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12-28 7pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU-Louisville

Dec 29, 2016|

Bobby & Deke break down LSU-Louisville with Stephen Jones of the Courier-Journal and Ross Dellenger of The Advocate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening went into the final hour sports stuff he is a cagey game Bobby Hebert and the battle of the operated jaguar thing info. Were asking you what area must have Blanco address. First in the offseason we got there was an exit for you to choose from at WW dot com. Russell doable from the it would be Louisville Cardinals in the ACC. And the LSU Tigers of the SEC's those two square off in bowl action coming up Saturday. It tinian here at WW October starts at 5 AM that's right he badly ban myself in studio. We'll get to sit for an issue and the repeal will also preview the national semi final game between Washington. And Alabama and Clemson and Ohio State. You can Texas at 8787. And email as the big chief WW dot com go to the phones to go to 601 eats at me. To care for Wayne Wayne thank you Colin WW Rio. I don't dorm had a good news he's out. A lack. Old and you can imagine. And strong and all of that is a quarterback that has the arm in arm with him and I'm received you can go out there would be. Well they couldn't be better than no one did number one pass and how could they be better. Because because an attempt to. Live in the pocket doesn't have to ignore them because it allowed what. Well they play well lately what ball they did it. While maybe because score more points and of number two in the league in scoring. Denoble one total offense can you can't get better than normal one went along and then. Bullet pass that time and again they could score more points of that did you mean. That is part of it apart because well it was the quarterback have to do with the defense. Because because you. Know we number 11 down off into double 13 down offense so what else you want to improve on. Alford and jumped him. We used said that quarterback again again the only good DE he'd talked to both sides the amount now that a because you use a million other quarterback and I'm it would an oval one. Third down offense Nolan pars on offense. So yeah I mean it's easy when I say when they BC's the defense to become only at the and yet the come with the fact that that's an opinion on you might want him or scrambling quarterback. And of the two top quarterbacks right now he's up in BP. You looked. Okay bad press got a he can extend plays to look at Matt Ryan Drew Brees that that their pocket passers and their two of the best. I'll it's a Dag press got Aaron Rodgers. Matthew Stafford. Kind of a two winner. But but I mean as part production. I mean to say that we had and at the quarterback will be more broad Huckabee more product who are ready noble one. Oh hello lane. Yeah I'm things the money and I beat the news on the but just talk to me that that that how can they be better than number one a day in day you know and I. And what you. Don't want people. I only goes so what you. Want it to. Be as well. Following waned as us out of a plane and taste that that's all fine game on the and the remember. When you walked into the room you started about quarterback yeah and you twisted it around we didn't we just following you baby that's how we do well and that now have a million dollar quarterback Matt Ryan. I mean you know I mean he's he's got a lot of the salaries I Ugoh from offense to defense. Just excitement talk about. Wang having new UT all right man. Every hour of factly have been immunity and we missed interview with some guy whereas on exit to American born in the young man plan and find him find him. Mark my knowledge and use it when Marco I would tell you he's one of the most duties. And I guess he he's very humble very humbling. Really I mean now one thing we couldn't answer the phone you go away from about one of the last things mark what's going to call right in this of their by knees this and do you phone not to radio. Not that you hear sounds like. And immediately it certainly use some. You're geeks again he has on this light on when not repeating ourselves that's the feedback. Mean you can't miss and through the radio because it is we don't have meaning to the way it does have made feedback and it's at certain totally. So a lot of times that's what you gear permanently. Now only. The cue the oh. It was Graham quarterback who says I would put actress guy. I definitely. A month of that. What he's been able to do and imitates a date OK with the news article in the human RG three into relies way and then when I was there and it real winner this it this ages this is strictly purely by NFL and then do it. How away if that one having a good year. Did juries to matter if it is it's one year this hapless as a small. We have seen more times than not quarterbacks coming in me and heavy Goodyear a great year. In the end. You pick up on their game and force them to do what Summitt thinks that they're not great at some of things that the great ones who now in the hall of fame. It progressively got better. As they career progressed like the reason why to me a guy like Russell Wilson is TO one of the best in the game is because he progressively gotten better. Every game every year over the course of the year you can't go back they would get Roth of regret you might say he did have a good a year as he did last year. But he never regret whereas at like RG three even Andrew is in that category now even camp to assert extinct. They have regressed it now canvassed on Hutu level that