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7-1 5pm Deke: on Sean Payton and NBA free agency

Jul 1, 2016|

Deke asks where you would rank Sean Payton among current NFL coaches and talks NBA free agency.

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And good evening and welcome to our number two. Oh sports. And the ability to 60187. Is he number again involved you can Texas at 870 eights and and yeah this now open minds. Got a few things that get into that would deepen the NFL network has ranked the 32 NFL coaches. The top five. Bruce Arie in Arizona and number five Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh before Mike McCarthy Green Bay three peak arrow Seattle's number two and a Belichick. Knowing in the morning Andy Reid. John Harbaugh Ron Rivera Sean Payton and Gary Kubiak. Are those coaches. I wanna say in the top fifteen. Only. This team on the the Ravens have missed the playoffs policy is have been the last two years in law or justice distillation I it was just this past Q okay coast Ortiz just this past year. That means day in the top team in the only coach that hasn't talked to in the there hasn't missed a play Ellis and the last two years in Sean Payton. If you go to fifteen John Fox is the coach demands but he made them into the playoffs two years ago Marvin Lewis Cincinnati's during the playoffs. My examine Minnesota's in the playoffs and Indy took I was underground so. And the top fifteen is only being two coaches and him in the playoffs in these points in the last two years. There have been some pain and nine and Rick trying. At fourteen to put pain still highly thought of where do you rank Saints coach Sean Payton. Cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com and also the New Orleans pelicans have a new player Mormon aren't that they're by no Solomon Hill is the new me. As writes Solomon Hill has agreed to a deal with the New Orleans pelicans. It's a four year deal worth 48 million dollars it could reach fifteen million with incentives those numbers come from ESPN's Marc Stein he's six foot seven. A Los Angeles native. And was a first round pick out of Arizona and Arizona wildcat package 2013 he played his whole career up to now with the Indiana Pacers. Last season he averaged fourteen point seven minutes a game and four point two points per game he's small forward. So he fills. I need that they did that look at four for quite some time you know they thought Quincy Pondexter could fill that role and made that trade and and he missed. All of last season with the injury so I'm not sure this is the depth pick behind Pondexter or their hope and he can grab a starting role but definitely. I type of player that they need if he can play that three spot. Are you as it takes saw for the last minute the third its wind fourth will be celebrated. At the points so Sunday in stated hope to see you are tied to contact momma from methods. So that was at Texas I'm assuming their fan want to Texans and sports wise but they cannot go. Our country departed we are we on doing as I was mostly and it's going to have us we'll calm because I imagine there's going to be some on the pit. And some very cold temp in victory our rights to sixth so when he seventy is that takes mock chicken see how much. He may last year solid and he now at the wanna see how much is jumping salary years. The markets are down force is it takes. That see through Deke I don't follow basketball before you mean for a guy. They averaged four point two points a game does that seem right. Look let me tell you you your own your own point there. And a lot of people who have paid. Average at best. Average at best seasons made him below average and not by my stand it's not about me sane bit below. You can look at the average what they Everett the year prior. A their career average in Maine and him. Oh beating Pete. Getting paid because we talked a national media yesterday. They give this clay as. Fairly basic a seat. But Sean deadening sporting news Nast the guy says C minus to. So it's the market is the market so you could be top five this year you may not be top twelve next year because that's what's available. Eric Gordon is at number five. In the air guard when he's healthy he is one of the better shooters in the league. But that's a banged up Eric Gordon hasn't played a bunch of games but coming off a 6066. Million dollar contract. Made around fifteen last year they're going to make that. He'll make that a mole is no doubt about it probably more. Ryan Anderson. Eight not a great year. Okay. Made what eight and a half last year there project around and isn't gonna make between fifteen. And twenty. So you're looking at him when it's Austin on two guys. Who on the pelicans team classified as top five a deposition because this year's market is not bearing that much. Anderson