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11-30 5pm Bobby & Deke: Deuce McAllister joins radio huddle

Dec 1, 2016|

Duece McAllister joins Bobby and Deke to talk LSU and Saints.

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And thanks so much to jam Greinke thing hanging on we are coming right tibia and also will be Julio would Deuce McAllister. And then later in this now 5042601870. Is a numbers game about. You can text a 6870. Eights are operating jaguar opinion poll is online at WW dot com. Do you like the current college football playoff system vote at WWL. Dhaka to the phones we go Dana let's go to go look for GM Jim thank you for Colin WW. They. Had. Talent in Ernie. Now. With the quarterback situation at LSU. What my friend that you know he is serving and he and another option for a third. Is now the offer Michael Cole were you know Mobile, Alabama. Is our ability where in happening. The we're looking lean kid I'll comment on. What out of Dow Lowe went on a dal. C'mon that's not a coincidence. That did is I don't rely Alabama wants them. And then Ellis is get my opportunity and you don't think Lehigh late Kim has had conversations they had this young boy and and Hawaii Cologne. Hit it in that aren't they only. Talking about I don't and I mean we've got our back pocket passer that mean to me. Watch that young man he's more like an Enron and Harvard he's not that barely able runner but he can run he's a very good runner. What did you have agendas I say. Buyout these little any of these young kids that wanna commending compete. I mean that I can remember going to Michigan Panthers are competed against wade Taylor was all cited the power to ban the bill. Mark Millar was a five year veteran Cleveland Browns at thirteen quarterback. But who win the job. David don't work out and you go somewhere else you like about it what's that going to be handed to them. City gonna compete you win the job the standardization of merit and well all week and that you committed to me unit yeah well I had been out and I gave his college and not you got to win the job. Well I look at it. He's sort of been given an opera I'm in the top six right now with constant rise up and again I mean. It's got in Michigan that say that that's why I made a bomb is that in him and and anyone like Mora a pure pro style instead of spread. I look at USC Arkansas Wisconsin. Michigan. Yeah it's all fair game X amount it's cold you know I mean I. Would you rank it high school that the you'd give a kid that opportunity. Perfect example. Look at deck press cut. Iowa where he came out of how many stars that he had. And then who that every team in college football one deck press got from. Cowgirl I want big stone yet yet he is the man eats out museum so that's our main competition me and it don't be scared. Deuce McAlister joins us now deuce of course apart over recruiting it would be reduced as there is gone to another level now with the yeah. I guess you'd say the explosion of social media. But deuces and you know you could be the greatest thing since you know. Sliced bread but that's kind of been recruiting process and any state the recruiting process went to get all campus you've got to compete regardless of well I know deuce who has never scared. I know that now I'll I wouldn't scare but I do know miles as well and I kind of know situation as far as. Not Guillen recruited early on you know you're talking about a kid that's. Really before the season whose work where Brett Favre and brits working on winners drops his reads and so he's really advanced to me these kids it's a resume from new rule Owens a Louisiana Kia. He goes status laws he's he's he's a passing leader I think yes touchdown records and also when you talk about. He's a dandy does a football play it. He's a Gatorade. Player of the year type player I mean so he has all the accolades you know you talk about teams in the elite let eleven finalist as a quarterback. You know his biggest thing is it's funny system and I don't know if it's necessarily. Competing for me because you still have to look at and understand what Cotto was saying as far as what he's looking for a quarterback. I mean so he's got to find a system that works for him and that they say that LSU doesn't work formed system last. But I mean. He's still human as well and so when Ellis who offers. Another quarterback and that Tate early enrollees I mean the quarterback yet from Hawaii to come comes out in December yummy so he'll be able to go to to spring. I don't think miles while no for a fat mouse can't do that my house has to go. At his school UK graduate early so he he can't come out until May. And so that other quarterback has a leg up on you know Unita even talking about the guys that are coming back. But debaters fitness because that is snowball effect a lot's gonna happen. Before we know it I wanna say yeah probably in a couple of weeks. Well what can cabala Lane Kiffin was gonna come about what whoever Colin yeah coordinator is there and and when that kid that goal analogy is going Alabama. Yeah I think Cotto is gonna make a decision probably after. This weekend's game you know here and he'll he'll have an opportunity because you know that schedule will be set you know bowl games while it it's about two weeks before they start the year you know