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11-2 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on Saints-49ers

Nov 2, 2016|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke review the Saints' win over Seattle and upcoming matchup with the 49ers.

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And good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports all coming up in just a moment our review preview with Saints. Colan as a promising great Deuce McAllister what are you more excited about Saints in niners tide and Tigers all game seven of the World Series a squeeze in a couple calls for us. Met in man the mailman thank you for calling WW yeah. I felt things were taken McCall a month long suffering Saints saying here and then I mean cub fan here in May and we'll. Watch my first game ever at Wrigley and all Margarito walk with the Mets. Indo became a fan ever since that. What are your previous caller rocker was talking about how they all stored in shouldn't have much important. Not while I would tend to agree with him actually think that it helps the Cubs in this series because it bring out warmer back to the plate and that I haven't quite. He already give pinch hit. Yeah I can pinch hit the guys the beast he's really come alive when nobody expecting to the World Series he's been. You know taken good ball get on the basis score runs and I expect them to have a big night against Kluivert and I think we're gonna cigarette now. So Matt I've got to go point emeritus of how nervous are you are you like. Like are you pay thin. Just waiting for the Brewers pitcher or probable what is your routine. But when you watching the Cubs considering today is do or die against them. Well I've gotten I've got an indicator about started during the it got to get started there so but yacht clear up like ended too. When the when the Saints went to the Super Bowl and aimed it out what that game five on Sunday night and ot sorry I didn't get a chance to watch this thing. In Miami take on the Colts but. BB energy in Wrigley Field was unbelievable. And in in this is spin on every pitch he just. It had you been like watching an every down the Saints beat the Colts are Super Bowl is just the energy in the that the patient. In the stretch with every pitch which is just unbelievable so yeah I'd pay anything right now of them all. Yet ready for the for the ball I'm expecting a cup win them. A man I hope it turns out like the way you want them and we appreciate Koppel gets appalling grinned at deuce in the county is where there's deuce. Game 79 the World Series clubs and call on the a Cubs called the Cubs and Indians where you go along with. It's. Neither looked good and you know blow for blow shortened stretch. He's probably a little more. Again in. I'm Rory so. To say that I. Here are either trying to but it's an itchy like I'll probably say it's a pitcher. I got appalling Gretna gives us his take Paul thank you for calling WW yeah. Garrett got into a solid before. He was talking about. I am rock. It's been a lot I used to work it via. The Tigers. Ulbrich stated and you are right back when we get. And I it didn't get the brunt give them but what we've Patrick. After pocketing it. A lot of ball volume being from Gretna that you might know this then you educated are old enough to probably I know this. In the U all of metropolitan air area is there. Any other Major League player that has had a statue built them like I mean a lot hasn't grand. It. I am not and I mean I. Work ignorant. Program from current and I just happened to. People can out debate couple sort out the stadium and appear. And there a point five hours or. Just that people see our. Surely there the Ramallah and that's the great players gala gala. If you liked that at Williams. All I'll do it this island well. Yet just imagined them. Though I'll know yet they don't win tonight. I. And it just aren't you know it looked like this one. The couple and. I guys and allowed not allowed to count on it that's what it is it is time to do is do. Deuce McAllister is it was now. Deuce looking back to New Orleans Saints put together a complete game and we complete ballots third at bat rushing attempts thirty that had camps. And they put together a game against the a solid contend that this was not just at a good game again somebody it's not. Tom on a solid Al team for five straight years a team has been a tooth who will both. Now they have a chance to build on that deuce and go out and they'll be in a team opposite ends of the spectrum. A team that was all of us and high into the league with this week ticket on the team this autumn in the low in the in the Al in San Francisco. And I think that's just into the new coach in the uncertainty at quarterback position. You know you eat eagle a couple of years ago and churches schools need a little. I mean though that now Beers you know they agreed they loser suspect it was electric. Own that it include those that are well coached. A lot of guys available due to her. You know so technically release physically as shopper. I'll eat eat properly goal goal. Anquan Boldin. And they are young came into their religious and community at each. You mean majors. And a game that you really