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Feb 1, 2017|

Bobby & Deke go "Around the League" with reporters from across the NFL landscape.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is Super Bowl week ease a busy bee and it's been a lot. Since they've gone to the sumo but hey they are there this year and how we could from now we'll know who is a champion were to be the New England Patriots are the Atlanta Falcons. ADC Atlanta journal constitution. Joins us now a NFL again trying to capitalize on membrane you can't. Raines for that. Was it any different take us through media day at night last night and what was it like being in prime time. But Boone you don't have been good. Lag it is you know all round can be. Ordered. You know. Quick quip. You know. But the party's. So that we can. You know it must mention about the game is. And at one point he gets them there because it is not for the fact they'll. You can work demands that would really be. People two and. Now but. When you've had a number one scoring be bids is that number one scoring offense to be that says one 41. Now looking at about a score of fires are forty point. Dividend paid it's only allowing 250. When you look at overdone and all that way sixty I think it with a 58 now have but what to have a game you look at you look at it like it trying meet shootout art. You'd think they'll be in the twenties horrible what is your take when you look at. That I've Patriots defense that is a big game as a whole considering their bowl global war on scoring offense and in the pages scoring defense. A big play good about it mode again and can. You know they did the writing. It and use. Blah. You know Luke and those that. That commitment that there but that might be fluent. I didn't deed would be would you say that almost went on not his blunt like you said. But. Kind of deflate the ball for Tom Brady may be having 301035. Rushing attempts. I yet you know it did but you know they certainly could could be. You know the Falcons the one game you know you thought. Bonobo Philadelphia again whether you could rent for 200 yards to give them weeks so I'm they give it my. These. You know that way they can pick if you will live on speed. And try to keep Ryan and got moved off and off the field. The Orlando Ledbetter as it whether it's at covering through Bobo made the one the Patriots and the Falcons Sunday coverage starts here early in the morning go all evening on through the Super Bowl in the post game studio with would want to. Derby W radio almost civil 51 b.s in Houston deep. Was it like out there I mean we can't now say Iran in a brush him but you don't do all of that Dayne doing it. For you know a racked couple practices and and the pre season game which is much different by. Is it kind of like that does the media take on that did the assign a team like you know we got the as it seemed to be your three year old that. You know he did this is basically. As good as Matt Ryan has been. Day it's you know it's about Tom Brady Wendy's you know is is the Super Bowl and so for his. What what is it like out there I know a Patriots albeit just like the same approach we take era by over a ton of respect. But it just doesn't seem like the Falcons are getting much respect. Yeah. But you know I'm the in. And being dollars attitude than it did to him that the media. Yet in the pocket and currently but you know next to have them both Bradford and they're problem it should go to that in. People you know that the you know Patriot brand not Bobo would get out into you know we have to. The boat is doing here yeah you know. In a little bit. Gallant. Escalate as the week ago on another topic is picking up the they never do that movements. Lot of so yeah these perjury of the net the day. Now a DI you know all a numbers guy and when I saw this both teams. Diving Atlanta fallows and you ended pages getting off to fast starts looking at the first water. Counting the post season. Thud this is Anderson when you look at it the Falcons outscored the fortunate four record a first quarter mordant. A two to 149. To 71. In the Patriots even more convinced than a 154. 235. How would that bowl uh oh well be the team a big got off to a fast artists say. Winning about like ten points are are really having the momentum in the first quarter results said and done. As far as that EU million the biggest game ever played in. And the ball of the palace and the pages get off to pass are that's what they've done this season. Yeah I meant that. Pinkie ended much like old quote them to Bill Polian is that you need. There. There rub is that the quarterback you know. For years they've Manning got the Colts leave him bringing him back he did after the top of it and try to put the mistake on third down and that part out of the trying to play. In a big you know lead that they elect to do it and we're just going to near perfection. Court that. Brady union people would sign in my opinion. In the of people not that much out there that the report that