at the five position he's in this SR Bleacher Report number five Eric Gordon. And to a shooting go to this is number five is available shooting both on the org erases. One of the dock in your hand and again as the market. That you get a big raise the via average. That's what the market ban zone that's what it is it's aggressive it's MB that's where the NBA is right now as go to Jay Hammond date thank you for calling WW Rio. Think it is so we have a great well July 2 of them. Almost iconic and favorite memory is the last for have been a couple of market where passed away in Miami personal. Went more one more acute Omer who was more excited Mir. And as far as coaches go I'll drink shop Peyton top. You know no big toward John Fox. Bill Belichick. I am going to be ready to. Okay as sound like a good top five JB I hope you have a good 42. Thank you very much against Solomon here as the newest member of other New Orleans pelicans a four year forty million dollar deal so in my matches Greg that's about twelve million a season. What did he make lay Seymour. Well he's get a substantial raise because I suspected Al looked into it here he was on his rookie contract before which was a three year. Three point nine million dollar contract so he was making about one point you have base salary one point 21 point three million dollars. A year ago as a premier point five million dollar range and he yeah he opted out of his last year and which was a going to be 2.3 million so he did the right thing you know yeah you win. But even the go ahead 2.3 marked as still almost and I'm in dollar raised at the nine or ten million dollar raise that he's he's getting just drop and how that last year a year of his deal. To come here and hopefully play well. Is it takes we have to overpay to get every place. Menace in ninety days. Everybody though playing right now everybody's oh Payne who is not overpaying. Is somebody like whoever gets Kevin Durant and it gives LeBron James. They're gonna wind up making more. But DeMar DeRozan. Signed a four year or was this 61 and 3040 million dollar deal he's going to make. Torre Meehan dollars a year DeMar DeRozan. Is only 2720 million dollars a year. DeMar DeRozan. I'm not saying he's baited. Me that's not going to be much less than what the bond James is making. The front make the same makes 3233. So the Browning Kevin Durant on more than I mean knowledgeable in DeMar DeRozan. A game if the market. It's with the market isn't like you know we talk if you want to be sound in. A sports. Person. Baseball basketball guaranteed money. It don't matter what happened that you signed the contract. That money usual lose in life of the contract which pays out what have you it's a sport to where it's only people in the sport. They may retire they may get out there may be some sentiment somewhat still getting paid when in no longer in the game in May be injury settlement. That at with the team being used but when you've got people them make in that meant that much money. And they come off average probably below average. That's. That's just what the market you know it would deplete the quick finger that major project is on the net a bit. But everybody everybody go to few teams are going to be overpay you because aways and it on all the pagan makes him look at the cavs uncle. Even more welcome back to the Dino Metairie and the wrist you callers NFL never has coach Sean Payton and number nine in their 32. Rankings of the NFL coach where do you rank coach Sean Payton. Top T and top five at a couple seven and season you don't think he's adapting and right now. Are we do have coach in the below between 1520. Cast your vote online at WW dot com. Many texting and frustrated the New Orleans. Pelicans have. Inked Solomon hero. They've averaged a four point four points per game last season with Indiana and here's one. It's an all caps August has person they mean yesterday's day Yemen a screen and I'm sorry and in the and his absentee please don't green and if I'm deserved another in. I don't care about DeMarco Paine but we need players who can score more than four point token come on dale. Thank you assume it's four points a game since hill and onto the case here I'm I was four points a game and good luck. Found pelicans GU weirdo would pay to get errors play. Are right moment are dig a little deeper into how Solomon Hill got his I guess you'd say attention these numbers up to get a ten million dollar per season rate. Yes Solomon Hill has had a little bit of an interesting. Ride due to the NBA this point distracted in 2013. First round pick out of Arizona he didn't play much. His rookie season. Then it ends and his second season he played a lot more because Paul George got hurt for the Pacers so he played in place of Paul George. He started 79 out of 82 games and that season he averaged