he's come up the weekend at a lower fees media report appeared in BP guys and he was may and he was banged up he was injured. But the samples masters now it's quite adamant when idiots you guys you really know if the decade. Blood sample size write a month. That that's a short list that's a small fraternity you talk about the likes of Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees not as it not from a new alt prospective. This is a national perspective right at the end and all the last minorities. Don't know California and Florida thing you are well know the candidate did as few good neckline and that and that's while YR it's it's easy to meet always point out ago and I Russell. Because people were saying yeah I got in the same same rules apply okay the same rules that apply today I Russell Wilson Andrew Luck. And RG three coming out. Hey I got out Robert Griffin I'm gonna like Maine if he'd make it long term answer I'd be surprised because he just won and the he could play quarterback he was a quarterback. He came here it was it was a sprayed you know get too caught up and in this mets' system. But in that conference Kamal when he came to 8 in the am. TCU Baylor and have him the players at those who had. And RG three with a mean look he was a great college quarterly he had a great first you got his first game he's shattered us in the dome. When he came here Washington a year in the goes the house and boom. Seem to get banged up after that it's been a progressive down here a slow for him but on this same cat time frame where you grade look at look at Russell was. Russell Wilson this year although okay well we've got more family whom he passed that test. Five years in the league now. People talk about Russell both. He's progressively gotten better. It's a course of time then it's it's a situation or is. You in order to stay around you've got to continue to have you regain evolve even if it's the same you've got to get better at Bobby and I think the reason while Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll said as though the date. If you asked about you know has he player peak ousted no we see in a real Russell Russell Wilson now. Because. When Russell may have it first. Ran for his first and second years now he's chicken down more 345 times and in the long term best on him Russell Wilson. A B a better quarterback but beat up his career long 'cause he's not a big on out there right down the field inking his head knocked on like it is for. Can you speak who's a quarterback of a losing team. And he just lost the Cleveland who and then that net nine. Then talk about replacing him because he is elite in the room he's probably got a good events quarterback again Dolphin ever win anything. Right now I mean in Nixon damp out teased on the same thing I haven't got to the AFC championship right. And that's enhance out Datsyuk and AFC champ that's W break as. Whom. Can get it done and aren't I get a dialogue there right now supply and demand. Tony Romo you put the idea. I'll die. There really believe you put Tony Romo in the Denver Broncos dipped well team bright and he can't get paid you put Tony Romo on the Houston Texas they have a better chance to win in the play. All of which you'll so well from Vienna a fourth seed and to be in now if you put him on any team here at the Romo now a fourth seed is gonna give him a chance to. Win a playoff game with two. What do you don't like to get us there as I told watt Theo Theo now with him. Talk might take an you think you get better would experience. Has college cavern it gotten better Ortiz spirits to know he's a guy and even Ron Jaworski said he made all the way to wanted to best ever the way he played in the playoffs when he went to Green Bay ended that the damn right anyone anyone in war in the situation whereas and I think two full. To a faux is that a guy who coached him a lot. In there anymore. Now Alex Smith was fought enough to rebound and sign another great quarterback guy. And Andy Reid a lot of people here rebound it and revive themselves in their careers under a guy like Andy Reid by Michael Vick the aid. Obviously not a big guy how may not only an anti the most under proud of most unappreciated quarterback in any. Any franchise's history Donovan mania I'm only the it was go to work by JBG and and now as part of why exemplary via part of that. So when you look at how you gain evolves. It is gone be generous to see them back to to Romo and the deck press cut situation is that. Dallas stands to lose more. By playing either one of him in his in his were asking for you know obviously Sanchez made a hold no game by because. If some haven't it back the only shot they've got is of Romo comes in Mark Sanchez and are going no Al game. Right and ending his and I think he's going to controversy don't want Romo the goal in there against the Eagles in and have it and delighted up. Dallas on the first thing that navy has a mistake there so Mars not working up I have been always got to change it quite right and who knows what Jerry Jones and do. Example and that's really a federal more too as well crises and out the you know you don't want him gone and taken a shot because the Cowboys franchise stands to gain something from Romo if they move him in which all speculation he's a competitor that we think years and I'd do. He's going play and he's going to move on at the this year I'm sure he will. We take a timeout welcome back Stephen geno gets you cost us the Louisville Cardinals they have a great quarterback. And Lamar Jackson but there's more to Louisville than meets the do we know we had two of the nation's