the quarterback. Though you didn't apply. Robert for a bit and the and the team being better Matt did that this season. The only known habit do you think a lot of fans come don't make it trickled in and driving in and take out there without him to be where represented that now and I say that because. You know that you've been assuming it's who Bos Patriot fans but when you knob in the decimal four. It's no different with the Falcons fan based on like this thing to notice this is the second through both I would imagine that day. They have a lot of people that a day even if they can't get in the game. Here is going to be inundated with Falcons thing. Yet of being. And you. Beat. Hopeful he is and you have. To add that you know band played input battle them you know them read the book. It in indicted as part of Clark looked as if you don't go on to be on the scene and. On the don't think on the part of my tailgate and they'll put those are the league level builds and become an over. Bill part and vote the rap and my neighbor gave me and I'm not ready and that's though mother would did you know Friday. Remote they'll both come in on because you have Barrett gave. Good idea you know I'd go about it. Now do you would you look at ownership and houses the radio at 79 it is on the last time Atlanta. Went to Miami loss to Denver and at Super Bowl you know do pre post game stuff and and looking at the Smith family and I know Taylor and everything go by Delmon ranking Nadal deny you look at all the blank bought things like all the blanket surely enjoying. The moment. You know that Baghdad leaving coach Dan reason im doing the dirty bird when not eating not all the blank Danson and he probably be as nervous as the players going into the game. Yeah no doubt many you know he's already. Those network. Let me think. They'll try today. The spotlight na Ito he does a great. Carey the president of the route but I would have an owner that let you know being out front and you know one. Like the you know cooperate in mind that of the Braves you know. They'll. Fans love it like they have a good adamant anyway I'm not maybe it going to be due to a track full and that. You know and I don't know rapid and again. DO Orlando Ledbetter deep tellem was coming up in the pay B Darryl and on tomorrow and Havoc upon you on social media. A mile and a big ticket. You know Julio. Julio and oh yeah Julian Edelman. Lot to me gain. That there are out there now bomb is collected. Unquestionably. An elite quarterback. Now take the senior QB who would blow in that mode outline of the story. Would give shall do that eighteen people here covered it. Learn they're eighteen people. In here and Jimmy days on the east if they they allowed it. Eat steaks incidents the only know burgers hated it eight now Diaw. Being waited eight to deep right by him right group of formula that you go and a lot expected to sinner. Is he ready to roll that ankles and Colorado are. Oh what is our statement that. I am play that made to put them angle. You know I look at the great news brand had. I got another report good that they really bad at all and not Peter King would that the practice today and probably had little report. We'll. A man do accurately. Yeah that's mr. Alex Mack and. RID go by the sort of picked up my opponent Serb. Yeah I did me the all right welcome back and taken on the New England sat things here on the home was the ball 51 WW. And welcome back. He is Kasey Kahne and Bobby eight bear time the venom Bellamy in my Girardi joins us now covet the Patriots at Comcast sports doing and in. Micah you know. I would imagine probably but there's some Patriots fans like you know I'm never been all these two Bos and go to now and and is probably sounded like. You know. We you know we went to the last four I just don't know or make it to them almost like doing it. It's not like Alabama phrase you know I'm not going to Atlanta you know once there and it's not found a game I think I want to go into the national championship. But I mean an in about an hour talk about they were Kevin fall last hour. You know it's it's amazing this team we just haven't anywhere but. You go from where. Everybody everybody outside the Rams fans in 01 that wrote to a of the out there because of the dog through bowl history where I'm now. Everybody but doing live fan base is put in against you and that goes to show you what winning but winning ball long time it has that would. Yeah I'd like it's almost like be viewed like the evil empire die hard Gator by it's made a -- and nation. Down there at and made an affluent landed he had to get through it through now that they love Tom reign of pages that they did not what is it about that it will. All of them paid to do it gladly taken support. From the outside looking in. The thought. Come. Gary and our our group that send it to overtime that the persecuted written you know this spent New Britain. You know with potential of the which content on and on there. Then couldn't do that here again not to mention