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1-30 6pm Bobby & Mike: on LSU recruiting

Jan 31, 2017|

Bobby & Mike delve into LSU's football recruiting class with Billy Embody of TigerBlitz.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back in the second guess Phil Mike that they have obviously a lot of the so we'll slip a casino beach side right Munich not counting Mississippi out in be on until 7 o'clock tonight. And we'll throw it to Johnny Jones you each and every 6 o'clock guy here. Right here at this that we do on a missed the days he still with you I thought Mike Modano parade. Call bad and I crowded at night I. Didn't get to Terry through the granite and leave no way. Knows what's happened here for some hopefuls of the all of able to have Bogut at the football or you would have squared computer your words now that you got it this mix now way not yet and a great day of it that you keep giving him now I eat it the team now. That's the I'll give it the only in Vegas is gonna love that he invites publicity platelet. The difference who we think it's gonna be a push. The Patriots are three point favorite. I've gone when it 27 point four Ewing. My level you learn when it's hard to beat them mad dog eat bacon they got burden national championship game it did bird the playoffs. But they were level which you know that and that you look at the over under. And then not six the the ethics meeting witness fifteen so that's Ortiz did that to me oh yeah that that did a play for and that loosens. Backed by game time that number will probably people would like to yeah eight. I think you they'll have a lot of money that'll on that on the points I think it. They don't involve the 58 on so they've again a lot of people here that's what most seasons come around. It's a little wanna fight although what it wrong. Hectic situations out the city they come here you guys now with the casino. In a hotel got everything situated so if. Yeah in the area now that a big. Because the other got granted we're in and it's Soviet water broke week it's going to be great all week that that audit or we can that Friday Saturday and Sunday we have up. Dwyane you see in this article hell raisers which is a great actor you'll you'll you can. You'll of that that Canada. That kind of style loss or if it's a great the great shows Friday Saturday and Sunday. The Monday and Tuesday we have since we've seen trio which that the lottery dwarfs all. Bought it brought day we have a team okay. That cut throat though the think we have a comedian he can't give away here you would view points and 8 o'clock in the morning you could mean TK and or if the month. For February it would given way. New laws baseball BP takes. Jurors subjected us get the baby it will go one there which you know it's not controversial but there's elements that all. No it's what you might not like the name ball. This marketing thing Foyt and sold them a lot of merchandise behind the madness that that that club that's made some money out quite a bit of public. They move they move their. There there's Ritter's work through there made any incidents that went their form beating on a weekday morning and had a crowd of their buying stuff up it's like a Wednesday morning. So what if relief is it unique logo which I like that favorite old school. Yep David Wells who is it that money maybe in that. That's. Everybody television ask all the baby can maybe you ought to get to know that's the that's it yeah Pelican Bay you don't. Yes because they were given up the Bobble heads yesterday. Both photos the about it. Ed they'd now obviously you follow sports are with you look Australia they'll what you did look at the minutes that you got. Old school you look at the women in the man. When you look at this senior world approval that you observe any of these gains are well legit interest. Because you look at the Pro Bowl I thought. In Orlando. And they have I think it deal and out agreed that a lot of players wouldn't go back to Hawaii. But I think the two years and an option considering it was a sell out 70000 plus. Go back to our Orlando but I think it's the end of the it was way more competitive. And actually played hard. And or defense compared to past Robles recent dot I thought so it's nobody expects smash mouth football but we but it was good move well and got a little bit of it was energy got a little bit up entertain yeah absolutely you know they were they were trying. End all the little things that go on before the game. Not a peaks everybody's interest to. All the little competitions let that happen. Before the game obviously it dodge ball yet even like the NBA you know all star game a lot I will make me wanna see you dunk contest they wanna student three point shot. All the sort of things David did all widget you next week give away from somebody from slightly helping them win them well. After this happened I got it for the got a president say this past Saturday. One I think Hank from a replied no when a Mercedes meant them. Lot yeah. I panic you gotta give erratic moves out called the pitch I'd do it I do it. No I don't look at. At any given time this is like saint Tammany casino and any given time Bobby 85% of people later date him we've looked at him it. We're very involved seeking a response or a lot of meant everything it because there there. I don't have any I don't