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5-12 6pm Kristian: on the potentially "Las Vegas" Raiders

May 12, 2016|

Kristian asks whether the NFL should allow the Raiders to move to Las Vegas.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes indeed roll right along and news sports on our three Kristian garic in four Deke Bellavia. Miss the text messages. All a's. Here they want but at the exit. Out encourage you to understand is this whole argument that he won with the ex Ravens guys are. It. Any need to coach one with somebody else's guys it's just counterproductive. To silly argument try to construct. Because. It would about the Denver Broncos have Gary Kubiak one with John Fox's guys. Mean we can plays well all day long it is not giving and a credit to guys end up winning team beat its regardless it can't help they came into the school. Hey guess what they're there there to not mess it up. He didn't do that. Slow piece on that I if the Raiders move Las Vegas. Would be good or bad for the NFL get to that minute in my thoughts Tommy on a cellphone a carry over from last hour. On underclassmen undrafted underclassmen going back to college for their eligibility we say Tommy. I'll probably that these kids coming out and basically taken is that I'm now. And on the platinum. So I'm in economic agent in that spot but the argument in that that I'll do my worry about. Intelligently so he knows is that god I'm back in the I think the only waited they would be at the acted that didn't practice what did they let it out you know I mean when pros come out early and it broke. And then later in their careers you know that thought in the back. School that they've worn out pot. So I think it will make these kids thing a little harder. Blogger at the chance of losing scholarship. Indian and looking at. A degree can now. Yeah I'll look. Is it that's that's why I immediately go to Tommy. They were you talk about the scholarship aspect of it of trying to decide from a school standpoint if that guys coming back well who do you. Take away with scholarships you take late setter. That's why I think the only way this can happen is if you sign contracts not scholarships contracts. 345. Years you know I mean. Yeah that's exactly right and like you said earlier than and because he knew it almost pretty these kids to play yeah. And I don't see that at the topic is it would ruin. College football. On Seattle got a lot of tennis into necessarily. Should because you've had that conversational lot. Should college athletes be paid. There yet and yet I'm not for I think you're very very it's very clear where you stand on his well hey let me ask you this just on the surface you could follow in the this loss. Las Vegas Raiders connection. I have a little bit and I mean I'll put up think that it's a problem right now happened with. Went all the stuff you know what you know athletes shouldn't Kelton or whatever on the officials betting on sports but I just. I really think it's a bad idea. Well I'll tell you all explained to you why it's likely not as bad as you think in a couple minutes I Tommy. I think a phone call I saw the Raiders try and their game where there floored with the idea they'd try to go to LA. They want a new stadium O dot co coliseum. Which is a dom bio have been there it's terrible camp we get a feel. We'll leave it'll Al games he played there. That's another story. But so they flirted with Los Angeles didn't happen. If loaded flirted with. San Antonio. Now it seems like his connection to Las Vegas is and inching one that the mayor of Las Vegas feels like the Raiders are gonna come. To sin city. If they don't get a new stadium with with Oakland it might be a point of leverage it might be Mark Davis the son and Al Davis. You know be holding them hostage using bases. As a point of leverage in playing him a little bit but it's fun to think about. Because the long time the NFL. It's just roll all wet blanket on the idea. Of an NFL team ever being associated with Las Vegas in a softened that stance here recently. And with the party staged multiple or so what's the argument right. Sin city vaguest idea of players the integrity of the game. Players being on the take the league potentially being on the take. Can he be influenced by betting lines but the authority stages multiple games a year in London where betting is open and accepted in easily acceptable. So once you open it up and put gains it in London there's the avenue there's the opening tip to put a team in Las Vegas. Before Ginn in my. Other points. The Raiders in Las Vegas. Think about that Pirates old treasure. There is the kind of outcast of the NFL the defiant team in the NFL their former owner Al Davis sued the NFL. And there's another thought that yeah of course she need what. Three quarters of the NFL owners to. Vote in favor of changing. Otherwise it won't happen that's not entirely true as well as a reason that Mark Davis could sue the league if he didn't get that approval. For violations of anti trust. Explain that a little later on 28 of 32 teams. Have some sort of financial partnership with daily fancy sports. That's an industry that many have identified as another form of gambling so if you're all of the notion of the school of thought that oh if you put a team in Vegas. You know you can't do it because they gamble out there. You remember middle school. When you were too bashful. To make eye contact with a growing up style of dance floor at center and you repeatedly walker direction in your head was down hoping she'd eventually noticed it that's kind of how this feels. With that. Las Vegas. Raiders flirtation. The NHL has promised though an expansion franchise to Las Vegas. Mark Davis has pledged. 