and in a playoff system will start tours in the year first of the year so he'll have a decision or at least. Have zoned in on his top two or three guys you know by. If not meet me at this time next week but in the next week you know I don't know if he'll be in place but he'll have his top three gas. Are zoned in on and an NBA and you'll start to see okay what type of system does this OC bringing you know what is he looking for a quart. We know coast ovals you know as far as his type quarterback but it doesn't matter necessarily because of that then it would what the OC runs. Pin is at it it is what you had the last two years. You know and that's you're you're you're trying to make somebody a pocket pass away. That make it bad enough that when I guess you would most coaches want they want productivity. And even coach O would take a pro style quarterback of that with Drew Brees Cotto would take at that press got it that was spread that adamant they would I think my opinion in the day I was gonna Hamlin Lane Kiffin. England back to Alabama. Either link given his QB word Allah issue about the cornea beating head coach art Uga is like a hobo or W giving it coach and did not go watch Duke is dark and ugly -- listen this. Bet. Came back or at least close miles recruited back or want it to get back in the pitcher about two weeks. About two weeks before. He you know he goes. Over its state so originally it was eighth Mac yeah but. About two weeks later or two weeks before. Okay you could be at quarterback for me in that Beckenbauer tomatoes and almost it to my regulars aren't any you know would comment though we called it. On an island huge amount bought new properties and it missed a player yet he had missed another well as you know what a perfect example is on a value index. But you know I think he's thrown exactly you know what a perfect player to him is that things Angela Tracy Porter. No I went the Indiana he was all oil yeah they they gave him an out Austria you haven't had and I can't coast or even offered right right angle on Indiana. I try it I'm much more read your preview reduced those Greinke Hank I would commit tee this is sports talk on WW real. And welcome Matt don't gate coming up and about an hour and ten minutes. Our QB QB with Drew Brees in tomorrow night it is these Saints players Stewart hooters on veterans boulevard America when Allen Jonas. We will be visiting with the Saints safety Von bail on that tomorrow night goes on you from Vegas. And we'll take a look at preview this week in division state championships the four divisions. And all coverage will have four here on WW will preview that. And we would take a look at your fantasy football report 2601870. Vote online at WW dot com do you like the current college football. Playoff system to the phones we go let's go to ray ray thank you for calling WW. Our guys. I think coach though made it for what they get the code. Because I think that when you make that statement that you want it to a quarter of and you have. He kind of limit itself to a certain style player. And you kind of make and. Low ball ray ray ray haul your point but that David a promise coach miles league Cam Cameron. That you have to hand and the stand district of a quarterback when you're trying to make Bryan Harris. Brandon Bryant Brandon Harrison a drop back quarterback as an hour and and beat and he was dual threat in high school and it never worked out. Okay exactly what did you make it my point that that your DUK and educate you needed to. But they sit and adapted and they should've. It wouldn't give it a dual threat quarterback that that good at it as a drop edit profile quarterback the you get a run it imperial op the good. No because you can't if you if you're planning mr. Russert often you don't switch because of a player that no that you if you if you have a sailing given in here and he wants us for doing this brat off it within you get the best break quarterback eking it. If you for it's that you look at Jim Harbaugh at Michigan he's gonna run when he knows a pro style drop back often. So yeah. He's athletic he can get no quarterback at Michigan that. That outages gonna run around and Kate read defenses are our guy you want decade ability to scramble. But you still want to drop back passer and I think I think one thing that we may give begin caught up too much on. Is terminology of the language as far as they spree and I mean because there's different style out of spring at offense you may begin. I don't think the acute problem as they turned up but I was biblical reprimanded and read option. Inept what you think about when you're due for quarterbacks in the net that type of player. And I don't doubt is I think what what what happened was when they offered another quarterback. You know and you know we don't know what conversations. And he got Wednesday and Lola produced so much information we don't know what conversation coach Lewis and it would him personally and to look I'm not recruit any other quarterbacks. You already had eight quarterback quote unquote a duel thread that was in the class already this from a Louisiana. And for them to go and all for a number one. You and often on the quarterback all since this recruiting cycle being has been going all and so that's kind of where he got turned off. I don't think you