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Dec 2, 2016|

Deke is Live from Hooters. Talks with Mike Conti who is Falcons/

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On today a repeat of 08. Yvonne they'll be out there to get your order. From 6 PM also at QB UB or debris. Bible Orton six so great that he is the number involved. Operate jaguar opinion poll and on line that you don't go back out. Kristi discreet particular brand cook. Where you'd with the game on the line at even need to make a play and would you go to any Coke's. When. Michael Thomas. All branding -- you can vote online at WWL. Dot com I'm not begin to argue from baker and people ball report. And QB QB Drew Brees coming up at five all and also preview tomorrow night's state championships. Round one and 98 jammed to the ground afford to be at the bar fight in the dog will preview that with Alan wind there. Would take a quick time out and come back and he caught on everything and or board and who could be opposite the coordinator. In maybe a coaching candidate on Nabisco gotten really use the Renault. That coming up next here on WW around a bit Libya on on the market. WW. And welcome back sports though you all and WW that'll be coming up tonight our special player hears is. Saints defensive back Vonn Vail. Novo Ohio State. Made it comes into this program and Saints at it on on with the irons they with they came back to obviously we don't Smith all stop by and this year. To greatly as a part of that answer came into Urban Meyer. When he came considerable a couple of years ago and beat Alabama been on well one of the organ. And then now of course a part of that place we have bomb bail. And also we have Michael Thomas and and you think about do we both of an easy Q Elliott. Manny tremendous players making their presence felt in the pros Allred. Football tonight Dallas is at Minnesota coach and my example will not be a coaching in night he would have some. Emergency I'll answer tree so he won't be coached by Minnesota is in his own. Start the season five and oh but one in five cents now there's six of irony hoarding all the united ordinance where by the recently Detroit Lions. And day out basically to stop the bleeding so to speak in particular team that has not lost since week one this season. In straight wins that Dallas cowboy. And the course news is that LSU obviously up and I think it is the Lane Kiffin or both that's who they're going at them not cynical and Lane Kiffin. But I think that is again they want overwhelmingly and that they don't get lane and they probably have a plan. But now it's summer sang at a Texas there how ironic is this the Houston. He's interested in now Lane Kiffin. But this map. Supposedly miles as he is generous in Houston too so we'll certainly keep an that. 5042601878. With big game on the line for the black and go we're receive which you go to. Rookie wide receiver Michael Thomas. All the young receive the release me. Brandon cooks all Brandon Coleman case Joseph vote online at WW mail. Dot com that's code to get beat in this New Orleans David city is they'll Ohio State grade David thank you for calling Debbie if you yeah. He is much is. Bonn on yet. Don't mean he we don't at 6 o'clock tonight. I'll darn long shots and you you have outlook we usually have a lot of open Lance would be sent Kobe can't handle it because it felt that he. I'm 6 o'clock I'd just let it say how proud I am not I repeat it again. This weekend and bonds now. Tightest and Michael's comment were. A part of a higher age and we've so. Looked round. Against them was that I was there Sunday. Sunday and the I cheer him on that game you'd better figure there and. What Baghdad in image if you're you know you have a go out in the ego with with the big contingency of Ohio State fans that than me. Oh my god did you hear about this yet you'd hear about this place the a lot of people about it but it had the that you scholarship. Well man in his memory that would Saturday. Righted the bar in there except. And. Denny out and I got a story today you opt out at all to buck Bob who is a debate. It there. Yet and I was win and I've been sick to go had been exposed to go for several opportunities but I've found in made it to where Belichick made it Thursday night. And knowledge on my way we're all set to go out and and in the course the other a few coaches in asserts Kahne took and we had youth base of programming. But I got the adult kind of pitches that pops it mean man I shall missed out on a good but I know that I'll I'll be around and mixed them up I'm show I'm assuming if it together. 401 of the bowl games like they're going to be at least one possibly two. Yep but I know he can my husband you'll love this piece flew to Memphis and went and a iron not tired old egg people oh meant. Score at and I headed to admit to any club with Ohio. And I would write for a better there it I it's a great place. Oh I know a lot I think that's also in the you know people look. By someway they go to school and they come here and it you know whether they they from Ohio what have you and they all get together that believe that there's. There was a story done on ESPN awhile back in in New York where there's a lot of opposite more people thereby. Of that bunch of people go to different places and they follow the team and we have that here do all it's certainly not on the big scale with. I'd like to think Ohio State's probably the biggest because of what Bob with some