dot minutes. In this era. To do what they're doing. When you start looking at how well you know other team in its others you know the good genes considered during the course of the period their ability to sustain. It is amazing. And program in place fantastic. They do a great job identifying putter that fit their system also went on you know I come there. But it doesn't necessarily exactly what you thought you got the skills. It will bend for a little bit and outback guys to be best served in that position. But all of that still come back to. To Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and that combination I think you can go in and Damon. You can have rock you can not have brought in have them do not that element to that got down that's for. Acquire god and did you gentlemen on out what would you have those two guys. Portugal your team. We're playing. And you'd collectively do it died notes on the fly. Across the board not just the sand base I think the players realized we go every game. Really very good chance of winning for the ghost. Now ala Mike when you look at strategy and look how explosive. Atlanta has been there offense. Tonight at at times like I notice they put it in the regular season they had five drives at 35 points that it data any punt. I mean it was it was like ridiculous and sleep in your pocket that's slowed him down because I've seen strategy by coach Belichick and Tom Brady. Where you might see him this argument got to pass the football and you throw. For fifty plus times are in the high forties and and I've seen games. Worries it'll foreign high twenties are low thirties and this would seem like you gain considering an Eagles. A bonus it would it. The Eagles gash Atlanta 200 yards rushing that I could see Garrett blundered yellows so. Whatever rotation they used that. The Patriots. All of a sudden now that you take Nevada Tom Brady's hands that he may be rushed the ball thirty plus times. I think it matters until that happens or not he did the pace of the game and Atlanta's offense may help dictate some of that stuff you know on top Q would be able to do a lot this year on. You know it's very it will that it that it sort of big play which a pitcher just don't give up on. Not a leader Jones you never know on the new. For a while actually on Coleman to double turn and you know on our play and a autistic on your plate. Just like that because they're so explosive and so talented. But it wouldn't shock me. One problem for the Patriots opinion and I know it's something that they got treated on clock struck on quite a bit last week during. The quote unquote by which if you real well as they struggled the last couple weeks. And that is not rooted in this year they have been the most balanced team. In the brilliant Belichick there are going back to lights were talking to doubt pot 2006 so I would Brady started to be calm. Not just guys that threw twenty touchdown pass to report interceptions but got held on the thirtieth for a touchdown that. You know it more to do with pat and team this year. Concentrate on the balance conscious part spark because. Yeah he's the quarterback and also because of the power last year and didn't hit title they couldn't run the football. And then Bernard couldn't put Denver treated every down with it now and on the result. I would take a CBS that they would come right back to mowing my Girardi here aren't going to be WTO. Akamai Girardi Comcast sports knowing there was talk about the balance and in my when you think about it. You know it is is it's like a well all machine and to me. You know we do look up nick saying that every Thursday night and you know Vegas as their numbers and we all have a field but. You know neutral site. Let there be New England would have when a team. Has been on that stage is it's almost like if you've been penalty anywhere before we've been to Disney growth I've or some I've never been before. All right you've been in this situation you know I've been in Daytona 500 this is my in the race vs semis first race sadistic race. Just a compliment all of this stuff in there done that no matter routine from the Tiki how to manage your time. Things like that and I don't know how much it plays into the just from the standpoint. As a huge advantage for a team like knowing. I Utah then. Explode recovering could have some pocket told united while it would pinnacle when former pitcher and got a cup ring and not Troy Brown he's got his. And they talk about. The difference in the Super Bowl in the fact that. The long man on. Along commercial breaks and everything and extend. You get a long time you're not used to be in these guys that you well know the wire I'd. We get pretty minutes in and it may need to get your. Degree and this is this game and it absolutely not like that so. I would think that there is a benefit to that the Mets electorate the benefits of that now how much how much of a different that would make. Now that you don't know spoke about going out making plays but maybe there's