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Aug 3, 2011|

Cato Institute Budget Analyst Ted DeHaven is in the Think Tank with Garland to talk the FAA and airport construction.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- Sports later -- create -- seventy WW. And now WWL and have them at 1053. Show to climb inside Garland thing. More to 60187. 66889. -- seventy. Sears Garland. About going to be -- intrusive in June you'll think tank we'll have -- The debate on solar energy. And -- 12 o'clock hour I think I can lose myself in the behold some environmentalists and drive a couple of quite expensive. Hybrid cars. Done all of these contributions so I can in my home trying to. Save money here or whatever else come from the excessive energy use. Tried to put shall -- helps put my -- Was facing the wrong way and my one my great neighbors has Syrian -- industry. Blocking the sun group that I wouldn't even consider asking him to cut down. But we've all learned -- when I look at so. Then -- look at what happened with the -- soon debate. -- a hard time understanding. How we're gonna continue to subsidize. That program. Even if it does provide jobs and that's part of the debate. Will have. One of three authors all and that wrote a book called false promise of Green energy. And more have -- communications. Director. For a soul were trade association nonprofit trade association so when. Should have been increasing debate hopefully a learned something there also are avenue shipyards -- there -- thousands of workers and on the verge of shutting down in 2013. Is there any hope of saving it we're gonna take a look at that and some new developments that I just read about this morning. So we'll talk about revenue shipyards in the 11 o'clock hour. This. Hour is is also kind of put at least for me connected to the the -- with the debt ceiling. Another question we ask is it time to put airport construction workers back to work. President Obama says current stalemate in congress over the issue there's another Washington collected wound on America. What they're talking about there's a disagreement there's so I'm. General order of finance of Federal Aviation Administration. Back in 2007. Lawmakers couldn't reach an agreement. On the U overall measures should have twenty. Extensions. And not all. Because congress is battling over -- there's no extension. -- -- 4000. FAA workers furloughed. Downtown airport construction projects here and hold across the country and that title 7000. Workers. In the meantime. To governments are losing about thirty million dollars a day. That they would get from Maryland ticket to unfortunately that money goes through the wonderful airlines and treated so well when we travel. To help me with this -- complicated issued Ted didn't budget analyst with Cato Institute in a -- welcomed the show. Carolina back in the end again and you've heard this -- -- -- in light of -- new journalism and the new communications in this country it's okay for everybody to have an unbiased somewhere but a wanna put reported out for a video listeners who don't know. So that they hear your opinion here in my opinion in the think tank at least they know from which side of the spectrum it's coming from. -- maybe you will Cato Institute. Of libertarian leaning organization. Right libertarian free markets. We -- privatization. So. Surprise surprise government tell -- that we -- to privatize. The FAA and and the air traffic control. And only to do it looked our neighbors up north Canada they have they. They privatized air traffic control system it's on by. Private nonprofit last year received international award for having them. Best overall system better technology. You know better statistics in terms of arrivals on time everything else and so. My goodness if Canada. Indeed there's without it having being run. By their government. Like Italy and as you pointed out we've had. Down seventeen. Different extensions Tony extensions. Since 2007. And really it is just another example of a microcosm of what we've just seen what food that's killing debate -- is that. Congress and the federal government is inherently incapable. Getting the job done and so. Do we wanna continue to trust these. Human beings who. Their own interest at heart we're we wanna look to alternative boosters is no perfect solution out there that I could look across the globe. The the countries that have moved away from government control. Have a better track record. -- me this dude dude that questioned. It comes to mind that come true fearless and word would point out. The one thing that I Colin knew the -- don't in the republic camps. The one thing these seem to agree on is we need more jobs. Our -- it would seem that if you believe private industry. Handled its business better than government because it takes pure people in lower cost. Wouldn't that mean fewer jobs. It's. It may or may not certainly the that they. Labor force He is very expensive the air traffic control. Back in 2005 and they FAA study found that the average compensation for workers to 166000. Dollars so. It's very likely that are private model. Because you might not have the strong union