it's a couple hundred people at least that they everything. Yet there were 200 people there and only in Spain and we will. We were right and we outlet the right collective cheer for three quarters and about three minutes. Yet they were packed and again I'll kind of on actions that but we got that right last. Last word. Okay Davey so I'm called active but yet did you come back where you think that but that's about it in the play out. Well I think you look at what this committee has if so for they would. They'd be gone back on what they had talked about so fault but in the drop them let's say from where they ought now to all the way out of out of the top four I just think there already locked. Well Ohio State that they didn't even notice. Yeah I I don't know if they'll actually be too you know let's say Clinton were to win. Pretty handedly or if Washington went thirty and me they may they may move him position wise Barry do think. You know two years ago when Ohio State Alabama played. That was state a semi final matchup with they had a final feel to it. And I think you know by structure if they don't have me speed in them before where you can hit it hard ball and Saban matchup. In round one I think they wanna have Urban Meyer in nick I don't know I think they won't be I have to be I don't gain via. And DU will be cement city let that happen maybe I'm going to be there for what Bobby is about but now about next to stop buying it they'd bring you shirt and I was not aware of that is because that is there. Yes. He gave it. Car at me. I should I issue where I threw it it makes them a difficult. But let me think I take. 08 oh yet that I will call back east topped it off. Yet we have we have pretty examined and the players always friendly and always appreciate what. Which someone notebook a lot of depth it gives you say album motto background calls it right and I'm glad though that. Okay thank you so much. All right and then every week on location here and who is we have those folks who know without Chris tomorrow you know president. Todd is on cited being tied to say show me some on his phone. Just took me back and they keep and I just found this out this was the news that I saw on it the website. Only dot com. But sad to report what they are reporting folks there was like it here in town shooting. This afternoon and there was though at the talent T and their players that person has been recognize as fall what John Curtis great. And USC. And it is Phil played Joseph McKnight. It was that shooting this afternoon. And I'd say do this column is telling users with the reports as saying some type of argument. And in a section and it happened about it was reported about 3 PM. At the intersection of Berman highway at home boulevard and the person that is a fact that was. They shooting or when the victim that was shot Q was Joseph McKnight. So that concerns me in it's say it but Nolan do. Following his career. Only is it John Curtis and now. A part of a great program it was in the one player in the state top five in the country at great career you'd see and the ineptly Provo. Past. Shot this afternoon and he was not the person. Identified as being you appeared count shooting the world have much more of that coming up. In the news. 5042601870. You could Texas eights of eights and operated jaguar pairing people with big game on the line who would you go to is for the Saints receiver. Which you go to. Many cooks where he's the breading Coleman. Or would it be rookie Michael. Back to the phone to go to school and Rocco for Jackie on latitude deputy to thank you for calling WW real. Quick story and my ear uncle marriage. Ohio State. And the world war but I'll tell every game block well why can't in his ninth birthday once and a while much trust through them block companies. Happened to bail out. And mean your father as on the alumni board at some game you know hire eight. Common that the three day passes you know my mom nine years ago he you do. Payment now well. Lob shot. Mop. Up. And the guy claimed Archibald who avenues excuse me on The Who he has some payment I don't think player. You ought to your chief ball are 200. They now are too loud he wanted to attempt at New England used to that drove. Guy Clancy. Are not that. Right not my thing and I think in the game into light on. Any cheap. Eight right. They make it run. Playing the jump on them. I. Gone along way in and not coupons we use plan are you at the apartment you know you're up blown I wish. Yeah I'd be out. Here. For a hall. Of cause trouble. No. Like I really didn't think it was really is that the monologue but. Do you like B you know rude person was decked. That the hook them up would argue I don't know who you know who ought to ball. Who told me he held it a two time. Birthday party. He carried the car and write about it when I went out here when I went and how how our players. Right yet the only are two totally Jackie technical ones are the only two time Heisman Trophy winner in the eastern so. So you know your your relative got a very very special all. So every round and yeah about beat street if you followed by any banging your old enough the new law it yeah. And man this evening who had one of the camera angles and carry their card up for our guys are like. They're playing the hope that they do an article about a few weeks ago. And thanked us Aaron Carroll although he added even nobody here like. Three of four. Gold star group on our knowledge that I run I think is that the articles couple weeks ago about. We're jacket that the runner is there thank you so much this there and Stuart would. Yes men and me you know I think some people would think it was the somebody please nitric don't want to hear you know Ortiz stated you know the Emmys than before. On that. Get cute things the administration. Organization that goes to show if you if you could case in that case you earn a good Korean college you know burned bridges it. You can go back and be a big part of their alma mater and now there's always you know two or some some universities have things that goal all year long you speaking engagement. And our and the Earl Campbell threw there's a lot of that with the University of Texas being one of them all time greats and a people to talk to Earl Campbell. 