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12-7 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints' future outlook

Dec 7, 2016|

Bobby & Deke ask how close the Saints really are to becoming a title contender.

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And good afternoon and welcome to sports talk we all know he didn't days. Yeah you're in the background holiday music and we don't know if that is the break on veteran pull it off with special edition of sports tell all about being there. I'm the Philippines it is so. Beat the second time we've been doing this those show on location Mayhew. And the length that now we're in battery here on veterans boulevard you can't miss this and we are calling this operation Christmas truck on a mission. To grant the wishes of military families with the help of got our troops foundation that all sorts of great things. You can do for the holiday season Bobby we've got it. What we're calling holiday. If tree that is here and we as poked combined stop in many different options and you could give us a smallest at ten dollar gift cards from different places. Anything helps but Holland. Well they got to think about it was more deserving of a happy Chris is then. Our veterans and their families. It's all about giving back so please please combines that high in. You know making cash are checked donation are select a few Ryder throw off holiday. He wrote tree. To make sure to men and women who serve opportune or children have a happy Christmas. Like you said aware fidelity bank located thirty twin nine veterans boulevard. That's between turn goalie clearing. I'll probably our partner at the good folks with got our troops foundation are standing by takes that your donations then. If you look at the holidays I hero treat the a number. Items you with the Rouse is like giving gifts and that is 25 at the 125 to a bass pro shop 21800. Dollars old navy. Going on and on Amazon JC Penney so a number of opportunities. Academy sports. Wallboard Disney stores so. We got it all covered so if you cannot. It is situation you know cash or check donation. You can also like to say it's like if yarder to the holiday he wrote three. Which goals a long way in the golf also has special things. Very talented lady. The Harper's who's. Who's been a part of this with a few joined us from both and holiday specials. Ritual man Maurice about pronouncing that right so a couple of buy in. Can't wait to see you in. Talk to those states football. LSU and where their at that. The guy is a holiday season it is football season and it ain't over till it's over league put it's how they weather late at night to north of political football. You know you don't outlook candidate. I would welcome colon and it's so hot and all this that I don't mind via what is called me because I'm fat enough but ultimately where you that it makes it an issue could be you know what is going you can and don't close hockey Canseco that meaning that they got I fully yet. If you look at it. Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers NFC south. You know is that youthful ones because it's looked a lot of swing where they're at right now and Tampa bays on a roll and that is why. Don't roll I think Philippine said that is they'd taken the football away and in the plus side the turn over Morton and the Saints on the negative side it. If you look at they go about business interest in is that the Saints at. Is bit like home field advantage in Raymond James stayed Newton the Saints have won six of their past seven contests at Raymond James Stadium. They won four straight. So what now. This farewell can happen and hope was that the case could get the fans all excited you win at Raymond James Stadium point to come in with a big win. At Arizona think that would be an upset we have not had success in the desert. But all of a sudden. And B you know what happens. In become Christmas season and hopefully. Have a base that this group's been is gonna have to sweep them. We are gonna have to speak candidly now the last time. Have a base swept the Saints 2007 you know you'd think we came through where you got hoped it would Guzman well we can weekend like I I don't think Camden being even though the wrong thing because pipa. Nothing I could see us winning it Kampman who's been here but that's been the track record. Our thing we can't sweep them. But Tampa Bay is that swept the Saints at the almost a decade got to go back to 2007. Now you might sable whenever they note that they give us hope when at the things we talked about this last night when they blast 14 in a row. What they were five and over 2013. That's right so it's a lot of would have could have should honestly trying to look a silver lining. In the holiday season and the last time we spoke to both Kobe years ago weren't. After I don't have that in my notes but I have to look there a moment series but he what you want to fault but all on Ellis we've the Raymond James Stadium is not an intimidating at the same thing is that we've won four streak. There in six of the last seven. And two players though that are playing an unbelievable eleventh level that you don't like Johnny poke ball diamonds jealous of unity and am. More Mike Evans. Mike I mean I. I'll I'll tell you and being healthy and happy yet. Johnny football was unbelievable in college we do it as a pro talk like that can't you do it high school college to professional level. Mike Evans. The he's among the best. Not if then if he's out in the NFL if you look right now les. Thirty receptions in the NFL with a 76. And he's second in receiving yards here ready has over a thousand yards and a touchdown with a second with ten. That we