played. Mean. You know there's one out about which would be rated offense where if you move. Put him in Kabul times lose that particular Eagles than just as we can get a brilliantly deep deep post. But it he's a label that's all that matters. Now those looking at the rushing game obviously it. Come a shame on the Saints have been don't have back to back games well all 100 yards and maybe have a hundred yard rusher there is why are bring it up. You look at that apart niners run defense the worst in the league. Dave Lennon opposing rusher get a hundred yards are more and each of the past six games. So whether it be hide how marking and everything high tower have the first chance that a bit. If you look at the thing to a hundred yard rushing success and gauge got to go back there. What's its marketing and did that in three games in a row 2014. But right now. I thought this is kind of mind boggling and you could see one thing first thing old school we gotta go the stop the run. The party niners are given up a 185. Rushing yards a game that's more to forty yards behind the next worst team. Which is the Cleveland Browns is given up a 144. Now big plays they've given up a rushes forty yards or longer lemon ties forty yards along the four times. A morning any OT so I mean it's is like when all's said and then how do Sean Payton. An empty car Mike Huckabee and not have at least thirty rushing attempts against the 49 is because what they've done as of late defense against the run. All of that is it to me and do we do this first. And you know. Is there to run the ball out and do it. It would just because their numbers and one thing that we owed their off weeks they had to be self scouting. And are going to be opportunities. For a run bobbled that at least Auburn and say well this and he was all due to. You know let's go out and do we do and it wouldn't you know the ball into the can and analyst. On gene and award this there are worse in less fortunate that throat. When our Forte. Our I would think it's I'm not come back to the body and hammy and also more would do some got to take a look at today's injury report present reduce his take on SEC big game this week. And will point to what the matchup Sam sisco and New Orleans Deuce McAllister is there was a 636 voting is Drew Brees and then it or drawn show come and appear on WW Rio. Tomorrow night is this a's players show marking him as a special guest at hooters on veterans boulevard and Mary come on out and Jonas. And of course you know we had to talk to mark about the Saints and the time. LSU and Alabama as well could be a good show tomorrow night come on don't we give our view from Vegas in a fantasy football. Preview all the Tamar 4740 veterans boulevard it's the saints' place it would Mark Ingram. And out of the big out at a couple of tags here one of them. And we commenting on a male laud the great male line the Major League players that has the statute. Of themselves where it's saying grand then I don't know of any other Major League player. And excellent fancy here what you will you hit it right wanna hear Celestine isn't as a statute was a then Major League Baseball player collage. We will Steve Gleason as the statute book as a head. So. So party won 83 no talk about major league baseball players and in the New Orleans metropolitan area easel that I know a significant impact what he did a Major League Baseball mammoth that you didn't allow statues into one but not like you said only one Major League Baseball yet don't hold on I know. Yet now I have another one -- is up please comment. Audiences 7988. He's he's now takes them by 45 times since yesterday okay please comments need used port technique on the paid police. He should have been flagged twice to review a break from the rough three. Clock could tell he used port technique. On those particular big plays but he should not have been. Like twice the one he should've been a while ago was the first alma sport detracts Allen the cooks. Is there were twenty playing zone or man Bryant and the one. With Seattle was doing mighty attitude on the playing manners home. He was coming off the ball but they'll play zone coverage that is not a pick play he just trying to ease you don't wanna get jammed. Now on the first down. When the actually got with 34 we got 25. That was pig play and the things they haven't caught a break that was bad technique would you have to do is win. You try to disrupt the route you have to have repealed vision. Rich you via now noteworthy to have tunnel vision right and you are looking okay what you responsible without sacrificing myself. They help my teammate you know get open and what you have to do is so it doesn't look flagrantly trying to actually block them. You got a gig allies back on the quarterback. There'll be a hands like all Bulls want to receive the ball and it hit check them. Or are just get that defenders away make him change direction a semi and onward and nobody don't never completely Nikkei call up big play because my theory. You look at back at the quarterback even though you've seen that that you wanna win anyway him he went block them UK game block of the fact that back. If it's manic I don't know generally we use him but because there was