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Dec 27, 2016|

Bobby and Mike talks Saints and LSU at the Silver Slipper Casino in Hancock County, MS.

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Boys play the Detroit Lions. And Bob a huge game put alliance because. Cowboys basically everything sort of sold up. But alliance. They play because everything's on the line can write they got the hottest team in the NFL read and write down their neck. What do you think Dallas. That they rest their starters are the plain odd that he give the series there are two gone public they get blade of a half. Yeah I can see it happening because. Why is the lines to close out. That's season and it's gadget and by strength of schedule. You got to go at Dallas Monday night ending Green Bay at Detroit I mean that that's about it to obviously get when you look at it does get to the out of season. No question about it so up. The lines have been that not a cardiac cords all you'll fourth quarter team. Just done a phenomenal and the lie don't wanna those teams. Then I don't want to seal the scheduled to vote. That with the things. I look at okay would you feel like Payne and we did this or that we could've won the game that was the game like Atlanta. Monday Night Football that went on those like no I mean. Who are good Olympic Games it was like oh. Right there we did yesterday know the lines put it to. The states now you know what team is that you know at the line did in Tampa Bay Buccaneers did the first time around. They wanted to line it has granted me debut at saint news this time around against Tampa made they want them they've blocked that we ran the football. It's amazing but when I see. College game went polls and the guy that's say this all the time high you wanna follow the football. Would you look at. And visit pro football focus and it's amazing line kills them to leave the states to win. You compare the emirates the first gave birth to buy books at this time around. That the light off with a blank gave a ball and wants that one hit it three carries now. I looked at and I said this now Max on the that played a first time we played them and I hope by the center position that's always dissenters in areas the out the guy you come on. And Max Unger is definitely thinner. He thought Alex but that but he's right there. And if you look at Mike. Tampa Bay it was given up four and a half yards a run Ezekiel Elliott and Dallas that that that they cashed. DOS that meant we got a built to run the ball well we did. We at thirty wanted to have we average four yards a carry. A compared to the first time we played it we averaged two point 90 weeding get it done. Though less drew is more we had 34 passing attempts 31 rushing attempts and as to what happened in the game did movement away. So you forty renowned party oriented board to 2006 and yet thirty rushing attempt at 31 and the no lose to my right them. I personally and let that we can be hybrid tire reward. But it Drew Brees are we not fumbling or ignite it or interceptions. This again like their party leap forward numbered. That's for thirty rush attempt that's not that I agree that that that's domination. Especially when you think in a National Football League depressed level that's the elite level. It leaked at that you look at. 36 it to him. 36 to two when scoring at least a lot of I am looking at the world that committing funeral card over session today. 33 and do when they don't turn over the football mom mom like that that is so dominant its like scary they go to 32 of 36 into. It hit 33 and new. When they commit zero Terrell about the 36 that the numbers that we come out like blitzkrieg. We score at least what it what points in the opening half. Who can score now what do we come out the gate like scored the first drive all week as court one at what point them out of what other teams doing with 32 to two those are all. Dominant numbers that's why you look at Dennis Allen scoring the bit warning if your point 56 it's six. Would that the bit that they could be opportunistic forced to earn over two point 75. Mike that those numbers I guarantee you put those over the at New England Patriots whoever you think is the best of the best over the last decade. Decade plus a guarantee that thinks about the best that's why. When you they like while we still five Margaret. See it so I think got to go to Brees got to go. That's it. Understand. NFL head coaches only lasted it's certainly a long perfect example Andy Reid. Having success at the Eagles. But did it when in a divot directed that he went through Ruble the Eagles to the Chiefs and according casket defeating I think they right now. What reason has left in the tank. And it was Sean Payton has left in the tank. Is that. It they're not coach in this thing that you have success. I think immediate success on all that about nick here at the they'll within two years band that they would be successful that's why. I don't know if you wanna call we talk well last rock. Whatever you'll wanna call it you can three playoff there but I know we talented enough. But our whole organization it's the that a par if that it is playoffs or bust because if you look at Mike and ended this is very discouraging. That if you look at the last three seasons you'd ever want to be. In that in that situation