talked about him every year and hopefully Shelvin rank it could be. The second coming of Eric down all our general caught. Gerald McCoy. He's first in the NFL sacks with seven so it's going to be a challenge and again empathy this. Early before we even do the pre K. If this thing to know minus category and I'm gonna win cadets at the Bucs. And it feasted on their plus three or minus two and if you look at it eight straight games they've had these two takeaways. In the last seven games they've been well the reason why because they were so bad Jamison went that. You look whatever department lately I don't to a good start it illegal blow like that that's a note you put them on a roll now right if you're looking at and in the eighteenth. Team it's Winston. Has totaled fifteen touchdowns. And four interceptions. Where you look at under a three game in history though when they were awarded the Indy won six of eight. He at seven interceptions. And you lost a couple of fumbles and reaching any in the right there with that Anthony's first game rattled right for the touchdown the first part was in one game right and at the but what government lately he's trending. In the right direction so it's going to be a challenge. But the Saints but. Hey it's a division game extremely what you opponent the bottom line is you've had success at Raymond James Stadium will continue to have that success and the Saints whipped the Buccaneers Bobby backing where 03520410. And and in thirteen sixteen to fourteen. In 42 to seventy and above if you look at last year. Was that weird. All of a sudden James when it's been how much confidence and how well he played in the super Milton. And in the latter part of this season the terrible he'd be at home. And that's what being a union said that there was a lot of yesterday yeah how the blocks it that they've beat Seattle. That it did they they and we wanted to play on the right and I for one owner who in the Mets by one at that we've been in one sport home. And I hear about me through the first meeting was in September they beat us in the bill 26 nineteen and we went out and meet and beat him if you. 24 have the ability usually go to look alien going little by bill does not matter go and how lobbyists and Asik and Tampa Bay and the repression in the success. That the pressure's on them. The gates I. Right now with the Falcons the first place right now out of Falcons and are confident where there Rhett right now. But this is unfamiliar territory at the pan of this organization. The this is the first time they've been in first place in the NFC south is 2008. The Cubs have not only is yeah right. So 80 by the hand of Famer he had an efficient yes yes this I don't I critical for frank about it and I had so I'll be close out the season and they got that I don't know what is went from a point aptitude and a point nine so to me that's again and almost a pic of I don't feel at all tonight game when all said and. All right we all location at fidelity bank on veteran pull of a come on out and Jonas where you at 8 o'clock at night it's operation Christmas drop a long about defense Deke Bellavia. And this is going to be WM who. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. You know. There. And welcome back coming out and Jonas 32 and and veterans boulevard at fidelity bank we know it is like. Overall operation of Christmas drop and make a donation is well on our troops foundation to the conversation a final four to 601870. Text line is up at 8787. Operated jaguar that you told visit WW dot com. From what you've seen the Saints those phone. All the black go close to being a complete team again or do you expect some changes. All of beat tank he could be in the it's all season case to go to WW dot com Bobby the current odds have been updated. And do you feel update them had to get to certain benchmarks and now you got with a four games left in the regular season and after twelve. The Falcons on an 1130 this was just about a week ago or four of four to fifteen knock now they for a seventh overwhelming favorite. Tampa Bay was 72 that if thirteen to two in the Saints. At the end of the month by the November were fourteen to Warren. To win the UFC south that has gone out to 25 to one go to saint would come back. And win that division you can get him out when he found the one that's good odds. And Carolina about a fifteen between fifteen and one last year at the end of November with 33 to one. To win the division now they are one of the few teams it is off the board. Mean they could they when he was the cubicle suck a bit because they'd just be taking your money there in the conversation with Chicago leading Jacksonville basically all the board they can't win it if it is. Well digging you have to look at the schedule how it unfolds in the that's why I still say. Considering how Atlanta choke the closed out that game against the Chiefs. That he's still control your destiny that. Look look at where Tammany and how they're trending. And and to Saints obviously it is reporting laws that alliance. But the pressure's more on Atlanta and Tampa Bay within division right now but. What gave you look district strip the schedule the Falcons have no remaining games against teams that winning records. And then the Buccaneers have one game that being December 18 when they play at Dallas. So you look we went all four in and and that's obviously would it take that there is no margin for error. But you would need to Falmouth to lose. But one of their other three teams 49ers Rams and Panthers bright and the reason why I tell you Carolina. I don't know can you know be ticked off right now with our organization because I'm finding out. That you know I