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Oct 4, 2016|

Bobby & Deke go Around the League with reporters from all over the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And they are rolling on a surprise to ease because of blood and being injured that being the Dallas Cowboys welcome it's around the league allow Bobby bending Miller we stuff in the NFC east. Cover the Cowboys and the division for the ball wars star telegram is drew Davis and Duke drew thank you so much for the time I was treated day in the Wall Street Journal they were talking about. How drew Drew Bledsoe and the analogy between Tony Romo and Drew Bledsoe Tom Brady. And deck press guy and now ironically at the end it all local kind of sums it up. That guy. Who pretty much supplanted Drew Bledsoe and Dallas was Tony Romo. In the guy who maybe it's this year made when Abbott who seems to be the heir apparent to Tony Romo. Is deck press guy that is putting up some big numbers but I think the most impressive number when you look through his first four games drew. No innocent. Others of course in the weight accurate credit to hear the ball as being an. Immediate. That broke bar in week there are that buried it broke all there should. Was fortunate what I'd they're right back rep guys. As the heir apparent that it carrier routes. In there debate quarterback controversy burger or current active ball well. Act in these next couple games where it. Better parent to get the bagel Packers coming up but I certainly Specter it could be that role that Brett guy. A chance. You know when grow it out. Now I drove our quarterback's best friend can keep David dissolve balance and run the football. Boys is like Ezekiel LE a break down his play. I'll look the way he ran what 96 rushing yards in that second half and and you look at average per carry we went from. Tuna have right on the four 24 point seven in ousting charged a pop just talk about where he's at. As far as our relying on Ezekiel Elliott. Really to be deck press God's best for him. Yeah I mean easy you know Alley. What the guys humid. Big picture are you training camp Rucker hamstring injury only played it being that he baton pretty deep in that make it a little bit going. Kirk couple. More Grady is not yet humble and we get a watching it and buy it. The certainly Shell on the potentially last week been given the Cowboys every team they thought they were hit in with them and they import overall out. Yet certainly not be taking care of the ball. And equally William Rusch and he'll be used the Cowboys certainly epic a burger or Adam. All be much like they did the marker or Murray or report. Now I've Joseph when you look at the NFC east. Obviously. The last couple of beast his appointment. New York football Giants. But it doesn't matter who you play I think the Vikings are one of those dominant teams especially. How they went and what they do defensively but where would you rate Dallas that right now when you consider also the success. But the Philadelphia Eagles and what they're doing. Yeah I think Eagles third game could be. Arc you argue or you know on our points on up in Italy but I'd DPP Cowboys error error which. Our courts are obviously right in the current plan out by. Even they know the division Iraq. Billy what career threat there like with a lot of the game. Early look like late eighties early. In the meat eater at the schedule. It's how they handle well respectively will be a big bat are back got a couple. Yeah drew looking at the boy is it's a challenge is things like not every week I you don't go two weeks and I'll a team that you better bring your a game. And always fell or look at this roster I feel like this roster might have. The best roster top to bottom to never win anything and that being Cincinnati Bengals I know Dallas and home. But hasn't really been Jerry's world love that home field advantage not a thing interesting game come late Sunday afternoon Cincinnati ago. I had a question it's been. I'm sure you look at critical peak at the line and you know but he could be a struggle her easy you know it gig on him. It'll be it's our upper deck press got it it is an open guy especially that line that our current package currently. It brought in more likely that long so it's certainly going to be big in debatable rock and of course Dalton has Germany you know that guy AJ green and it got from Latin pop band that I could grow the and take it. What it'd been a great speed up our double. Covering the NFC east and the Dallas Cowboys for the four or star telegram drew Davis and drew. Other people people with you on social media. I get my quarters. Hurt him at all or work the. Drew thank you so much for the time. And this past week it's the NFC north division covering the bands and in our division John moon Mullin is CSN Chicago dot com. West Chicago picked up their first victory of the season seventeen to fourteen over the Detroit Lions. Also in the division it was an off week before the Green Bay Packers. The Minnesota Vikings took care of business as they beat new talk last night 24 to team John you look at his division Minnesota all by themselves. In Green Bay coming with a week off there at