where. You're apparently the Jacksonville the Jaguars know where you've never been over 500. But come on if you an objective fan of food at the age remember it's not a hard act that respective namely and it hit yeah that okay. You look at Jacksonville where they're at and look at this thing in it now now it's very disappointing love to be average but I still take the approach. That right now we seem like. It the perception you would think. That that the team never gives up was to let me know what I mean by that. Yet you watch it Jets the last three weeks. Like given up on a coat tails ankle. The Jets alike that don't wanna be helped him that and he did not see that on the Sean Payton coached team that's lied to me. It playing hard they're being professional they are about their business but the bottom line is. Who might you take constantly be five market because that's frustrated that a band where you average or below average. We get above average in the bottom line is you gotta go to the playoffs that have a chance to be successful at particularly when another global. But think the big differences. When you look at those stats and and I look at you leave me in that the Patriots. They have been double digits in the giveaway take away ratio it into the season. Every year double digits and us out bull one. And that was knowledge. So when you look at why they win. Yeah out when this things don't turn over the ball they 33 and two but the Patriots don't look I know it's desperately. Architect here right now. You look how we lost the New England at New England we play the Patriots as good as anyone lately. All of the role at home at the Ravens do. If Jered Weaver like fixed it easily been up put up locals over paying the Saints win. Now I think right now the latest Saints are now you have to go on do it. But the safe so Whitney they were plus to look at stat of the week was to get the pay is you can be doing. I actually believe us that we play you with the audit would tell me. When they gave us all said and done you could it be plus two is doing that I think we beat the Patriots as dominant as they've been in the 20% to prop. As they don't turn the ball below the upper hand they take it away from you out and looked yesterday. Also could be there it just don't hit the nerve they come up with it and I think that's the big difference that you know how late Vickers that came back and. And finally showed up here and approach uniform. Ever bird all of a sudden he now has 25 career interceptions. You get to one game and only had one leading up to his game might. Look at it had to look at a paternity that he's wit. Not now not think about this isn't the last seven seasons he so I'd been in the slot in the Saints uniform. The last its seventh season. He's sixth in the lead with in the league in the NFL and intercept the 25. You know ahead of them. Charles went the the key to leave Richard Sherman. And it you know it is the today shows that Buffalo had to name a few guys that you are familiar with. So I think what's gonna have a whichever is furcal or lowered it Dennis Allen at the hill wording that the pit. It it what Jerry Byrd in the back in McKinney the Caroline bond belt. We you know what at that prize and help us out regular restructure you know that you actually and it opened their but you know it is ticket Jared Burton curb. Especially he's helping me lately competent like he's shown at the blatant especially. He showed up that have a big game. Who which we would have needed him. Considering what you pay them like about I don't know 45 times this season. Yeah it happened once and any haven't won it but hey whatever apartment lately Savoy is trending in the right direction. And out that this thing to art type team right now the way it's structured it would Drew Brees. That no one. Wanna play them because the regional would have a fighting chance. Now they with Dave Mario talking about dance that and all that all of those coaches and which players and he said it he plans to do look at it. The note read only in the you know that you computed to get to Atlanta he needs a 142 passing yards to reach 5000. For a fifth season. Thought that nobody's been demoted well that's not know what the passes don't important wants nobody has done it twice so it's likely. So I mean our refusal got a lot of different direction. Don't your idiot amateur right now if you they've got to give a direct to reach or any you don't know what the hell you talking about. That Reeves get a chance to play at a high level now ultimately you have to win. But I know one thing I go to recalled that when a noticeable. And an edit that don't work out next year I felt like night dedicated group reach that he's healthy. Going follower. And I am telling you it's more supply demand the coaching is that they would top quarterbacks. July Payton Drew Brees has more stroke you know a lot of fans realize that's forth volley NFL alters look at what people achieve. If you fit the team you all at Hartnell went deep and ultimately as far as nicknamed it. Bobble when outset see it again. In this league this is charted it but three things one top passer issues. Two quarterbacks three quality head coaches you seeded dropped off dramatically. And alternate those categories from when you play and in the end it wasn't like we talking about