a home and and analyst Manning carve because it was more they had a touchdown. That that's not a penalty breezed to coax a two yard touchdown early in the same boat but yes but is more later because these dog. The guy that was covering Coke's on the 34 we got. 25 yards and beat Dallas significant because we ate up four minutes of party once and move and win a lamp with a two yard kick a 41 yard Q what do we want my twentieth on the matter is we have finally. In we do get any calls and a point after. And figures that you always get and all the rest seeded O'Neal will write other every day HE day the cheating do the things are mad as owner Rick CDs. Is it DTU four your old game can you imagine if they cheer for you then you know any inhabit some band that's like it happened and that. All right David divvy on news down approaching 531 time the first news we'll go to Christen that. Always something new a WW dot com. David Duke in New Orleans for the stinnett. Candidate debate tonight send students to dilly universal disturbed about the possibility. Less despite record early voting in Louisiana 75% of registered voters had yet to cast their ballot. Also as we get close Election Day trump focuses on Florida and presses into Arizona and President Obama walked the line between defending Hillary and questioning. Com. All right who's come home. With that I'm loss is this only so much stores and I mean I know what economy and always steal in he lives at some person with them. Come. On man I've only read is that in that go to the screen with green oh James comp. Calming the FBI all you have guy Garrett yeah yeah yeah. Call me. Communist economy as I guess it's been a different thing. Yeah I'll sign me Hillary in in. Right grads and while he was doing his job initially with the investigation now this came out right before then. He's not necessarily. Do his job. Right away. You know never seen no right now. All right 2601 hates him you can takes forty or more interested in right now Saints and niners LSU bam out. A game seven of the World Series Hammond for buddy buddy thank you for calling WW ago. How are I'm Bonnie. Article got. One. Scenario yet you. While I strain or dollar plate but it could. Well opt for maybe Whitney is on. I'm old war not a check off there. Keep your farm road baby. Six feet. Out how watered it but it can't so you know. Scott it was gone you're trying to. Ought to. Pop or Scott. I. Am. At. Can't. Hit at all. I've got a guy. If it. So you do that is coliseum you do you and had to get drafted. Where you know but at the board yeah. All agree with it but it caught. So we did you get we don't know who you put boy. Guys you'll be in they would to Jersey on and hand knowledge that I. I mean when it looked pretty bad a few nights ago but now you got to game seven so yeah you got out. Yeah in a real good they dominated that one so. Well buddy man looked we hope you hope to get to wish to dream come true tonight. All right bye thank you for because I approached him yet and I of people you know but again different reason a lot of times you know people pull for teams that I did he might like your column a mascot when he Jonas I always like some. That it is effortless it Puerto play if you look in the American with a it was the Red Sox are the Yankees. Are. Even Angels or whoever someone who's who's been relevant as of late. Are even the White Sox that I think I wanna see the White Sox they won the World Series. The year Katrina yeah. But I mean is just as the clean that he was saying and how it Chicago news review may want to deny it party eight yeah I mean at that will you know. We only new worlds you know so I mean that's why it's it's a win win for both in Orlando and got in bull fan base and. In Cleveland got to be gone now nodding in the loses seven games as a lead off the Diamondbacks as there and yeah I am an extra innings and Lewis knowingly. 260 Weis and you could take this thing you know you like decent degree to bring a point dogma member Monday I mean I'm an office talk with Cotto. And I do my shirt like distant and Micah I was short leaving him months mostly came up Cotto Coke got eight. That's it no assists a a Miami ten is universal mind that would leave that for all time picking odds he got agreed to issue in my right. As it was the first few located University of Miami. Was my father's best friend's father coached in OC cap that was a long time coach and Brett Bodine high school. And when owls though he used to just seen meal on Miami Hurricanes though and I did the epic jags judges had a connection in and he was like he was on the team with the original pausing. Jon Weisman. And he's on him they depict him as a knuckle toe. He was a part of the because I am Jim Johnson coach Erickson when Miami was there anything today yet when he FAO team that won him. A right to 601 hates him you can Texas and 870. 