needed start the game against Seattle defeating Wear ties yeah they told on the night in Florida gain. That you got to Wear a tie. So Cologne. You know ahead of time the event has had to be sent me doom two weeks that they do much on an unknown road you have it was too much of a primadonna Santo but I still think. Can you beat from college part and eagle it goes back to talk to hold boys and all he wore you wanna be without that you ask them that read and write that's up. That the group collected in the count like hoped it yet yeah so our egos have some will but if they're not knocking cam but. I would think that with people who just them they've we've seen them play. That you can't please and those have been motivation because you're playing for nothing. In you know in the key to that that would help out to remember he'd been out with a concussion protocol yeah back to me aggregates the Saints on the Thursday night a few weeks ago. A big it just shows you NFC south and Holliday is running the Saints got in their favor. Because all they have Levitt and it seeking conference games right oh AFC games now again I'm looking at the glass half full new thing on delusional. But it's still NFC games where you want to control your own destiny in his fifth if you look at the Saints. Would win we get to nine at seven. They went to it at the foul with a 97 Tampa Bay's 97 this thing tonight at seven statesman NFC south so you know they have to get. Thing about this being a double digit wins right you got to win out. Now you yet that you could truly does he play cabbie twice. That's why and I got a whole that the Falcons would choke and I don't think you'll do that that Iran as a foreign nine as the Carolina again I go in Carolina. Because of basically and. Won it with little to join those who voted to do those two teams campaign and then right now seventh. Caron Agassi in the Tampa Bay amiga Atlanta has to with in the nets near they win they have to lose their lives to. Because when when a parent out in the saint ma'am we expected to be not if I'm correct. Well and big looked okay you if you beat if they're five and seven right now that deemed it the Buccaneers and oh okay and and in now this seven at five in the media both seven yes yes yes it's all of a sudden. Look who they still got to play I mean as Dallas rested their starters tomorrow who's playing right. They could be at this week in Dallas could be rested everybody. Because they can I don't have the east locked up with the number one seed it would explain it well today is very hopefuls simply because. We've played Tampa Bay twice right who just played them once and they're ready would have lost them all with the idea optimist I. Right to be video news on his fourth 32 was to have first news we'll go downtown to Chris Miller. We are location and 3829 veteran football between term we're McLeary. Come on Jonas the apartments and all the great spoke to constantly bank and got our troops foundation. As so we're standing by for holiday gifts and donations here operation Christmas struggling at 8 o'clock this evening come on now and Jonas final four to 601870. Next up is 87 eighths and what you see the Saints that's all they close to being a complete team again. But do you expect what kind of changes or where they'd be some big changes made in the offseason about I think that. I don't know about big things but I think yeah the volume of changes we're determined we're having these next four games. Yet exactly that I could tell you right now even if we win four in a row. Our oh we lose border row we need to pass rushing the that have been obvious that it can jarred right. Good that we upgraded interior line yes and in reality I know they did in showed that it fairway there and we are right it is indeed a beautiful night Davidson in the rotation right. But you have out on the Indian. Crew has done the future not gonna pay him. And Dan and a volley you know spot play him I think it's evidence of the teams McCain you have. That book in the nets have been right opposite the camp to Hartnell whether we went out. But what do we go to playoffs awful and I'll face. To me priority we have to get that answer rusher to disrupt opposing quarterback opposite of him. But you know in a perfect world crew if he could if he would be like offers to James Harrison by having this thing around we are better with him. You know even when he's in there with certainty to tell you keep fear if well like you say as can be up to him and what he wants to defeat your teeth that point his career yet defending. You know what you're willing to negotiate rang and I can tell you if he was playing in the Jerry Glanville. He probably could play twenty years as is life still hot that that he was Nike cut Jerry Glanville. We tale of players like Jeff Donaldson are never JP you go to the goalies might even on the team because well look at it why would you of their practice. I think upgrades at the I mean it was out like what I'll look at it this on the. Visual crazy thought just look up Kruger and his wife at an eagle on talk I'm I'm you know I'm. How I made Jada I Marco and I. Went to Pittsburgh and a nanny nanny that was a FC championship game in the Colts in Jim Harbaugh. Okay did mark your program visited rip runner that never say. And he had a receivers and actually in that game Marshall Faulk was really difficult with the Colts eating poorly in game all of us you know medium playing through. So anyway what happens is we've stated that you'll right across him it's all Three Rivers Stadium you had the river right day he had Three Rivers Stadium. They just had to be snowed them in the late nineties. So we did they have time and Elvis