ancient history here. That drop off is dramatic. And that's why you can see. Dramatic changes in this week the week structured. Over the next few years because what about the getting older. You units you go back a little bit more order rushing attack. And coaches recycled. Over and over and over again from a coach's recycle. At a level you never seem to what. Well I think if that we get ready go to great. I expand all the time okay it's like being at the ghost or else we needed to me. And detail a lot of wicket Bill Belichick yeah it right on. Our while why don't we get Jim Harbaugh yet to give me some realistic answer who you think my problem than not you might see while we don't know. And it looked like Sean Payton look that look and its success has sent successful head coach Billy had the opportunity. But are you willing to take that chance. When a guy that's unproven. At I think the sky's the limit him. I'm just telling you might be one there and ended desert. All of a sudden Sean Payton Drew Brees is not around and it knocked you can accept that. And on you know while we give somebody else the chance to and then all of a son. You Jacksonville you Cleveland are you winning Newport gain it is yeah outside the charges which are the Chargers got a franchise. Quarterback Philip river just like Dan out unbelievable and it's that big a charge uniform and Babylon Jack it went 45 games. We'll be back with more exciting just right up to his break here on the big 87. The back here on this thing gets she'll like it to you Bobby you've been alive from the so hopeless look for casino. Beat side in Hancock county Mississippi Bob what are things that we talked about risk and reward. The week you throw the football thirty more times in Russia 31 times. You're usually not high risk Altman's any more I. And so I think maybe that's them that an offseason it's emotional it's gonna have to take a look at and I know the economic throws that figure. 43 in Florida this records that but it's not a it is tough back. That are happening game that coach gave it to me it's more wins that losses. I do think that if you can rebuilt offensive line not that this team needs to get a pass rushing off season. But if you can rebuilt offensive line if you go back. Arm of all nine of additional four year thirteen games into the season this football team ran the football boarded April. Not the last three games because. Of a lot of different things happening if they overcame that he started throat it more than running it. With thirteen games at video ninth season the season that they've won the world championship. Super Bowl title. They had ran it motivates throw it so I knew that if you can rebuilt offensive line. It out that trusts well would you want to win need to wait run that. But this and you hit the lottery. With it and have. Not only Pro Bowl what all roll call our Carl make it aria. We knew look at it and and and you had a better not a Max Unger level. With. That John doe like I don't get a breeze for here Jeff Faine had left it yet to me and Anthony got me by Tampa Bay. But it you have to look at it no they never lost in the current. Knocks it may be noted naive. Well we did a better job at third down. Well you know that they we can of 13 all at the minute now. If the alt well we got off to great starts that though we had Lee going to support corner where with double digit so we could run the ball. And I thought we had built them you know what hell with you to leave a little while I'll look at add it all out though is. That is winning football all the faith that being struck you which you hit the hill. Read the quarterback. That that not party bullet time thrown a ball. But having that balance and having that it's not good because they're bidding gained. Well we're not playing catch up. And we still maybe not a commitment to all but you know I think if you got no confidence in like David Robinson yeah like when it up on what it twice. Twice at the patient at the Saints have been off instantly dominate. That that weren't the American it to them mistakes that they are no one that's at the top three off the security in a row. That why he had 31. Musical at the back field and unity in the shotgun in the along that they'll make it damn bit that you would think at least have a a running back in the back field because the plot a pass rusher but at the reader not reading the quarterback draw. Whoever the quarterback sneak. But he vintage chuck and bring a quarterback draw and in and burned the thing. A bit. And an incomplete pass a little did all it does that I think have a separate calling might not rare recollect what some deception on the wall that exceptional and I think that that made an online game. We've kind of looking at the cart maybe if that went by him. And it's an ambulance. It didn't just recovering the ball the athletic to be out Deborah and I don't care field on the goal line. Is 31 you on the one yard line. And you can go backwards to go forward you shouldn't ever been shot that you had a talent over the line that we got a win and he'll have that ability but I think showed on him. You ran you ran the running chew. Yeah and an Atlanta as you guys ran the football a lot in Atlanta out of the run and you. That the illicit you spread a mile to get gaps so you still can run the ball well whether