5042601870. You can Texans at 878 since the committee Detroit minds evoke a more from me with him as the other show goes on. Members started off this season. With the victory over Indianapolis. In every game of the eleven. That he tore his weight. They have trailed at one point in the fourth quarter of the contest. In the seven victories that they had they come from behind in point. Everyone of them having games have been decided by a touchdown unless. There with a three that the amendment the risk to six a list which he had some even close at the net you had a one point loss to Tennessee week to. Yet three point loss to the Chicago Bears in week four. That you beat Philadelphia brought one in week five once it was eagles' first loss. And you win three in a row but less than three points to about three point one by one point you lost one this by seven. To Houston and they're the last seven games that is the only time. That Detroit has lost that was at Houston toward that thirteenth they are six and one in him as soon regained their sole possession of first place. Off the NFC north division and then Matt Matt's dad of Matt Prater. They have been responsible for either Matt Stafford needed team on any game winning touchdown. Or you he leads the team down the fuel to drive and hit it on to the out of that Matt Prater. Who is. Perfect on the season in a middleman to victory Matt effect he has 26 with 26. In his career. With the game on the that is money in every sense Matt Prater. Coming up and have a CBS news break in the we will have local news in the coming up with go to visit it be too caught up on everything we have all the day's program of course the big. What is Vonn Vail and there was talk about the college football playoff. Do these conference championships but really had any means to them. We could be looking at a situation. Where we can have three pulling out teams in the playoffs this weekend. And not a conference champion only one. And if Alabama were to get shocked me they're gonna go to the play offs so we'll take that into the equation. But we mourn the ticket I bought this who's playing the best all that's coming up next who is who Mike Conte took a little college football. First up a CBS news update. And welcome back again you heard dining in the news so of all time fret grapes. Ranked number one in this state than them me. When he came out about all of education was in the more player in the country Joseph McKnight magically heal this afternoon. In military town. And they and is sixth in their Bergmann. And Holmes are right joined us now is adamant I was at all from about college football when former coworkers now in Atlanta. Commend the Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta Falcons took pregame post game coverage. Mike Conte joint is now and Mike who have when we talk about college football. The story of college football I think without question is it. Is a school that is very near here close youth in the state in. Generally in historically when he coached at any level it's that quote unquote the vote of confidence it's almost like the grim reaper it's almost like the kiss that debt. Any kind of goes the wrong way but. Thought somehow some reason. James Franklin took that and ran with it in right an eight game win streak and now Penn State firmly eased back on firm ground. In the big team championship coming up this weekend against Wisconsin but Michael we talk about his college football playoff unlike the BCS. It seems like the weight of a college football conference title. Is it is not going to be seriously or as seriously considered. This time around if we go about what this can be listed at this point and the rankings before the final ranking. I'll not the only Hartnell wherever we're all that it Serbia he chipped it to your net whenever the big championship ultimately what this weekend or the teaching it to be out of Orlando if we get those scenes are meaningless now and I don't like is the case we're going back the beauty pageant football which was something that the play up in. You've been out of men of the committee was supposed to do what wave. That we were to poll what hit them hard evidence and the part numbers and value. Conference championship the division championship and that way. There would be no debate what the level we would easily be able to come out of work that the and I feel like that it bluntly that got away with this year that aren't in it yet all I see. Getting into the final four IQ is inactive and he can accept it. Because all I need when it happens yet who went eleven won the Rolen walked Ortiz and they. However it Mitt and get in the play up eat I'm done with our