that you have. With the current arrangement governor arrangement. That you might actually had people people being paid. According to their ability people who fall asleep. Let's say in the air traffic control towers. Might not have the job protections. That they would under the private -- so and I think that's kind of funny because you always hear about. Evil profiteers and they would cut corners and we -- you know plan to be crashing into the sea get this the government run model. We're day after day we hear about that drunken controllers controllers asleep. It was impossible to do I think what come because of the strict union rules that keeps him in their jobs -- least makes it a long -- drawn out process to get rid of them. Well listen let's talk about the union senator Rockefeller when record as saying that. Between seuss' that He Mubarak. Delta Airlines. Said -- -- decision made by the National Mediation Board that allows airline and railroad workers organized for their votes. -- the regular way. A yes or no vote rather than by telling people don't participate in all of these elections. Delta lost in court. Another back and Rockefeller claimed. There will be Republicans. Convincing them. Not to do this because of the union. Do you buy that. Well I mean goodness Rockefeller from West Virginia meaning guys in the back pocket the union so well is He gonna say. Look the airlines. Struggle in them. One of the reasons why they struggle as various government regulations that also lose the burdens -- you know I caused by excess demand. Made for unions to get their backing from Washington and I'll just simply pointed General Motors and contrite or anybody out there thinks that. It'd -- union power. Backed by -- Washington DC was such a great idea well they're injured there's what happens. -- new rule would be a little bit longer term. Yet aren't we're gonna take a break when we come outlook -- -- liberals. Big government to believers. Give us go -- list was called the think tank. Trying to put on both sides to this. Quite frankly the only intent to do it and we could -- -- -- we called. Rockefeller's office suite called. Representatives you know there's things we call we appreciate. And Ted resume in the woods opened to things to think so I'm -- balance it out here gives sure arguments for this. Two Sid zero when it's seven. Told three anywhere in the country -- six succeeded none zero and seven and Garland -- would call of the think tank WB. The think tank with Garland Robinette until -- WL AM FM and dot com V news talk sports leader. 504260187. The port 8668890. Wait seventy. -- -- they can I think you've got a little bit revealed a side calling him a home. Where will -- attended. A budget analyst with Cato Institute. Lives during and conservative leaning. And we're talking about. Congress the report gives them room to once again. A fighting this time it's over the Federal Aviation Administration. Every true and grow on trying to reach a broad financing agreement and since 2007. They really hadn't come to an agreement. They've just extended it toward John Paul right now is -- and as such problem that we furloughed 40000 workers. Airport construction projects cross country house recently and Californian -- I mean when you good regularly airport there's construction and nobody there. 7000 workers aboard and Jennifer understand you correctly they're dedicated -- and then. More conservative side of this says bottom line is used solar be done with -- private company she. PM I don't know about I don't know about the conservative side that this is certainly the free marketers. -- humanitarian during your remark to bruise on the liberal side. And at that committee and a. Around before -- go to the calls -- behavioral monetary controls short to give assumed some some responses. The other thing. That -- the Republicans are doing is they're trying to shut down these central air service program. And that's and oftentimes described as the lifeblood I think it's like a 14050. Communities that. You don't have those small airliners. Yet the that this is basically. A -- To rural members of congress. Basically. Airports but it really aren't used and don't have sufficient traffic. And so the rest of the taxpayer in this country gets stuck with the bill to pay for it. They're nothing but parochial pork projects I grew up next door. To an airport and now Pennsylvania now it's called John Murtha. Bubble Bly airport. The John John Murtha was. -- 3040 year congressmen -- -- bear alert hectic that that the district key. And I had so much pork in and stuff that He brought back in my it will be part of Washington DC and my point is. Why is John Murtha won this district in Pennsylvania says special. The people across this country including the good people Marlins are paying federal taxes. So John Murtha can have an airport in the district of course they come -- and say well it -- job and at the white -- the economy. But look there's such a thing as a free lunch for all these wonderful things that congress critters -- Every dollar you paid how the economy take out of people's pockets to spend on. Airport with no traffic that make members of