put yourself in a corner of saying. Well this does often and it's we wanted to duel predict Ausprey its system quarterback I mean because he still made it that criteria. It's is that they look at you gotta go look at other at all the girls and he was at the same lap two and to go look at. I yeah and has artists and it's all part of competition and as far as the Louisiana. It will wouldn't RC's. I mean to do the right quarterback. Okay and he's been dealing with injuries and he might be their best Louisiana. You gonna tell me deadly given it its even if they going after a quarterback in Hawaii. And me c'mon. And I go when he's on he's on the national scale. That he's not saying it universe know why are staying on the West Coast of California. All know was it you going after an iconic quarterback very similar. He was a drop back guy Matthew Stafford. From Dallas to excellent university Georgia. The young fresh in the Georgia just sign as a Fiat easily Seattle Washington and yet. So I mean the thing is you gain go wait a competition might be the best in our region. But when you have the opportunity like Ellis she does actually think they can recruit. Nationwide no matter the position look at Patrick Peterson came from Florida beat LSU we'll look at the linebackers that they had success wit. When I'm I'm with you about playing from the state of Georgia but he is gonna get the best there's no matter Marty from now they from Louisiana. You wanna keep them at home. And but but if you have an opportunity get film's third player from California everybody wants or any with a come elegy. Why would get the team that Metairie the key key thank you calling WW ago. Guys I watch him on the range subject and I was list of what you last I sit back injury. You know L issue if you look at yankees should history the successive elections this year all that has always been pocket quarterback. You know and pocket quarterback. Like this miles is more here he only got steals got the smarts. And leadership. Mean you can beat older cheaper and I you know. And for us to go chase a running quarterback because every rob uses the running quarterback Bryant well he's gonna make the stay that miles may cost him and did you. Yeah by Arcadia in in the air by isn't out of their opinion but again if you look on after a coordinator. You goal for the coordinators now. And the coordinators now in dazzling give and he adapted. And a little bit different dynamic Utah in the Lane Kiffin used to be a gross out guy he was knocked out he was NC. He adapted so obviously he's seen some nick Satan and adapted to it he had lost his job. As a parent what is goes in in college in division one that runs some form of a spray or read on some kind of option. Often it. Is beard you don't all that running and now. Exactly what you know my game it's a different game it's a totally different in the NL Al hate football or. Trying to get. It. And running all star. Well the bottom line the high school coaches just wanna windy as it does put the best athlete at quarterback. Not purely a drop back and in college coaches wanna wind and outward about having the best drop back guy I'm more take from Bobby induce. Plus we'll give deuces take the Saints hot again and they entertain the line Sunday the first AC BS news update. It. Our way is the all time. Resting knee and ankle and it's for the New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. Our read your game preview reduce deuce the Saints coming off a performance on Sunday in which the offering its. Was clicking for four quarters the defense really came up and Mayweather the second I am not allowing a point. And dominated the game 49 of 21. Your take on this victory over the LA Iran to where it is he where does it rank in this season in those eleven games as far as the body of work and overall performance against the other team. Well I mean I think when you look at it overall mean. I think you have to take it as a positive on and when I say a positive is in. Told your original amount of yards of looking at 555. Total yards. Limiting. The Rams sixty yards in the second half you know it wouldn't it was less than 300 total yards. You know eighties you were able to run the football had over 200 yards rushing. Druze and fishing you know if there's one negative it's eternal you know and that's because of pressure from and on the who was an outstanding player you know and that's one thing that you wanna crew cleanup because of the last three games. You have had turnovers and all three in your own way rule. To win one I mean so you know that offensively if you can no limit those. And you you're gonna put yourself in a good position I mean I think that they were able to exploit some things whether it was a via alignment or. Justice system and that that the Rams used defensively I mean. You know the he had an opportunity to see not only the regular running backs green which you saw. Tidy in screens and you know you had to tide used to go over a hundred yards. And our receivers go over a hundred yards and running back to go to our rushing yards all. Offensively you're very very efficient you know and when you talk about defensively. Not stated they didn't start ready to play and I don't think that they were zoned in and locked in you know first played a it's a plus Tony. Post