football. You need to tell me that you would want. We've seen from its own division not a conference but it is pertinent to this team. Over the teams that won conference championships. Including. It means that one but that conference in the country by all out the Q whether he meant it was and I've a real problem with that he now we're going to act you. To be even before the B yeah. When bolt and we're in the upper deck at the end of November and it was all lie in which he won the beauty pageant and it was military. Fortunate that. We're getting in with at least we're gonna happen number number seven seed. Played for the team exit that best conference this year and it's not going to network a slump. You know what Mike in pain it's when you're in an addict and updated in about this all but. In hand seasons Buick I'm looking you can maybe I'll stand that you could maybe. The great team will kind of be men about loss. Wisconsin lost by seven to Michigan and Wisconsin lost in overtime to. In state army to Ohio State in state lost to Michigan early in the season and it lost to a team who really the extreme to rent an ACC. And annually when advocate the big whale on the with a packed whale in the B team and the we witnessed there and you know if it I don't think it's gonna happen no by those. But at Alabama were to lose enough following a couple we convicted in the league and a fourteen L with no conference championship you gonna have three of the top. Top of the palace by outcome if Washington lose Colorado. The big twelve the pac twelve in the B team would have read too low of champions. In impressive losses impressive losses Colorado law of the UFC Colorado loss to Michigan. And not have been deep in in any it was if you go back to that I think it was. It is the first the second hole we had had five teams. They have gobbled up this entire four seats. Do this whole process it's been a flip flop that Alabama has been the one constant it's medium it's skated to Ohio State to clinch an acute. Well questionable five and they've been at the holed that they've got they got to a point in November. Mike where they've built up enough seemingly. But we all think so Mike kicked him tonight gave him that is can be shown they are not going to break anybody. But low anybody that they've lost to even if they play the same amount off of the blow and the BCS wasn't like it. Yeah and that the problem might you know in the east yep here but yet not let them know him in his final. But in the yet he heard the you don't get punished for losing guy. Plan that would get on it we're losing a bit but it was rock and roll. And you know we have at that we were in and walk. In the league needs. And they've gone from back in the net. If I don't think that I don't think that that now. I'd yet it bat between right well it can happen the law. And European. Though Oklahoma. And Colorado and Oklahoma being with mountain and then again all of that by. It'll be. It almost reminds you what you know appointees in top 25. Speed and it takes forever to prop them when they're that they're being as we started so. And there the team that's coming out of the Bob ranking but he's too long winded because they were on doing the beginning of the year. What the back you want about for championships. You know I know he filled with different but how go to the people all. Conference team did you. Mountain yet in the nit and went were involved the captain we work the other provision for a while our. But it you when you're in business you know failure going but we'll see them. It's the rule that we all in the but even yet it happened in that division champion but we didn't. One of these divisions Vienna though you're going to do with the playoffs. And I I don't want it lose. Tendencies by the committee of if you look at what people that have been higher seed in your B. What people at. Michigan is just very very very lightly why oh why didn't that apply. That means a declaration that they are going to be prepared. To hit it in that it. In that it and bird in there that it is in equipment out and made it you're all in that they were seen that not there and not putting the foremost. Irving scenes in the system either. And you know Mike and you view this if you follow what is that we're out the music down other he would mean if you follow what is going on with this in with the can be status. Basically. They have already alluded to with this thing base between. Washington in Michigan. And it talked about the difference between Washington based in its very very small. So I think if you go by this committee in the when you look at it state and it's in respect that it talk about Wednesday if that. When he comes to paint state. And music game open at saint Ohio State. Quote ought not. Close to each other if if it were only about it state Ohio State. I've got to assume they feel that way about it state and Michigan so if you read it to go to Ohio State is safe we know Alabama State. I want to win some ball they I don't think they've they've meant a drop by the top four. But if I watched it were to win ugly it is such a thing. Mean they're going to be a lot of people look can be pushed him disk and it if it if it quote unquote not that big difference and I look there's no doubt. That they would much rather see. Jim Harbaugh in the post season game Chris Peters have beaten. That's it so they do their thing in the oh I know it's not what they're doing everything they came to get Michigan