half are a little bit bored a caller it's like you know loses it is game over with. But. You know it's crazy. You might think in America on that might find this guy. I think to think technical Wendell Phillips noted regularly at all I'll wait wait let me tell you how there's still hope. Now look at the Texans. A look at their schedule nowadays in this evening at the things aren't very good but it felt like you haven't played a Cardinals again. Are all like you haven't played a Patriot so whoever you might. For the at the best teams the bagels in at the other AFC. And then I'll look at. All the pressure is the NFL. Went all the pressure the pay at the Panthers committed superdome undefeated. When all the pressure on them all in that spot again. And bit on. I'll tell it I wouldn't shock me do what I think would shot me is. That you lose to a team like Jacksonville all yeah yeah I mean this team has been roller coaster it wouldn't shock me that the Saints beat Carolina and lose to Jacksonville. Well that if you flip a coin right now I and it's like. Like the feel like ought shocked that they won no but probably be shocked if the Saints loss and lost the air. In Kigali is kind of let it beat it beat you right now and attic yes it is what it is that you look at it. You know an average team. And oh yeah yeah right. You know you said it right I wrote that article this week there are I think five really good teams in the NFL today. And yes 182 teams Miller wrote in five really bad teams but guess what you lost the one little bad teams last week with the Titans. With a slight. Oh mediocre big right smack dab in the middle with one or two other teams in the NFL. Hue and plus 79 right eight day guided and maybe you can stretch at nine itself. What do you think your blog you eat get it can't win and there's like a boy if we don't make the team if you don't get that it went. They just had bad luck equaled got a can't win last year and again and again those just bad luck but. When I played 500. And it notional at being aware of this not so fast pack quite piper the last 27 games you know what to think wreck it is a levity to the so I don't know momentum not a great mathematician but that would not pay a 500 I've I've heard. All those the last one in seventeenth. Their let and it's the. And and Bob I think. Everybody came to I think that told yesterday that to be in that in essence of this team. You know we saw how well they roll the no snakes in 09 in eleven. And and even one to thirteen. You know you you even get to the playoffs Q when you first playoff game on the road that sort of thing right but you know both teams are all. Those high powered offensive teams where you pitch strike in that sort of thing that that moment is lost in time. You rebuilding this football team but it seems like this but it reality. Now the only thing is. When you get embarrassed like direct it tires you the post game. You know show. The cute and today and Chris and now you think well. You kind of think maybe the thing that works team you know why don't whalers no way an outdoors team we kept it no one off. You got ranked where they are up it to happen working now. You could figure in the bottom six. I'm not that I would even put up there. My bottom or whatever it how would not put him in the bottom you. You'd put even higher than bill I think they in the Miller wrote a mediocre team and this week. I think they're 12 teams right smack dab in the middle. That a win nine games on the road win seven games but we that we don't know what are you gonna get for me a couple you don't that I went 17 win team. And that thing is when you look at Rob Ryan is that the that the coordinator. And I think I'm being objective about this because I'm basing proper line. Not what the offense when he was over technical with the Raiders. Are probably would but the Browns are now what exit the Cowboys public that witness Saints. And it's faith a bit denoble offense by about a nine years and you're not worn off it's going at it is game against the Redskins and closet even with that often it. You know up to me rob Ryan's doing their job night became a half a season to meet if I'll look at a twelve feet at that Rob Ryan targeted defense. Eight bad seasons were unacceptable. To have season winning football with a fate I've all been. Still might think what all it means to have. Well look at points per game with the scoring leave it to the allow it would they were overall ranked if you look at 2006 but the Raiders. That's winning football if you look at 2011. With the Cowboys winning football. 2013. With the thing a lot of English football winning football and not about that can only given up. Twenty point 821 point brigade with the Browns in 2010 at eight and a half. Because this they'll rank 22 overall but that's glory eat it Wear and Al were given up thirty points to gain on the line. You got thirty points picking your peers like. You're lucky. You lucky to be called the dollars and this team was averaging 28 points to gain for long Birdie Putt on it adds but. The delist. Even if you Cuba even if you score when he that you still most of what you might that he might not only because you've given up thirty yet bottom lot more with just thinking get show right up there is break there on that negates that it. Welcome back in this thing get show like that that you obviate. But this almost lupica you know. Beats and it got around me Mississippi all by Macias again be here till six the night. And it will throw this rookie Q would it coach on the guest will be running backs coach. Oh. I'd definitely helped ready Jack or opinion poll wouldn't change it offensive coordinator. Make it different this deep into this late season while you've been around. Oh football haven't played it. I rarely does a coaching change this week into the season make any sort at different. But you might get a one ball article you'll but