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12-12 4pm Bobby & Mike: on the Saints' loss to Tampa

Dec 12, 2016|

Bobby & Mike analyze the Saints' 16-11 loss in Tampa.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second guess show like the tea Bobby you've been alive from the soap was slip a casino. Beat side right here and it got county Mississippi double by a business will be here at 630 at night you would throw it to the sites. Go to show in the saints' radio network you had coached on me. Is gassed and I'd be running backs coach Gil and Thomas in at right at that 730 right here on the station at this point in the NFL that it you know. The Baltimore Ravens played the Indianapolis Colts while Bob. A lot of news breaking today. Like you particular job that Florida Atlantic. Basically taken him out of the running what the offensive coordinators job we do what's gonna return Alabama. At LSU while a lot of people pocket now bought that Canada. The office support native from University of Pittsburgh. Being. Sort of the inside track Eichmann dive now and in late this afternoon Jeff Fisher. Gets fired with the oh Los Angeles Rams if replacement it from coaches. John fassel. The son of tipped pass. Who we had a long last just last week in John is the special teams coach there lines old. Out there and a couple really bad performances despite the fact that you guys. An extension. In the offseason but it was just pretty much announced last week. Jeff Fisher has been relieved of his duties. In lot of recruiting news global well north these young man from our neck of the woods commits from millers view. Now taken a serious look back at Auburn where you're committed to begin with a LSU does get money rice linebacker. Who was recruited but will Auburn and Georgia. But right off the bat the site at disappointing moment 1611. And up the Saints defensively but yet played well enough to win this game. You off this disappointed. It just could not find a rhythm in absolutely. Anything goal on on. And when you turn the ball over three times your chances of winning all less than three months which means that hurdle will watch it that badly. And if we go right back to it. A sluggish performance akin to start the game offensively. The defense came through for you and you had a team that. All balls late with some confidence down the it really want to plot a sport it would almost preserved the victory it was the Bucs we're trying to do a team that was five and seven team. The last twenty games at home. This past would be wanna double points additional B Gary you'll. Well. When you look at candidate how they've won and you gotta give it the pits like credit. Think that's a weird scores I mean you look at the final 1611. They'd be the Seattle Seahawks who at that time was only behind that Dallas cowgirls as fours in the NFC who's the hot team. Who represented and that he was fourteen to five. Salami you gotta give have a me a lot of credit but they're doing it. Just distribute this the last five games. Their defense and listen they had two touchdowns drop against the Saints that would yet but this defense has given up ten points seventeen points. Five point 11 points eleven points. This and no matter if you drop it passes than not that's pretty strong because you winning revealed weaknesses not a football football. Well if you look at it and also what did it do winning goal the goal situations the Bucs offenses noble ones in goal the goal efficiency. In the NFL on they had the number seven. A deep and it's not you look truck they talked about sustained drives that get off it's going well against what. The Saints were number one offense on third down with the ducks the does the book that to the bucks to a the number three deep it. Only given up 34. And a half percent we got 31%. Could perjury for all of my cup in the late but all I know Izzo were all sad and I do look at Drew Brees has failed to come out. What is scoring a touchdown low scoring toss it ninth street corners c'mon he's posted back to back games at three makes that a first time in his career. That that's that that visible well but the thing that's why I think yep all the organizations. The tip of Barca where we're at right now because we are short right now on the fourth non winning season. Now that's including Bonnie glee at Bonnie. Now on the docket say it's okay get their body right now farm on the tell you why not. Who picked his Saints to go to double digit wins this year. Nobody'll would. You played the AFC west in its US what do we LC. So evident now at 889. SOR maybe I picked eight in eight cities in nine at seven at bats. Okay now about 97 and ain't gonna happen. Alienate its bad Ayodele might not happen but. How big threatening and you got a hall of fame quarterback. And the offense. That is still among the SE building bladed a the last two games against the lines and then the Buccaneers. You have to look at that. The deep fits his training in the right direction. So maybe they've turned a corner I think you'll hold their feet to the far and it's almost within our car next season. Now it depends how you lose their name and everything in and out wrote this last night. Similar because I think this scenario similar. To Jon Gruden. And Tampa Bay and the Saints facility but it lightly apparent that small markets that volley when it's doable. I'll look at Jon Gruden. All of a sudden they world champs approval chance in the seven and 9511. To go eleven to five lose the playoff for a twelve. And he was nine at seven. Nine at seven. And then all of a sudden a lot of drop back to back winning season ninth and he gets