miss that John and Victoria day involved in a lot of different things and you also of Baxter and all the rest of the crew got. You guys heavily involved in the community out missing him to but again we do next giveaways it's a lot of folks like they'll. And I'll admit it cheaper if you're from here but if your slider you need to be here more to grow weekend I think that's the that you would only fit. Would you give to win their way well given away a Mercedes that hurts you Mercedes new Walt. The last that in January February and march so bought it broke weekends Saturday night if separate cable we hear you're replied no athletic. That you could win you can with it is that likely. One ballot you actually like I got to nobles that like it that had a chance don't need any extra once. You know Dave. We like them to do with that it's not like that things will baldness and it balances. Sports of football in general. Next. Monday's you'll be Al last she's old. You know breaking down the global it was going to be here afternoon draft yup you know well we do that draft preview review and all that. But that didn't draft but I'm all excited. To be part of you give them first pitch that in order for holidays you go that's right the for the opening night of the effort game I don't know that always adamant through the first pitch in. And I play well and Iowa knocked out that it sort of play. I will throw a strike you give you better look at who we feel when those I know. Don't hold your weather is better than mine pit that would wait we got that we got a whole what are the bowl this. Days in a pickle was in the last day in March or early April last year it was the coldest we get Jays also with. Are you with my is what it all the beloved school she took the ball straight the. The only thing here right now and I told Rick you grow up there goblet Biloxi soccer's. We didn't think well maintained. I know we like that lackeys like these doctors and that Ricky don't throw too hard. Yeah is got to get a wonderfully well of course you name it did it mean you try to do those two aren't involved it. But I can tell you right now I truly believe god has blessed me. Duke did they act I might be eight year old but I know a lot of cricket very accurate. And I'm happy math that went on to it and I know that ball not that. I'd know I'd throw it and I keep getting that I guy game at ability I don't know why but I know I'll be glad that. That's April 6 is that there and process Judah. Dave I'll action now give you picked. Well but it's a bowl may not think it's gonna be knew we went 26 Atlanta one report and I given it to point a different too because. Matt I was not six and a moron he's not easy no because I don't worry you can get healthy is a lesson what. Lesson about the ball quartet that Matt Bryant number QB only quarterback that's ever to happen now nobody knew going want to quibble I that I look at the hunter to quarterbacks. Only one have number two also if you let it gave me over F not a bush is. Hate it now it's ended three pointed your way and a half day. Put that car won't look anything that's funny sixth when he put don't quite add up but I'll. Yeah it's gonna go on a particularly the up. Dave a kid go and looked in his crabs this trip here ops means that we are human and and that's every day and also Sunday all day. It's it's an out we have dug his craft every night in bed all day for Sunday brought. Dodgers got effort to go but they particularly need bagel Johnny stripped him the best fried chicken Bobby you're our fans and good. I he gets it every week so. Think that that is accurate Dave again thanks so much which artist we appreciated. What more. So I guess here and now we'll have a little time off before the draft but. We appreciate you compromise in this thing every month and come on down so this that they built it right up front. Slip by moving back over second guests. Welcome back to the second game show Mike that the about we've been alive from the super slip a casino. Beat side right here Hancock county Mississippi we talked about it quite a bit humble before 5 o'clock hour. Mike Nolan and you linebackers coach for the sign up. What are things that does that broke maybe about twenty minutes ago is the Houston Texans on a press release. Announced that Wes Welker. The former New England Patriot. Wide receiver also play over the Broncos. Is now an offensive special teams coach. And Wes Welker his size. To bill O'Brien certainly goes back in the new wing when day's write a Mike Vrabel on that staff now as the new defensive coordinator. To take over for Romeo Cornell who was at one time. The defense of coordinator with the New England Patriots so at that it's almost Patriots west right on the coach's staff of the Houston Texas. Well that Texas got to make a big splash if there ever could overtake the cowgirls that being Dallas. And mean I don't know. That's why don't lending Ito but Jerry Jones and toting Robles future you know people speculate. Well what if he added a guy like Tony Romo to the Texans. Part of chronicles why I'm saying like with say no way in hell. Jerry Jones in his backyard and mentally Robles lowered taxes that have success. Still I don't know but Denver and what's gonna occur with that but is supply demand is not enough good quarterbacks. You know going around but. About but I but I can tell