top. The fences in total defense is I think we ought to about L issue. But what about Louisville yes that's the case will be available for me Wimbledon next here on WW. And welcome back. Quickly out to the phone to go to Gramercy with Steven Steven getting him thank you look on and a BW. They woke up car. Although I hear people talk all the birdies and accurate go pretty it's. You don't and guard them animals coaches and quarterbacks since you got here in the cage that move it. In ballplayer who loses and Colin Marshall eight shall create the same way what number wrecks are real problem for these. Ireland loner at all. Yeah well you know stayed extremely elderly man that Stephenson and even tell me look at him as each and again. Is that while we gave coach Belichick. Are are like we could Belichick Jim Harbaugh. And are you serious. Above callers who wouldn't want yet coach Belichick. Car of tomorrow they already tired. It going is even. Oh. Yeah I don't know what it more ball shall pay and what they want out of Drew Brees corporate news well. I mean all Payton's coaching that we will it be simply. Calero it would be there. On probably the glare stirred three year on your part of our. Golf balls stop on third down we can go out there now I'll ask a concurred you will go ought. Both David David Stephen now I think I think this is there. And I think you would take this approach to because the bottom line is you do have. To get them to play well to have a chance to win a championship. And I think next year. They should be on the hot seat and that if week. You know on the other five urgency to four straight seasons. Within is that national people forgot how to coach are. Or Drew Brees to a vehicle a championship quarterback I don't somewhere else but then I could see maybe that you and run it. But but as far as of where we're at right now no one from a national perspective our cars. Even a little perspective bridges with the comedy most biggest thought Dugan went five games right. That at the public going to be five of them to the thought this thing to winning an eleven games this year. No I wish I had a future opponent over under right now regarding hitting for a eco was Louisville Cardinals athletics at football team and the ACC for the courier journal Stephen Jones judges announced David thank you so much for the time and when you look at LSU and Louisville obviously. Ellie she was highlighted profile. Offensive weapon won't play in this game but many feel a guy who is he has had led the team in rushing get geared Darius ice. Will by the Mark Jackson obviously became. The player in college football that what the best and one that has meant. But I look at this match up minute Jack and I tell people you know when you look and total defense not many people would realize that you have two of the nation's top. Defensive units in total B fan tinkering reveal. Who is at twelve and LSU is if fourteenth in the country. I take us through the lure of your defense is this more to whereas. The numbers that are inflated we're done so in the losses. You know how how did the defense fair. In the tight game we all point toward their Florida State won but it is up those numbers they've ballot I guess what I'm asking you compared to the entire season. Yeah they've been they've been consistently very bill. Really the last game of the year. Well that they did it. They give you are appoint the record that you they do a lot of points on your Kentucky. They give up 41 point 9500. Eighty yarder on and I think the Kentucky which was. That was very bad game form can I Gammons was puzzling in that they gave vote. Opera you know aren't so good news you know they'll think it is considered a powerhouse in what they do there. But they'll do recruit your acting bit. To Kentucky which was the big surprise. And and I think that the big question mark on the games all day. What that now wired. Statistically against the schedule was. Because you know they dominated a lot of these this year overstated. You know and then had some obviously a lesser team mate he hit it oh. Completely dominated but the ultimate unload quick court the court that he stated it. Out quite well. In other teams that are that are bowl team. They completely dominated sport state and and then Brittany they did a a real four match against the Kentucky defense that he. Kind of brought him to question how good he can do that or. Stephen Jones they wouldn't talk about Louisville on a football NC nose on the gate too when you look at it the both these teams have various now. In no rush defense and LSU and immovable rank among the nations in the Louisville only. Giving up six rushing touchdown but half of those came against a Kentucky in their contest there as it went almost at two of them in Kentucky one that would. Sure it's point nine yards rushing so I guess the point to defect is is that if LSU's offense can put some similar numbers especially on the ground. That would Bo will put what they want are trying to do time of possession keep the Mark Jackson off the field the way as it seems them in the games I've watched Louisville whenever they can dig eight. With they like to do and that's obviously. Get up and down the field bam you know try to get Sammy fat eighty plays out of it out of an offense stretch the defense on the field. That bodes well for the and there are some numbers within the numbers you can point to and at that time of possession. And total number of plays or two that are really beat when it comes in Louisville if there Russian the ball that's a 46 times in the in the Moss got. In a twenty fat thirty