500 million dollars of his own money 200 million dollars. Although loan from the NFL. From the league as a part to meet that 500 million dollars a one point three billion dollar stadium. But what about the perception NFL gains could be fixed with a franchise in Vegas. Doesn't really increase the chances of that happening by putting a team there. Not really. These guys wanna be reached at they want as the wise guys in Vegas really wanna grow up somebody. They can do it whether it's in Vegas or whether it's in New Orleans. Whether it's in Los Angeles. Chicago baking get to those guys they really really want to and another they'll go back to the call are about. The temptations that are in Vegas I don't think it has a big impact on player behavior. I mean yes there's more like the players know that they're gonna be watched in every NFL city. So. I don't think that's a huge factory there. Jerry Jones the Dallas Cowboys owner is a huge. Huge personal watch tennis he got he helped get staying clunky. The the leverage to move the ramp from Saint Louis to Los Angeles now he's kind of warming up to the idea of moving. A team to Las Vegas. He's one of the most influential owners in the NFL what do you like it or not. If Jerry Jones puts a stamp of approval on this you're gonna see a lot of momentum start to change and he can influence owners that might oppose it. But my question he to you is simple. If the Raiders move Las Vegas would be good or bad for the NFL do you wanna see it happening. And does that concern you how quickly the Raiders of all teams. The Raiders. Changing hands. To a move in cities. And it seems like nowadays. The NFL used to be fairy opposed to relocation. But if a city comes along. And has the notion or promises. The idea of building a new stadium. Decades that everybody's attention in the NFL owners start thinking a lot organized odds go there. It felt to be careful about how quickly they allow. Teams to move. At the behest of holding. One point three billion dollar stadium deals over cities heads very dangerous gain the point. But as a good would be good or bad for a team an NFL team in sin city and do you worry about the integrity of the National Football League. If the Raiders go to Vegas 2601870. Tech's 878 sending. John an up down. Come before you got that break itself sports talk your W duo. Mark news what I like. Come back with some Pearl Jam there. Welcome back to sports talk Christian in four Deke. Jonathan uptown year on WWL tournament. Are about to much you don't Christian. There are you know where at this school thought column from that if you put a team and very good. It's going to be a good eruption or it could be somebody tries on the player and take back and these. Peter. Gamble the Portuguese gamble with John. Williams. Now if you think about coming to world beaters that time knew it would be no home. National power and some well these guys. This thing with this clear too. Have him poetry. So you know I mean yeah. Aware that baking coming from you know I put somebody. I'm not let anyone in the big exit like bigger problem child being inconspicuous as possible. Yeah outlook I think it's something that. It was the old school guard of the NFL owners like the matter like the movies have always vehemently opposed. And I think it's often that teams with the new school of owners. The other thing is they're so regulated their job and it's still regulated in the books. Turn off the radio. Run itself regulated that. It's be it'll be really difficult. To pull that off in terms of corrupting somebody. It looked it was three point eight. Billion dollars I think. Bet on the Super Bowl illegally. And I'm not sure win they're gonna add that pay out. And automatically the NFL can't be against Vegas anymore because they've got. The partnership with daily fantasy sports in their own clubs do what intensity. So they can't be against it is much. Lighter in color contradictory in my opinion. Leaders and tool and all of these other thing. Oh well I mean was the point. And it seems like you Stan and all. That being out there yeah. Too many people in the metro and lost Patriots and I think eight how many tourists. They get an absurd amount to our dollars every year said the NFL wants a piece of that. They are getting. So politics that's the only thing you can pick up positions today though call you know there's more people block down and there's eight against a Raiders you know give it all mean. I mean thereby espy had to do it mean that's a good team out there and heart beat. The outlook. I just want it but they would have a dome it's one point three billion dollar. Don't I just John and I just it really concern. Is that makes me wonder I think in the NFL cities should wonder the same thing. Is if your stadium happens to get out dated. What's the ultimate trump card of all if they're gonna play. Oh a city like global perhaps which is not a heavy it gigantic city. What they've got a sports following they've got money so what do one day they said it a couple of one point. Three B dollars or one point eight billion dollar stadium so it just makes it for sale way to easy that's my concern. For every NFL city I just wonder if the owners are