you what might and you look at this. And Jerry Jones to a lot of good warrior and I know him because he was on team in in my eyewitness think. Jason Garrett let that Dallas cowgirls and in is the best. Regular season record in their history. Now you look at Reggie McKenzie guided the Raiders back to the playoffs. For the first time since 2002. And I Jason Garrett was selected as coach of the year by professional. Football writers of America. The kid you won this honor of top executive. But I just look at Jason Garrett and Woody's done. The Dallas if you look at it coaches here honor. Dallas Garrett first third that Dallas organization. Tom Landry I was the first coach of the year back in 1966. And NFC coach of the year and 75. Who were you look at it NFL as a whole. Jason Garrett winning that award you got to go back to 1966. By Tom Landry threw problems mouthing him Collie had no organization headed in the right direction. And you look McCain's team that being Reggie. He was hired as though general manager at 2012. And look at Al Davis that the laid out Davis won that award back in 2002. The law let you know when all of us then they were done with their quarterback got hurt all of that you expect anything in the playoffs. But Jason Garrett. Let me tell you what. What you look at what he's Dillon needs a puppet. Whatever. When you look at. How dallas' structured. You've got to give them credit. Because he does he thinks it since then. And Larry has been organizations though. Jerry jolt and I know appreciate. What you think Garrett definite team but the bottom line is. Expect ate away at their. There's no reason why Dallas should not being. In this global considering whether Iraq. And it's pars out it was structured. And I think damn might be a key. To overtake. When you look at the Falcons. That's lies that are in the Gerut blunt very similar these Q well it. Running default wanted to five to thirty times who's what you do is if you weren't around at about that the fans night got to convert. But still having those rushing attempts Guzman we've seen Tom Brady sort of ball fifty plus times. We've also seen him throw the ball warning some time to that end. Who the opponent is I think that strategy. If you keep in that top offense at that balance on this time line. If you can run the ball would economy Gary Woodland art does run in general slope that that's one thing I'll look at Dallas they might go to anywhere. In the future but as things in what we faced him. Now has that gone anywhere Atlanta is that going to work that we gonna do anything in the NFC. To potentially get back to him as probable. I think it definitely put through Dallas farmland in the future. While one of the things that's happen this afternoon in the interest in the Saints fans Curtis Johnson of the wide receivers coach for the there isn't form John Fox. He is not gonna coach with the Bears in the 27 team and so that tells me with opening and you wallets we talked about the 4 o'clock hour. Already you have an assistant assistant erratic what Ronald Curry. Curtis Johnson hasn't form John Fox he is not going to return to Chicago in 27 paying. That would lead you to believe that Curtis is go return back the south Louisiana talked about it before it grew up. He went to saint Charles Catholic high school right up the road where we grew up bat and he was on the staff before. So Curtis Johnson will not be and Chicago in 27 yeah. The wedding with TJ. But he did at the wide receiver coach you get them. That now only be a receiver and a blocker or a block it receivers it's not actually the whole package when it comes to receiving corps. Will be back with more up to second guess show runner up that is used break here on the negates evident we'll throw it to CBS news. If bacteria on the second guess you don't like to take about the event alive from the so we'll slip a casino. Beat side right here and Hancock county Mississippi repeating. We get talked about a little bit earlier Curtis Johnson as a told the Chicago Bears that he would not be back. Coaching the wide receivers than what he seventeenth and it's certainly Olympic went to Donaldson it's Johnny Morton. As left to become the offensive coordinator with the Jets and we talked about all of it to 4 o'clock hour with the Mike Nolan being harnessed the linebackers coach. In the opening at wide receiver. The thing was is Curtis gonna return back to prepare us and so he has already let John Fox know. He would not be back in Chicago so. They'll be shocked he's right back in New Orleans where he had great success with the Saints wide receivers work for so many years it was part of that championship. Winning team for the global for one actually. All on the line with us now Billy somebody who was with tiger let's dot com Billy thanks so much for joining us all puck at the last name right. You nailed. Me like you're building up refuted Billy Bob and how are talking about this seven players Ellis Hughes after but the Raza. Six level will announce on signing date so you talk about a big splash so either it goes wrong. And Pete Carroll and I wrote a story but this week out over his years ago he said the best closer in the business is it goes wrong that you know California recruiting. He says a lot different than southern recruiting in the northeast midwest well at least. Young men they've we've had a