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1-17 7pm Bobby & Deke go Around the League

Jan 18, 2017|

Bobby & Deke go around the NFL ahead of conference championship weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was one of many big plays and as divisional win over the Seattle Seahawks and now the Falcons can go out and send the Georgia Dome out in stout. Sunday the first game as they entertain. The Green Bay packer for the AFC championship who will hoist that. How is trophy and in part to move on to host the Lombardi trophy David article and at the half out and radio network and David when you think about it in. Haven't talked about this now when you move to a new team you wanted. France as a program and be gone in the right direction. You think about that the final game in the Georgia Dome but this is a race and have to be an iconic government Sunday in the fountain let's say the hip. They played them as possible game they could have played in the Jordan and all of the blank data via static this elite. But. No question the Bobby UWB. And yeah it was the perfect scenario. Obviously doubts yeah there Green Bay did it does favor knock down our league stated Altman. Bobby you played this stadium teammates submitted number replaced the stadium you know mr. blank has been. Grind did has taken over the team in early 2000 trying to do. Find a way to get this team that Purdue this city championship been close a couple times and are close again ago four. He title game and the 2012 a game which kept the B in this building here in Georgia. So get warm Porsche and Russia one last time of the Georgia Dome and chip we finish the deal. Now David you look out explosive. Atlanta has been and the consistency and Matt Ryan. Be an all probe MVP candidate and well. Where that'd be Anderson is CV if he is the guy 'cause I could I think you should be habit. Why it seems like you're correct me if I'm wrong and you can probably elaborate on the whole season I know twice against the Saints. Then look at it is that Seahawks defense. When I look at the contribution of Dovonte Freeman ending Coleman. When you look at damn kitchen of football are running the football that when all said and done they gonna have over a 200 yard totally arts. The other day. Here by. No question about you know look at those two guys to jail to ease the load the quarterback as they certainly Bennett over to urge you mentioned two touchdown a week ago. Against the Seattle beat as we felt was brought this being used he does well in the oil and indeed found a way. To really get active in I was surprised that they doctor stoppage decline in what theory it would run gave negate and it. We took a little away from Seattle potentially hurt rumbled down your throat. With the with the bat game and all has an injury it would do early. But Freeman Coleman have been outstanding they're big or whether or more this week or two straight big. Big red zone on those two guys that you can read about Schmidt don't stop there about where they can probably two pretty cool field. Now David Julio Jones. There's some well know. Dez Bryant a household name it. Does rise though Julio Jones and I'll look at the Packers. Banged up undermanned secondary. That. Mean the powers are shoot themselves in the Florida I don't know how they cannot have success. Against that against the Tigers on the back in a similar to what Dallas did that maybe even more. Yeah I would think with the lead the ability. Ryan at spread the football around I'll be key obviously he can get protection. This is that this is Andy Green Bay team can check it twice and we gave when they played thirty street 32 win against. I'm a little cut three passes a game for the 49 yards so. You're able to win it game Julio who's alone in the game's other guys step. Bob it's a new Taylor Gabriel. The two back are talking about. Get all stepped up made plays. So. I think it yet you'd like to have Julio stepped up and makes big plays. For. I think in Bobby could speak it is how important he is just beyond the field. I know is capable to draw October take covered the way people single other people. He's certainly will be that if you wait on the field on Sunday. Now what debut you brought up the first match out of a shootout type game. The do you look given a similar type game considering he going to get hot packer team led by Aaron Rodgers and and what is the keys them that you can lead defense though it may be with. If I was divas can do maybe to slowdown. The prolific offense that Greenberg has. You look back at it game and we gave the Rockets at creek Berry you're great it was about a with a weapon so there. Well concerned about that affect the time Montgomery did not play that game Nordegren crop. Nor injured cook so three players but he he's camera probably a year the last few weeks. Did play in that football game Jordy Nelson had a good game. A couple of youngsters your awhile and it has support made some plays but they are there or misses some of the pieces so that that it changes the dynamic a little bit. The Falcons did have seven Coleman in the angels' recent pieces in this game it did play. In at week eight matchup at the Rico a key sequence. Green Bay drove it in kick a field goal right forty in the first Japanese you know teams elected differ like to get that last possession of the burst out. But he did that first possession and it creates some distance. What they got the second session the second half and Atlanta forced upon. They went down and scored touchdowns and forced another on back to back posting big Green Bay popped the ball three times in the game and it itself like a lot. In well with potted twice the depth of the league counting game it's going to be but it will be back report expect the teaching both scored thirty Portland. In an auction Falcons come analyst for