on the elevator opens the court to stay in the morning that's when you work with CBS and Brian writer I think I threw some do both in which eight zone. And black from top to bottom a black Cowboys had an exchange. But act Hollister a cowboy attack you know dating isn't yet a bowl ring bowling yeah Boehner and black pants cowboy boots as well I think ears and Spurs don't know. Play any literate wired in long recalled does that are you then the long jacket didn't know. Jerry Glanville. Talk about a Carrick today he was a combination. In his mind I'm telling you and I and he could bring it but the common agent Johnny Cash in now. This guy can't give him let down winning. And being immunized classic coach as atypical Knuble and we took away from that we're team Italy. As they were because card game with remembered as the youth. I think you goalies and tickets at the wind could remember at every game when he was coaching you know they're both in their tickets at that we'll call for over press. I'm African academically right quick that story of pavement because I probably said this it it in years three or four times you. Where the team in training camp we said OK it would have the fact use these though Wednesday's team bonding anything yet team on exit okay very dollar body with Pat Hughes it will Mardi Gras. So we gonna have that cute he's only as the news and legal or party as the team during camp yeses from one HR derby on a Buckhead. And all the team boasted he says. If you can't play during the day no I don't know the legal and we handled night meetings or know anything okay we gonna party as a team whom I mean it's it's still it's all of a sudden. You said okay level with the command before midnight. That you better be out the player I'm cutting you wanna even built the stretch tomorrow morning so he's going to be up part on it and threatens bigs being able to see who could Brian McCann as a bull there's room in a while you might be thrown abstract unity or anything you do it all that you and I take that into 8 am best. That's what needs to be on on hard not yet all like got to have a better hard not. All of a sudden we out one name at what that night I think eighty seek any way we got one night and now we locket around and cocktails got a case and Mike and it will make it. But he Jerry Glanville who will both lines women. Followed him around him and he's looking around I adequately but I didn't we. I don't I didn't know I just got it just felt that me and says they've ever look Mandell longer around here all America. And Jared is I'm humiliated by Atlanta Dallas has got teeth in a statement even imperil the problem crop. A I don't know maybe I can imagine golfer Jim Mora right Jerry climb to about a 180. Omar marine house and I like well you know. We gonna have fun and know that you're gonna evaluate this if you guys shoot tactically because clown around you know clown around got to produce like you know you're out and how long. Yeah yeah we want to leave a flat bill was always do with autism every one Malia initially. Imitate the grits blitz and the fifth. Jerry Glanville wanted to agreed that the that the mine's in NFL history would go sit back in the coming out important value when Bill Belichick with the ball. And though I think you really have no. Get them that that's a four backing goes. All right as it hails from the defense that we are pretty jaguar paid to both on what you've seen in the successful. But it close to being a complete team what you expect some changes to pick a what have these next couple games it would do you think. As to hand it before ago continue showing some positives out on defense is that the Bobo and now all you just ending knee jerk reaction meaning. Are you feeling. Disappointed and explain don't the most recent performance because remember CLU feel it now and see how you failed seven days ago. You with the had a completely different feeling. Getting that defense was trending in the right direction morale dig because it a poor performance against the lines. You know wide. Passing defense who won before last. Points. The big. You know little look at that will be given up points allowed. We now thirty we've given up 28 points to eight. So all negatives that you know broke out as John I think we get a edge rushing get to the middle of the pack. Everybody's feet is held that a fire on thousands that. Any week we look it is not have to evaluate him but as we go to break. If we look at some of the benchmarks that we talked about on Tennessee's. If proven run the football improve stopping the run. Any improvement of obvious we talked about defense that we can prepare for us. Those three things that they've improved going in this tricks. Now he can't tail off the final four games you've got to continue forward to be consistent if I was to say this offseason movement forward. We saw in the last nineteen games to saint Pete is consistently. That these last four games of the airport. Love told David to 26 to and we get us a sixteen I don't know middle of the pack like is that that big run the football who are atop the N. We not talk to anymore over the middle well right good to get evidence that we did have enough attempts which I mean. You know whatever it might be all those that are not happy yards to start the game we shot Dillon Novak you gotta be freaking kidding. That that should never have brought up there spread. You wave what you wanna do offensively and third and awarded third happy you are c'mon you better talent knowledge of what you got to get a first down to sustain those. Drives all right we're on location 3029 veterans boulevard and try to they've may come out and Jonas are home for the