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12-27 4pm Bobby & Kristian: on Sean Payton's future in NOLA

Dec 27, 2016|

Bobby & Kristian take calls on the Saints and Sean Payton's job security.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Separate file off and run and welcome into the Tuesday edition of sports talk along with a cajun cannon Bobby Hebert on crushing Garrick in for the B chief Deke Bellavia more Menard and master control on the sports flash. Dive into some of the national headlines as mark pointed out Rex Ryan. Booted in Buffalo the first will win over the state will win over the Falcons for the Saints and an 88 season. Sued Saints fans heading into. Next season when he seventeen catcher go property jaguar people online at WWL dot com. Or call a 5042601870. Tech's 8787797. And nine. An 88 body just feels a little bit different I knew him the only difference of one game. But for the outlook. Of 2017. If they are able to rally get three straight wins and if they beat the Atlanta Falcons to have a lot of line the second seed in the NFC playoff picture. The Sunday I think that would go along weighing in providing a little optimism and hope for 2070. Yeah we're not a doubt that just sounds better eight made 79 but to me it's still not good enough I mean. Who was to be average that's averages in a below average above average average so. And and I said as though. And I too well horribly this but I guess I am when the schedule came out when a says I don't know that they be about the same. I asinine it's evident this I said I'm gonna go and a neat so they have an opportunity to do that I just look at AFC west. In a CUS and because I didn't think the defense is there yet. I thought Dolphins we keep rolling Drew Brees stays healthy and I think the key continue to roll again next season. And I think the defense is getting better he kind of throughout the Cardinals game that was an embarrassment. But it but I wanna look at the run defense. In how we playing against the run now we get the passing. Defense middle of the pack and being a minute to pack defense and obviously. Is it these the team with a football yeah canyon and out on the plus side were plus two for the game. I think there right now we plus wanted to do for the year though yet but we plus one for the game it was to be in the minus got a movie minus twelve of the season but it we've plus one. For the Falcons game will win I truly believe that that turn over. Margin every you don't have plus site will win now was going to be a challenge also announced a brought up. The run defense is. The Falcons are different animal and and especially Matt Ryan playing an MVP level. Really you look at number one number two office. Okay you know at the Falcons do better than the Saints run the probable even though we are. Running the ball well but you look at Atlanta. That was one area now is seems like forever since we've we've played them. You know in week three. But so we've gotten better money Atlanta's gotten better also yeah but when I looked at this the say throw and he is only running back. To gain over a hundred I mean under team the top part the game born 85 yards on the ground this season. Was the problem is that Monte. Freeman and 152 yards to my game gash now as a team. As a team to a rush. For 217. Yards. One I've been irrelevant two or seventy yards and having Matt Ryan to be successful in lieu of that Havoc against balloons but that would did without a doubt and anything right and it won't be well case it would it that it shouldn't that they really didn't have an opportunity. But you look at the thing that is Google it to the Cardinals game remember look at it this. They haven't allowed but he had a 115 yard mark on the ground. In a stretch of ten games since and we training in the right direction and that team record. With eleven. In Dallas at you know went in 1989 we did they'll patrol. Now the Cardinals and they're getting pretty lofty company the Cardinals in the getting a 116 yards. Total so they suppress them but if you if you push it out more. The state to a 120 yards you know he still looking at our run defense. You look at the box we're the twelve consecutive opponent. And the Saints and held to less than a 120 yards that's tying a team record giggle at that don't draw blood run defense. Now the state level I'll. The second fewest runs. Not not out of you when I get this trivia question. The Saints have allow. The second fewest runs and twelve polish arts and NFL this season. A 21. In her to bottles long runs getting gash you guys you can't give up the home run like 405060. Yard. You know run all of not advertised on the does that private game. Well the Saints allowed the second view as the two hopeless short in the NFL this season given up 21. Now and and you look. On the flip side and what do we needed to running the football. Night look we gain. Have