the and radio network weigh in will be loud and proud Sunday in the Jones dome David go do you guys have a great Collison. It could be Cuba writer David. And they have gone back again Gary Ellis and who covers a pact with the WS SP Milwaukee. Gary thank you so much for joining us in man Aaron Rodgers is having one of those remarkable runs we've seen in happen. We do this before this when there's eerily similar to the one he did. When you have the Packers today at the last championship a victory over Pittsburgh who ironically they could possibly meet in the Super Bowl should they be an innocent. Even Harvard guard you are than that your your swing be a year. Every year and America or wrong as the ball. That Easter Green Bay Packers that are they went to some ball work is much better than his defense there right now there's defense are here. They put together was so well. Gap shade. And knowing that the military bigger tax day. I mean here it is call and they don't work rule. Could care later Elmore. Well not play our papers or meaning there's probably duel won the Bears coaching jobs out there were seeing. Woods would serve was a player's ear to corporate partner others shall bring their owners are here. Now Gary when you look at the Green Bay in and I guess you could say somewhere again and getting over to home. Considering. How they won. Last playtime outing that. After getting eliminated from the playoffs the last lady to the previous three seasons and finally a will win in their favor. You think that momentum carries over in that swagger going going to the Georgia Dome against Atlanta and and not a team obviously played earlier in. I mean I don't know unless the team issued its oh the put have a bunch of turnovers and Hough and be over sixty points combined. Orchard gasping when you hit rock thing the Giants permanent Lambeau Field they were urging. Off the doubt on course to me. They were Burger King particular Doctor King right now we're Matt Ryan's plan on being bear the bear. Good here is paired marketers. To me Aaron Rodgers right now is B yeah. Played here in the effort right now today the best one don't know. They're. Q Aaron Rogers straight here. That there again I mean the air partners you'd be even sure. True that old thing we saw the agreement Carter whom war games in a row. And what rot that was bad there Rogers but people look at your heart rating. Although for being a rule of law there are that your sore and there were ordered out. What air rod is QB rating QBs. Do root like more toward. What when he. In order orders came to Tokyo and I don't know. Now Gary. Obviously dealing with injuries in you know you look at green Bay's banged. Secondary whether Reitman I Jordy Nelson in. And now we got a really got a crack crew is on the be healed that that that quickly. I mean I think he could be available obviously for the Super Bowl but that I don't see him playing Wilson album what do you think of that. Yeah our forwards are Armenians I don't know starter. Bigger rear treat him like. After talking to come back. From in two weeks and and and Cracker Barrel of information on injury shall. They're they're Carroll like there should provide spot characters that Arpaio Romo out there and but the shot so what a two out shot so you usually mean you'd down you know and bigger Randall Cobb. Is going you don't you know one day cute it was Stewart met Earl Strom. The big party year shall. You right. You're seeing is you know the market to play. Very well for their due to hear crow your current free and they went out I try to impose would be great program. How would you haven't gone with the core street he grabber eager determine which one do. That big matchup problem and retired Montgomery. Can't think kind of production that you moved in league year and you move time orderly. From wide receiver to cornerback yeah completely right. On the regular break that cycle and so you can do well. And I think what we have awful no more talk proper to. But I think you have that doubt terrible copper mine were good at blocking. But it fair market decree paper Nomar is their offer lines in their locker. Covering the in NC not in the Green Bay Packers had to be answered in Milwaukee Gary analyst Gary thank you so much for the time. I'd that you him. Covering the NFC east division and the Washington Redskins the Redskins dot com blogger rich tend to rich thank you so much for the time and I want to say the Saints and the Redskins made some significant changes so owned several sad about but certainly the defense side of the ball. What is the story with the Redskins a ballclub that. Basically had to win and Oklahoma situation. In their backyard but fail to the Giants does Washington feel like there's still among those playoff caliber teams. Where's wash your right now and what they're looking forward to replace those coaches that ever ago. Yeah what they they've got you know Joseph Perry defense court. Two seasons. You can get much traction now you know they didn't pan out. You're Joseph entranced him. It's not an awful lot of a lot of defensive tackle. At the line. Is that your Chris Baker and journeyman. I say these days on their third in court strange strange shaped by the end of the year so. You know he didn't have a whole lot to work with but. Seemed to me that they are right now is great and husky. To like to get to depend coordinator job he came on your. How are on court. He's big I got Brantley might patent the other guys make them earn now and I tick and make him. Sometimes makes it clear that he's seen it yet. Now moderate shows when you watch in the playoffs and obviously Redskins fans and they follow football. What they say go pack go. And when you will look good that we get and now Saints fans and Atlanta and how hot they are and how. The anti Falcons is advocates also obviously with the