you all bunched in there jumble power packages. Are you spreading them out you still have to be held to run the ball with the quarterback will be better in the long marred if you can run. Brees is human even though he's done. Unbelievable things at the quarterback but I think he still is human thought I'd say where is that right now. Drew Brees Q when you stick it's doable the bottom line yet at the supporting cast and you got to play it Smart. Will be back with more pressing issue right at this rate let. Chris Miller. Okay. But vacuum on the same game show like that to you Bobby bare they're going to be up or ready jaguar opinion poll. Based off of the one in fifteen performance never is dice. You considering him a legitimate. Heisman Trophy candidate in 27 team you can give us a call at 601870. Or can catch you will now active Libya dot com. While I think that you know a lot of names and outline but look at goals that. And yeah sharing time with live report but he did it and man. He's got to be I know what the biggest and got to put up those odds. He's gonna be in that top three or four. Well it might not eating eating anything like to have done that five or six of media audience you have a that you did that top water yes the B my in. We're talking about this that the break it. And that's it. They do win it at times and ignored a ball a book. What I mean by that forty plus times when you have forty plus bat negative since 2006. The Saints do win. Okay they hit etiquette the Cardinals. With somebody print it play yet though was that little thing we had that it was like eighty if we had a lot of running plays a lot of passing police. But again. You got to play catch us at times but overall since 2006. Region on the ball forty plus times. They're 34 wins. And 53 losses. Now when they rushed. Thirty times to 2000 things. Marty rewarding him for to get those numbers now I can tell that's not relevant. And yeah you can't you people from those numbers all you want that that's not opinion. That's. The bottom and it's those that next season. If you want Drew Brees developed a paying. You know 383940. Years though law ought to know. If he's in the state uniform you look at his contract beyond that chipper and a result quarterback nick here. Come on help a mile. I don't know how good would be efficient. 34 pass with 31 rushing attempts that's what I wanna go that that I exactly that's what I wanna see an illegal bat. And the deepest we've got to get out past the and it's kind of middle of the pack like we got our run defense. And I tell you get the takeaways. Know it it at that. Happened at sneaky. A pass rush pressure breaks the pike I don't care which. You get how disruptive you could have the best quarterbacks in the world if you get put pressure on the quarterback you've got issues Bobble in the lineup with that now we get pollution it's not a lose the director. Of all sports performance at the regional medical center in. Oh you heard the conversation we're talking about Drew Brees UB thirty years old next year and the difference in training. And Cruz brought this up that it's different for him at 37 today that it was at 24. You can handle lot of athletes. And I explained to everybody that will that difference between training as a 37 year old now 38 year old. In a 24 year old athlete. Well for you as we've seen ghost personable. But. The that the approach the training and older than it is considerably different you know I'm older FB is already accumulated audience. An older athletes or the accumulated experience. And pat over the course of a career as a cue from him poll. You're training a lot they get them in censorship. Over the course of time. You sure from a more quantity of these approach we're doing lots of work. To a report where you do and let's work but it took more equality and where everything he's doing his very purposeful. In everything you're doing have a very distinct reason. People to just doing things to keep it that it's so to speak. You know inability older these two clubs were quite this quickly means you have to be more strategic with what you do. And it means that you have to be a little bit more careful. And stupid tweets that you've beaten your program there with your you know guard like her breezed. This is a little different you know when he was young. And yes he did certain things accurate or season and they worked very well. However when you get older. You'd not just is what prepared you for a reason it's not just what you do between the season. But what you've done Broderick are light so person like compete for you have a lot of gas in the tank so to speak. And it's only hit so adjustments like a commitment from from your senior in training program. So it's not as much training but the training typically four born parents. But also that's reports. Now book about this to me it is bad luck what every one of call it look at timing. You look at the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders jamarcus very audit and with Derek Carr. All of a sudden they got a broken ball. Mean is that his bad luck that's that they can beat that you were training on the break that out to be that is the bats are those that when that anchor. Well there's no question of that injury in the that that that's unquestionable and a contact sport that sometimes