about nine point two games though his average was consist it was a lot higher. Then it was this past season what happened this past season Paul George came back. He saw his minutes decreased and the Pacers actually kind of changed the style of basketball that they play at the request of team president Larry Bird to start playing a little differently. Hills county odd man outings on numbers go down so the we have a lot of a tape on on the hill from the season before. When he played for Paul George that was season where you play he averaged about nine point two games maybe that's a little bit more. Towards what he can do for the pelicans but he's also got a reputation as a very good defender. And this team is in edged very much lacking in defense so if nothing else maybe can help on the defensive side of the ball. If if Alvin Gentry to get a three point shot to come around he might be. You know that three and he guided they've been looking for that they hoped Quincy Pondexter would be before he missed an entire season with the injury but. Nine point two game two seasons ago when he was play for Paul George he saw his numbers dropped when George came. I'm mark mark I can be Bafana or social media who followed me at mark Menard thirteen on Twitter all right and while we're command everybody come in town for the go for the on the river and it's fourth of July celebration and essence fest or you know. We got some snack machines here and Byron that would go sometimes listen man band no. Instill some of that junk food some of the sandwiches. So walk down the street. And now the streak end just like fast food festival food. Mania always go right across the street. It's the puck and I can call on all across street from the mother's caddick on our building. And right is senate teachers and all kind of stuff that you know as successful as you would expect as a lot of I'm the shirts assailant print shirts. In the end it got the food I mean to condone this DA. Kebab this onions and bill Pappas they had this big. The equipment on these days ago against these stadium like Rios but they around and they have attained Sox is smoke sizes hot sausage. Blooming onions. Pratt to contract can't fears. Greer oats a onions bell Peppers is sweet stroke lead in Germany also system. Oh man I was so happy Christmas morning at Christmas field. Selling and the answer I have to deal with it on the side I'll hand. A piece of smoke in a piece of the day. This as a no Brees is just to meet. So if you in town both they've got good stuff everywhere you speaking in. In the street food so you can categorize they would a few dollars in your pocket to Kapono and for your book let's go out to Metairie for Dino Dino thank you for calling WW. Paid because they do all right dean you're right man yeah. It's sort or SEC you are you going I'm just yours passing it was a sad day going here yep October 17. We wouldn't be a few 10040. Yea I know plan I don't know everybody on now. The Yankees wat really Euro that's right. And will be read off. Of the off and then not so. On in order to ninety's anyway. I was watching the game you know why we we weren't willing to carry about two years watching your team or panic yankees out to not an. And and in them and where in the middle McGee oh. Why walks out to the TP turned round. Drops opinion it's certainly that he'd be a little DB art season midsize and two yeah cigarettes fans. Cigarette it's executing accident. Very conservative. I never seen anything like it oh yeah the TV she sat down. And I swear the Red Sox just started yet. Yeah and I mean they write you about. Being bat point four. Came back won that series and sword make that move and change their. And I visited TV was not in the know that and I'll I'll I'll take notice could you as a junior related saying that wrong with that maybe. You know I know you go I don't know if you go on Red Sox yankees to three years before it went Boone hit that home run in extra innings remember that ALCS. They hear it but they were you sick when you said that when I knew you're going in you know. I out the way it was coming in the way to tell a story about the old for a Red Sox to me that's like would. Indeed DC it was Warner championship but it was notre once championship because they came from back. It was I am in the and they had they had in mind are right there that once they got their personal and they had. They hit Pedro and in the new encouraged him land at after comeback so it was it was a collective chains but I tell you what they start to weigh in on them. You know I'm my wife and number on the net again. Yeah and one time among. What don't let us tell that to tell that is saving Dino for LAQ what is saying to some I tell it without one where we got ahead of Wednesday's the real bleak it's a good for the post season. We'll do as good