Redskins that they they really glad they couldn't be in it dead at Dallas and have success. Yeah exactly the Packers and then they giant or two teams in the division in the position at the reds and the pack to Europe. The Redskins and back in week eleven. I'm not really all that long ago. And honest. Know the Redskins went on net off on. On national TV in the Packers and handled pretty well. Canada they've been based human two different direction side that the yes there was definitely great leader among its teams and both. That the last two games the Packers play eliminated the Giants and especially. Eliminated count. Now I originally you look at supply and demand. How good their Redskins maybe not afford to pay Kirk cousins and I don't think. Then with the salary cap became franchise tag and again considering that number. About but what is well what is your take we Kirk cousins and and need to media. That he will be the future of the Redskins quarterback. Yeah. I think it's not like he's gotten to sit on the meat and you know he certainly can't. No he's he's knows he's no. Notre that's for sure. You know he's not to recruit reached critical that now. A bit younger right yes that's the only one increased. I think he's been out just to go back well I think they can't. Forward. She's in franchise tag him I mean he goes about this. Yet one million dollars more last year. The Redskins have 62 million dollars in cap space which is like the most in the league so they can get they want it now you know. The problem as. Yelled this is like really last year and do the darkened to a 33 million dollars and it. And it. All right is there a stand up blocker or foe watching Redskins. Dot com and Eddie is saying that day and they can I think when he says that franchise tag that was 33 million none. As it is still not ready to commit to a little terror so that we interest we were at the ticket and he has the NFC east switched a division got a lot tougher this year when the I was the the Redskins came down to the final week of the season had they won they would have been the Ellison at the line and I was in New York in Dallas the Eagles got off the high is our fellow hour period if fourth teams in playoff position in the final week of the season with the closed. Only being eighteen and he did beat Dallas. In week seventeen to 60170. Coming up who continue going around the league that it's taken in the NFC west where a simple coaching changes have made the youngest coach to be high thirty years old. With McVeigh out in the trampled the Sam Siskel 49ers bond of going and Arizona and also. The defending champions who put out last year that I mentioned last week that being a Seattle Seahawks at check out it would be AFC west into calling in and West Bank native. That being banished Joe's a name as we hate coach the Denver Broncos and also coaching changes in the AFC east. And taken with the other two teams in the NFC and AFC championship game or take a look at Green Bay and Atlanta. Well preview Pittsburgh and New England as we go around the league about being an afternoon news never ever really stops. We go around the league. All year long yet and coach and tires and you know it's gonna have a they -- and you know prospects in drafts in team work counts and I think Rob Ryan and imbued with the coordinator job the risk India were the -- cancer of the assembly and received his brother reservist club where you know owed to me who can coach the guy you have success as a head coach. That being the Jaguars head coach. His knee for the Momo would ever know though that head coach is FR Oakland brand name Bradley here in he had to go as brown he had success with the Seahawks that's how I initially because we got a job with the Jaguars on. He might be one of those big that would work out. As the offensive coordinator kind of like Wade Phillips and unnecessarily head coach. All right coming up next to a guy more around the league. But first up a CBS news of day from the Columbia broadcasting system. On the random radio network on that call and well now much more about the Rams this year. Too much but they have us talk about the the Rams and the NFC west division is rich Hammond Richard on Scandrick to rich thank you so much for the time. What did you just jump right in tell us about the all these socio changes that the Rams have made at this point down. Well yeah it's been interesting our economic and let them opal. We change it but it's. One year after the group bought me notebook quite account your that you located bought any object or twelve of the arch on the very. Exactly you would later go on to be of interest are. So I'd expect a lot of personnel changes obviously in Ireland the coaching staff that I thought that the system. And really it goes back to the quarterback you know the shop during the year because. They believe it or are they believe he can be a top quarterback in the NFL and it's really going to be shown that they challenge you are over the next few months. To turn jerked off into the top article quoted. And rich you look at what they're doing defensively it's same like the personnel also. That you might tweak a few things here and there but. Wouldn't Wade Phillips say an idea decks things the line coach Bill Johnson their way he basically. Does keyed David to train him in the right direction in night. This completely change a thing considering the defense hasn't been the problem. I'd agree with yeah there's there's a little bit. Personnel are concern and that you've got to defensive backs or do could be free agency they're cornerback Jermaine Johnson. Safety TJ McDonald all could leave so if if that becomes the area then but not yet to rework your secondary a little bit but certainly their front seven and and bring in the coaches that you talked about. But I don't think they need a lot of