home this week followed by the bands and the lines where is Chicago. John Fox team just John Fox's name alone he's turned things around wherever he's been an. This may be his toughest task ahead note trying to turn things around in Chicago. What it is and and and so many variables. That era and injuries come compounding anything. But they'll do it for reporters that's not really excuse to use issue with the like his report or they lose or quarterback hurt their current quarterback and their left tackle and they're still put points on the on the drive so. Bit not a coach situation quarterback and I and John Fox has never really been all in on Jay Cutler was relieved Adam needs. On the table to keep him last year. Then another burst to him but box even though the league leading us that you'd be surprised ago it was a a couple of big group of talk talk talk and more leader than but that's they've played their benched. Football and calling and team with a lot of record. Do anything past. With Brian Hoyer and right now basic boxes say. If you play well here's your life and I'm Trent Green you quarters ago a crucial for. Now John. You know you look it is a game of momentum and you have teams that are reeling in all of a sudden you sees certain teams go on a winning streak can. And why things like is lined up right of Chicago does turn around that is beating the lines. Having to go at Indianapolis and the Colts and how their disappointing start to their season. So what did you take on that this a game that you should built to win. He gets the momentum and in a big challenge agreeing bad thing the Giants at Green Bay that'll. Be in a crowd batted balls and and obviously look at that. The Houston. You know I at Minnesota so. And to be importing gave the Packers I think voting at the Giants are trying keep pace with the Vikings. Yeah I think that the Jets are really right now you know that that the school early part of the league that there are kind of beat these perspective here. I don't know they're trying to do it. I am honestly guys do we know penny he and I just kind of there's our team teams in the NFL one of three and at such a little more global reports. So he it to me to perspective it is. This is what you guys around the campfire in the recorder comes. From them what Dario. Have occurred so as we can outrun them career. And then Burke got a problem or does that Portland. Till you talk that they have to be good figures are better than a few bad. To be in a discussion. And the Bears have a great they've got in the match indeed coming here the common off battle but won the game. It's a monopoly on game after choosing not to take B yeah you all week to recover. So if we're going into it but to defense as starters and brought aboard it was was on today. That's a team that's kind of in trouble and kind of we'd be taken. So that's what ward won three games then they've got Jackson goes on tree owned by beating the Colts so. Vick could be three in free course could be. 15 well that would be if they're faster than other guys wrote it fire they just get a couple games and now you look at Coca addicted Green Bay Thursday well last year that was a agreement or worse and I compete. So. To me that the league so there's so much parity that's subtle social good dirty. But it is that is there are stacked. John moon mile on where right now this week the NFC north schedule Philadelphia visits Detroit to Chicago Bears and Indianapolis. Houston is at the Vikings and tonight who bought the New York Giants at the Green Bay Packers John a CSN Chicago dot com Huckabee bookie brought with you on social media John. Macias and move maholm Twitter CSN ma and moved maholm that cart and stripped years and years ago in his arms whether state would there. John thank you so much for the time we appreciate. It right. Vincent bonds seniority what is the talk about the NFC. Oh at west division and the LA Rams went last week it was a Rams coming up beat and a big game and this week when you look at the action in the west. It has some matchup is an interesting Seattle takes the week off at the bouncing the Jets on the East Coast a week ago. Arizona is it Sam has his go Thursday night in Buffalo visits to LA Rams Vincent. Buffalo at LA that is like a pretty good game we talk about two teams coming off a big divisional wins. But the Rams at opening season loss atop the loss they've bounced back pretty well and now they're three and one. Funny beat him from doing my homework today and public number out ya I got straight. Nothing of adding up for these guys except on the scoreboard not accurately at all that unit that were in points per game. Keep keep in their quarterback is completing 55% of the passes top early is averaging two point six yards per carry. And yet they're in line at does that make any other I expect. Their defense is stellar and they have an uncanny ability to the last game stepping up and I and they can play when aptly be made it again and that's what they're about other burst like I want. I'm but it. You know Vince and I look at that Rams defense and especially after that though we won game. Kind of similar to the Vikings are you they can bring it