a little extra Communists maybe did you jump on top earlier maybe. The ante to gain access early stage. Then yeah. You know but I didn't think it helped dictate. The entire flow of the game early on I think. That an important factor to panic keep in mind you know that's what percentage in sacks I don't know what our I'd you know that. 23 of the Tibetan Patriots were in the Super Bowl two years ago when you look at the 23 that are still around. You're talking about the core of your football team down so and and you're you're a quarterback we've done up seven times. Of the kindest thing that that can. You do wondered what little respect I was young cute comment he sent. Will be executed when you don't know which you don't know you just go out and play or is only trapped in the Super Bowl and everybody watching and and all of a sudden I just forgot that I'm gonna. Now like you look at all the weapons and obviously Matt Ryan setting a record throwing. That thirteen given receivers a touchdown in. And you might say well because Belichick is an outstanding job. Whoever you Collin county could take out that one player where he won't even have an impact. But the thing is when Atlanta went eyewitness conspiracies split twice in there and look at the NFC south Julio Jones for instance. Pocketed caller in this season against the Saints and and though he was dealing with turf domain of ago when it was it. Navy and I don't know 2530 yards catching receiving. That in next week he had 300 yards. So well what I am saying is that I think when the Saints have beaten the Falcons. Is when they'd disrupted Matt Rhein. Now Matt Ryan he's gotten better at through the years it wouldn't when they were six and on now lassie the season before Thursday night can't jarred sacked him three times. Solving it of course Belichick and Q will it take got a big game. And somehow what I what I mean by this. Can't because he's a veteran all around that pressure of the middle considering Alex Mack who I think was arguably. One of the greatest free agent acquisitions in the offseason he's made a difference in the middle but the injury he's dealing with a what is ankle. That bad ankle sockets in a Patriot doing stunts. And kind of make in Matt Ryan a little. Uneasy. Or ride a big cut out to maybe try to disrupt his full. That would be it would blow it you talk about both sides are in the weight coach after the to a course year in particular at that time extra. They got an approach and say go ahead. Global which would twenties. And just January 10 and and Machida down in the twenties which in the red area. That's where we shot and that's what type now that's where did you know we're fortunate that mistake and I'd look at the numbers to stop them out on two or seven minute. You're on top five potent without turn the football over. That debt. Huge number of the tickets are also very careful Britain deter the 200 sections uncharacteristic person. The traction in the text and gotten a lot of pressure up the middle like they're talking about. But I've seen them take that approach winning it back and what you think it bounced and try to make him make those plays. And take those twelve and thirteen play drive that something that you got beaten as well go to Atlanta. Don't want they did an about Matt Ryan is the patient that he shall write that. A leopards and not just what you screw up old are you are not appeal. You not work that. And what about the poker site to check out what I do and and there that put those 1213 play drives together and that too and that a lot about. Can't believe that happen each other and have a place or being at that quarterback. Mike Girardi Comcast sports New England again in covering his soup bowl the Patriots and the Falcons Sunday coverage starts at one Ian here with what went over to suitable 51 from Houston. On WWL radio Mike there buys in tune with the Patriots went to Italy as a field from what's gone on real time boots on the ground in Houston. Let them know how they can follow you on social media. That mr. Allen it would hurt like GR. RI AA RD. And also on FaceBook with the same thing it's different. Slash Mike GR. Dip pictures videos. 100 web as well Ian Kennedy got counseling we got to covered. I'm on that type I'm gonna go to a player isn't that a goal for us. Mike Gerrard Mike thank you so much enjoy the rest of Larry. I all right coming up next to a sycamore around the league which ticket out in open you know. Open going to the Vegas is that selected on Vietnam are they going in this could be in jeopardy that's coming up next year around the league on WW. And welcome Matt would continue around the league here on WWL radio 260 when he sends them to get involved. Joining us now is Jimmie Durkin Oakland Raiders beat writer for the Bay Area newsgroup Jimmy. I -- first evolve. All season long the Raiders story is almost like the Frederick and enjoy this season because they worry you can make damn. We got us to a vote team that's in lease a building their way toward it