work there are great depth along the defense combined obviously you have Aron Donald who's arguably the best defense supplier in the NFL. Are you you've got some real athletic linebackers look buyout Ogletree. I think that's pretty attractive front seven there again you might treat the secondary bit. But I I think Wade Phillips comes in you know a lot to work with. And rich does speak it and a second area or Rams fans obviously. That day. A bead is down as far as and just confirming the rant of how on the Italian legend r.s Jenkins go considering the top free agent acquisition what he did for the Giants. Yeah I mean look at that a tough decision a year ago about it but at the either ever true main jobs but like it that bit that you were good that one of them was going to the the Rams thought they could sign. One of them to contract extension they are going back and forth or both but tell that last day at the to apply the franchise tag. They ended up using it on through day in and they cut he was a better option to sign the contract extension. And stable term. But I've worked out that way so it's been done them about. You know but an out away from being free agent so. Yeah if if they wouldn't trade Johnson also who pitched or Jenkins a year ago that doesn't turn out to be a very wise to call. Now rich and in your opinion all right because this does happen in NFL. When you see a player have a great rookie year. And then a sophomore slump oh what would you being the case husband Todd Gurley just not enough support in the passing game or. Evening guide tiger have come back strong nature. Boy you know that's the real the interest of all the questions about program that that would wrote the real mystery chipping and I think a lot of different things argue could look at the fact that. I think defense is just sport down on him more after the success he had as a rookie I think you look at the lack of passing game that he just said I think you look at some sub standard play about offensive linemen didn't do real good job. Opening up two poles from them and upgrade award board that came out of in the these renewed interestingly doctors starting guard a chip on around the day after the season ended and he kind of hinted in the way that. You know Curley wasn't on the same page with the offensive line in terms of blocking schemes at you in terms of you know go in the playbook that same way I thought that was really address that and they used to just that it even bigger disconnect that we are the now so I think it's going to be up. To whoever comes in the next off that the line coach the next grand back coached picked up into coordinators got a cabin there. And make sure that all those guys on the same page of all of them but they've direction. Because it looked like there was a little bit of the disconnect there. Covering the LA Rams and the NFC west that once can register is rich Hammond real attack and be able volume on social media. Yeah Twitter Richard underscore Ammann AJ and memo and the o's ship parliament than that in that. Chris thank you so much and attack. And cause the New England Patriots come of this week in with a grand prize on the line going back to another Super Bowl. But Sochi the voice of the Patriots is Haywood is now and Bob should never gets old and here it is one more time. And your own backyard with the Patriots went Victor weigh in from yet another Super Bowl appearance. Yeah I got a very humbling feeling especially lawmakers agreed guide Eagles call the outlook ninety yard kickoff return for the other night. But very spoiled here. This is my fourth seed and on the Patriot games or opportunity to call it championship. And it to a better remarkable rise to the point that he's in the first fourteen out of course without Brady to Rob Lowe and respect goes Greenlaw. A pick or make some changes in the middle the year that have been you work their defense in some respects. And finish strong and as the number one seed in the right to play the Steelers after a poor performance of a lot of respect and uncharacteristically poor performance all respects. In the divisional round against digging used to. Yeah Bob when you look at and especially you know occasions everyone's guy is considering only threw two interceptions this season. With Tom Brady all the gauger with that day's worst game of the season so far and I gonna get someone I Houston Texans defense but. In having a couple of picks. Who I usually frustrated and not that Tom Brady that you see is almost robotic and and and playing an unbelievable high level all the time. Yet a couple things that things factor into that one up against the Texans a lot credit not just a number one defense statistically. Because the Patriots had recently by the Baltimore Ravens when it. And Brady to pour over for a yard and deepened that will be that we need to effecting Patriots. I also like being at a good understanding of a lot of content that he used because it O'Brien. Having been a former assistant in New England or Romeo now of course having been a former assistant in New England have a good understanding a lot of the Patriots successes offensively the route combinations and what they like Duke at the Patriots are that heat of the road and doing the same things up snapped a Baptist and stupid people round that equate job troop radio the middle. Debbie Allen Klein and she need to come on and he had Donnelly in this season and in the first well income tax so I'll take anything away com east. But you're right after two interceptions vs twenty are out in the right seat and it was a frustrating performance for Brady. No one of those that was off and the Michael Floyd knew it was a perfect throw by any means but it surely was appalled that. Like could've handled and maybe is well well some food the most precise it was a as slant pattern