a quote bugs actually presenting his rival and regain a 123 rushing yards. Now we get that number you know it's less of gruesome or were five and oh. I was right behind Detroit three yards or more in my exact jags Zach Strief said. The reality for us is that we have the running game going it puts the defense is that are really difficult situation. Because of the team's players who with the weather by Drew Brees. And the Saints in the guitar just passing attack. While they get that you could flip back collectors right now or Atlanta's net. Dvds that angle a stop the run. Political weapons they have in the passing game now maybe you wanna stop the passing game be good enough. With a bunch Dave Freeman Coleman. At the gash with a writes I could see why. The point spread. Yeah it is Saints when they play is kind of like if field goal game 33 and a half give or take both ways which goes to show it is significant. The last I secrets in the Saints are six point undergo. That's it there's a wide margin there's not too many games you seeded Drew Brees led team that dinner and a touchdown underdog. So it just shows the talent to play with them and Andy can maybe can we rain on the parade but but I could draw there. You look in the crystal ball. I would take a loss. To Atlanta. You know come Sunday. If you tell me. There rooms in the play well because really you wanna Venus Agassi you want that wrath. What about all of a sudden you beat a month on it in the go to is doable. And as mean anything that you are a media. And yeah you won it you wanna beat him Sunday and Alou and moves and a playoff could the one big Saints fans can hang hang their hat on the hood and nation. Is look at the NFC solve cases is the bugs though they won't we grew and we Carolina. They got to the suitable. Atlanta got this noble but been in went the last decade yeah yeah I don't want it yet so. You know you look at all that and that's behind the scenes you know NFC south and all that but. I think the latest thing to play in town Atlanta in India very. Entertaining game and I think one reason why it was blacks were gonna flex games this thing simply. Why 'cause the states are entertaining. The Saints score points. Allowing evident particularly with a with the Atlanta they they got to see right around by riding on this game yeah that is actually. Eight Nate doesn't sound better fire Sean Payton Allen from 1132 into a lie that's not gonna happen did you hear Tom Benson's Saints on a walk into the press conference. On Saturday NC great coach great game. That shows you. The there's no inkling of get rid of Sean Payton after the season. Well right now and and what what was the numbers Christian. With the text number 1132 okay 1132. If you would tell me. That before it is seeding you expect him to think the voters the playoffs and be went 101112 games and it's that well yet you disappointed. But I think if you really realistic and objective. That that that would have been highly improbable that the Saints were gonna get the double digit win to be a well. The job of the conversation 260187. Taxed 87870. Bobby crushing our sports talk WWL anathema Dhaka. 1130 two's back on the tax line did after Bobby. Bobby is accepting mediocrity he sets. After your comment though I'm a realist. Really it's the reality yet exactly the reality of it is. Anybody covered extreme case from even from a local or national perspective Atlantic covered this team or our fans that Orwell plugged in to this team and understood that it. Obstacles that they would have to overcome in order to. Rake away from a seven and 98 knee kind of year. We're going to be tremendous because they were cash strapped and have a lot of depth you knew injuries would come about at some point every NFL team faced them the difference between. You know the team's second whether him the news is depth. Mean the way establish depth as you draft well and yet to hit on free agency yet to have cash. Wells belted a solo what do you tell me that we would in this web and it's the US. So I don't think that's gonna happen. You know would have maybe you know 312 and two. You know taken. While we had the Seahawks at home but then at Arizona. And Arizona fell on their face yet every season's a new season. But that's why. Enough was enough. And they Christian. The goal that Dexter. Mean it did beat Atlanta he says oh we trading in the right direction. The Saints at the Jaguars actual Jaguars still the only two teams in the league that have never been above 500. Mark in the past three seasons. He changed that don't get us wrong we're not and you say that it's acceptable right. Right because because that is an accent that's why you hold their feet that a fire one last two who rob whatever. Reached on Pena due to take that approach. Today's game be in a situation. Four straight seasons. Has that that would be. My president and as far as the coaching in the NFL you in charge of the Soviet at that. I'm looking at the schedule and it cheers Christian plane. NFC east. They play in the AFC east. We already kind of know look at you know that if if you house did you we played a Bears at home. We play the Lions at home played the Patriots in the superdome and the Jets. And and them. That's a moment and you look on the road but I did have a cold weather game you look at Green Bay at Buffalo. And going to be playing the playoff Dolphins on the road netherlands' style and the Vikings so. And then not NFC west teams who would basically play in. Instead of AFC US NFC west. Were playing in the NFC east. That we play and AFC east and NFC. North. 