holidays special operation Christmas drop. Make a donation to help those in need military families with the help of got our troops foundation. We here at 8 o'clock on sports on WW. Okay. And welcome back on location and it hasn't done anything about veterans for the WW holidays special operations Chris drugs and all sorts of things really. Holiday gift treatment where you can come and becoming things to make donations like Apple Store if. Call it we also have a statistically. Anything any type of vehicle from the Disney stores are. Stop books paralysis of bass pro shops we are all sorts of things. You can stop Crying Game in which time Cuba it folks who do so much for us not just on holiday season but. All year all the time for families of military. Personnel with the got our troops foundation and remember when a person in the minutes is not just him. They're also pretty much the fan zone involved in the military as well so anyway we can sure appreciate them is always include call 2601870. Text line is that the 87870. From what you see from the Saints to close to being complete team. On for the wasteful and without the changes will be made how important. All these four games to see you know hey it's not just stamp on you go back and listen to some of the the language and some idea of rhetoric and talk that he used at the in this season's. I base it lightly and what John Q coach you say that these games and imported. Because although you still alive in these next four weeks you don't run the table basic that is what you ability to. You relegate these unique is it's always so pulling for. Next year. And the Saints you have. They controlled their own destiny as follows if they can win now. But you know some Anita Hill on the streets too as well so we will see 5042601870. Tex that's it 878 significant at some things in our division right now when you look at the standings. Tampa and Atlanta open at seven in five New Orleans is at the five in seventh and Carolina at 418 at that 427 loss. Sunday night to be. Seattle Seahawks now this week in the matchup to keep an and I own a very big game tomorrow night in the AFC. Penalties that time and now who's the leader in the AFC with. Both these two teams have everything in front of them from the standpoint of the division title and also one of the top two seeds and home field they've been in Oakland and Kansas City. Also you have Pittsburgh at Buffalo this week it but in our division. We're looking to seeing it the Carolina Panthers. All in action this week in and Carolina used it in the San Diego at Carolina. The Atlanta Falcons or at Los Angeles and other books that ran the most difficult thing if for the Falcons is that they have to travel cross country. To go tickle the Rams are matchup of course we're taking on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This weekend so that's a look at the division in the NFC south and wrapping up if you keep him up with those. Who are in that area of this thing to throw it who need to think so keeping an eye on Ford division and also while Claude green Bay's imitating Seattle. And Dallas is that New York. And also Detroit is in action in Chicago and what we told Bible could be interested down the streets if you look at it who went on division. Has to play Dallas and as Tampa the week after this at this wicket can't please New Orleans basically. Dallas could have everything locked up this week if Dallas wins they write they have big east. And they'll have one of the two by us but if Dallas wins Bobby and Green Bay beat Seattle in Detroit would have the route to Chicago. Dallas lots of the number one seed and home field throughout with three weeks left in the regular season. Add big Beckett be that I Dicey situation because. You wanna rest players and be ready to roll come playoff time it didn't you wanna keep the momentum. I wanna get Tony Romo really yeah as I. Hi it's the Jerry Jones yet because. Tony Romo. Is really Tony Romo Jones yeah that that that's like is if you know his son team who will. You really appreciate Tony Romo. And you could be a part of that is always about his age there might be at this. Think that could happen for Dallas this look at nearby knows who Romo is but anytime you have an injury. For him to have this is that this city got two teams play you know everything you do as an athlete did you give him time in the in the playoffs you don't know what's gonna happen you make your mind meeting. Well the game and I still break it down it it and you mention. Seattle. And that that I'm like go Seattle. And lessen the Packers are blue collar team that I am not. Because I'm still optimistic query at. That this ain't living out there and inept NFC conference record. The Giants. Redskins impact is that Dario last night chair and hits them yet. Because got a little lucky if you look at bridges like the Eagles did dad so they Dayne that was between him yet the regular guy like the Eagles to NFC conference record. Right now that they're like three kids sick yet and he hasn't yet yet so it doesn't matter if the Eagles win. So you'd won the Eagles to beat the Redskins this we don't. The bottom line looked at this. Jerry is the Giants Redskins impact that the Saints can run the table and I think did I don't have talent. They have a chance. While while caller not just in FC south didn't have their scenario happens. All right. For the Saints running dead run. We're all location fidelity bank in Metairie at veteran's vote but 3829 full operation Christmas done on holiday hero trees here and all the folks. Obama got our troops foundation creating it raising some money and tonight's guest book military Phantoms this Christmas season. This is WW it.