rarely does that really make it different. Slot say no but hell no I mean in and I think you need to be one before last or last but to truly make a difference now. May need a ball bounces your way he had you create turnovers or you get takeaways. I think Italian politics game can you get pressure on the quarterback. And that's something that you can't manufacturer with Oakland well the thing playing here yeah I mean I think great players make great coaches. Not necessarily all I I'm a great coach yeah if you dollop the right at the office to be put player in position to succeed. At a higher rate. But still to me it's all about the players perfect example. A coach back to back at Spagnuolo. What he could theaters all hot because at that coach flip a great mind because they had those guys in the evening I Strahan and Justin Tuck already got at that Tom Brady yeah. And then all of a sudden came here 2012. Not the same hall office. And they wouldn't let our losses mounted lead in the job in Saint Louis has been what happened there what whatever department lately what's. What recently occurred. In this state giant game where track meet tight game I mean. You can today maybe you'd been up and activation in coach beaten to reach that have figured out. Now they play well against the Patriots. And Tom Brady overall with this city. That. You know hit the pits is the reason why. That the highest level no and I think it goes hand in hand. And he got competence. In a coach at the players. But it still the players to meet who make the Colts and you don't that I apply you give me K is and it might be a little while but this day. That that all of a sudden. We gonna happen magical kind of season where we can win a football game even at that tacked on like we candidates who will run on rob Ryan's words here. I happen now it may happen happen OK on it that if these. His background Ron Rivera is that the that the coach you unite they. How they structure could it's hard to beat us now the bit and it's not all that that'd get you money usually only. You know one outside of feeling like I can have a live off it to be is now. The Bulls balanced team to look today at the end of the olives they right now look at the roster top to bottom. The angles and the Cardinals. I go there often at that they're the it. But a lot of skiing is that it really let our office but they're really good at the look at Cam Newton all of us that he loses receiving threats that. And he's played a lot of confidence he's healthy we can't even though he got a hell but the thing we knew that I come into this season. And as of late where does Carolina not had a top ten top five IP it. And think that you could say about Minnesota the archangel they want the mets' oriented Mike Zimmer was there. That it rich want to yeah yeah it changed and they got eight to Peterson back so that's a whole different deal they want defensively structured now they getting depends. Well at all in all around that you could look how Peyton Manning has struggled oh why is never have a three game lead in a few wins because they're these things. Mean Manny haven't Al furcal season and now he's got an injury that you hadn't yet the planet that it's put. So will have a lot more talk about right after we go to this huge break let Chris Miller. Welcome back in his thinking national might make it obvious there at this field was the casino beats a lot of pain got down in Mississippi got to go to Richmond and Virginia. And rip and know what got that right but it's Rick but it but it you know Ottawa Bob and Mike. Yeah you know problem right now would you all actually. It is seeking care what name did you know I think about equal back to the with a boot camp and you've seen. And the reason that he's. People eat out because there was pain but this is what these guys just playing. Would at the rec department or month a lot of guys. Don't let it I don't know lately I get the 2006 Q playing for the city the 2009 they'll parents are McCain to the team because they paid. What you eat yet but I equipment. Reliable came because you want to reveal the speedy spring. I felt the fact that he Embree. Tell you that you are now you know the like I believe it obviously and those are solid up the every all the stakes results of recent yet but you run scenario than that up and ended progress though they don't know or there they get a quality equipment deal I mean. Now and Allen here that blast through and look at Arnold and apparently that. That's why I like on the game. Lucky thing that. My game you all at once you're. Barkley are gonna play TK TK that things for the game of forming now. Am not achieve it is this even live in the heat pack pack. Burton and currently at Portland keep in touch. It's what you call it depicted in that it with that but it. Well the thing is that lie UK it's like Jared Burton you guarantee him when he thinks the aren't worth now. Whenever I don't want this program how well we already have the words that none moles that money. Good movement. Richmond bottom line in this is this team soaked up that Super Bowl victory. And from when he hit that 114. You've got three players on this team won't you miss. Camp garden John Jacobs getting a Cairo and one pick not create certain now and that's minimalist. When asked if not a little people that. You got up at five years that three draft choices on defense yet not recruit this team defense or bottom line that's what he. Played reckless and add it all I know that we really would want her fury aren't are almost an. Go out there. If he just went out if you don't want what you do it if it didn't put a cryptic note when I. That and we have it the reckless band that play. Out there you could. Well we've had a number of games at the linebacker position I think it now Allen who else in the Falcons game that you gained like where. He's old Bulls that he's gonna get double digit tackles but