3839. ER on Benson's payroll. Look living in Il YEU when Johnson appeared saying fire Sean Payton because ultimately we know it's not gonna happen okay would that be able that that those individuals takes in the improbably they won't call in that okayed Texas who you want to be head coach. And don't tags Bill Belichick or. Or Jim Harbaugh thought I get the frustration. Because you're paying the pain shot patent eight million dollars a year and against 798 knee. I. Needed 792 straight years three analyst for the missed the playoffs is as another used you'll not be in the playoffs but. It's make or break it when he seventeen. If you if you sit out there. Call for changes now I get it understand why you'd be frustrated because I got a call thing quarterback that's that is perceived to be being wasted I would agree with that. I also agree with the united your return on on on investment is shopping however. Tom it is a patient owner in next year's the year you can have these conversations you can call for for his firing if there seven and nine in years next year and LB wart. Very much want to Nazis not worn in now the can make their case but given the circumstances of his new contract not gonna happen. Okay now on something as precise on payment include giving direction and Drew Brees. Okay you better get ready to wandering the desert so to speak and look Drew Brees I still think he's healthy he's gonna play at a high level again next season. Who would have his disabled single would have we still. Hovered around 500 let's say we even like nine and seven. Drew Brees goes to win them suitable. Reason might be ready to go out the next year. The team was to win that's that is suitable but all I know is right now the level he's playing at. That's why. That a late thirties you like a league twenty year old. And you know he just needs a 142 passing yards. To reach 5000. For a fifth season nothing about that quality to my yards emeritus yards OK you know how hard that is to do. Drew Brees one of them is five season. You don't they here's today NFL how many passes how many other quarterbacks. How many times they reach 5000. No other quarterback in NFL history has done it more than one. Not Tom Brady not anybody whoever who every damn arena whoever you think. Is the best at events that haven't attitude three times the most they've done it is once like Stafford I think it 5000. Like one time with drew breeze him to do it for five times though. To say that playing at a high level. You know being objective. I suddenly come back to your phone calls uptown ruler Tony Metairie after Chris Miller fills in on a news headlines. Love the questions and also the national text line. 77 before I get that a couple minutes when you Bobby state as well keep keep cinema 8787 wants musical please phone calls uptown rule what's going on your on WW. Linden and is there and hear them. It was the team they're listed as this year. Not a doctor in there it's been. It was. On I mean he's lucky it was a stretch there that that. And opener against Oakland mean you scored 34 points you should win. You expected you expect to win he gave a number 35 I mean it is say it out to out rule that we not good enough. We lose those codes being close games to overcome. Maybe it's an official's call it's a special teams blunder. Where. I don't know assuming a now have a bit of Patriots that they still might go to overcome and even though that went against them that makes it. The potential by. They're they're pretty itself with Serb news oh with a strained. When you know and you know. Right and then it Pinkston. Is. Out of the market. Team and blow it up. As the best. Foot below the change in what ball consistently well. Currently right I mean that's subjective part just because it was we haven't seen who's who's who loses its gonna end up winning visible. Is it a little toy you pay a little refuting supporting cast the best team. I think our press got an easy to Lelie. I played an unbelievable. And ID be our green but you don't actually and had success in New Orleans okay our arm bar. If you put a Dag press guide or ZQ Elliott. With a nod behind that Dallas Cowboys over the line. Will you still think the