and that if I won't even be here. That's an amount a Raiders fans we've been in that situation before kind of a feel like dead at at the Katrina. I'll take us through that. Vs win that this announcement came down that looks like the Raiders. Would be going to Vegas vs now and it's the one comment Bane the one I can't get out of my here where that is pain and I. Is that. During his whole Iraq good bad good news bad news whatever the fans are one game call him a long list. Yeah and that's been the story here you know I knew it wouldn't hurt them obviously it left or four in. You know there was that now the cloud of uncertainty last Europe what they. Yet when they're trying to keep up with the Chargers moved I'll play it back at that got shot down and then on the big step up. You know throughout the heat and I think they he'd he'd try to kind of put him I'd beaten. You knew that it was even going to be more typical Penn. Maybe I'm fit it seemed like it was you know it being the last couple months that it was trending toward that club and probably will. What happened but. You knew it would probably turn out be in a little bit more difficult so. I think you know yeah there. You kind of tried to take it day by day for the fans and Oakland it was it was frustrating because they've they've had so much uncertainty for a lot a year and they'll understand that they need new stadium and you know. I'm on the bomber are OK with where that and that beane but. Yeah I mean the add them all quiet for Beasley twice per relocation. To look like it was trending toward. Going on to a vote in in owners' meeting in March. You know and then Monday in the top investors some now and decides he'd had enough that they did it the lease agreement that the Raiders. But for a big. You tell that you if they were starting to go about it without in the once they put up that lead agreement that that really had some in terms and have a lot of people and date not just in Europe that would. One dollar annual rent. Restrictions on what you LB Duke they're they're both share the stadium with the Raiders. That he pulled out but the Raiders that they get that point you know he's yesterday still O line not. They had gold went back there ready at big investment bank that that would be on their in. And turned up today you know Goldman that's a lot of business with. Adult men and even if eating column and element in the little we can tell him to. They know that you know they don't want you know lose business with him until there now mean that they are no longer interest did it open and all. Really day. Vegas went from being like I don't know watchers thing he now there is the greater the kind of backed into a corner and are gonna have to find mother kept. Now Jimmy is it more Davis Raiders on remark Davidson dropped the ball because I'm looking to it. The Raiders are out of 650 million dollars this namely out of back out back up plan. But he as well and like you said it Joseph Morris again dismissed figured out. Otherwise that you got to say it's like me who received toward it for vols from the fellow owners needed to improve the teams moved velocity. What that point I'd be surprised if he even if they can go forward with a vote mark get. They don't if they don't have. Plan that they don't happen in that if they don't have any eagle at that point. There's no point in in my mind even delicate with it it probably get cable for a year and it really comes down to is is mark David. Does not want to give up control in the interest of the teams that meet our team and if you're if you're given 615 into a project. Obviously you want something and it is. You know they'll mile the sticking point even know a lot of people thought that everything was going smoothly but at the end of the day. That's just a poignant. It is something I don't know you you don't or how mark David Cole ever be able to get a stadium built form. Without giving away some portion of the keen to get nobody you'd give away money. And Jimmie looking ahead at the Raiders back in a play also the first time since 2002. When you look at the outstanding job obviously. A jag a real because he's the head coach regular game behind the scenes. Unless you knew you follow football Reggie McKenzie. I was seeing where professional football writers of America. Gave him the top honor of being top executive. That was hired as general manager in 2012. And I was anyways the second name member of the Raiders organization to earn an executive of the year award. And I was establish what in 93 Al Davis won in 2002 so that's a big feather in and the Kennedy's camp when he's done with the Raiders since 2012. Yeah I mean especially since a couple of years ago raider fans want. Now it might hurt it hurt three years here that you saw they went from the into the big 88 QB corps. And you know get more work on apart. In his first coaching tired in the balance what they do it is for a couple of draft he'd get her out. Pick is Bert crap and then it. If perk for Graham take the