right now and everybody got into OK I don't use that yes. But the Patriots value if they get a stop will blow witty good Julian Adam Munro with foot. And the date and without when he or let young Lewis got hurt the week before all of data can't get a look at linebacker Courtney Cox had a bum ankle. He's trying to fight that you look at it now and Allah be right on Boozer looking alcoholic and the overall player Hawthorne. Eat it to have all hands on deck I think we have a fighting chance but if there are David is healthy to be among the best. The culprit beat him he balked at the bit I think it actually able in my day if you. Put. My record no he don't. And what actions are you so I need to go out and dropping the Eagles had an act that. It lately they'll Brett. Don't I don't think. Yet but yeah. While Ayodele and Ohman action on me that later I don't know ever seen that because it's a few effective and that's in the heat of the moment. And I think shall mean was right in outfield and is night vs Drew Brees where all of them we got the ball about twenty yard line it. And you know it is not in any games this night. You know you played a percentage is what you mind you get a humbly had a turnover. Where it would look like the ice it a little. Doubt that no we don't. Wanna learn lines aren't. And it ended on wanted to punt and that there was a comic thinking about three seconds and then it went Ottawa it's evident that there competitive bidder but. I think that was wrong to do that but that UK. Ever questioned crew about the compassion or are a passion that he has. But he skiing it would you need to win now. We're gonna be okay. Even think though that. That even if the the office is clicking and and and it and it's easy golf which who we gonna win. I mean it's not like if you put reached epic talent that the defense. That you might like it or Arizona if things. Are eager to stand the heat feels like. These guys carry well buckets of water. And at and at times he's attitude that he had to be as aggressive at times that that's why. You can't have that good in this team win a lot of greens got a great mix of haven't yet. Appreciate guy in China and watching. In Wyoming giant. Wyoming guy in the huddle with Bobbitt might. Hi ya doing pack. I guess I'm at at what our our opening day pop our ball. With Brendan brown at the act or at eight on. On the pac bell. And it's been out at what what about and in Seattle line. It doesn't matter who the quarterback did indeed let it quarterback coming in quite a bit. Quick outs came. I think they'll you know like the partner that's how I did. Well they'll have success what you're saying whoever's gonna get the Saints defense whether. You give your quarterback trying to establish yourself when you approve a quarterback in the Steve. Agree that that he gave you. About that every quarterback in this thing. Quarterback rating is right there like you played great every now and we are late with your they would have a lot of games that we were you given up that. Thought that was cool that the reds not even better now that the better because. That I'm a perfect quarterback rating. Mean I believe and anyway it blocking it. You know with them if they feel like well. I don't think Erica and throw RT three. A but of late but after what he did against the things that you and I'll make that statement thing. War on us that yes the chances that a boy particularly highly belated home. With the reds game he's played well like 41 in it that's not an all star team he's playing with you did not look like that yesterday. But in essence he's not really what an all star team especially on the. Now now that thing is with Brandon Browner and it'll. You say okay hit snapper are on a particular play. It's certainly going to make the tackle you try to get. Back at a an opponent with the redskin park. Are you going to make a play as far as the tackle are you trying to retaliate notes on the them ought to happen they're McCain the reason. Now. I think why he's always been there. Because look I'll make Butler missed that if you look injuries. It would influence the game millions on yet it will with a concussion and might need. Wear his number of snaps might be cut in half. We had all had that day but then he beat me like them on the roster. And available to play. That you brought him in here you that the money and okay you got to go play. Now you can say well that's not thinking you know hey look at an average that during any game. We've had a what did Brian Dixon the yes. Think let me tell you he's a great specialty area that's slice in the NFL but he'd be like a magnate in that game plan if these at a consistent. At the bit of steam if he's all of a sudden playing and a whole game we saw that last year that. My chipping game. All of that did bother him at third eighteen yeah you know I deal with the if Beckham Protestants the concept. So but that you might say well what we have to lose. It Dixon another chance brand of products like getting it done in Micah that a come after the island. All we think it through. McKee now we appreciate all over this gesture right at the rate your own. Good to get up PO I know one of the second guess Joseph Mike at the obvious there about it last night man. I think Carolina. So all the team that they really don't wanna see anymore. All would want to see that's marital I think right now would help because of Paul. That's the one team if you sealed your schedule in the NFC you'd want that to do with I think right now Arizona is the best team in the NFC. Well I think top to bottom like the top to bottom with that being able look at the roster the one is a breath of even go to seal team that effectively in network water. Act on the road at Seattle the Cardinals responded when they mean the. Answered it yeah real real quickly got a lot or you don't second guess you know and we brought out you brake ripped. Chris Miller.