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12-6 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints and the playoffs

Dec 7, 2016|

Bobby & Deke talk about whether the Saints have any realistic playoff hopes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports talk. Coming up this hour we woke. Talked to Rick Stroud. Who come to Tampa Bay Buccaneers host on six Torrey. BMW DE in Tampa and writes that can be times as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rolling folks they are 75. They all four on a four game win streak and won five or six and atop the NFC south hosting the New Orleans Saints Sunday at 325 Kaka appear on WW. L radio well they got good values for a couple calls. You and only one major reason while there is ruining. And them and won here this. Against what they are in the journal board. Or less well with to a in the mess and right last and that's when he came to reported total aids was well. We went from plus one now we're minus twos. That's one thing that Sean Payton and his team is not done. Is well at the turning it over taking it away like oh we dropped two interceptions you've got to make those please. Now eight straight games they've had at least two takeaways. So very opportunistic now remain. That's that's as impressive as. As the as the twelve plus twelve assessment. Tune in at least to end an eighty straight game at least two takeaways eight straight games when I mean that as well had a season well. I'm telling you no games in my protected the football and winning on the road now. With that being said. Can I am going to be. Can and he handles success. They've now won worst Kerry Wood they hold a share of the NFC south lead. The last time they were leading the NFC south you know Longo was the 2008. They have not been an eight birds ladies. Since 2008. And he got that was a decade has like eight feet to throw depression is going to be all in Tampa Bay Sunday to win and am not play well at home. No they're good they are unbelievable second and an even nine. And they were going to do do week when they played at Seattle two weeks ago. They will four and one owner rolled right and one in the way home not at that ass backwards trying to intimidate in the NAB Seattle fourteen of fast I wanted to win at home. Big you know you don't see that there blip that scripts oh. To me and no records of you over into Indy and how the NFL is you know how frustrating beat him detonation. As the point I have two at that point they'd be an underdog at Tampa. I can't see. The things winning at Tampa that I think are pressuring us would be OUN at Abbott. You beat the Cardinals on the road that you come Tigers superdome when you lose to them on the Christmas week. You you have your dream president's views is all those like nightmarish as the like a nightmare. All our our what do all of a sudden you get the fans hope. And and you hope you beat him today. In Tampa. UN matter personal. That you take care of venues against them in home that treatment in OK it's all or nothing. New Year's Day is the pal you to Georgia in use seemed to be. More of their. Not so much about what you see in the mere bullet. Really realistically and ever thought anything you or not amendment if you are steal quote unquote a lie you had been emanating used to got hope. Right I would not have had opener to it and the post game right you could hit game and you I was like OTB Pia would you like. Knowing I found out how. I can't see it I guarantee you sports talk and Atlanta they have no confidence in the Falcons. To close the deal even though they have the rants 49ers. And to India play Carolina thing. I take and you and I don't know the and it's a play for that matter directly anything he was to go back to college partly grow he wants to have a good show and you don't and I handle an unhappy rattling noise to right so and and how we control our own destiny and remember now. Carolina was fourteen you know winning in demand and you as the only game in thousand regular season right through to eighteen you speak. I'm telling you look at of parity I know Utah artists say in his salad fresh straight home bases whole fan bases but NFL loves it. You look at Dallas is on a roll the Patriots. But divide middle of the pack and I'm just talking about Tennessee. You look now like the Giants Eagles they'll now the lines are now in formula gets have a vague Green Bay the Redskins. Minnesota. Big Five and 77 at five there's not much different it's all about the same UN one you'll lose one not NFL loves that. I don't know as a fan if you like because you don't wanna be on that roller coast of the but I can tell you right now I think we have a chance. Mathematically in I'm sure some reporter would do a story on this but we still. Have a strong. Is in favor of us. Strong favorite as NFC conference record right so I'll tell you right now. You don't you go straight to hold hope category which because now we went out. That's why you go straight to hold them they don't like what it took oh OK okay evening the Giants are invincible no ego Redskins who would have rather close with. Mean disaster played out of this week it is we have to hope that the Giants lose chair against the Giants they just lost the dispute with meg at right listen to reason now. Cheers against Jack and all TO far down as just you against the Jets in week. They got Dallas and they got Troy. Then they got at Philadelphia at Washington did the next three all Oberto. OK so now depending on what happens. Now policy and cheer against Washington. Now logic and the gauges laws that are Cardinals yeah they got act you know coach