fired. So it out with six seasons the right now Sean Payton that seventies and it just it's just a NFL coaches it just comes about. Jeff Fisher the partly what he did. With the Oilers that it content that Iraq and with an eighty politic gag job that that's few and far between that you last. That long ago once placement and we'll have a winning season yet and we felt we all know that he's the long in the fall. Now with the Rams then now look at things Crockett Cardinals would get a carton if you if you look at their crystal ball and staying crock. I mean I'd go at that Jim Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh what the Rams are acting guarantee you Sean Payton. I you might have to Sean Payton and the contract would yet to give epic I get a guy like Sean Payton you don't think. Like the spank rock you might think look at the State's office and he developed Jerry golf. I mean can he be that guy can maybe have the Rams trending in the right direction. That all know is his daughter's go to school at Pepperdine Matt Malibu NFL network. And I don't know big about that you like about it via big dol. If you go to LA. And turn around the Rams for their relevant. You could deal and a bigger stage now you don't win nobody goes to the game that a bit ultimate bandwagon fan nobody cares about the if you win daycare. So all of the third thing Crockett he got this unbelievable stadium coming about it you don't think the Rams got to turn around that the public interest. And to a wide if you go to a Lakers games that you can do win it and all of a sudden the Lakers and out when people the Clippers games that sold out. You know jump on that and Wang an eagle watch the dodges but it you know what we should not be surprised. Because it I I wrote this down. And I said is in the pregame. It's that discourages that with the Saints organization right now. You want it December to remember. December hasn't been a month to rim or finesse things in the last four years to say it's haven't finished above five record. He hit the year's last lets his 2011. The state 789 record with their worst record actually coming. In 2013. When they were to a three when the team last made the postseason so now they're aiding in in December. Thought oh is it that when you got to turn a corner because even when the Giants to a struggling. They want it to them they wanna December Tom copilot and every lie they wanted to December will we have not done that. Back with more second guessed right up his break you ought to be pizza. Back here on this I assume like that to you Bobby Abram from this over. So casino beach side they got on the Mississippi. Are definitely up ready to act or opinion poll what's the biggest area of need for the Saints seventy. Pass rusher opposite line called back you keep cash pupil now at that Libya dot com bubble how well a lot of debate the oil wells. Think it's got to get it next Rashid added a run at pulled the quarterback first of four okay who was outstanding and you were questioning let you would draft remark not and he worked out. That and that it roll the die analyst fits notes from Ohio State if he's productive. Right opposite camps are solid they want and it roster rushing you got to get better in the trenches. A mile line Jahri Evans collide. No not you might try to replace GRE I haven't. And hey you know sucked it who's sucked the last two games is meant to be a robot he's on a roll look both at his feet. I mean he gave up a sack three hit three carries terrible pointless in the pack as much as more game. And you go to states cannot block rob a area. They could not block the weather does its act street and the he had his issues than him but yet not yet allowed only nineteen pressures on the season interleague game. All of a sudden that's oral all the way to 27. After the match up against Ayers I mean when you think that. So our local what you did you Max and we got the rights that are still think you know going to next year. But I would say edge rusher. And now with the off with a lime in it for a cornerback. Because you look at adversity you know players come back when they hurt. And look who's contributed a high level they hit the lottery which sterling Moore BW wet. Sterling Moore was outs that inning yesterday that you look at Kyle Wilson not on a when he got left in the tank. But he still on the team could donate to reserve. Keenan Lewis is gone but the team its line. PJ Williams so I would look at this scenario I would go more edge rusher and all of a top line euphoric over covered by cornerback. Out agree refute them for the but balloon that you talk about beat easily. Had a really disappointing first year in year yet this year your pick Beasley has totaled thirteen and a half quarterback sacks and set up good. Forced fumbles you don't pick he has hit his drive as a football player will have a lot. Well if I get it going and look look. We need to get like the bits of tactile. You look out in public that granted they got two and linebacker right with people people you got to its fourteen point of law that you should never lose when that occurs. We'll have mop board yeah all of this that you get she'll run at it is you break let Chris Miller. Some bacteria on the side dish you'll like it to you Bobby you've been alive from this opens the MacKenzie you know. You excited and not county Mississippi gonna go to. Telephone lines big John admits that it big you know with Bob and Mike. And gentlemen how are now the bills as a. Hit big job they we got grand Holler that is it would big Johnson. Usual. I'm behind it a in the media always. There's been guys in your job or not already