quiet all day or two before making up their mind. Just not a lot of early recruits like he sees somewhat in the south than someone that has a lot of give and take two. But he said it always been a great job of being known as the closer. This next 48 dollars that'd be interesting to watch in the closers do it at LSU. Yeah it did absolutely going to be I think at least at this point in in his. Ten years the defining moment in no way yep you go back and yet. You know on the back from Al walk in park are in that category and now on the road. Bit right here or a week and why they went was on the ideas. Art critic coordinator. Got one of the recruiters involved alternate code he handle everything else that comes from the and this is the pick pat Kane Heatley and the market will. Any Lampard played on a putt like that on the net with a little bit of a long shot but it term the odd ball our talent. You know he wearing that is the bad. Art and I got into it. Would it take to heal lift. Just last week with the from Oklahoma but yeah defining moment for rookies and you're so far. Dow. What is your take going forward considering. The rich get richer and Alabama State them one. It when you look at as a fan that film like this you know and then the follow football when you look at the current involvement that the that the line. A coach O even. You know made a statement that Alabama game that we have to have. You know first round prospects. Basically like in the future to camp Robinson. Good analogy that I Alabama. Because the building and apartment that's rated athletic department was. I mean what city you in Taliban not. So it all starts up front so well what would it take. Maybe to surpass that team like Alabama because these things like that Louisiana. That you're not gonna have those that consistently. Big line you have to almost recruit nationwide what is the midwest and I would think it taxes to get those type of there would be able to Brady's thrown. To get addicted maybe it fits that become an LSU where you are winning and it riches against the likes about how well. Yet that the actually the name of the game and I think this class relic who won all but the line. Not a threaten them both those needs. I don't think they have that will be later I'll like it Camelot and in the class but you know I think ought to look. Who called me got in that the out of fact that they've got him. But then you got guys like marketable but in fighting after a front line. Still on the board and that is where I'll beat you in the closed that gap on the front side all. In the it like mark rule and bite here you snap the execution that I would open up promised them potentially hold on eagle Correll. That is one heck of days recruiting call on the eappen the lines and talk about having been number one. Of the tackles and Louisiana the number one he and the tackle like that and the number one. Tackle on net in Alabama thought that I heard that we are not all that rhetoric got the the make a run on bad. You know battle night or go off and I'll. Next record an apple can't the pre match. One neat seeing a beat piper here along the off but the line Jim Reid Taylor. Out of Norton the tip they offer last week not to get too far ahead here but that. One is that if they didn't plan. I mean bad is that all are all pro would look at it projecting him down. Right now. Billy the thing about it added onto it last year. In land being. Rashard Lewis in an Alexander. England located in signed Martin. And it could come back and hit it again. Man you can Max Alabama along the defense of lines now because now that would be back to back years you really piece that together. What's interesting is that the linebacker position wanna get too big bull owned Willie gay from Mississippi who has kind of been all over the board. All aware he's gonna end up in it in your opinion and what's gonna happen with Willie along with pilot Taylor off from the Georgia area. Yeah I'll start with Willie and he was on campuses. Fine start milanese from start to know what you're on the because they knew that yesterday hanging out of the that the players. And then for the ordeal lap. He was hanging out there well I hope so I think that the dirty to me you know you kind of feel like he's going. But at the same time really hit the her I don't know I think the patella the battle. Witten recruiting kind of blacked out that you announcers. But there don't really know where kind of leading right now. I beat Ian them to beat a pinkie he found that out what fun you like the new. With whiskers are kind of winter heat in the league in there and I'll take either out off like that you end up to me. I think he I think he ends up pretty awful thought on Alec Phillips well I believe we doctor tomorrow night game now not now. Or Alan you a lot of your feelings on the Al side of the who were cold like oh quote. The camp that it'll gallant. And offered to work or not there bird he Auburn Oklahoma. Are generally not feeling great about it in a land Tyler though. I like I would feel it at Ellis who would advocate and I'd estimate he got back from that at the moment our game the night. Mark they are are now you're it look like bat tonight and I happen. Now but Bailiwick you look at obviously you have to have that well go with him is guys that means that a program. But you have to stay healthy and you