87 Alabama's twenty game win streak goes at Tiger Stadium Saturday night. And we're about the Saints is a possibility of a let down or sit back Bobby. Can't keep it can't ever really been a positive about that down or sit back when you when you retrieve fourteen. I mean I would think you'd be one you could you would take anyone for granted. Would you you Kane I mean is NFL and you can have a setback considering. Where you think your hand tied. I would think somebody like a reality might be as we've because they ranks sixth and one in the even if they know handing wanna Guillen exactly now though that the that would be a shock it's a hell. The game in the NFL. You can have a says everyone prepares for everyone gets paid. I mean a perfect example it is talked about going from the pin house on house with the Vikings. You know he Maryland which is a couple of weeks ago the light is the only undefeated team right. And now bam bam did they lose two in a row. Again embarrassed by division report to Bears who who has it was a very good and now one know from game neither okay well now I'm. They sit out of Chicago could really billboard about butt when he had time. And their ball and look some going on in Minnesota could Noah Tyrus is the only city equally I don't differences that something may happen. What I'm Pena resigned yet how you have a deficit in the middle of the season when you knew you'd do something drastically different. Now you would during training camp may be the way you've been calling the games on the field like you gotta be a rift divot cinco is Simoneau OC variety and. Nine day both the old school and you think. You know Sam Bradford. That he's gonna have to really be a leader for that offense but they gonna have to so to speak as the Buffalo Bills Thurman circle the wagons right you know the Vikings they. Green Bay has struggled look at the NFC north and is now only one game out of Minnesota via. One game out men and I'm like I'm like what John moon Mullin tortoises they bowed Forbes a Chicago Comcast. Or are roundly sick easy you gotta wonder if if you weren't seen Monday night a team on the way down the team owner Julio. The Chicago and pretty good stretch abolished and the coach John fox and if he doesn't have success in Chicago is to be a first place in his entire pro career as he has hats exit top boxes available coach got a sixty from Dan G. He says what a mambo in resident while motorists were received tonight. In issues at night and things Sunday. Like I am as good as they do advance begs them all right back to the phone ago Bobby in metric Bobby thank you for calling them did you have. Good bomb. And I go out on the same note trial. All got it is I meant by that was one is some of the most had a yet it Bobby about it is didn't even out numbered holes on the opposite I'm not Mike he hated his body but I. I'm fatigued I'm just because a mile I avoid being with the date if you look build the calls we've had as this series start I would say the only area on an RR 89 it was there comes in in the one back and I tell you Latin I don't and the and I've been the Cubs game four on them and anything cleared them but. A different in my my ball is he's one of the best in like that though the sports business. In about four years ago he gave me his old enemy jacket he wore a Cleveland Indians Menem is jacket my department tunnel the facilities and able but. I think they still do because they haven't ran into any kind of problem with their mascot issues. But in and out and I say you know it is the first time made aware that I have in 97 up to him the last time it was in the in the playoff Finley was in the late nineties tonight you saw us I did it in a bigger win and I've Babcock has looked at that as the B Kuhn -- and so but somebody will why are you in the in the AM why you're in this thing into all. One. Of our opening ball high and I in me and that little boy I want 98. Gave. You know. What are suited out of there or not I you now I remember. That one that hit the ball on the bottom. Marlins not Pakistan with the Amex it was the Marlins and oh yeah I hit over top of it's is it doubly who has won. You know I know you have a rough out of the rough there and had a champagne all like everything. You know way yeah I'll miss some long seventh man but no breathing about the Buckeyes and if Burress. Poll in the in the well Paul what they do still think it's a. All we're negotiating a deal they can throw a yeah. And they go up that it went out there are. You know it's generous when you look at you look at a lot of one loss teams that they're really Nebraska. You know Ohio State in this game I I all three of those you can say we control our own destiny. And then as a two loss team coming off what we were about an attempt to address these each of the two loss teams. Even in a BCS air we've never seen the losses of these senior ranks Ohio. Did a quality losses mean Wisconsin to quad and also a touchdown. To miss and you know it's an Ohio State LSU lost to Wisconsin who's highly ranked and lost to Auburn whose how to write an arm and also undefeated Clemson. And once once beaten Adrian so it's it's a lot of football that you maybe it's exciting there. The closest thing look at when Ellis you do that knows that you ought to audible or what. That's right we'll so bubbly for Eagles got to play man oh man and I yes it cue from. Ohio and then he got roots there. When you look at Cleveland and the Cavaliers finally winning that he got the Cavaliers you got the Indians. The Browns are the Browns still tubman and we if you break down all