eventually gonna give themselves. In two really tough spot and it just a bad look and it makes me wonder how much you can really trust NFL owners in general because guess what Mark Davis. He might be playing loss Patriots. He's looking for that he's Dayton everybody almost or and it if you Las Vegas you'd think it yourself. Man in my game played. Would have. What if you know the Kodak Cote comes up with a stadium that he can say. A while only play just five on him Providence contract so it's contract signed. On this is a moot but man if I'm NFL city I'm all unconcerned by. The Raiders in particular that you always think of the Raiders where either Los Angels or Oakland California and it broke a one of him marquee franchises. In the NFL to be pulled up stakes potentially and moving to another city that for a long time. Believe. And is vehemently opposed any tech and a team there. Men makes me concerned as an NFL. Right and I just thank Arnold thanks and I mean what neck at all during this going on around in the Benson. You know somebody comes up with the right dollars you know and irons and they're treated like to me the holders they try to old cities hostage. A YouTube was two more and it would go. Yeah that's the ultimate trump card and I don't know how. I don't know how anybody can compete because if you think about. A lot of states we Siena we know the budget deficit debt that's facing this eight come up with Larry now that it would require. Ultimately to build a new stadium cant happen right now and maybe Oakland in the same situation. I mean I can't imagine those Oakland being in a much better situation in the war but I mean you'd panic about it. There. The citizenry years that should do that mainly you know do local colleges. Go to keep group thank goal you know you're gonna. You know cut back on someplace self with the budget within you'd book straight the. But here's the here's the thing the amount of jobs that. In a city brings. You know just being able to say here an NFL city just legitimizes you there. So that would that would lead or scared out. You know and the jobs and it creates. On the revenue to. The ability to potentially attract a super mobile is even being our 'cause look at biggest. It's a franchise you better believe they're getting us. Oh yeah I'm birdie there and oh. Two in that deal like it I do the stated that the legal problems of two Su Bulls than a five year span. Yeah well probably. A great. Idea take care John. I five before 2601870. Tech's 87878 the Raiders moved to Las Vegas would be good or bad for the NFL. And then the other threaten. Flirting with the biggest that they don't get a new stadium in Oakland. NFL team in sin city do you worry about the integrity of the game. Jumpin and a couple lines open at 2601878. Tech's 87 eights and Chris Miller. Will Phyllis own news headlines. Today and tomorrow last days to win if you're not Jazz job. Were about need to get you there he can win 1000 dollars and nationwide jazzy cash contest. Just listen to WB well right before he company our news at 7 AM 11 AM. 2 PM. And 5 PM. When you're the code word on the news she attacks over to seven to 81 that's seven to 81. For your chance to Jazz up your wardrobe we are home vacation bank account. With 1000 dollars jazzy cash from Smart radio intercom and all of us here at WB well welcome back to sports talk talk about the Las Vegas. In their flirtation with the Oakland evens. Mark Davis meeting with Vegas officials several times. And is it a good idea to put an NFL franchise. In sin city so much possibility of corruption. Really. Charlie slight value on W ago. Or you get a job you don't see. Good things for us absolutely. Well. But still Philadelphia casinos right across street from the statement they'll right that that double in the debris miles from the superdome Paris who beat. I mean it's it's seeds in the game so there should be part of the game. It docket in the street negate. At the players it is no way there. Q you're beginning it's not it happened today some moderate Democrats somebody else out in May never know what the consequences are that and so Pete Rose. And again in baseball so that football. Yeah look up with the Charlie am I gonna risk my eight. Legacy. To get an complexion a 100000 dollars are million dollars we. And you know I can catch that anyway if I have a prolific NFL career. Derrek Lee picked up a car dealership I make that money come on now actually like to. But that Konerko. The tartar argument Charlie would be what about that. Fledged league middle of the rude veteran that isn't making millions of dollars that might be tempted. To. Be bought. Beyond talented yet if they don't Wear Wear and elements in the seat there staring at anywhere at the end it's the open and go. So the coach didn't see it grow on tape they're Democrats that is you from week. Sean Pate all that blah you know that apology note that you want to rep there that we deal with a lot of them we PO radio. Thank you must Charlie sexual 1020. I like to shout out we'll roll call right we I love that way and callers in with a little. Hay on in this section is what we represent. And the interest level in the dome from a lower ball way up into the 600 level. And just to hear some of the stories sometimes. Of how they get their section go on maybe some superstitions. That they have within the section. It's always fascinating it's the beauty of being a fan. I also a total since football which 2015 draft. Right