you know but it you know these are Smart start well and ideas that that. You know you set your approach when asked about seven and years and it was it was quite evident to me in my view others that. This team that that's seen him walk connection with the coach of the day. An additive that Sean Payton normal loss samples seems like. Are distinct possibility. Because of the Jarrett call it to wait and where he can go and and you know get all that this on many agents where he's got a young quarterback who's obviously got a world now. And emboldens damaged. Given the fact that the city you know with. We just atrocious perhaps the shot patent stamp on a 2010. Bout would be. Maybe it's I'm more. You know -- share all the. Well what all. But the thing is big giant think about it it does that mean you can't coach eco coach Loral's. Are out of our ample Andy Reid. Limited success Andy Reid and the Eagles are you when it's Super Bowl it will have success and where he's at right now campus it. OK you look at the hot seat you know what it army lately for example this season. The Green Bay Packers who are trending. Uga that's it right behind Dallas not Seattle wherever. Look at Mike McCarthy in Aaron Rodgers right. I mean a lot where are you that okay. This and that individuality to coach him late that a player's roots area with the Cardinals. Look all of that is the point season this year you'd reached out at the Yankees get a coach that you know what's gonna come about. Which hoping John Mike and I was talking about this bill would always relevant. At the college in university. Or any road team is Jim Harbaugh law. Jim Harbaugh law. Now all of a nine BA dot University of Michigan you know they used him lately California he was at University of San Diego nuts and the Eagles they. University of San Diego Stanford. The 49ers. And it's usually needles California. I'm just telling you are lucky and wherever. He you have to beat him makes all the time whether it's college all our professional. But solid Peyton. Is it that now we know why because the offense has been unbelievable overall look at the last two games. Wet their ring in the consistently over a decade. That's why Sean Payton is very relevant winner number I've been a felt jobs that a thing. On the body. It's a law. Now the rules. That's why coach like coach and I hit him he's worried that at work who worked on that while. They got on winning though. But that law. Lull rock hall of Allah Chip Kelly lack of a public gave the Eagles. Not agree that the 49ers don't win at home I'll go back to college it's all so that's why moment Rome. That's. A lot of man to man. I. Want a back. Is. The main especially impact and make it laws. In people only in support winner. Beyond that then. You go out you're able stadium that the game be hole. I don't win. Yet or is that that they support winner. At the line while all of that we're all. Problem well what do. It is you know what the across he's got married there the yeah and but it's good in Harbaugh made it. It's good that they are Howell a lot of money or I am what I miss. It you know that's the bear pride for a model well. And Harbaugh home and this in an. Kitty and bill. You can't throw into the university president when it comes to our. You know there are taking care of the players in and how he wants this will definitely been a lot different. Affable and in the pros and in our need to point out that. All our ball forty times they ordered property. It was it was sort a mutual I'll take what at this ego. And I'm Blair Thabeet go. And the party united have gone backwards enable a little bit yeah I am wrong again this general managers and having gone. Are you kidding me. Then I'll be done about Europe band. And obviously you look the same and you follow me and you look into the future in the crystal ball. What is your take going to fall follower you say well one more last hurrah. Would Drew Brees it's on me next season considering. That the defense has gotten better. No one no one and let's just of food additive to think that going fourteen to 51 every year is no one that looking at this schedule. If the US in its US like playing the world champ. Broncos got to play Carolina twice. They weren't as mobile Oleg really thought it gonna win ten or eleven games so that might end up being another five or the team so what is your take. You wanna see out they've finished the season are you give them okay you you you get beat I held it up are you on the hot seat. In all the pants what you do next season playoffs are busts. The year here's my take that back in two and misses were a couple back in 2008. The Saints then they made. And it'd been in the second straight year at the plate had not made the playoffs since that you know remarkable 2006. And he's. Yeah and it takes an effective team when they ought to have Bears. In front damage game. Right and and a and a lot of people myself and look at it you know that there's going to be some sort of change too long on the wall on the line on there. Opt for the Saints to you know to come back. And and do something special 2000. And what you want Peyton do. We're Adams B Courtney back Greg won today. And that was the that was really distraught it's there are very good about it not as Rick Williams though defense. It wore Goodwin used to gain Thursday by that by being mobile welding. They've look at what you did gain by being good enough to do it Drew Brees back on the field and B yeah that occasional. The six big I don't know that there sharper couple out there. Yeah we have had 39 takeaways at seventeen hit attack Arsenal look at the Falcons tickets. The