congress feel good -- on the good ribbon cutting ceremony. But one less dollar that we have the private sector to do something more economic or more effective more efficient way. All right -- -- consumer -- callers Robert. Appreciated the call your home with tentative. -- good morning gentlemen I've. It's that my question about alcohol lobby big big here it won't even be needed to do something like air traffic control. -- -- -- well we have laser guided this file now that into much of the stretched that they we could have later -- buildup. Airplane. And now I'll take my -- -- And that they that's a good question and and that's part of that's -- the issue cheers the FAA is moving toward its next gen next generation. Air traffic control system we're still basically using World War II. Technology. This is going to be GPS based. That this this is actually touches on an issue that we've seen in either. Heavily unionized industries is that -- the post office weather's been in tracked. It's hard to shed unnecessary I needed jobs because the union protections in the rules. They key basically keep warm bodies and played. That's very cost ineffective. And again it points. To another reason to keep that that the government hand and I get these away from -- government. All of the politicians. In the unions. Because that's the only way you can -- good efficient effective innovation. Which benefits the entire country I think we forget about this constantly because these fixate on these X amana jobs we fixate on the so called rights and privileges. -- the unionized employees. Believe forget about the average American out there we forget about the people paying the bill using the services. And that should be the primary focus from Washington unfortunately and. How how about we'll let don't let me bring you know the call hold and second Jimmy Jimmy your rumored tentative. Okay. You are saying just this kind of caught my attention about how. You know nothing works in Washington and all this but isn't that that He already you know who held up the negotiations. And I mean they're the ones that hate government so it just. You know get it that when people say walking you know especially conservatives who say look Washington doesn't work but -- the people who hate the government the most. That are -- in my view you know and then they'll love the policies. Out there that are sabotaging and you know bringing the whole thing to a -- any in the first place. Search or ask a question please are you from the New Orleans area yet. How this scheme work out -- -- during Hurricane Katrina who would be on there I mean who came under it was under a pilot underwent a politician and Annan Annan Annan Annan and and and it was under bush and bush had defund it or whatever had bought it from a cabinet position. Down so that the perfect example usually the worst president we've had in terms of fiscal policy get no argument from me -- Again it doesn't matter the party for -- Republican Democrat. They're all guilty it's all about people tripping over themselves to acquire power. And use that power to you know pat your pockets and take care of their friends and their allies in the folks. Back at 11 o'clock what country what what the course solution if you had to go to one thing what are we gonna do. I mean what can I get I mean he'd run a libertarian candidate or was. I mean well you know if you get hit you and -- to your question. I think this is what's great about these shows is we're having debate we're having the discussion we're putting those ideas that there. A lot of people out there don't realize it up and Kenny probably think Canada has the government run air traffic control system like the United States will now. I think a lot airlift that are finding out this morning that. They have a privatized nonprofit that runs your traffic control system and just last year got an international war -- the best one on the globe. So hopefully that information can be disseminated and maybe get somebody -- Washington -- is something about it. Take that example go okay we can but maybe we can do that a but I mean Canada is not a good example of private that they I mean candidate much more level a much more. Government in all involved and we all are so that's one example but then I'm sure there -- other examples like healthcare and I know that the whole another thing. You can that won't know why don't we look at that as a solution. And they've made him something the government does things better I mean good thank government adorable they're terrible they're a bunch of bomb they never would never -- and -- -- that just. No -- is is the other -- and. I guess I don't know I don't know -- -- spend I spend time in -- spend time has spent time in state government of the budget official. And I just my experiences in my research and everything else is left in conclusion that there's there's -- government is not the ideal but the government can't do think the government put a man on the moon. The government can quote unquote creating jobs. But I think that they ask ourselves at what cost that's number one and number two is that the ideal is there a better way to do it. And I