the franchises in. How would you compare a celebration. Like you had for the cats compared to the Indians were to. See what our ability in a hurry if you win a billion corporation. By the Browns at the ground that it. Bill. And now our side are about our for a local route back off here all low rent. In a dark art or out so bad well never gave up 3040 people want to Browns yeah. They they would be they would take that though the world bust on Bobby much much like the Saints did it in 2009. It. Yeah but because it's like you know. The Saints and to a boat. The Browns get there and they've been so close with some low quality it is obvious that even in the and all the LeBron and Cavaliers. Loria yet long suffering no doubt about it. Icon Mac the Duke will be well as those who get to Shawnee golf party got a question for a great deuce. Jimmy tear down and Brian our town this is sports talk to get to the saints' injury report today as well. Going to 7 o'clock tonight and that's we had exulted LSU sports network at Georgia Russia right here on tiger radio WW yeah. All right injury report today did not practice gave a cowed and don't celebrate days are nice in Toronto on stint limited. Stefani and Nate Delmon bro I'm Landon. More and Max on deuces back with a now let's go to sonic go up or Shawn you only got a course of the deuce go right at the. A lot TB you know that's one. I want to call last week but there but come on the pitch it wide. Two years ago with guys go poured on and are. Polite when they're a little while our hearts and law and the whole Duke. Beer at me he calls me Omar might well. And ultimately. It was made my night and one letter might note that. This is just the straight a great guy and made my night may not we know drop a note that crosses people on the via a billion correct. Yes yeah yeah. I've got to wish ala Goji did you say is don't take cabin is on Sunday are you looked afraid to sit out the word by San Fran. Notre bit I would think now it's up and about a big gangly now that was a day on a goal and out and you know week in a vote Latin team like the Rams and you know when they're. When you have to tie you tied the last year an adult via. Yeah might eat out there and say you know we put out a whole league in. A little more campaign goal and a. I solid Sean thank you so much for calling a deuce appreciates it do is why you. A golf we got a text there was aunt want to ask deuce doesn't do you think will be odds of getting the starting nod on Sunday at Sam sisco. We'd be Oden Mark Ingram all Tim Hart now. I don't think it really matters I mean they could both of them back to the same time to be honest and and and quotable labels start. You know it's about who can get the most k's and be productive I think at this at the end of the day that's what they both want to be able to contribute as far as. To help the team to win you know so as far starting I don't think it really matters I mean it's it's the bulk of the two years is really. Yeah yeah okay would you sum it changed that narrative. Let's say who would get. The most attempts the most carries when he beat that you go with the hot hand until proven differently considering. That how well Tim Hightower played last game. That's that's been charmed models since he's been really you know he's gonna dole would art and you know. Egypt might bail you broke back to listen to Mike Mike Mike bill with the calls you know and he he always played better. You know third or fourth quarter and whether it was because teams had to chase rated he would take Pierre. You don't know but he knew third or fourth quarter he was gonna get 1012 skaters and utilities he ran a slant play. This is anybody that we their hands so you know if that's the road etched on creates what these gas. You know they noted. Each care's going to be press is what's on eBay and make something out of. Yeah Andrews I'm like you know and that is starting now is is totally different in in football than you want to wars that you beat a big thing we're now is like you know. If you're part of packages a meat even Lamine sets coming would have extra tight and and so forth it's. You know it's about. To me OK if Jerry and get not just auto budget on third and long you know he might be dead David calamity might be that receiver. It's is starting is not what it used to bear I guess. Blue lately has been elected. There is no players in the NFC of that if he starts they gain. They needed X amount of money. In that that man now probably 70% of them no he plays if he plays a number of men out -- in the offered to play from in that where you start looking at our it is kind of audience for X amount of plays discount if Rick in my plate not it is gas spot. I mean because. Being teams are tied it like you it seemed aren't kind of okay. 120 teams started so we we we owe him. We're going out there and start. Not a between the two played 80% of offered to play. You are much more dues Jimy it's here it's now a couple of baseball do as well game seven the World Series nightclubs and Indians. We have got to try out other cubbies and this weekend LSU Alabama. And Saints and 49ers will cover all right here Drew Brees and forty minutes it always roster at 7 o'clock tonight on WW.