style of the you know I mean our habit today to Red Sox things Dino and he's one of the moon over the TV. I don't know it was a man that would be in the mood over the bronze of the moon over. Was in Yankee way. The ball to. Our come back to hairy. And I'll get to the more you cause as will WW a new time is 532 we will go to first news to die on me. Where do you rank Saints coach Sean Payton. NFL network has number nine I gave you the top fifteen. Number fifteen it's Indianapolis coach. Took O'Connell Buffalo coach Rex Ryan's fourteen Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer is thirteen he's trending upwards I would have been higher. Marvin Lewis is a number Wales. John Fox is at number eleven. Gary Kubiak of them as a number ten Sean Peyton as a number nine Carolina coach Ron Rivera is at eight he's only one of two coaches in the national football only. That has won three straight division titles in each of the last three years only other coach it's done in three straight years and he's done it in seven that is coach Bill Belichick with the Patriots. John Harbaugh Baltimore is at seven Andy Reid of Kansas city's at six Arizona coach Bruce aryan does that five. Mike Tomlin is and number oh Pittsburgh Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy is it three. Seattle coach Pete Carroll is at number two in coach Bill Belichick. Is at number wore on the coach Izzo notes. Jason Garrett of Dallas is at seventeen Jeff Fisher of the loss and France is it eighteen deck there Rio is it nineteen to meet as though project. Jet was successfully decks and Diaw and he's got the Raiders going the right direction that's just me. Jim collar Detroit I think coach Carl Weathers is better than Tony warned tae Bo was to me is definitely better than toward 22 of the Jets. Mike McCoy is that Tony three Jay gruden Washington you could or could he certainly deserves to be higher. Is it 44 hue Jackson of clean and is it's 45 Dan Quinn. At 26 Gus Bradley of Jacksonville 27 to dance coach new coach in Mac could do is it 28 another new coach Dirk Dirk Cotter is that Tony. Nine of Tampa and and based go to Miami is it thirty. Might Malarkey 31 Tennessee in new coach at Philadelphia bill Peterson. Is that number 32 back to the phones we go and it's coach to Gretna for Harry Harry thank you for calling WW rayo. Eric thank if he got a question play. Seven and our guard wouldn't want to record last year the last two years has. Okay. Where does that put straits he has four hours arguing for it that way actually. Well we usually what they do there at the end of the year there have liked. The top twelve is like to sixteen some each conference to make it to the playoffs add to that I mean you can pretty much you know you go by our record. A Sokol was statistically the offenses right through behind the defense was terrible. Why I'm not. I'll talk about pitching him on there we were certainly and I. Right as far as their mean they were they were you had to say about you know salmon has about middle of the pack so would probably somewhere in late teens in Tony's. Okay land I would argues it gets worse. That's where short page and if you. It is Mercury in the middle occasion you know. It is thing. So you're saying your that you you vote when you're putting my somewhere between fifteen and torn here or not catching it. I got to win as well we got it on the Palme America's overtones and Harrison are eighteen torn. Our back okay thank you so much you appreciate. On the toss the ol' saint nick hello nick howry. They'd be a good trap and on pole man. In particular poll from one. Bit. Track category as probable tag coaches made you Cilic and be at least in the but they will carry it notable ones. So global. Yet Tapia Tara Brady and Bill Belichick. And won by bill Strickland are probably against honor respect maybe that does things from a Alou to an organization does well well contender. Shane at this stated. The man to. It can't change and slot but it. Not knowing I was saying they got pummeled beat that was advocate. That was seven years ago that they wanted Jamie chip and Gary Kubiak just won a championship. This year he's eighteen in. And you know there's some coaches that. You know they have won a Super Bowl so do you think that does the coach who won a suitable nine years ago that you do you deserve to be in the top. It yeah. Manning can create thirteen. Before we went to Kansas. What you're still list him as a top quality coached MA we are talking about records with eighteen and actually just talking about a rolls up top ten culture. Yeah but that's what they are talk about the OC and they've gone about all Wear these coaches are right now with become an awful. Not their career. So you Utah mean right now we will post those common goals. They're built up good knuckle and these guys and a