gruden is adamant in Atlanta Carolina and old now they beat the Bears to an 88 finish up with the Giants. To Daniel to green big Green Bay kind of awards mean to me if this is this is the week the Green Bay. Now in hey if they beat Seattle this week and I know Seattle is a good and Rubin they beat Seattle this week. That signifies that at the best three straight through would've won. And he had a high eighties evidence and the history they've done this before ages beat detect and to AFC south this habit. You got Seattle Seahawks coming to Green Bay eagle at Chicago and you know and a Fella this division gain in the Vikings in Detroit. All right the bottom line I've broken it down. Figured it out double jeopardy Giants Redskins and Packers. I'd let's go to one by the did is gone maybe think you are different different as go to Mike in Mandarin might thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah I'm stimulus senators almost a broadcaster from Denver Colorado was up and relax you are back. Look at the glass on the belongs apple. Well. Remember. Yes I'd ever look up the good lord is the Rams look at the NFL you don't think there reds golds a Redskins fan bases ticked off. Thursday they were played late against the Cardinals they might be able to look at it it's not. That it's real it's all up and down. The pages get like I'm Adam and Adam. That they got to go hey you know I don't want to hear it. And you know what it really wouldn't go. Out. Mike I. And he commitment that now they just you deacon at that you wild. It's vinyl bag because it is so little weren't you there which and I know it's like that is not a hard look at this as the actual. I suppose shock we need that line should no better with the lines of always matched that well against Stanford music you signed we've been beaten yet I'll look bad add weight but this is in Fresno might do he's going to 300. We'll go right away kind of game that Drew Brees again and it's why. Okay bill that would be with them reap. Brees was completing. Seven and one half percent of his passes. Ride at 36 or are you mean NFL dirty touchdown passes thirty and by going to that we pay no net or Elway is that it. The line it means you lose them the bottom line is winning. But look at the quarterbacks that they've played against a much success they had against that line. It would given up 74. Completion percentage. 118 touchdown. The only guy it's evident that absent and a quarterback rating of 106 and the reason at a quarterback rating sixty. The interception. Claw note you would have ointment do you have a you know you've got some tap in and might emanate as a human some. I'm you go back and you you think about things that happened there in the course and any time but if it's some TD to Witten not that we deal with sports but I go back the last person I talked to. In the locker room Friday it was Zach Zach Strief Zach is one of a few plays when you look at it plays double digit years. In years that 1011 and walker being his best years in the National Football League. And I asked him he's he's you know he says you know you think about Detroit to saint straight home and guitar playing good BC you know deep is that they're here with any torque he said it to me. Their defensive front is one of the best we've fact that we they give us a lot of problems and neck in you know after you give to tail whipped you look and go back and look. And thank Eli would damned if try to pay more distant with the man we just tell me. Because that's what happened. And me and Friday they control our line didn't bring here from the first from after the first replays might we could pass block against that we cannot run block them right up front. Audio on Sunday our actual quite yet to him how law. Of cook's was Kyle. Cried a little bit about not getting caught it a little score those points you remembered him and good and part quarter when drew took that long shot. Yeah well as we normally go a long trip. The same very clean he was Lotto and Thomas audio board game. And drew looked at him through so congress. Well Abed that there is side and Alec tell you agrees that likable man throw if he throws that out there yarn I have two yards board that's a bomb on the coach Mike just remember Mike when everything coming up. Even if you not in dammit it's all right to smoke as long as I ham or Turkey you know all right. I act act act. I might America's mister you all right come a magnets sports talk on WW. And welcome Matt. Operatives at whopping about when it comes to the playoffs what do you have more faith in this Saints winning. The Falcons lose. Can devote and I did but. Is there are in there grip as it up with that. That might be it to. It would give me and I guess we all like these sometimes it's we're gonna need to exit but that last segment with Sidney totally good call from a guy Mike. Talk about. How how teams are still the last basically to ma I know but Sam it's sisco. And clean I think that right now that only two in May be Chicago yeah exactly our men magnanimity the images you appoint toward. You know how teams are still alive and and who who has. You know open is as far as a conference at a division of Jamie chip. And allow call and we gave tickets are about oh is he's probably on the payroll you talk that he wasn't it wasn't open pro. Again it was saying what the current status is. Who is still a guy who quote unquote had a week they are you may think is a tougher are not as tough schedule. And ultimately you know political come down to who's who's winning all the wins the most toward the end. But that best of truth it may be you may differ is