passes that bode well for them at their run about eighty offensive snaps to where is Ellis shoot time of possession. Can't limit the review what's it like the idea when he played Ole miss it may be you know 4850 feet to three snaps a game that's something more that way LSU defense would like to do containing one. Yeah I think that's true than not really one of the more. Memorable games accountable is probably very bad strategy. That anybody has played in rule all year was Duke which is it's a very good team. That they've played on Friday night. Little and that one inning game I think the final score was only Puerto fourteen. A little bit they got a touchdown with a minute left that make it that cork. And do granite total load game is they've. They ran the play clock there on the two secondary time. They only averaged a point three yards a carry in the game but they were able to hit the only keep getting third down. And I think and they dominated out that night in remember exactly what it was you know I was something crazy like. Forty that warning or something like that. And then really limited Lowell we elected series game. And you're able to keep that often off the field like that you to ground out third down like yup about a third out. At mobile. That that is that's gonna give you a lot better chance towels problem this year's that they turned it over a lot. I think a lot of that they take a lot of risk with those. They'll read option handoff that they do that. Attendant beat the probable that occasionally because Jack oak at the very let that. If he can keep that in our time on the net that exchange they don't match. Numerous times this year big clean that up be big arm. And and they have a lot of penalties meant a lot back in those other three. Achilles heel. If you could have three elements Sylvia. A top fifteen team. But those other big things and the time that they have struggled in time Manning got the third down but. The most part they've been excellent on third down for the course the year but it that on that they have struggled were the times that they could do. Now us they've been looking at the weapons that Lamar Jackson though who's gonna throw to. I thought that was interest and intrigue in this is probably a combination that you would tell me you might tell me differently. It that's on him or is that more and more Bobby Petrino system. I don't know bumper and out of his name right about Cole hit it teeny. Yeah I'm 49 catches Sixers producing charge they turns out you look at James quick. Almost as like identical 46 catches since 88 yards sixty yards and also you'll get a balance. Is that more a game plan would portray no influence it'll Mark Jackson are he realizes that. The more weapons you have them going keep the defense I'll bow. Yeah I mean I think it's I think it's part bode you know nicotine's. Really come on this year I think Sylvia. You know I'm not exactly sure worries projected draft need to either see unit goes Senior Bowl. He'll probably be one of the you know third or four top tight end taken very very athletic you'll kill to combine media will be barber. The saint monorail watches it now Jimmy Graham that are well. I think he's he's that. Not to that but I need to beat the Atlantic at that I can. He's been heavily in grade and they often this year. You know that you go last year. I think quick is he says very fast explosive guy. Who's the product are birchard at a high school. Two mark staples of the guys transfer from UAB last year after they disbanded their team transferred over. And he did another out those senior bald guy don't get drafted. Export 200 sound really good big physical. Athletic receiver. And and it won't admit has probably their fourth that he Urlacher is a a really good deep threat. And keep going outside to one of the great catch jump ball. That it has been a big big play guy so. They do mix it up well with stuff over the middle. Oh Jack this is an exceptional. Deep ball throw army can throw it sixty yards with such he cried more so than anybody I've ever. Seen in person. And but he also getting better and better you know every week in every area every month that it careers they'll that year his career. They're reading the defense and then checked down all accounts and and that's what I think for the distribution and the many are secretly. Now's David and no it's a long time consider when the season when you play an actual ballgame it. You look Gainey negativity are controversial news when it comes about. Oh accords between our own Louisville and and the team would wait far aside just break dead now that Ted is that. Kind of like all the next question kind of thing or what was that situation right now. I mean they're over. Eight in their Wake Forest actually concluded that. Bit. Did the radio analyst the top you know erotic you know played. Well I don't know do wake include miserable. They jointly concluded that. Little offensive coordinator. Who had been on wakes staff with popularized a couple of years ago that they call him take some plays. They even share it will be just that. After couple days and bunt and did real public beating. Yeah true for how they were handling it. Mobile suspended ago. Line you know accord. Neither I mean Katrina and not talk the media didn't fold deal he'd never he never talks he's never had to answer question about it. Because he's never been available caveat. So. This week I guess would be the first cancel get to do that will be interesting to see whether he did sit next questioner whether he'll. He'll talk with they'll take a follow up until the next question that follow