idea that level right now I mean I don't. Oh and that doesn't mean they're not agree it just means the supporting cast all know in this Saints went on the in the trenches. Did you just look how we got elbow was against of the lines. In camp would be. It'd if all of that and you don't have success when they wind catches you in the game so. I mean if you will Woolsey. How much stacked press guide not that pressed homage Derek Carr meant to the Raiders now now that he's out and there in the playoffs and so. You know we UCL a to trigger man. Mean now is that it takes though had the Saints are not a bad team. My Dick his team that and that was about those back tees so that that it takes to be makes it. There's just to look now I've just said that now. He could say the State's not a bad team their average my Deke his team's about it it's the UK seeded. We're above average because you are what your record says York and and that that's reality. You keep pointing out the stats these numbers from from reason and the Tex lines cause yeah while you don't think the Falcons have the stats to prove where their right now am I saying well we care about wins will here's the thing what. What which you see by those numbers. Is that drew is still part of the winning formula on it now the supporting cast is not as strong around him and you're you were sitting there talking about the possibility the Saints go on ate meat is Sunday. Without drew. When he needs you to discuss and he's up there with Cleveland. What a way to be edited it Tampa Bay while I mean Cleveland senses tell you what I mean as you'd be at the top five top five pick in the draft. Yeah we'd be I'd say what I drew. We'd be right. At best five and that's that's the right. Tony Metairie on W and do well. All they expect a call up. A couple of birdie there. And and came. In and replace it. And well poultry currently. It's pretty. Yeah. The it. Or. Why didn't patient in your people OLI. Rob Ryan never won a Super Bowl. Mean Rex Ryan never won a civil and thought well it. And Dex or both to be. The book I worked well. Or. Or two. It. Might get. Or. Do. Sure. I can pay him because you all now. Well above but Toney you can aides say. A bad performed UC average overall the bad performances has been. I guess. Too homer in the superdome was the dollars and along the lines scheme that he really didn't see like the Jets who wanted to about a a team quitting on their coach. Look at the New York Jets visibly. I mean it was like all of a sudden it's 47 to three or you know you lose them by you know. Thirty points he had not seen the teams still reply responding. To Charlotte painted really. All of diving that Egan is the bit to detention. Is that. In the bottom line is that all of a sudden you know going to games. And the stadiums that will only voice the only voice fans NFL fans have engine cost leak. It's only voice you're the only way you can really truly express your displeasure is is like Bobby said. Show up but and now it is the thing is not a game as the bids this look at that. Look at the past coaches that he is far that being Tom Benson a lot of holistic approach they get mad if it's an embarrassing performance. On the negative side our overall record is like a 234 win team. You know and I you could still get fired if you go I've heard a budget but two years old this year. Yet but when I was that you look at is the bit to a mile to the stability. And that while we are right now we are right there and and you know Daniel got published at times he was ten and fifteen years younger. And I still think he's active but he's still remembers and reflects on Sean Payton and his organization winning a suitable for phone lines robe. Attacks line as well 87872601870. Bobby their crushing Garrett your own sports talk WWL anathema daka. Go to 530 Brian knows our senior writer tiger may dot com previewing LSU and lol winnable game. New Year's Eve. Happy holidays also. Some quick programming reminder. Saints player shows Thursday special guest will be Cameron Jordan Saints defenseman. Who got snubbed from the Pro Bowl. Says as much after the game when he talked to him and he's not happy about that but nonetheless pretty solid season from cam Jordan seven and a half sacks. Excuse me. And what he's done. Stopping the run has been certainly Pro Bowl worthy. Right tax an 8787 a phone lines a final four to 60187. Tyrone in Baton Rouge what's going on you on W him all Tyrone. They've from a Calder quit going to act two quick questions number one went about his opinion. On would. Terrie Brady chose him about Mike come in as a coach created the cheerleader even though still the one to the playoffs this year in the 21 acts. They're tired but it torn between you we won. On Jimmy Graham trade union and implement these in and out landing gear agreed to not even with the team and wore. Yeah every outlook and there has been more