toys. What exactly you wanna paint toward the other. But that is the gospel that you'd get like if you're not lag not a lap. But they only found team dynamic as the Barley had a quote unquote eliminated from the post season. You can draw on that in the eighth. Because you had three divisional game three division. Four in three games and only a year in the division by having his make Richard on a team division. They had those three games. Against the two to lead the attack the first you've got to give Tampa and one against him. This Saints lose to Tampa Bay's. An Aussie good 90. But I'm just value right now there's so much parity. Like me to 500 is 500 but there's a lot of 500 teams and Andy in the outing. That is certain number need to make the playoffs. And then matter what you record says that does that mean it he had that. So league and nine at seven now what you do in the play out policy in the double digit wins. And you know it just when I've been a week with Hussein. And one week in it to Mika it it's as much about you know when you lose. As as it is like you know at some part time you know. I guess Bob who's winning what because a week ago we we sit here thinking okay. Well you look at. You got team wins a guillotine but him winds it may not win the division or in a 97 mine Aggies to an end in one week where the Giants to lose in the in Cincinnati. So that he blew out of Philadelphia and in all those teams that's in a bombing run by Philadelphia's rider were to say they were without wearing team. So they they lose and it. In in the reds they have playing explored one Bryant and and they get it Bears Arizona yeah. Saga out. I'll ala Talladega is a lot of frustrated fan bases and I was frustrated is like it does matter height you lose from a fan's perspective said. I blame. Altman. On how we play considering. Where we are ranked Q what we're doing. This laws. The considering how defense. Their reds all divas but we did. Detroit was only one of five. That's forced our congress and as they were kick field goals. So we stop them here to keep Adams so two games at two losses I put it on and that that's apples and not the case but on defense that Giants game on the road and alliance game at home. Shame on our offense balloons and build. Wright has Marmol north borne out the only fourteen and apparently. Out of the playoffs any post season is San Francisco. In the NFC had only team. In the AFC even Jacksonville and the Jets come back all your calls over on the Al where we all. And north midway in the long with WW a newsstand at 632 type of person who's who go to Christmas. And welcome back here in New Orleans so we'll we'll thank you for Colin WW Rio. Yeah aren't peak look for a I itself public interest that four minute question. But now Mitchell toppled master I'm not let talks. Up but I wanted to carry your pitching and to wait until that Jenkins from and they they went to Sumner. They talk Connerly a view what you remember of lurked there. Yeah I did did that that was it diagram pans on the nursery out there right. Okay. And so Arsenal and I haven't seen him haven't seen him in years that you are you were. A year relayed to Romo usually about an era. On the on all the ones are twins said oh you're much better guard on the took. Took the field the twins so off. Well man as. As in her wrist Alia I appreciate you telling me I'd tell him hello to him. So. And it's just been on an educated yet. Does not really realize it is and it is great attitude and that's what it is and all I I had this eerie brawl. There are miles didn't recruit offensive line in the land in forty years of football and used for years. Well it's an injury during this period that come in answer to Bobby. Somebody who would beat that is approach. I think that guys. Move a CC. He's quick. And and an important has the speed and power not the guy that as being part due but. But. It's in the back feel. That is able. To get. Two a couple of times narrow hole not that he can get great blocks from the pull back to right but I think it's important. It's somewhat it it gets to a pro team. Like the get go that need to happen Archie like Eli. Didn't object to parade. He'd come he can get and get aspect and pitches off that the blind it's no good. Oh okay well you talk about all of its line it he sport they'd like this that are of the that I was talking about. Okay who has the most yards in NFL history with the and Emmitt Smith right. You know I think in its bid is grateful. That play behind at Dallas. Alternately mind Nate Newton now one thing I know Amos and it is tough separated shoulder when he needed and he answered the bell came in game out but. In their right mind that you truly follow football. Would say that in its admit it they are help people would have a better career to Barry Sanders behind the Cowboys wide Kabul. They both agree that everybody's. Level. Right. Real. That Leonard made and that. Everybody goes crazy about. It once and awhile and actually you know almost all we actually eat all our. Our quarterbacks. A once in a while that might be a small conduct is usually an out. But my point here even fell last year. Are much a good pockets are deep that one go last year. Our stop Jamal Wilkes as bad as well yeah almost as well about it now this year Arkansas line I noticed. I hope and in an old line that apparently each boat had injuries in the weaker and no I'm talking about a lot of would know. But a decent note. In a line which he may. Not take anything like speed and I'll incredible don't gaping hole. In that. Yeah he did it did there's no doubt about it and now it's. All he had much. Ian McDougall