defensively. But I I get the Vikings offense obviously a better grade had been the Rams. I mean I've been an embarrassing twenty to zero lost an opener to 49ers. A regular doesn't get any better and it's a duel when you look at Aaron Donald and I Robert Quinn essays like. They've been a destructive as any tendon and the ball so far this season. Yeah there's no question about it but you can look at earned Donald great now. Not. Apple Italy while light and best player in the air felt according to sort out some by a Q that it's up that would not yet he only got. One and tapped back the note didn't come until Sunday import him even but he you lead league in quarterback pressures quarterback here that I'm not that early back but it. Is it being a destructive or any looked at Robert Quinn who. You outline the year after undergoing back surgery and you act normal healthy but he helped your that is a long while. And it seemed creating Havoc so young are probably got a great young like backed it out or street and Mark Barron. Who moved from safety to linebacker Peter McDonald went patently at that they be so the people there and play differently now that you do get our act up. A little bit are going to be great director could be greater so long term like that that Albert built that they have to be more out. Now Vincent. It's like it happens every season when a team does not that expected to what you opinion. On this obviously two disappointing teams considering Carolina. Within a suitable last year and won it three star. But look at it NFC west the Cardinals. I'm yeah what a surprise that the Cardinals like you look at the Colts when Andrew Luck in the AFC but well and you are pretty what's up with the Cardinals in and it seemed as if you know considering and Carolina what an NFC championship game right now they one at 30. Yeah of course there but the price cart and you know last week at around Eric displayed in there. If there were. Literally. About it that it. That if the young players are going agree. Not to expect them but the way we do do. I thought the court and off about that way you know you support Cotto and that absolutely right. Something that we that a draft and he'll be out there and you know it. One thing dealing with it rectifying it is another thing entirely and I'm not sure they did that has again native and labor out of it well. And I'm wondering if there's a little bit chemistry is going on. Now love bits of looking at the Seahawks. Always respected Jan Stephenson when you can scored 27 points I don't know exactly how the game unfolded but I'm just looking at that all that the production. Look at their Russell Wilson 23 of 32309. Yards and finally we familiar with him at these ports that being Jimmy Graham. Following contributing at a high level six catches though hard to thirteen you know. And you know that at that point it took Pete Carroll coached it to get better. And programs. Caught a break playing at a record speaking about the fact that. Erupt from about but it ankle sprain had a week. Port Clyde had been you know put together completely personal record by mark on late but that they hadn't beaten vote on. Pete Carroll did to your record that's happening here are brought a little bit healthier. But you drive the ball down and he'll make plays and youth programs that play at circuit and every. Activated the way we don't need to deactivated ineptitude to other U let step up to dynamite throw well despite. The LA Rams in the Seattle's outside three along with a ran to first place followed by San Fran Arizona it won in three this week Arizona's at San Fran Thursday night. Buffalo visits the Rams and Seattle has the week off Vincent bonds seen yet come in the west in the grants for the LA daily news visit how can be able Tebow with you on Twitter. Daily news Vinnie and you know I appreciate Bobby's always the bad man though daughter pocketed. All right thanks to thank you Bentsen will continue around the league on WW. Rich Rod talk noise about the Patriots. He found it can't stand. We go around the league we thought in the AFC east as time way in the east. Is doing nick leaving this week the Jets at Pittsburgh Buffalo at the Rams and Tennessee is and Miami were right now knowing it's a real one though about Buffalo two and two digits in the Dolphins. And one in threes out about dubious that report the WGR 550 Buffalo. So now make no bones about it anyway you slice it. When you win in Foxboro it's hard to do look a supposed to become an AFC team with the October carted his mom's a last month. On Thursday night and they got pummeled. Now the complete opposite Buffalo put the clamps on the wings. Yet you know it really was Rex Ryan's defense the way it was meant to be last year. You are trying to appease some of the players who were really hold overs from. What they were doing under Jim Schwartz though he didn't really go all in on his defense the old Buddy Ryan 46 and really that some of the things that they were doing so this year it's different if this does Rex Ryan and buddy Ryan's old 46. In another play that well right now guys in their very very hard runner. And when everybody isn't think and do it at the latest