that. That kind of play that. Brady apparently it would regularity and Malcolm has been cheaper that's what Kia Georgia who'd been. Position this year was out of the game come back from being so what got called for the pats had a aptitude and the the first interception I. Second and set the Rose you know no excuse is just a bad plan comes forward first to admit that I didn't feel like back dropping. Got tipped ball and was picked off. By the defender on safety behind so you know they are fortunate as I mentioned came back up from those two uncharacteristic mistakes that fumbled kickoff return by you know who was personal solved and to me that along. East and drive in the game tech and some early momentum. And obviously they can't afford that as we can get the steal. But Sochi voice of the Patriot Bob always the president had to be the. Blog ask Bob so that as soon he's VI. Andy can now follow my work there of them alive on I don't tweet as much as a lot of speed but you know eight letter of the descent. Bob thank you so much have a break on Sunday night things about a all right we will continue around the league on WW. The Pittsburgh Steelers yet in another AFC championship game underdogs on the road in New England David tied Duca was the Steelers for ESPN radio in Pittsburgh and also. The AFC north division David Pittsburg very sound as a team not score a touchdown in advance to a championship game but that's with the Steelers did. Yeah and did. Ball in because there are a part time. Obviously they had the red zone problems that was great outside the thirties and the one not very cute in that thirty. While one interception and there actually twenty Ian who's won were six for one yard with an interception and a sack. Can't have that against new England sports Lakers blog OB a not particularly when it mattered them stretch and they got the victory. Now David along those lines and speaking about big name correct me if I'm wrong but. As they have some like six touchdowns eight innocent is over the last five games. So the families that would that be erratic BN and in Dallas look at where to about that red zone. And the regular season thirteenth ourselves three interceptions but in the playoffs. Just two total pass the 2003 interceptions. And I'm sure he knows he can ain't. Have those kind of negative plays it's a team like New England. Yeah absolutely look pin numbers over the last three years as well wrote it or splits are dramatic immediate. About four to one touchdown interception ratio at home. Electric he picked up fourteen and he's about even on the road about 1990. He's not been particularly good in his lap six or seven left in the last. There really struck back almost 2010 a lot on their Super Bowl. Com he's obviously got the talent yeah occasionally struggled against zone beef that will see him in the Patriot or a hundred different looks atom. But it has been the the elbow and Antonio Brown so well in the first two games it was probably going to need a little bit more then. Probably open from a couple of guys beat the Patriots in New England. So when the Steelers and AFC north ESPN radio in Pittsburgh is David tied David. How the people Tebow brief you on social media. I could body up. On Twitter at David and thought. David thank you so might stated dog the game Sunday. Right. Written on the Tara ran on the Terrell joins us now and say he has been covering them. My hot spots for quite some time but the first time he conceded the New Orleans the head coach of the Denver Broncos fans -- named last week. No I you know. Regardless of what anybody sees you know John L he's one of those guys it. Unlike Michael Jordan had a great career as a player and has had very much it's a lot of success in anything he's done from. You know arena ball anything you know in FAO related he's been successful. So I would think that the damn the nation their fan base Arabs you know where would John decides they're pretty much on bull with. And I think the pretty much everybody else evolves Obama would have to say you know down -- pretty small when it comes to football him hiring Vance Joseph I think this speaks volumes. Looked up want to and he has done very well. ID kind of question that fire. And so it is mixed feelings out there Broncos fans. If you look at what we're finding out is that Gary Kubiak in John Elway but it has John Elway wanted. Which in its starting quarterback. Think Gary Kubiak. Felt the Trevor city it was the best quarterback activists say is Bobby would tell you use any former NFL player out there so you. If he would have felt the best person. Will play and it doesn't matter the guys first round pick or seventh round pick. If the guy's better than he played well find out there and go away. And and Gary Kubiak despite being best friends teammates roommates. But it. And part of the reason was because of Kubiak felt. But I bet 80% of it was because of Elway wants his way that people find out is always meddling GA and any hired Belichick yes then on this that he urged all. Kubiak assistance the only assistant that remain. From John fox and holier. And out right quick did Travis Sammy and he talked with the putter Paxson listed him make a play at Tony Romo or. I don't bring Sauna. I don't think they need to look at probably 3200 I think that would be. Rent RS could sum it gets you back on later in the week again would deepened today and talk more about them raised Josep air Renault and it's our run hot and people thought you on social media. That riddle at all. You know I always applies to mom and without incident. You know and it's aero here right there in arresting him more animated nicks is double covered sports smoker together in team. Thanks so much to his mail and news and mark went on and the ability is always Dominique. And by the a bad. And girls. You always. Ball and I'd be at.