when he yarder tiger early in. Ellerbe was somewhat confused on if that's my guy out at somebody else gap you know they have folly eventually get over and make the play you know. You look at the the Knicks play it's to bros side and the receiver or count runs in and out doors slammed in and go and you know it is is it's almost like bros neat. Ball schools he slips and they were kids that you know all on this island there I mean there. It took them just a series at two. To get some things cleaner and so defensively you would hope that they started a little faster I mean because you're talking about a often as stat. Mum hadn't really done a lot you know that was probably averaging 1516 point two games so for them to be able to score tweet want to own a defense that was really really showing. A lot of promise was somewhat disappointing but like you said they were able to clean all of that up and really get after me and say. As Ana Blanco would call and no touchdowns at the green Peppers in the 2% and missed and sixty yard pass yeah I think it sixty yards total household the oh the Rams a six yards in the second half and does that as an Olympic that your opinion on. And I'll look at and Liam optimistic clothes and of the season when you look at run defense. And I you're able to run the football to follow an Olympic restart. The Saints deep into the with the allowed as far as stopping the run. Eighty point three yards rushing per game in the last eight contests that's for best in the NFL yeah I think the twelfth overall yeah and if so which renegade twelve overall so the not now we got to get it. You know we say like point to gain total defense pass the was get the mid sort of pack well the rushing defense is that the middle of the pack. And like you said last eight games before advance so that's trending but while and now look at what we do and offensively it is amazing. Now where ninth avenue four and a line to our reports have a look at this. Points a game we're second in the league average thirty in half. Noble want to law Pittsnogle a passing offense number 13 down offense number three red zone efficiency but that's what I'm encouraged. Rushing the football we got a top ten rushing attack we are numb and nine average and a 115 yards a game. Polo. An eagle and a nod because you know we go around like that I'll Ginn drew not have success. You you get that done offensively. Defensively. But the three ball games that you lost was because it was special especially through but I mean it's gone. A game here you can hear you. Gotta win two or three phases. And you know two of them you're winning the third one is costing you not only in agony any point out of him but it's costing you points and that's you know that's where you disappointed that because. You truly should have three more wins but you don't and so now you've put yourself in a position where. If you don't run the table. You've got to have hill you know. If you do lose one. And those you know same song had and sometimes the fans wanted him an explanation. But I'll look at this is going to be the same thing the points prior went on the Saints being four and a half now be six points and has basically a touchdown. The turnover margin the lines of plus three we've plus one. Can we stay on the plus side and and I think. Really good when you look against Tampa Bay is going to be kind of that. And number when you look at okay it will with that we do and in the eternal margin did give we do have a turnover. That can't we get too too bad you know stay on the plus side. Well I mean when you look at this week in you know you eat you think about Detroit Detroit really can't run the ball I don't think that they try to run the football. To be honest would you remain in they're ranked thirtieth averaging eighty yards again and so really does a lot. 101 you know he he's catching the ball a lot more than just ran the football so that's kind of how they're using the money but so if you're cam Jordan is if you're LB if you're fairly. It will be some opportune visit get after the quarterback. Now he gets rid of it quit. But it'll be Smart to lose again after quarterback you know you've got to take away Tate you've got to take away Ingram you've got to take away. You know Anquan Boldin. But you know you wanna make them one dimensional because they wanna be one dimensional already so the thing is give him alone down and just give him in second hey guys do is. Indeed good command with a break out on rags is about Mark Ingram a bike you know we've been on alarm at Marty was great great mare he's bringing it right mark Mike small from Bobby induced coming up next and we'll get to Joel based Saint Louis this is sports talk. Drew Brees and messed him one hour here on WW yeah. When are pros Bobby a bad Deuce McAllister Drew Brees jaundice and that's an hour right here on WW 8 o'clock nine double covered sports in mall. With Kristian garic ante by a bear. Agent and a marketing coming off another huge. Big guy he's on fire I mean and we need and to run like he's on far like deuce said he was running violent. I mean that last game against the Rams and you think of that style defense broke seven tackles. At that that was very Chris Ivory tire Robinson like but I gotta give marking him a lot of credit if you look at. This season. 