was be doing it those linebackers are flying around and make him play and Zach brown had eighteen tackles. On Sunday and really right now that they're playing some good football and tiebreak might not be on his side. But they certainly Gil had their starting defense out there in the build that a good job on offense as well that's not Tyrod Taylor really controlled the game better than me. Now was out margin shows are quickly things can change you look at the New York Jets in. Howell it's packed it was on fire you know smoke in that bill's a defense. At all as of late boy. All it takes everywhere against the Chiefs in and now ala. 27 to seventeen loss to Seattle. I mean yesterday morning just it's pressure and he can't have those turnovers that. Global what did you make of right now with the Jets considering 31 double digits last season where thereafter right now. Wide like going into this year by the Jets would take that back because act. I thought they you know is good is it accurate that little accurately very passionately on the LU the court accurate for Beers and that was really feeling that you get from and it. And I think we all knew that. And the road you're never gonna be important to that schedule and last year they had a New Year's schedule any other team in the AFC east so I figured. It would take a step back in that schedule ours so I thought that would be six or seven win. Yet even right now if you look at that guy a lot of card games coming up by the Jets your stamina. Seven went mostly related to play. Now but this however Owens look at that at. I guess stability at the quarterback position. I don't receive franchise quarterback bridges a stability. And I costing you games. And you know you can do maybe was smoke and mirrors. That you can look how Denver's winning you look at the Vikings even though I think Sam Bradford to the right place right now. But looking at the Dolphins have you given up but Ryan ten hill or are wary Atwood Hammond and I awarded to all the time agencies. I think that ward you probably use as quarterback purgatory with a belt and they haven't died it's just good enough to make it feel good once and awhile but not good enough to accurately when anything went so. You are committed a lot of money to a what do you do where are we bad tightly than that in that situation Buffalo's Jim Kelly retired that is why this game and the longest playoff drought in all of professional sports in North America. At sixteen years right now because they have on the quarterback and everything to find somebody he give them. Money in the guide that you organization back and I think predominately go through that looked tired Adam game. To go in there and kind of X right and it will get to have a coach. Vick the quarterback and your family probably not. It's probably the quarterback that by the issue and I think we're seeing the feeling it from right hand on a never really be the franchise guys they expect them by the year and I think we've seen. What an upper right there and know that. Now compact Joseph the Buffalo Bills attitude into second place in the AFC east keen to keep an eye on they are to defeat New England once whose three and one followed by two teams. For the last place that being the point three Jets. And the one in three Dolphins schedule this week among east teams. New England is sick leave in the Jets or Pittsburg Buffalo at the Rams and Tennessee. Miami's south compact GO bill sound reported WGR 550 Buffalo south Huckabee but gave a weak on Twitter. Felt sports on Twitter Nadia who is east and although talk all the time and really exciting and the bills are actually. You know two and two something going for them as opposed in many years am certain people are you look imported drafts that dollars in yet. Out thank you so much for the time. Ago. And the Pittsburg Steelers rolled to a 36 to zero lead not even close they went on and dominated the Kansas City tees bouncing back from their loss. From the week before to the Philadelphia Eagles taking a division right now and they're eight and see. I naught if Pittsburgh at three or one Baltimore is it three once it's an 82 in two in Cleveland. And oh info Oakley in losing this past week's resonating care Miami Baltimore lost their first game Tony Tony Simmons Oakland. And the Steelers over the case CT joining us now Chris Baffert Duca was a Steelers and the division for the Beaver County times Chris starting off at the bottom of the division. Cleveland I'm looking at what they've done they scored 74 points which is I think lowest in the league that Tennessee scored 62. And they've allowed 115 S minus 41 on the wrong side. Chris it just seems like it has always doing two things always lose and and always pick in the top of the draft. That is supposed to work that way obviously use both to move out of one of those positions. Now you expect to win some games that they're at and look at it they went in and go to court even got that kicker. Mitt if you GO boat but they're pretty competitive and that's per game. But I'm Kia expectations there epic that reality earned it then that they could be looking at a really look at what they might win you know three or