you're gonna have your foot planted in your advocate here in just don't have towards. However I think the biggest misconception in sport is that injuries are always look. You know injured have a lot to do with two weeks you contribute. Minutes in game injuries have a lot to do with that we pitched refused repetitions in training camp in practices training has to do it. How good is at and conditioning program in any interest have a lot with your medical aspect and how functional dale. So there's lot of things. So keep your man before ultimately they entered elect our sense look. And about 95%. Planned landing an inch heels management the F feature him. Well one of the things I know a lot of times in in some of the some dogs you've done a pivotal regional you brought up weight. And today athletes have so much bigger than it apple war and you look you gonna. Connect the dots here that weight and excessive weight has a lot to do with some of the injuries that are occurring more frequently today. Oh there's no question about it you know the NFL's supposed interest in a lot of those bunkers are dollars that we released. You know pianist bill and all sports leagues. They're full of 240. Pound people who between twenty or 330 pound people should be 300. Where and we just kind of more mature put numbers on people that these shoot at he certainly. Land and thought that this is that the case and and then I've been I've seen many many instances where. People play really well and then they get to a certain weight that seem the ideal playing weight and they just don't know that well anymore and next thing you know there there hurt. You know I kind of wonder you know what the beat I was like that we're not as Darrell green you know Darrell Reid was the fastest guy in the NFL and I hear he was in the and it you know. And I don't know what happened of the doubt that some whole program compared against one of our our. And then he will be dealt. Now. A code 21 of the things are you working with now a lot of people ask about it because he has verbally committed to LSU is a you working with global well north sees. Former saint James quarterback who's who has now recommitted back to LSU. It got to give the fans out there a little bit insights on how low wells doing with his knee injury. And and how everything's small with the rehab. It and seeing these relationships in the world because our coach is bad or as much. But whether. But he's doing very well these rival. He's right on and ripped the schedule you'd you'll definitely be ready to compete in a spring through his sprinting right now. Is about is almost a 100%. We do a lot of these rehab with him in it's it. Nearly a 100%. Is that change in direction deceleration is probably about 90% so he's acquitted norm colds. And he's he's looked pretty good you do that only people that compete. What's the auction reported that rehab it and do some sports specific conditioning that of course the it was hysterical to care or. But I don't think there's any. Think standing between him and competing. In the industry groups response. Position of playing time. Boo thanks so much for joining us tonight that we really appreciated. It's sort of how eager are you very much thanks so much Bolsheviks matter who's the director of sport performance. To put a regional medical sit and you heard it. Lot of people vast about it will low in the well Nazis you ready to spring drills. Who works with him he said to be ready for the spring. To work out with the team more with the second guess you don't. Right after this break here on the big 87. Get she'll like it to you obviously have a go to telephone lines. And we're gonna go to Hollywood and Thibodeau. Hollywood. Yoga with Bob and Mike. I don't Bob hello third on the blue. Murton you know thank you wanted to play and go a couple of partner there. Want to pay game that I referred comment. You hear the a lot of beer willful and but well people about the record. And knowledgeable you. Oh and you. No real prepared your role. If you all things. Who would you make return later eagle on all important gravel layer. Ball pretty well which you do a matter. The whatever I've beat the next year. I would because it in the that you line. It and we I think it is you can check. Oh broadcast. With the schedule came on a break it down in April. I'll look at it where I'll beat it was a time. And we got Nolan at the end it's now it'll work out and I. And it is looking at it it does get in the way and if the US. Eyes. And I think it's neat to be at 8890. Now sit at nine wins that Smith and from a national perspective. That's kind of what they what to think that actually read. And all parity unbelievable. It not having the way. We are structured at the time I think we did a lot of eagle it to the five and that whenever I thought we'd be apply it to me. In an accident. Well needed at that point you know that you did that and I think it now. Where the team that does that right now in Cairo where they're all lag Sheldon rank if not we it would line now I eagle on and on. That passing it to articles that go on you got Michael comments. Well Randy coat Willie the noble thing when I read to me that's why I that I didn't know. Could you know I'll have to look at that we played today at the ball a look at the NFC north I look at the holes get to