we're if you don't mind I'm I'm okay I'm okay mark market view of a real hole McGee. You know I'm aware of him do you mind it's not acting local what when my former friends I haven't I haven't seen them bitch in I told him Tony years. They were thank you very hot Parise are right back to the phone ago down to oh win at guard is in off the author at thanks for calling WW. Yeah and caught it. Oh. Hi staked out as coach Jim Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh is currently right over time yet. Oh. I. It. I adopt a dollar more than. Been nicked up yet get it in he had to look ought to eat it all kick sand as far as. What you make in far as is for everything is is Bornstein and TV contracts so you make golf can't sour in and as bonuses. BS if Nick Saban in Nick Saban wins again this year. He ruby that has paid coach gamecocks about I'm assuming that's a roll over in his contract that. If days anyone that's above the amateur game when he went to championship eat eat supersedes it he's paid one dollar more. Then the highest paid coach in the nick Nick Saban is under. He can be make a twelve million dollars a year right now I'm one could argue when you think about what program to bring in I'm not talking about there that a program a talk about football. And what he gets paid and the San of that name pound state is but. He's the in mammoth most powerful person in the world according to Forbes magazine. Has enough football. And the death that's life that's sports. And the Rockets and takes the while ago that it takes Hussein Alabama was my favorite team that Alabama is not my favorite team I graduate from LAQ. What are what we're about and I spoke to say that Alabama Suggs was OC is they have how bad they are. No I mean they just they make an incredible run right now in college football there's even some that Bobby I don't know me I'd had to be somebody it's got to. Deeper knowledge of me. There Dick. Test and and now against like the hot hand all kinds all the time statistical across the board. Greatest teams ever in this team if they complete the Diaw and win all. Could be in is maybe the greatest team ever. This Alabama team well and speak it's very different I did it was in high school football. Quarterback. It's very frustrating for tiger fans I experienced this does that he did. And my dad had no explanation I have every moment on a day about seven days. My tellem that I mean the only thing you know when he was gonna win and Charlie Mack would never be Bear Bryant. Now I experience because any would you days today. And actually I thought Ito would they are I don't know I don't know what it is like you get so mad. So I did remember you know being emotionally involved a team about playing you know she did it theater national championship game Cuba as it was 32. So we ended up being 383. But look at the last effects figures Olympics. Which aren't so is Kyle liked the frustrating part. That out and Alabama. And that LSU's number in the seventies didn't look as of late. Nick Saban has Ellis number of drivers are Aggies. You could state courts say over his last miles yeah and coach of this past game. He and Indy is because then back about me Saturday ironically was sitting there watching the game and you know far as a 70 and in the disk. Alabama exploded in the east the day they they go ahead in the game in their offense is run three plays. In images in Nicholas's today why Alabama why don't ever lose as it may be. I don't know I don't know because they're good. Well I'd guys deacons that if Barnett but this takes format. Is the next OJ Simpson all of the feel all of course though Ryan Orton and OM ET samba to the running style that be great careers yes OJ was a great great GM great college and currently about greater now than yard rushing NFL as an as we say it does he would go. The game we talking running back that's all just running back this is sports talk on WW ago. And welcome back you want the latest on news talk and sports of course this. They situation with Jim known almost press comic today also the judge jury selection in the car dale Hayes wheel Smith Diop all of that is available. At WWL. Dot com page again got a text. When you add big this is a good takes. You know the eight fail and you apply in this guy's helmet. This of 6261. The last time the Saints won four straight because that's what I think it would take obviously sure distill see allied units that don't have poll while the last time. The Saints won four in a row. The got to go back to 2013. You know they started this season at five an open and he had to Dayton now yes of still landfall or. I don't know all noses division game you know one another. And to be home because I needed difference against Tampa Bay now like I said I it's he has winning at Kampman and I don't know typical whether we win or not in the superdome come. While wonderment those awful lot about it and made book and is in nineties experiences some guys and slow but right now it's high up with a box and one forced rape I was six. Rick Stroud who I was the Buccaneers the WT AT and Tampa and it's Camby eight times and Rick. Tampa Bay as have been eight extremely impressive and one thing that we were talking to last night the salmon are part of a team the Tampa media. When you look at a team from a fall outs and the openings and it was 75 obviously they're two games above five are you had to have a stretch. May lead and win a lot of games with you fully pretty consistent Bobo. And one thing we've I was addressing in the last seven games Tampa Bay as low as twelve. And that turnover ratio that's amazing. Yeah and that's well