day yeah didn't work out. You know mark David one Mary he got it credit he stuck with Campion. And really let him take as long term vision and infield that he's not the only eat you get your car clean up Mac and one. In one draft and that really turned everything around you delegate beat. Find a lot of you kind of diamonds in the rock you know undrafted guys with a legitimate star running back to. You know 75 yard cut dominant spurt there in their back in the opener you Morlon. And really had a good productive rookie year but yet you you know he's he's done a good job of kind of making the mobility. And that that rant where it would be good salary structure in there in position to be awarded to get the big tension that they're article in the Mac and you'll be able to be that it. Jimmy Derek and Bay Area news group Jimmy with the latest on the Oakland Raiders and move not to mood Jimmy happened people Cuba with you on social media. I'm on Twitter at Jimmy underscored Durkin. Jimmy always a pleasure thank you so much time. I'll wrap up around the league with him inmates in NE dot com the same 49ers. Kevin no the 49ers do they have their main take everything it's on on its aim at sisco and now. The latest on the coach inserts and that his team is right now and standpoint. Regardless of who comes in. They go all article on quarterback first and. You know it's so hard it shaved because they just tired. You know higher. The people who will be making them pretty well. You know they're not I don't think there even in the mind today yet. Which quarterback Aaron and all league quarterbacks they're gonna try to eat. And it got kind of put every everybody in place an order to make go straight. Now I Kevin a relationship. The John Lynch the new general manager AZ long lost cousin her. Maybe though mats and I don't know you know he's a tall good looking Smart. You related in the out of beyond. Well again evident looking at his background. After playing former 49ers coach Bill Walsh in college at Stamford. Will those Delhi and it felt we were ten Levine Denver. Pro Bowl player Communist it's a three time all pro player won a Super Bowl with the Buccaneers. He's a violence this year a Pro Football Hall of Fame but it. What is came out of nowhere especially getting a six year contract. Government analysts I wanted to be a GM. I know 49ers fans saying Al does not know the Matt Millen situation. 801. You part about it it yeah worked at such secret but. You know I know Jimmie Johnson now he said that the most important guy. In your building that acquiring talent. With him with with Java island eat with Kyle hanging. We don't know if they can pick count. They've never done. So it is in order interest in turner and where you know you're named you. Kicking in and keeping your count on our. On not only what they're really account but they're there there are bunkers out there now. Veteran Eric now Kevin. What I mean it's it would seem like that badly. I don't know they go way back. I don't know that Malaysia dead being couch and which you mention and Brad Litsch did that friendship. And then also because he was a party nine and eight game as far as learning the offense. I'll Shanahan that. I mean describe this he get involved because I know he's told to be a part of pro football and they ransom about it to a three months ago that he still would like to be involved. You know that mean anything and an Alex yeah York Jets. During its end the year press conference that he wasn't conversation with my. So. I think that would be a real positive obviously Mike's. Very accomplished. And around a long time but once in mobile right hander. You know what they are an important one 49ers Warner less suitable. All the twenty years ago now so yeah I think having him. In the background would be great maybe in the war crap is about the hurt and they've really lack. Over the last few years is in the veteran presence. In their process that they can kind of got a lot of these these young guys on the owner. Right now about Kevin when you look at the far not a fan base and obviously. They've once who rubles a look in the consider with a organizations that now totally unacceptable obviously tall and went to gain. What what does Penn v.s how they treat the team's CEO Jed York. I mean either they look at it they still give the business is how in the hell you'd in nineteen Jim Harbaugh. And and that scenario logic just great bed now with the fans and New York. Even now currently are on the line who could go to who and ran. The and you know Japan that twin boy. Back in September and he was saying why don't like it you don't like people. July and give them some money on my daughter when all looked like it would. We heard it's a home in time. And you know every time you don't see your says oh yet we got our guys were going to be different and then just saying. So I think there are really question. What to do. You know and how do I will approach it and whether there are right our ports 49ers are not. Kevin mates. S