four game sure but that. Epidemic been optimistic number for the bronze at this point. Now are Chris Heidi who explained. I guess that is the NFL everyone's a pro in the NFL. Obviously promote. You know of parity. But how can a team like the Steelers. There early in embarrassed like it did that a Philadelphia Eagles. In the end and basically that we game banners a Kansas City Chiefs who was considered wanted to athenaeum. And that that it kind of what that sometimes and yet the Steelers. That game again so about you to a combination of a everything's not going away at it really began the catcher and the pats Padilla. The Duke in the first you can so on the finally get that that. Sunday night against Kansas City where their money gets some back and I. You're kind of a quick pick and that they wanna be a team that can create turnovers. And generate a consistent pressure in that should helped them out about. Now are Chris. Are the Raiders say good arm I mean I know Atlanta went out to Oakland and beat him on their home turf and a looking at the Ravens had to be truly disappointing especially the rally from a nine point deficit. In the fourth quarter to poly go hand between have to meet me minutes remaining in the game that ended to eventually lose when you come back then boy you. You wanna feel good about yourself Kuwait would wind are the Raiders that good to you or with so with the Ravens. Like that beat the Braves will be pretty happy with where there are out at the bat well all but at the raider. And waited Nazis got in and chip that can take really program on at north. The Oakland team they got a lot pieces that are right there you know turn it tipped the reached disputes capable and so people avatar course but that. You know I can certainly why that there are an emerging as a real elite quarterback in the league and Cleo Mac on the defense at two in that unit up there. Now are Chris I'm intrigued intrigue this weekend. And wanting to watch this match up you know to Saints overall Cincinnati and Dallas come Sunday afternoon. Silly because I've always been I don't know bagels observer are always view them as wanted to best rosters that they never win anything. And then obviously always interest and and Dallas with. Blight to keep pace with Pittsburgh and obviously but the Baltimore's record is an important game for the Bengals at Dallas. Yet and that that to be a really good games at the non prime time that really. To really do achieve that they go and had that Cincinnati you know that two into you know the bye and I'm happy with where their. They boat and predicting that out really been expecting to back Brett got now is the Q Alec Elliott the the rookie running back. I hate kind of in my standout rookie guide everybody what. Watch. Chris Bradford covered the Steelers to the Beaver County times and this week in the AFC in the all New England Dixon and the Pittsburg Steelers are at home against the Jets Washington is that Baltimore and Cincinnati is at Dallas Chris. How to Tebow Tebow we did on social media. Outlawed Twitter. Kiki Brett Chris thank you so much for the time. All right ANC's out AFC west on the way we continue around the league here on WW yeah. They came back and picked up a big victory down McClain covering the Texans and the AFC south of the Houston Chronicle where in the south Houston is in Minnesota this week in a big game point oh sort of 31 Houston did a season Miami. Chicago the Indianapolis in the jags of Jacksonville have the week off. John thank you so much for the time in you know it would the news about JJ watt in you know a new quarterback in the air this year. To me it's Steelers like without question I think maybe more so this year than in previous years Houston is a class it is division I when see I would be surprised to see Dan. A break over to a big lead before we get to the halfway point of the season. The body that is occasions terrible in attitude gamely all pretty bank could change because ultimately as well the Vikings have played. Great deed that symbolic committed one turnover. On a fumble lately. Plus you know are close my spiritual. But attacked and their defense has played well against Tennessee simple wonder. And the Titans are better team than they were last year at. Nine sevens that. But the united it as Marcus Mario but the key is Brock. On six interceptions. At the number last year in seven starts in Denver he would also. Work force starters a year ago. Again into the post game press room at. Got I'll probably economy here at some point not amateurs should put it would be. Day to do it because there have a chance at beating Minnesota. Continues to Dario. Yeah I Johnny is Delhi convinced. A lot of folks considering how well the Vikings are playing. If you skiing go on the road and win at Minnesota. Would you talk about that lead. Are you as disappointed in the Colts as against the number of fans you look at expectations because they have Andrew Luck. You look at Carolina's regular that the cardinals' record but looking at the Colts neutral site playing Jacksonville it in London but. Yeah I'd I was I don't know manager look fan but I think he holds on the ball too long at times