the ball game right I mean that's the biggest stat there is that it was interesting because you know they were three and five and they. At those two games were you know they had a overtime game that lost to Oakland it really was winnable for them and then got blown out. By atop the bumpers and football and that and gain our ten day stretch. Mike Schmidt and Kirk color. Our players look look themselves and number but more importantly those coaches adjust to something starts on defense. Not to say that there are there simple beat parents what they they managed to you know. Make communication more simple and other guys are playing faster. If you're playing with a lot of confidence and I think a lot of that confidence comes from their quarterback Jim coached. Now our break is it the same bowl players that maybe Saints fans to be through milieu it as far as defensively playing at a high level because even metabolism winning at that well. But Vontae Davis is one of the best linebackers on Nolan and it fell in interior lineman Gerald McCoy is wanted to bad are they playing at a high level this season. Two guards are still in their press Wear on deeper than in on it that an attack on numbers cursor because I have to do different things and Mike's coached. Defense he's not. You know running earned cover all the time in covered a lot with the ties and he's doing different things who saw last week was expects that electronic game for a in San Diego that is still an impact player journal court it all starts with Emma running late it came again in sacks with seven. Despite missing game but it that the pieces I mean this team needed to get better on defense they drafted Vernon heart rate in the first round you really come alive. In the last month. Recognizing things before they happen including but the ball that he hit that. You know that that was intercepted. Bible on K and you. Different guys register free agency and quit grinding or. In unity it guys around them and then the respect around. Picked Noah stances sort of taken off as well as pass rushers with open things that you get her I think they're start that. Sort of well a little bit right now. Parents Syria please go to our couple matter what. Now read before we go like that offense how about because there's always local waitresses local college players obviously LSU's old line Alexander. Talk about where he's that. Considering. You know he had a great start his rookie drivel whereas he had as far as the leader would you like and what it what does the future hold him what where how they regard him. Try to quad and it is a guy that's gonna make many many global I don't know. Outside of bay region. Am I would Elvis say that this thing yeah there's not now nowadays GMA and as Tebow Jones and and and I think that what help we don't have a. Well it's been to realize that these guys that they know he was such a good player they would always forums to trap but I'm not all that thing right I mean. But no one knew that he could take on as much as he did. At such a tender rates but there that I don't think there's anybody that has more the motor more about football on defense side and he's their quarterback comments I'd be making that call. He's a guy that's getting him in position. What withers you know older veterans or what and and sort of the heartbeat of that defense in many ways. And I think he got a better view the way they feel optimism and energy I think that's how important luck remember a year ago there were only one game difference. In record there were six and six at this point last year inquirer Alexander got suspended for four games for PDT east they lost all four games I'm not saying. That's the entire reason but certainly took a big via. Now I rigged eat dog by Jamison Winston vina leaders look at his swagger and confidence that he hasn't he's playing with right now. Who's helped obviously Mike Evans. The target that he is as the feel confident that. Then he could trust him and he'll win. Those one on one battles that oh wells offensively has really impressed you. To help them get to this point. Well it's interesting I mean you know talked about Mike Cameron and really sad. As good years and receiver and I think the work rate and Mike Reid dedicating himself. A new coaching problem contaminant from. Oh from southern Bears to a culture and wide receivers and and you could see the work they put me Nazis the other guy. However that that sort of taken off. Because of the work together camp and break the ties and who's tired now. The most touchdowns in the in the league at that position with seven. And he was an undrafted guys that was in the world and on the practice squad that the fox trot out of control that about it we're hoping that he wouldn't be activated got them back. And taken off undrafted free agent from armored Shell both been big to Target Center and I think. You know getting that Martin back you know it hasn't been real successful running the football rat. Of the run and there and commitment is still there. And Jack was Rodgers now has back after three injury so it start to tell he had the right time and like I that they'll have a ton of weapons but. And not that him and make the other guys that are. Rick Stroud ripped had to be the key but we do on social media. I you can go to Q at and it felt Stroud and or. You know go to camp they are common in all our coverage look reported seeing thanks to the next release yet. Nick thank you very much and you know deep right to break your guess is that back coach but the thing. That it ever for a Britain act and Max. At the back all right around league is next on WW.