doctor. So every week here we are everywhere that we were ranking coach's overall. If we were ranking coaches over all day and I'd have to look at the list of who while we were ranking but as far as their way they had this rank now. Going into the 2016. Season. At I think I think the dragons are pretty fair. You'd think there are are you fully and as wide lighting costs what is so great native who lived. He's a minute rule goes well we just. For mediocrity it. I have absolutely no idea not only the neck call form he got a contract extension. We're all right oh saint nick thank you so much for the time let's go to. Who Vanderbilt for Chris Chris thank you for calling WW. Yeah our. I'm. We put them confused now I don't know. I'm about probably about result today by it all. Of course two. I maker mentally and caused Vegas oddsmakers. Now committed in each at bat about noncitizens. Okay so therefore we're going to be important. Pocket that appears but did. What. It's seeing operate choosing to ought practices Joey. Aka. You know. And all tomorrow. But there are out there and how can. They don't know bud they don't go by none of that they go out what they they go by they go about what they've done the pay CAA and what date they didn't do. Oh as well as I can say probably eleven. Belichick didn't do much. Because he has shock. And not because it's better than that. Now if you if you asked around town and you say why why can they in untallied no matter. About a top high as some might try it if somebody like Drew Brees and you're talking about something different. Roddick on they'd been name why when they picked this site to be so good at home and they weren't good. So yeah that's a surprise at the same is there you're talking about now. So. They were hot. Imitate Vegas don't like to look me. They lied to get burned they've been number arm out of saint the last two years. Made it what I mean by that is that they had him as you know. The best team at home they were two years ago opponent in his thirteenth season this was the bang for your book why because of the ripped a buildup. It takes awhile for you too especially if you've establish some dominance in his face Nan team and amendment. Those three years and thirteen four out of 52 at the mouth. That was a row. And they were Rolen big time at home so it was like this and so when you won the Saints are legitimate they've done it for these these four years at home. A couple of double digits at home it's over on the band they will Christian base so Vegas has him as the favorite. And they continue now used to all summer because of the last two years it didn't take this year. It took to use Abbott goes district at home where you lost what was him as I've been home last year. And we also Kabul by double digits. You saw the erosion. Of what they had deal. The previous years in him made him so strong and that's why this year right now. A sixteen regular season games in seventeen weeks this is a favorite in just four. There's a couple of tickets including the first one that sees the gates open that's it even right now. But according to odds the Saints only favorite in four games where I take over an answer yeah Adelman. And you know when the Saints that they Dolan told it's. While on the income we've been at seven them as abuse that they wait and you win them. Mean it's a bit but. Eat eat that's the reason why that's why a few years ago you look at the saint evil coach Peyton was out. They'll two or three games in in Toyo that the Saints weren't. Favorite man. And this is the first sentence coach Payton is being here. It other than the first year when he's coming off the tree and thirteen years at the Saints only favor for. That's this happens it's on to our award so if I'm of fame in economics and and I am looking at the glass half full says ahead in the is land on the radio. I'm a radio like that is much his own and nobody expected. The Saints to do with it in the in 2013. Not many people expect the Saints to do with the idea in thirteen especially at Toyo how bad they were defense. They'd he'd seen you know I was with Peyton factor was far more. Great that we thought because the Saints were favored in either 1213 games going into the to a season that was without coach Peyton. They knew that far ahead attack. They do it before drain the Saints with you that that that's how much they thought about the team whereas now that's how much they think about the team. For example. That's debate that is. And they they made it to Allison on the Eagles lose. They might not win what they wanna win. But the house don't lose and it's a right time that we'll get to dialogue tan and so much more it's a big weekend in sports was on the track. Was on the greens. Is this sack. It's NBA free agency moment columnist all weekend schedule. Let's open I'm still a