Rams d'antoni liked or to even the touchdown. Too little now and then misses this is where compliment that I would like this city. I would like to see one more aware of rob it Drew Brees. And Sean Payton in 2070. The Pitt big dip but between don't want the 20082009. And 20161070. And that is you don't change your offense to walk me because Sean Payton is the fact so all that support and it. Now the ultimate good that they're right I'm not worried about the events next year you always need about Padilla structure that's that's always been dictate. It's the offensive side of the football John Payton as they read it and see in my opinion out Cote himself. The outsmart and so he did that several times you have to. And is off to say it ain't that they should have won there so he has acquired. I don't have a problem with the with Evan one more year I don't have a problem much more rain after a young Alan may be an occasional. Free agent that the but what Sean Payton is Belinda but perhaps in. And essentially the one bowl were wrong. Are a little bit concerned about that. And that's where our experience and the answer is I'd give you a very shall we say he Tom condition yeah I'll like see them come back there. Well I think you know when you look at the offense and not paid as big John and it's amazing what every department lately. Collided that a game we would noble want to Oval Office double a passing offense so we marriages two point nine points to gain. We're number two that shows how far have we weren't the wrath of a packed. In the league confidently Anke hits. The lines and the Buccaneers as far as scoring points. But I think at times I think they got a great off it's at a meeting room a look at Carmichael. I think Carmichael could call plays because he did it. Window I kind of look back at that we're a top three you might have been top wanna that you're number three when clinical it's green with golf would body heat. He was called on the plate I think sometimes Carmichael. Want to throw the ball too much and not be dedicated to run as far as getting potentially got close at thirty rushing attempts now coach Peyton. To me with ticks me off it gets too fancy back to back games is. Probably walk out and Charlotte in the shotgun with the Giants back at the goal all along I. You line up. You want about 34 and one empty backfield or why I keep lining up like that that is to happen when I was on bed. I thought that you'd advice go out that you and high school or college NFL at a challenged on the line I really think that we've shown great things in. That you look at the interior. Of the line. Well who's not a gimmick in opener Ravens at the Lions note about not economic it's nobody's right there. As far in my pocket we all the ball and it also Gerald McLaughlin. He's that confident that I'll guys that got beat him both guys so we got a track of we got a trip a while hot we get the for Donald wore down quarterback sneak. We gave it to comb it and I believe bowl thirty chart yards in 31 Kuhn got stopped zero. Oh now we belong their but that's what happened I thought that says that it is on the if that tells you that put money off the line. That's a one Daria and Marie and he's all all the guys that McConnell we that you field a team that are at the. Ball with the second guessed that QB job over the second guessed right up there is written and negates that. Welcome back to the second guess you'll like it to you Bobby you've been alive from the so we'll slip a casino be excited Hank not counting Mississippi who detonation. Evidently almost a senior to a site home game. Just listen to gall or Robinette Thursday's from him. The 1 PM would you here at the Saints go watch union call to sixth so wins that's 2609467. We chance to win tickets. Thursday's you can win sites pickets that up but Alley. The home game against the Tampa Bay Bucs Christmas Eve and it's been flexed now the green 25 PM. This then when things ticket from all of Robinette. So wait X games they liked. Acting like us cavities relevant than irrelevant I'll tell you what. That might be at 5050 deal like the Broncos that this thing is probably the Cardinals. They expand the validity QB so ticked off the on the Angela he liked the things I'm not hate not just that you're through. I mean I'd done effective promotion but Bubba I'm Albert tell you like it is right when you. I I replied I agree with you look at. Let's get a flight ticket from college probably that there are things of that again that let the elements they radioed in nova WL. Balk like against Russia that is great but the beauty of it. Who finished up here are double one of the second guess you'll like it to you copy of what to people waiting. We we gonna have to let QB yup the news break but. Again lot of things break in college football world coaching wise Lane Kiffin on the Florida Atlantic. And it's still back to Canada Bob we've talked about University of Pittsburgh office support it would seem to be. Well the week on all only shows how all I am all attic candidate that I know are they big the president overnight bag Larry Canada. Not as units that they'll never called on really late in the NFL a big guy big like I have them and now forget Larry Canada. Comet of England and Canada but eight obviously that might be Phoenix Dallas jobs aren't that. Also was a guy that coached. Jacoby were set at North Carolina State when he transferred from Florida. And a look how successful and all of a sudden he made him to get it. Helping get NFL job with the Patriots. Absolutely we'll have a lot more here on the second guess you'll write up this news break let. Chris Miller.