and is their defense that bad out of the Colts have been really disappointed. Their defense has been mediocre. They're starting three rookies in the opted to lie in the par three year old running back. An analog receivers you've been playing remotely well he wide open in the Atlantic lately and newspaper in go to. So humbling that. Running great potential at the Condo that he's not punitive or fail in this division. The Texans Titans and Jaguars all bolster their running game. To try to take some pressure offer beyond inexperienced quarterbacks. And that. Those calls when one didn't think. Look a year ago lately reported patten's they'd make the championship game a lot of people take them. Goes ball and our best. Over the years so he has been enormous pressure. Now it yet John right quake I mean you talk about the pressure that they take approaches the game such a a big contract and he's Bulls I guess make miracles. When August supporting cast so what did you take from that. Well they gave him. Contra. You know deserving. But Ryan Superman Kryptonite. And I think they've done in an injustice Bill Polian used to do. Peyton Manning number one pick all the time. Take it to number one receiver number one it died in yet to everyone thinks that running back. And that I am not Bulls to their team with the kind of personnel on offense to help Andrew Luck. Jon McLean govern the Texans and AFC south of the Houston Chronicle way it's a big win this week Houston 31 at porno Minnesota John had to be the key but we do on social media. Probably there McClain in the Al and McClain underscore. On underscore. In Tampa thank you very much as well. I'm McClain Houston Chronicle. And add more things change the more they stay the same dominant looking better this year than they did last year and they are the defending world champion on a full game went their perfect. And so far this season. They are thought oh. In the division opens at 31 Kansas city's two into in San Diego is about one in three governors talk about the AFC west in the Denver Broncos at mile high Sports Radio. Minnow nets aero Renault the Broncos are rolling and they've got a big in this league the entertain the house my Falcons. It. I'd I'd welcome any team to try and grow 3540 times against the Broncos a topic you're gonna have much success. I'm out there and a lot of yards last week but with his pass rush. I don't think many teams are going to be successful try to run but that's what the topic pap is that they have a great running game twos so. That's going to be interstate that would all the key to these stories coming and breaking. Late that afternoon. All of us in Denver right now we're just waiting to see what the end of though what Roger did go the ginger hammer what's he gonna do. Well to keep to leave new people. Of Phyllis and run there and Annette Renault 'cause we haven't heard if you would. Well the Dallas Police Department came out today saying that they believe the key to leave Duke shoot itself but they can't. Determine whether he was in a club or he was outside. And we just had the reporter wrong and doubt on my show. Earlier that our. And she said that the cases pretty much close. And then beat Dallas Police Department not going to. Trying to press charges against the key to leave and with that as you all. The NFL Roger Goodell doesn't care whether probably guilty or not. If you are not representing the shield properly. He will drop the hammer and so right now workers tried to speculate. Will keep the lead gets suspended two games board games a game and as well he's played. I mean his name's started to come up it you know it underworld four games in. But he played so well you know you'd be. A better player of the year young player of the year. So how he knew how. Will the Broncos off that bat because I guarantee you he's in the gets spent. It's just will it be for game will be a game and power the Broncos point guard said it. And it'll just come you treated like an injury picked guys out there and luckily. They have depth at. I'd ever Oprah or let you go right quake at the Oakland Oakland leaders are gonna keep pace with the Broncos they got a win at home when the charges in the town. Oh without question the Chargers. And chief sir are not good. Written on the terror Renault a great news at mechanical it's a key to leave what you see with the NFL says I know what Tim Tebow the Huckabee but Tebow we've yet on social media. Find me at rental at all are you in KN OW ITA. Oh no it RO. Really known that there are no thank you so much for the time we appreciate that's gonna do it around the league and in the west as we get Arizona. As you meet him and is it demo San Diego's opening Kansas City has the week all BJ donut tomorrow night is do the cats is with a three you preview. From five to 630 it's QB to QB will lead into the NO drawn show thanks to Muster Chris Miller on news and mom and odd double covered sports and Mo quick listing jacket team got a bad. Is up next on the ability of the three love in the eighties in my life. His jacket miss Emma and miss Adam Levin I see you soon LA's John by the eight Canon. Bobby a bit on the way you guys logged and I'd be able bat.