which one to fifteen draft it will break out there so we're we've he's gonna be. Yeah and I've got Garrick Grayson in there as kind of a tongue in cheek Smart Alec response. In the options. Gaining its line. Concussions but the three obvious ones that you could try to craft are you could say you know could be in for breakout is wholly keep god. Andrews. So who those three. To be I think it's going to be step on Anthony. Because. The experience to be an open middle linebacker lectures a rookie and some of that growing pains that you saw him suffer. He's gonna take a big leap in in your team. I'm quite certain that no just enough and against peacock is I've always I've panicky guy guy from the today days before weeks before they draft them. At adding he God's gonna duty did last year he stays healthy he's going to be you know. Among the league leaders and forced fumbles he'll get chip several you know a few sacks get some pressure he's gonna be that player. But step on it and I think because of the position he's gonna play. Next to James Larry nice to have and another veteran kind of show on the ropes he's gonna be in the position the best as I think to have a bit about. Breakout sophomore campaign final four to 60187 in tech's 8787 market massacre it's always think a mile pace there was the upon Anthony. No not at all I I would probably choose Kaka just because we saw him get hurt at the unit last year and it kind of hampered his production but I think. With the injury being healed up and now going into his second year we all know we always see a lot of growth from rookies going into second year. I think you'll have an even bigger impact being healthy and having a full year in the same system. Yeah public it is like being on their conversation is like step on Anthony Keith job both of them could might be one and one day yet or. Andrus peat. Could be all 3 AM AM I'm getting too ahead of us. Dole to I just encouraging. Bobby's down Nader's. I just don't think the books written. On this pedestal. Yeah I was rough year for his rookie season played a lot of different positions. But. Offensive lineman these days take. Little longer. Then they used to. The sports talk on W to do well. Meant good stuff coming back once again mark guard play in all it's from. My fear Pearl Jam welcome back to sports talk a loyal attacks on a 878 and now like the criticism like the feedback but just sure you're aware. I get plenty of it from my nine year old right every day. Elicit a dad this is what this you know he corrects me so don't worry if I am I get enough feedback or criticism. Our constructive feedback Richardson. I give it my nine year old future talk about interest Pete now regret were asking you. Which what do fifteenth saints' draft pick will break out in his sophomore season. Step on Anthony key guy ha interest. Davis all he's got to stay healthy first. Now politics lineup from 6689. Has told some prize now. See how healthy this. But age or. I saw last year he was thirteenth overall I give how it's high stakes. They get excuse not to simply lay out the facts were. Think about how many visits he went on. Pre draft last year it's a common. Factor. Into it prohibits guys from being able to train as intensely. The final week and a half before the draft is win year going all over the place I mean Paxton lynch for example was in. Four different NFL season like three days so how do you find time to work out that's that's a challenge. That NFL rookies pace for the draft staying in shape prior to on these visits especially for big men. Offensive and defensive lineman. That's tough to do for your wide receiver running back B you know prone to maybe put on a couple extra pounds. It's a little easier to combat. An rookies don't know how to prepare for camp yes skinny veteran that's the thing that then they've all said. Is how lie you know what to expect. I know it's similar to dwell in him and require thought I trained hard fallen to boot camp yet another thing coming yet right. And now realise quickly that what it takes so rookies learn that it's an acquired skill if you. He didn't know how to prepare for training camp came in a little out of shape. The wide become an out of shape. Don't forget he had to go back to Stanford he missed a large portion of the OT gays in the offseason last year in his rookie season because. Of the quarter system yet to go back to school. So the Saints won able to really get their hands on on right. And put them in a construct in the weight room and say it is how you train this is the way programming going to be on nick and I had to monitor that in spoon feed him the playbook while he was at school finishing up at Stanford which is difficult to do we trying to learn a playbook and stay in shape. As well that's now your profession but then you're still in school the same time almost like working two jobs. I mentioned that he had to go back but a quarter system is so antiquated and I want to win the NCAA in the NFL are gonna address that. A handful of teams that go you know despite. Being eligible for the draft you know go back to school because of the court system. Any rookie simply. He's a rookie offensive lineman. Are harder. To. Come into its harder for them to come in and have success right away. Because of the way offensive line play is kind of being taught in college football is now David Shaw is one of those pro style offense of coaches so maybe it's not as applicable. For Andrus peat I'm