that your outdoor active because he probably is. Opened the put it behind them but I mean obviously compliment need to come up and at though. You know give it does story at Purdue crime beat the pride in what we do beat Duke. Almost three weeks and that happened. Stephen Jones hospice against have mr. familiar with the Lugo cardinal to Louisville in LA issue coming up a Saturday eight TV and the kick off Arco was sought to 58 in the near on tiger radio WW. Stephen a week we've got to know a guiding you covered an awful lot. Previous years in jail didn't. And now he he was injured that much of this season but has really come on in India and everybody here a more than hope. As toys he's future because he's become you know the first year of high profile defensive lineman answered defense of Miami he has had the best dog that we've seen in quite some time. Your thoughts on on him playing man and him come into the pros out I had a chance to visit him we do our players every Thursday night. And how is really kind of taken back how he told me there was some several SEC schools including Auburn. And other big schools that wall on him but Dan in his senior year when he got he injured his they'll. Basically that you never even got a call back navy got a call back from those Hussein in the OK we know you're injured gonna recruit this other guy. And you know umps in a game my blood kind of bomb while equipment they talk you for 45 years that you did you get a courtesy call. And he just basically British straight face you know I uses his motivation so a your thoughts on jailed and I he's going now and covering him and beat. Is there another type guy is there a guy they could be that Knicks showed in rankings or somebody in the defense of presence that has the potential to be to have like he will. Yeah even then I mean news news of a great great player rule actually came on his last two years. I grant from the defense coordinator. A long time and it felt assistant. That he was as good. But you know true down. You know three tech you know 23. Point stance you know pain in the dirty and so on either or either coach. That he. The grip of the line coach until one of the great Cowboys need yeah. And he said that rank and structure would it started on that team. On the Cowboys that year. Anybody can be a great growth and I think they're right again now. One. That comparison to a lot of people mail which is the obviously a lot. It they do it over at all which I think. That's why that scalp like Inman because he can clip. I knows that the cap they can play at you know three technique good point 43 Clint report play in the play of an outside. Deep and you know so he is very. Versatile guy and guys knew. Always seem to never have any problems off the field which is some that is usually in the likely use me yeah. The only guy who's very interest in football and about it up. And had a lot of athletic ability deal with that you know the guy who's played this year again Andrew Bailey and that'll. I don't know that you can say that the level of children can do and have been you know higher per round pick that he has been he equal that went cliff factor in the game he's he's probably maybe. Pick five to 82 really good pass rusher. Have a really high motor and he played the closest to. To rank in on the pitcher's team they have a true nose tackle the Angelo brown ago it next year. Who have either very load on the inside that a lot of the playoff rank in early well last year. And eat government does Johnny made a lot of plays not particularly the back. Off right now but he's got to watch. Next here. Now they are and the next trap and the senior this year. Just David is dale on the on the defensive side. You mean at. What what is their strength first sport overall as far as their debt is at the linebacker position over the limit. He Kelsey. 81 tackles went down three forced fumbles James earns eight sacks three forced fumbles are there. Just break them down and what defensively as far as individuals fail. You have them and they have. Poor guys knew. Altman drafted last year all came back oh not a first rounder. Would abroad taken somewhere in the draft. And the hell probably be taken similar this year keep cal in. Or just our club played Georgia big they say the played down the box or over plays all the field. You know brown nose tackle mention. Kind of on the field news you know great great players TC UQ school ended up to rule out early crap structure the weather for the guys in terms he mentioned it out for the game he was shot. Okay well you'd you'd injury and that another. Part term only had this month. Use the use. He got shot elbow. Off campus altercation by beat OK he did not play in the game. And those in out of the lap deal that. Stephen had to be McKee what we do our social media. I'm a Twitter on. He you know underscore PGA. All mop up on nine occurred colonel back up appreciate by one injury. Nobody is into which LSU's opponent and that didn't blow that being courier journal's Steven Jones Stephen thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Are. All right welcome back to to Gino and will also visit with. Ross diligent and attitude is coming L issue in a 60 this is WW. He's all over LSU and next right now cover and the tiger is getting set to take on Louisville Ross Dillinger of the advocate in the advocate that comic. Ross LSU and in the reveal all of disservice Rouse I knew a lot of arriving in backing players it. Running at their career and so thrilled with. When you look at elation in the room who would have a matchup do you think this is Ross interesting talked