and gate that Congo this latest on the NFC west in the San Francisco for nine has Kevin happened be rookie of the week on social media. Odd that they linked to say O line in each and the number wartime 49ers. On Porter. Kevin thank you so much that they get. Are. Missing out how he how fans have quick witted a host my mom and all mocha you watch in the panic. Keep that we. I am all these years what's that. On pelicans are up by a point 616 to play in the game 8786. We'll wait LE a bubble they were up by fourteen at the half as the Raptors made their run in the third quarter Helen runs ode to a news you mocha they're right behind the cash I don't say they're doing well they produced not amused ought to make another run and the game is in Toronto so keep that in mind it's it's always harder to win on the road. But the Falcons do they now have a three point lead is thought from the bottom in. Of course I haven't seen him thought I'd I think I think he might be taking a night off from his courtside seat from that would beat street definitely. He's a big basketball thing that is our own mark morneau mark thank you very much given us the update there. Well KG can end these Super Bowl. Comes up on Sunday and in this sport coach Sean Payton. I'd take a tech I guess I take his mind he says the two most important days in our sport being a Theo Super Bowl Sunday. And draft day or draft day writes what tomorrow Bob if we use that analogy to equate the comets to two most important days of the national championship day and national signing. I thought it was going to be the game and rouge do in the show. He and the body of action and now welcome Laura de da de gridiron club know his dad dale other outstanding job fetus then as you have they seen me home would have talked about lanky. The eighteenth for a real bats well yeah anything in MM damn good dude dude we're now. They will work they were as big as they were yesterday but they worked out Lewis put this thing together and so forth and they got a lot of Pete and help them. But when they got through Ellis the Bobby. Own their own time they weakened Bautista to defied apartments right to police departments in other areas that you gave Paula had to do to the EU ministers on his. He gave their foods who would go to waste on and I don't they Romo and deservedly get a body out that bash is definitely. Assuming that goes to view and LSU and is cut yeah. A festival type atmosphere. Goes I wonder if you do everything you should go to war he had to go to one and the we gonna be there tomorrow do an hour show and then also on Saturday. You are going to be at arouses a home run right there are better and better highways you need some rehab to probably ought to think twelve that the three yes somewhere around there with Lisa might suitable and I got element. I love all of it suitable. And sound you know yeah talk about you know that the thrill of victory the agony of defeat. Absolutely yeah I was knows how I. It just didn't tidbits that. In all like to always bring out its duels going to be an eight languages. Not not not you would think that has that been the most they've. They've done and as many as ten different languages until born and it's about doing and being used this year united. I didn't see any you know the Asian nation in is that a number of years but it's going to be like for his Spanish French Japanese Mandarin. It is obviously Chinese German Hungarian. But to a team about Chris just walked it would it's Flemmi Jon Miller blemishes. That the Danish. No oh no not not flam Christen. Let them know Flemish. Gone. Combination of very blissful Melvin and his nose source asked them and I I think I'm right about this a combination you know like French and Dutch in Belgium. Yeah I. I really didn't matter how do you know all this when you're not even on the Internet because I read in handling the Atlanta now this I have terribly short term memory is probably do that all of them because. From long term memory still there. And from FL and there it is they. We have all it for him on cause updates all day and on the gaining its image in the morning the latest on tuning Greenleaf. And Italy's huge national signing day all of season as a preseason had this legally Cowboys earlier which you know America cheerleading outfit Kristi gear philosophy that a long time Chris and aware that he had to Wear this earlier to finally go and I read you what went away Christian now has the body to where they pulled out of it is he with the war the idea training camp. A before oh how I was being I was giving him time to get ready so look out on Twitter. Computer am I critic yeah word that is packages to being. All I know them like him. Now with Tom Abbott who will be gruden Sonoma the the size grips and Sasha who was that are right. Amid a mix it is Christie Garrett NT about David double covered sports in bowl thanks to Muster is the real news. Amonte went on. I'm the ability is knowledge about OK eat drink and Bobby a bad one the way elation. That.