2016. Yards for carry leaders. When at least a minimum a hundred rushing attempts he's number one in the league. Five point three yard average. Over JA Jaya the running back to Nadal is he's a big reason why. Of their own that winning streak he's averaging five point two yards a LeSean McCoy. With the bills is also a five point two yards and you throw when. In the past four games a marking his average eight point one yards per carry. That is best among all the running backs during that span and big you look at the yards it from scrimmage a 167 yards from scrimmage. The running back position as has been playing at a high level to want to put to it. Him and Tim Hightower and if you look at big another running back ever Losman follow and ended on far throughout the years Ezekiel LE at. He's at twelve larger yards. Being the NFL leader an average in four point nine yards a carry but markings at five point three right now. How many touches does EZQ you know have yet to be around two when he right now. Yet he had you know I have to look I don't have that exact and burning the edges but yeah I would say. I mean it's stupid to know how many touches the hands. You know the magic number for any running back you would love to get north of 300 touches. And you know whether that's receptions or case you would know you love to get north of 300 that you don't wanna get really over 350 you know the though unfortunately. Not before running back in the orange are everywhere Jamaal Anderson with a valid as they warned that when you get 400 touches. You know whether that's receptions or Carrey's. Then the next year no back has produced you know TV when he got his warts 400 touches. He tore his ACL. For the Broncos the mall sign being right knee he he tore his AC or or. Patella tendon. Can't remember which one but. Nasty on magic number four run of bad weather run him back at that sweet spot is about 320 to 350 and I don't think mark will get that many touches as far 300 overall touches. But I mean the way that he has played over this last rates particularly the last four games. He has been violent he has been angry he has protected the football a lot better but he has been a dynamic and you know he. He if we can win this this Sunday. Man not to say it's all based off of that. But he's put his self in position to be able to say hey look I'm one of the three best running backs that should go to the Pro Bowl without a doubt you know and I think that he's put himself in that position. He needs to have another big game this Sunday but I think that he's he's he's caught enough. I from the the fans as well as the other teams that he's put himself in that position all right let's go to a buddy Bob what about thank you for calling WW well. Eric Bobby dude just pull out under bush. Just one arena for you always. You know we always talk about what you've done can be lately. Well you know Mark Ingram caught a lot of criticism right are talking about you know you you know them on file and he can't find a hole in the and you go to visit all of but boy gotta give him his props about it now currently beat certainly. And that opportunity. When they got when he got put in the Arco. Three weeks or so. You you know it could be. To take it the wrong way but he you know he's just he took he took is this punishment and he came back stronger. And so that you know kudos go to Mark Ingram. Well I elected to me he's a pros pro he's a mature professional football player. And it's how high you handle adversity how do you bounce back you know wells is very similar. Good is a look at Michael Thomas but the fumbles he had against Denver. Mean would be proud UK power at deuce armies so commodities you know. I think I was more an anomaly I think the one player that's probably bounce back you know from negative criticism. You you're you're you're probably talk about zags three from last year right you know will be unable about bounce back in the and you know our first rounder. You know and just injures people from from how we choose him out of now we we we barely even call his name you know has been Phnom nominee because it at one point. I didn't know if he could even be the sixth or seventh guy and now you know he's flirt with being in a versatile dual guy we can go and play guard play tackle and and I had and it. Rob ended thing about this we watch in this area now's the middle of August yeah when I logo. All right coming up to get to Joseph and the rest you caller Drew Brees in forty minutes here on WW ago. All right coming up we'll get to Joseph on base and you enjoy it all about job against the clock. Lewis deuce just take what time the matchup is it for the Saints against the Detroit Lions two of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League square off against each other. He tried to Matt Stafford and of course the saints' Drew Brees threw brief joins us at 640 all of that yet to come and all the Saints. In the Disney do you like the current football format playoff system in college football. You can cast your vote online at WW Mayo. Dot com that's by BA BA he Deuce McAllister. And the Bellamy had taken you to 8 o'clock tonight right on the home of the Saints and the Tigers WWL radio the first double fully get to local news with Chris Miller. A CBS news update from the Columbia broadcast exist.