about this matchup you've seen at least Italian law. If what you fear the most dynamic player in college football in the Mark Jackson. What what's your take on this match. That kind of that matchup to watch. You know we're pretty good guess that that changed hands. The key. Organs on laps were each in that you know they beat. You need it. And all that in yeah I'd trophy winning quarterback. That that day you you really kind of watch and are excited about is now. You know is that it. In a trumka focus on that note you know that that there aren't home I'll watch a real Mark Jackson though. You know in the end they'd been. They could Jack it. And focus in on him and B yeah. Now I'll Ross looking at Ellis to Republican side against seo Lugo is defense and does this season starred to control since he officially is the head coach at his bowl game. Considering mag Kennedy was coaching today for Pitt. Against the northwest and then still gonna be in having an offense so what did you mean is that like. How to how to what is it. The feedback you give them the fans as far as expectations we coach little. And his game. Like how meaningful it is as far as may be getting some momentum going to nature. Yeah I think you know that's what adult now people. Not the championship the playoff. Your you look at Whitney gains it made him springboard into exceeded. And you know it was you know papered gained a total. Surprise that he made the report Traber. And daddy knows about that it was you know about that they expect six. On that note usually India. In when you look at it you know actually double word and it works on first year your first. First game of the program in coach since 20070. And 88 you know it's going to be. You know away. Maybe something. Like which you can expect when Edwards on the board I'll be the case but. You know in the paint and look at the game though. There's some pressure and that their their pressure to win pressured. To start the Edwards on your. Permanent head coach in the right. Now Russell when you look at that early kick off but I think ahead and talk to dig them a big about this earlier. And that. All the said the get acclimated to like and coach Joseph took the approach that. At Florida just to have like a Mosley would you have those over to a day prizes ever early morning practice to kinda get the acclimated typical time. Yet at practice in it and thirty a local cop. You're tomorrow it starts not thirty year Tom. I just to kind of get acclimated because their kickoff and a litany of local calm Saturday they'll they'll you know. It is all out. You know doing eased all of simulation. And now practice simulations so accumulate in the gain so you know that don't go in there more warning. And try to get ready for the morning call but accorsi category at one of them this year again lord. They acted very pretty good game think again in the you know out rather than them turnovers down there and read them they played pretty well so. You know they they they are out there used to this they're. But it's certainly at the game every year. Ross and now not a big thing taken place in this can be some guys LSU has his sights set on trying to land. Is he an all bow to that usually play does he know sometimes in between is going to be played. On Sunday in New Year's Day and there was some over there covering that as well as the bowl game what is an issue look at Matt and course is always a few now that will commit. And not on TV during the under on a bowl game how big that is im a what is Ellis you stand to be paid it takes to end on on the ball game on Sunday. Should it walk the body thing. Beat our committee during the game but there are some guys Payer. I'd that are you commitment to not religious commitments early enrollees. Who. Bit of a program our school just probably less than two weeks. So their there's ample that got their big being offered the tackle from exit. All ridiculous will be played in it and in the game low he's the quarterback he so early early people we play it. Went over there and talk between yesterday and yesterday. But he will be playing could be ready recovered from burglary EEL. He will however be ready to idiot stricker spring practice real that you. And some of the guys that you've got quite a net gain. You know carried it to the edited the back QB. In bigger partner couple whether it's it's a good. Good cheap. Indy. Many snapshot of what what might what might be. Calm in its funny because. You know. Two years ago in the US all the air mail your game the other. The other would be high school our game gators correctly and that was the MVP he caught three touchdown passes that Spain did. So it's funny out of the going to be hectic in the real cheap. Ross Dylan's recovery LA soon and makes in the Tigers in bowl action taken on Louisville Ross had to be lucky but we do on social media. You can follow me on Twitter at raw Dillinger and goes advocate dot com. Ross thank you so much to talk to you on game day. It's all right Dixon must a mass of amok Menard bijur Andorra tomorrow night is we get to sit through the view from Vegas. How's the replay of QB QB talk a little more LA issuing Lugo. Plus college semi finals attain Alabama and at Washington and Ohio State. And will be busy with cam Jordan at hooters on veterans boulevard and under for the Saints ratio from six to seven tomorrow night but he did there. Ernie the cause is Colombia beat crap. Thanks to Muster Chris Miller on the who's up next is T Bob there was double covered sports symbol. Now on the Bellamy is always some other kid he can and Bobby Abe had long as all good people.