back in the top full. You yet and if it and that's what I go with you have to football yet and it's not right and and really think about that if you want he will need Washington opening up in Michigan a pop them. Although that did it again. You won't change now awarding. Conference champion you know who wouldn't conference he would be in speed and see that it is imperative to. He can keep now again we're caught up yet yet but now we're at and Allen got to play for the title and they want. Because they won the Eastern Conference right for you had to battle all record the only one who want the world and it. Because they did not win there and even out the report in the outback but would be yet I don't like that year they put the best seen in of the the deep yet he should be the best he'd want white knew it either means that your I don't know. Mike kind of Mike. Thank you so much as I would how to people's body going to put it might. Like hockey ninth united indeed locally I mean yes it. You're still to Europe he poured it on the mile and I remember you were here rediscovered him when he was occurred yeah. I can't believe it and the that's awful but that's terrible news my condolences to the GP birds and the thing went up there. Well Michael we will talk again after on next week we'll find out now where we're gonna go bowling and now who's going to be where. On Sunday around noon and we'll talk next week and see if we could get in Atlanta all of a battery with his committee's thinking about it I'll I'll I'll always unloved talk of college football with you. All right my time on the Villa via this is WW. Yeah. He turned it all the way out and had a lot. It. This defeat cheap you know for over a few months now you hear me talk about. In my culinary equipment and supplies through Bristol while the talk about when it's so easy to talk about so that is successful so that has been ruled out for quite some time. And they all the best the fifth when that is exactly what it lacked in. Restaurant a shift tailgate is people who love the Coke they know they want to stop it elliptical anywhere else from starting up the kitchen. That the vary in we clean up the plate they have everything but the kitchen and restaurant hospital whole tale. Beat Ku needs to date it's applauding for nearly fifty years. I've talked about from frank equipment industrial equipment the small things you want it. To your home it can be a small restaurant or we talk about this people look at us are open seven days a week. They won't be able to serve the food there so you know they do they go to the table top equipment. Elect him before latter then the eighty cool with a Q portable they have everything like that it is it. From the slip resist it where to the shifts to the shop at some times that you had the good. They cut to meet. Two pairing up those beautiful trees for the holidays elect has all the equipment available. A Levitt's when he won Toronto let off the foot of the saint Charles Grant with its pretty apartment and it Hammond highway 190. You know elect has been supplying their customers. Who are repeat customers because they keep coming back to where they are treaty coup beautiful barbecuing. Man they have the best of the way you look at the by anthrax take a break. Anyway you love the cook a elect hates everything you'd be way it's apiece at the restaurant they have all sorts of pizza. Frank turkeys for the holidays you need to go to a back. Anything you need they have available for cleaning up in the kitchen is watching supplies to boss supplies elect has at all again 1121 ground and it on the for the state child off ramp. And how we won ninety east in hand. Eilat culinary it equipment supplies superstores they'd be better relation if all the 45 years just want kitchen at a time. I'm bell will be our special gazed at who visited saint place tonight from six to seven don't get why yet is sign up. When you get away some goodies won't you Biden did to me it's his in the lakeside shopping center. They all your home for all of your. Here that you after the game to just keep getting ready to cheer your team owned stuck by me it in the that the last couple games from them and they're active. He had so come off Rams game which he made three stops. He hit seven against the Carolina Panthers on the Thursday night that we before on the season he hit fifty stocks a 54 tackles that so. Fifteen assisted. And he also has half a sack on this season will be busy with Bombay locating his take on how he came up we'll go all the way back to wage young years. When you have got involved with football. He played several other sports it's a kind of up close and personal. It's it's kind of like your life when you talk go to the players each new week and of course he's young man it came out of ten Nuba Tennessee and then was that a highly. Recruited young man the state of Tennessee in the went oh great great career. At the Ohio State University take time out come back. And so it made on the night it is. Bomb bail us mr. guess and at 540 it's QB to QB are we replay. With Bobby ate there and drew brings here on the home the Saints and the Tigers WW. All right coming up next how we're gonna talk about the divisional championships at the Mercedes-Benz superdome tomorrow all full. Other select championships will be played will preview that post. QB to QB in with the Saints game on and I would receiver would you go to its operated jaguar paid your vote you can vote at WWL dot com.