you want that at that it's theater style with you there rotate look running backs and you look at. The top running back in his state chose Clemson over LSU. That being two innings forced our our privacy in. And the question I have to you kinda roll the dies considering that you expect guys to be the man hired to be candidate. In theory. This is the putter Wallin. You trust the back of that Williams of growth at or below what it did take there when you look at it that running back yet. Yeah I think obviously it got quite where you layer and make her a state would have rapper. Landed a mean it. At the end of the day I think it was more I. And overall. The bat is it top of me a little bit that they could lead. I think prioritized between player. Recruitment. And and potentially land him. Whereas there is. Hurt her back into the higher felt like who has yet. And though he like there are comparable with there. There yet I like you are Williams let me keep the typical back up I think you're you guys and yet. And truth yet in the forty of the areas I don't think the you know kind of split situation for the both or I am pretty excited the way it. The respect does it. With another your being healthy obviously letter Burnett about it and I think you can get that they're high on him to bring any player out of furcal. Think a lot of different things out of the backfield that'll be at the Olympics and and you go out and make it and it high priority in that you'd like. Didn't watch him or does your wife. Through the opera and back to point eight. Todd Harris from Blackmon boy UC just teams over the land the two top safeties already. And you know Todd is kind of been back and forth with things your thoughts on on Todd Harris who is terrific football player for Blackmon. Yet to recruit football player terrific kid. Kind of similar to Korea they'll that'll all work. The grant but O'Connor has that same look through in body type. I think he's going to be an Al tiger that probably. You know like 99%. Lock for me right now pot there are going to be picking Allen view. You know start off on on Wednesday morning but those are I think I am there so it is becoming partly in the form a hot air in my mind. What I was just doubled as the body Barbara had Margaret Wilson will announce at 330. Well on Wednesday. And coach told press conferences that for law. Upon that. A little bit with the battle that right out there will make his choice and at the Ellis you'll Florida State. Ankle toe goes on to the media so had Billy thanks so much for joining us this afternoon and a give us some insight does seem as though. That LSU what will close pretty strong boy especially up front long that the offensive line in the secondary that linebacker knows what areas that they really targeted. That he needed to get Natalie Allen but also. Yeah absolutely plan on it bluntly. On went paper or Cote heard a cock eyed you're around her so it was eligibility here and that's which you yet but it isn't luck that's. I appreciated Billy about it from tiger blitz dot com. More with the second issue right after this break you on the PK seven. All right we're finishing up here on the second game show Mike D'Antoni about we have been alive from the supposed to put casino minutes on the clock will throw it to it Johnny Jones show. Again. With Billy was talking about Billy bunny from Texas with like a blitz dot com. He basically its name telling us of the six recruits that we talked about that he was pretty sure on. For a mechanical put Ellis Hugh. And the the last one like you said it would be down to the wire with it that would really put L issue in a huge situation. Down the stretch to Cologne well with four top recruits like what he's talked about in the possibility of a fifth well. I can tell you is that I'm not being a hole or all of this point. When you look at any coaching changes uncle and across in the history of college football around the nation. If Allen shoot could have that much drove in a coaching change from catch from coach miles. The coach O. And you have a top five recruiting class and it may be particularly atop the green monster no coach that doesn't happen it does not happen. Normally you see that yes yes that that you please fill might have. But good class let you might think on the bottom and top and are fifteen because that program but this tells me mold the events that are best. Know that that's why got a listen that that trade he's going forward and you don't miss that beat you gotta give a lot of credit to coach shall. In the holes to happen LSU program. If they and be able to close the deal and number three if if the short I would be disappointed because it'd be the agent and did our top five yes it is exactly. But that's where they're at right now as the basically sitting at that spot suggest seven depending on yap all week you look into what all the coaching changes that amazing. That listen you put all the he'd know more in game you wanna convince the Monmouth advocate champion LSU tiger and hopefully that's the case that I think. Is the a lot of big receivers. You could see it now. The recruiting a lot of big wide outs and you talk about the pick play anybody who watched clips of the Alabama. You you brought it up they read it to perfection. A perfect job is that not a penalty that's what you wanted to do what you look at the rules