sixth and that's a guess commendable he from the U where he ranks Saints coach Sean Payton and what. Is the most iconic moment in sports that you think you've seen. You've ever witnessed. TV there's been to a misinterpret my watching it. All you were there person and he going to be this is sports talk on WW. Dig most iconic moment in sports. You can needle jumping Snake River canyon got the guns that. Pentagon's also says mama Latvia Belichick in the long cheaters do win at the Zito idea. Pete my wife and I just had a fifteenth anniversary we walked into your office and Amy when afternoon and we used you going well. The only thing I don't agree with is Ravens coach Stan how he should be below fox and her bare rock. Or around thank you very much and congratulations that you and your wife or Steelers all fifteen salaries that time off not confuse you. As when I was justice of the peace and I did some. Ratings by accident while waiting was out in the country. And Coppola says that we will be horses says okay. So I thought they were like is can be set known holes at a cost of Columbia they came way out on the field from the horse and horses. Like you know almost like guys know. Doom gloom doom them boom boom it's. In. And they would they came all the way oh in night it was horses on each side or stand in the middle. You're overseeing a Hossa has teeth before. My clothes. Is like it's a hell of a back cuts and in a dead horse is tee to if it's into you he was in serious trouble ought to think about it or my. And taken a hunger among let my trap would have. In demand. And I was nervous I got through. Back to the phone to go let's go attempt for John John thank you for calling. You as a coach right now which on pit in the bottom third coach especially that your agreed that the trigger to come up seven. Noble that I'll integrating last year that means. You know back in the cards in your mind yet to agree touchdowns in. The came up short that you're able to build up those numbers real quick Sean Payton is. He has might get it up Buddy Ryan currently. Is five under coach I believe that the exact record spot. About Brad that I'd thank you you're about right on number is down. And he and the one thing without Greg or. I think a ignore proved that they can't get one thing. Giving show that contract that long without much money we spent quite a failure with what he's. Coach sense that you're all that in Chicago get it in the world at that. And. And it couldn't chase them quicken up came out here. Yeah weigh eight he had he went to detainment typical about the it was five or six seasons at to Iran and Everett to right that was that was their marquee season. Who would you say was yet talked to John. In the NFL. That I'll check just without a you experience because somebody does prepare and Taylor or double. What all of and quarterback the present form right now. No but I mean I'm unlike you he's a good coach coming that we didn't. They're doing it did in Indianapolis when he was in the goalie on with the Arizona and over there and certainly somebody trending up John I agree with the Andre in Metairie Andre thank you for calling WW Rio. A little earlier what my. Our partner you would. Get up and shut. I just can't see what you want them iconic moment in sport that tore right at night his only moment they. All right well certainly tendencies she'll go again it would here. When a game against heavily Detroit. Would be the next one Christian late mid and late I think early Christian late in the year and yeah. One marked his own run or shoot. In the United States victory in the union. Winter Olympics these days. Give them we are told him on ice I got to. Andre how would you how would you rank jumping in the end if they are among 32 coaches already have him. Gosh I I honestly don't mom shade in McConnell and certainly Mike and I. And it helped coach me remain and I got to be dealt Belcher. Yeah there I couldn't I have no idea beyond that. Like he put me in the paint Chan but there's pointed out. Performed especially in these trade than last year Q adamant that well take that upper management. I'm sure yet saying gets traded and get. Alien can you. You're probably experience. I guides and Andre were Belichick taken number Warren. You. You can't go wrong there and moment r.s they know that Dwight Howard goes back home his roots in a native Atlanta. He goes to the Atlanta Hawks a three years seventy point five million dollar deal so that is basically the was said about Tory story three million a year he was that about Tony for so. He basically winds of Macon. About what he was Macon with. The Rockets all right mom and walk on the back and it's just know what's happening up on this weekend in sports and continue talking where he ranks Saints coach on pavement. Among the answer our coaches this is WW.