just saying. Don't give up blinders. It's I don't think it's fair to him only it's fair to the Saints. He's a rookie last year now if this year he continues to struggle you didn't see growth. If he comes in out of shape again. NE he struggle and to find at a position. Whether it's guard or he doesn't beat out RV beats out Zach Strief or right tackle. And this is where I think he can legitimately evaluate Anders peak in the thirteenth overall pick. From 2050 whether it was whether it's gonna come up and out are not. And you watch him play PR to spot a guard he plays well. And act I think he's capable of it I think he will. He has a first full year. Of being in an NFL offseason program that's gonna benefit him a ton. Pretty predict which when he fifteen draft pick. Will break out a sophomore season as a staff on Anthony holy he can't interest. Davis and I should say 668 ninths is a question his athletic schism but they movements inside to guard that's worthy of more on athletic of that. Offensive linemen ago. Which are most athletic typically tackle. There's no going back to. The undrafted. Underclassmen when we go to the draft but they can't miss class. Hard to do that when you're trying to prepare. Are steadily go back for your phone calls way in. Which Tony fifteen draft pick will break out in his sophomore season. I'll I'll Mario record Stephon Anthony. Key guy how these miceli going to be be a breakout mark that's when I'll Cink is a easily go back and see the similar style of play that. He had the first. A year nineties before he got hurt. That injury set him back the sports talk on the B to B well. Today they joint team Bobby Hebert for single coverage. I'm in for Deke obviously in light of the revelation that Leonard four net has to ten million dollar insurance policies. If you look at the world of insuring college athletes. Pretty interesting and it's devoid of regulations or standards. Our schools in players being taken advantage of by insurance agents gambling to make a quick buck or they serving a legitimate purpose all that more coming your way. On a double coverage with team on a bear at 8 o'clock calm. Let afford it about a weightless miles says don't Paul firebombed showed today he's about ten pounds to have either on the spring. Deal. He's got. About eight weeks to get to lose and that's I think he's okay I think he's gonna make it I think he'll end up losing that. Yeah him bring a TJ Williams. Right third rounder from a year ago as a Tony fifteen draft pick that could bust out a sophomore campaign. PGA Williams missed a lot of training camp lashing at various injuries ended up on injured reserve count a redshirt year. For PJ Williams. Yeah look you're playing a good position a position of need at least for the Saints haven't even have an opportunity. To compete with the likes of Vaughn Belle for the nickel spot at corner coverage. Kyle Wilson in that mix you know dealt broking knows they're going to be year your main two corners. And based defense but it we started in the sub Damian Swann also in that mix so yeah after PJ Williams. You got a chance that this is almost like your rookie year ago if you didn't see the field at all lecture spent the entire year on injured reserve. I don't know I think on Dallas paglia have a bigger impact this year and Pete Williams just me the gala. And I was. The more more I think about it originally I wasn't all about and nobody was ready choke be on draft day. That I wasn't totally in love with the Vaughn Belle pick and he's like non value he should be but the more more I think about it. I kind of see. Im going back to vision Malcolm Jenkins members his rookie year 2009. He was a safety drafted at corner but he averaged Lee. Valued him a viewed him as a transition into a safety at the NFL level and what does he do with the Saints in 2009 he plays that slot corner nickel. Can't cornerback rule. That and Dennis Allen what what is learned defense from. Greg Williams who used Malcolm Jenkins in 2009. In a similar rules running Vaughn Belle might be the front runner to land that spot. Also Gary Grayson that I do wanna see now look at Tex isn't fair 6689 PG Williams. Is that Stanley team that he's now that that's. A fair assessment our fair comparison. At this point Kazan is pretty evident and I resisted it early on that's the only team that t.s was gonna struggle. BJ Williams got the ability he's been playing corner for a while. He forgets imaging that these was a converted wide receiver and he was picked in the second round that has that. Prove dubious starter at that point third round not so much ideally you want again because but what are your chances in the third round of netting starter. Like 3840%. By the way David on your mind up also a fourth round draft pick in the CF well. The Saints picked him in the fourth round on April. But the see FL you can see they're betting on the upside. Of talent for David on him on because if the that work out of the saint Lucie FL team. Wants them with them are coming up next towel get into back until LSU baseball conversation. Visit with the folks at. Continued take your feedback on which Saints 2015 draft pick why have a breakout sophomore campaign Stephon Anthony. Politte peacock. Injures Pete PGA Williams kind of text nominee and Kobe cleaner. Eli break evident nationally qualify yet Kyle Kobe cleaner. Saints died in a hard thing about the money that they gave that guy this offseason sports talk rolls on his WB well.