what is college football for the NFL. It favors the receiver over the cornerback. Don't try to box out our market body position. Why it would take up baker athletic receiver over smaller cornerback. I mean it didn't I don't really. Body's gonna copy cat ride you keep granted. Will be back with more second guessed right up to his break here on the big 87. Our Bob we've gotten a guy that looked at what time the talk about it what do you think we've we've brought up about is the big wide receiver downfield. And I think more usage to the idea. I think that's something that not anything that's gonna wanna do also. Using the running back as a receiver coming out of the backfield I think that's something that Matt Walsh to bring in that a full and I that you see there is guys used a lot. As a receiver coming out of that. Well the bottom line is I don't care who's the quarterback when the athletic uniquely that you beat the one that you wanted to do is utilize all you talent. Artist skills that let you tied and wide receiver or running back get the ball on their hands. Yards after the pitch. I can reflect it hasn't changed on I had enough comic since then no mark duper with the world class Bruener. He I threw him he set records that Dan Marino in the Miami Dolphins in Mark Clayton. But I see 101 at that blog etiquette opponents and they gonna catch him. The same thing when Anthony Carter looking at that he part of the reason why weren't able humorous division because they have we all voted number eighteen. With Jacob Hester Dallas you deprived Nichols that that. While it will double in Michigan he ran a quick slant. Get the ball in his hands I looked good I get credited by six feet some yard touchdown and I threw a quick slant. Because Al's accurate with the football and enable him to get the art that minicamp this thing thing with the tied it position if you got. A light. He can balance. Are whatever that appetite and and he's trying to get rid of the ball on the head and it is bold type on that and he can rush forward they don't have to blitz. While linebacker. And go hit balls without tight end you go it blows linebackers. It you'll like picked play Robles of body position lean on them and then you throw away from a all of a sudden it's an eighteen yard gain and you move with the change personnel. First down that the comet named I think go to Canada is gonna educate the quarterbacks. And what they have to do like and handling. Listen I know bad things I NFL quarterback. But I know he can get better under the tutelage of coach candidate like Paul. And I think who is. You know. I think it was shouldn't probably hit two guys and I don't know that we dropped about B wanna think Colin do you real. What you have Colin Jeter additional Smith. The short came out of more. He was the number one rated I didn't make the country isn't brought the football much watched it this doesn't happens that look. To what we've seen in other situations where. Those two guys make it eight have more and impacted NFL than they do in college football. Because of back really there will blockers at LSU they really didn't have the utilization. Of both practical and I'll I'll make other than point. In what I wanted to volatility I didn't blame when it tonight and he's learned top what do you think the players. And a top fifty player at fifty years they history hole we Brenner hope we grander ran up 484 Marty. I'm telling you slow as molasses. It's like watching the hourglass but run block and he always block his guy I've known a pass well. He used all concept. Car like you don't you might get the yards after the catch but I knew he'd be open and I get on the ball is always a positive play. To move the chains a quarterback has nowhere to go with the ball and make those positively. Again that are playmakers hands. I think we're Ellis who I think early in the season when he seventeen. What do things to watch is the development of the secondary. Because I think you'll be okay up front seven. Let me. Just a bullet they all anybody can take over with the biggest white and the ball out of scoop of Kabul. Mean this is also said that to players that you lose it and means rookie Jefferson. Who's not on the team anymore he's graduating in hasn't shot the National Football League. Duane Thomas locked up late terrific down the stretch as a nickel dime cover cornerback. That's the the weakness on Ellis you Steve and won seven and his inexperience in the second. It might you'll look at and expect him to say it and now he does that experience. But he still have to do a better job take that next step will always I picked on at that threat like kind of all want to I Jackson Jackson. Right c'mon now you guys picked on you experience not just be better is he a better player you got the opportunity. So I do think with who's going to be peculiar. Is that the major question marks relish going into the when he seventeenth season. I think you know Danielle it's gonna be the guy quarterback I think the big question of marquis is what's gonna happen in the second there. Because you just can't lose your ball and threw debut since it all everything will be OK next guy up the penciled in the next guy yelled. Dates I have got to step up and be matured and Mary pass. You ready but it Johnny coach nobody in that for us tonight bundling Ole song good night people. That.