of a solid player it's thinner and l.'s part of the Jimmy Graham and treats oh. He's contributed at a higher level than Jimmy Graham has that Theo. Now I hope I as far as Mike Tomlin. Listen Terry Bradshaw has had in conference it's very bright he's had problems the Steelers organization. When he was playing him chug building you know. So and I tell you what he's had even though he's won force who ovals with the Steelers he's had issues. With the Steelers. And as far as a cheerleader Leah you what you're coached to be part of so. He gave me a cheerleading coach and those that they're doing. I mean you gotta show some emotion there's no problem. What Mike Tomlin. They. You know yes the way it's something because he was on the high seeds somewhat you know they expect. Steeler nation he's begged them you know overtake maybe now and in the pages that that the voters doable but. I'm Mike Tomlin and then as far as Bradshaw. Making the comments that he's an all of these good coach. That I don't necessarily agree with that I don't know Mike Tomlin enough. In a meeting room him addicts and those but I know. You need emotional passionate coach in the one thing also Tyrone. The Steelers to end his stick with their coaches don't look throughout stability and day out and look it when it really started winning. That's a chuck Knoll in the seventies how many coaches they've had. Allow the allow other coaches to kind of go through a little bit of the peaks and now yep it's excellent precedent Slidell Greg and home on. Rock in the plot sunny amended bill Robin Metairie new to a 5042601870. This is sports thought you're a saint radio. Said there Carrie Fisher passing waited at the age of sixty all those are you stalwart junkies. And I am Tebow. Mark in your Star Wars tomorrow against him thumbs. Sixty years of age breathlessly. Preston Slidell you're on W ago what's woman. Yeah it got a couple of comments about the Saints and first bonuses no way should emerge on Payton Drew Brees. The combination stumbling block up reducing quarterbacks. And Bobby knows on talks about and these 20 they think exactly alike. But the one thing I want comment all one way and I made this comment the other day when they bought the pelicans. Basically. They took money that they could head for the Saints put the coaches who got. Our trainers. And they put water after the pelicans. Now instead of having two winning teams. We have to mediocre team and I don't care what people say you have X amount about you have spent. If you tape one pocket you shorten it pocket. The press. And Breaston press them when the topic for -- reception but they're paying their head coach. In Obama Sean Payton a ton of money so how is the money a factor when their he's a high speak coaching NFL ahead of Bill Belichick. Well I understand that. But there's money is need for other thing like we will loss wanted to bet doubts that the Saints had to start bringing in guys like Cole. You're talking about. And out and Ryan pace. Think he got promoted he's a GM means eat that money wouldn't mind I would've mattered there I get depth but we need a moderate he had Rouse ball with the Green Bay early on in Sean Payton and he's continued. And it it is the other evening news. The other thing is it's you can't have a manager manage to programs. When Indiana are well. We got matches struggling to win Super Bowls are at all they do is manage those things. Preston. You Tommy he loom as being the GM of the pelicans and the Saints look out invite you to understand his role with Falcons he's he's really a tiebreaker. With Falcons eight between Dell Demps in the coach I mean I credit it held they'll do it tells they'll do with it now and actually he is the the the general manager of the Saints and he has. He wills a lot of power there. But as far as in his role the pelicans. It's just a hi it's the way this deal organizations. When he bought when they have both franchises. They felt like there was something grew we see in the the chain of command etc. but he's he's not that involved. With the new world pelicans dated game. So it that's not really what's been a distraction. For Mickey Loomis the bottom line is for making me do was and Sean. They felt like they they were close and toy thirteen they went around gambled a little bit. And they spend money that that was on why they missed on some draft picks they got a way alternately from what made them successful 2006. And built that 09 team. Their their their foundation there are at rock principles if you will. In evaluating talent got away from it. I'm trying to get back to it that's what that's a cause that's what that's why you're here Carly said that potentially you know 79 season. Albeit just that this is we go that it's common RO what laws that you think are the things they cheer all know is. When they they got to be a twelve team they're all expected to win five games.