know I think it. Electorate right now reported yet to come out here except that he knew that it relied fake anyway it is good that each yep well team that now that you win. If you look at the schedule Hollywood it's more a group will next year. Then it is this year. Yet when we look at it just on the surface it's boards Vrabel broke in 117 so I don't get that double digits. And you've got to make major changes. And it and I and I think that that would be enough time frame. What you currently lists are not that Jeff arm. In my grip Ireland they coached me and he trusts him that's part an evaluation. And would you bring an end. Now I I think at face value. You had to put opposite camp or. That's the I think that team anabolic good story. Lupica column it's gonna come back at the entry I'm looking group there and I hit him all that money. Writer kid you have a guy. Opposite. Can't jarred the reason why I say that now that they're not even do anything this year it will just bought them in the playoffs. You look at bond villain the market where book in. If you have a quarterback. And yard dictating. The team in the low. And you don't you have a chance what you got to do you gotta combat that you gotta be disruptive at that position. That's like to me and I knew more about the secondary I think we hit the lottery all of us that would bowl or any BW Webb went on certainly. Yeah well if I think linebacker. Yeah what's gonna have a we've done or only two linebackers that that at linebacker. Putting the best players in the field at a time it's five the beat but I think in the correct. Which Shell that rank it where we're at right now by. I'm looking I'll leave it to David on new product. About word about that the big question. It's going to be you hey nick fairly because if you don't. Somebody is and hurt us that you used on a play like he did it. Lessen the structure to me makes all the sense in the world and it's a guy from Louisiana. But he's playing at Alabama Tim Williams. Just watch him play in the next two games Alabama in the late watch out disrupted him Williams is. So hyper player who can put its hand and that there are people it's a standup outside linebacker you picked this defense that it yeah. A pass rusher. Well it in Hollywood might know more about did you like these two players aren't you with nick fairly did there'll be you'll be mature. And he put it against the wall when he let this play but maybe. He will continue to be at that level but that's. That are quite a bit at that particular those at Auburn. I know he's gonna say David. This is what looked it up at five and at night he may end up with six and a half whatever that's not what you're on the inside and pay me like a Frontline player. So if you Sean Payton and Mickey moments. You gotta come up with the yield that. Good for you and good for him yeah I think you might say and not worried about which all of the media I want as he would somebody else is at a premium. Because it only pick one it's just like the draft it only pick one team to pay you more than what you might think you get from your current team. Quite yet that it to ten teams negotiating target at that and obviously all we felt works are in individual. The half but. I think Nate fairly Woody's done. If these inaccurate on the outward about interior. I think it's not okay oh god oh my how the league aren't going to bring that up and up you know why you know why the got to pay him. And take what they gotta you just keep my message is that the wreaking yesterday. One that we get this property guarantee you know only get this it to you know the numbers. This safety bit ranks first. Top five noble lawn when an opponent tries to run up the middle. All the yielding 2.2 yards per carry. So you know what that tells me we'll yet defense that tackles and when the job and everybody that wants to replace Greg Robertson. Menu agreement this defense are only gain. Are probably not you know the middle on that are our folk art to guard. No water running in its dates straight at the cut no quarters or at the cut back fly to me that I'm not part about that you do well they have made. Now I think the option year. We don't have that and that QB afterward I pity the cowgirl I think it in the Carroll. Ladies and he felt more like you in his rookie year as a sophomore slump but he training in the right direction. Because the versatility hybrid role so that that double at that they take care. Yeah it becomes. Hollywood we gotta go to great thanks so much but I'll will be like Morse. Guess they probably. This year up here are noble want the second Daschle we got a bunch of callers will get you right apt to the news on 5 o'clock hour. But Bob again we talked about it. Big game tonight Detroit Dallas lot of implication certainly because of the fact but the Packers putting a lot of heat on the lines it's a must win. With Detroit tonight. You know at the quiet up and map that nation. Obviously able to beat Atlanta right but Atlanta. The played well okay. We use Jake Atlanta. Being number two seed or not the end of the Tuesday but the bottom line is we not won Atlanta. Goalie to be able have a chance to win right. But the bottom line is give me a playoff athletic go to Atlanta we what are the ball on their pace we'll be back with more seconds yes. Right at this rate as well.