think that's what we should -- that's what I consider myself a progressive because I actually think have any government do all these things. Whether taking care of the poor or running our air traffic control I actually think -- -- cash deal I think that conservative and boring I think progressive is trying to get the next level. Something it more efficient. More effective. And benefits more people without all the political nonsense and then politicking in an all the other things He had to deal with the Washington. Ted regardless of your political leanings always appreciated when you come on because -- this -- that they intend to all about where you I don't show up my mind down to you being wrong are you being right. A -- Colin Powell was a good when my -- what Arne Duncan -- -- questions and you're right if we just. Start listening to each other in May be our. I think this is the problem. I don't think -- the others. Really believe or understand. The would you assume I have money for a lot of things would be like government don't like government. We've got a big debris down here. Where we can't believe they don't give us our oil royalties. To savor wetlands and around you -- talk to Jersey. They gonna have been for their beaches and had talked to Michigan they got to have good for dredging during their everybody's. Pork. Seems important. To a parochial interest and nobody seems to say. But there's no money for. And -- just say where's the money. No one seems to have an answer to that. Tell always a pleasure. Thank you much real good doing your own doctors say thank you are -- generally slaves they -- welcome back to choose who will mean -- -- through the or if not the Joseph and brand built. Oh let's continue his conversation in particular. As -- said. Heads the Cato Institute. Libertarian leaning conservative leaning. You liberals demo -- Jim because let's hear the other side. -- -- 170. Told three anywhere in the country needs 6680. Dollar and 70. Garland Robinette with a college thing turning -- of the turn us -- Information -- to get you through this today. Talking sports leader of the big 871053. WWL happen. -- -- To bring our troops are relatively minor. Issue an issue that's -- the unnoticed. Because of the deficits -- debate. The Republicans in the -- don't serenity -- they're there they're fighting over an -- Libya. Federal aviation industry usually every year since 2007. They give up. Extinction and just keep debating that have twenty of those extensions. This year than not -- -- 4000 workers -- affiliated -- and in 70000. Workers nationwide. Not able to work in construction projects in airports around the country Jeremy user -- yes. -- you you it's uninteresting questions. This one I wanted to ask you. I did. A blog a couple of days ago that -- WW dot com. And it came from me listening to run in your report over the weekend liberals and conservatives around the room table. Very intelligent very muted nobody screaming and talking over each other and every one of them seem to have a point. -- went home and I looked up everything they were talking about it. And I was able to pull out pink tank reports. Banking reports federal reports state reports backing. In detail. Every -- You know a compromise is good no compromise is a bad. -- got to be another noticeable. Talent you know I got -- to a high school degree I don't know who believe. But what I need somebody to tell me is what can we afford in the first place not. When I look at an elective -- solely smaller airports -- give an example. Ely Nevada. To Las Vegas from Ely and Garnett to us rigorous we subsidize. The tickets to the people that -- Drawn in to -- 3720. Dollars per ticket. And and and and a look at that the grown up Richard -- who really need that play. But I can't imagine we can afford that what we do all about the cost. What do we do where do we get the money for -- all what. Small programs for a hundred and that the communities around the country with a smaller jump blunders. The billions are reporting into the FAA. It should we look for private industry deceit and we can get it colossal force. I mean you we might have to at this point in certain cases. I mean. You know. I mean somebody you know penny and it just makes me paranoid like. Republicans want to. You know like with the wars and everything and now I'm not -- Michael with a conscious sort of -- conspiratorial but if you spend the money there are. And I mean the banking crisis comment I -- that's a different don't you can't now traced it back to one party or anything. But and so now we're in this we're in this new situation we're hopeful that we you know. I mean it basically you know say goodbye to the -- the way things were if you believe that government activism to a certain point and again I mean you know. We have to work with what we have maybe it's over for awhile. I've I've beaten one millions of -- this this is my guess. Pulling what so many experts have told me here and and I -- even look at your Wall Street. Journal. Opinion page yesterday would be the it from a banker investor. And He says that time lose except lives optimism. And other economic biases and basically what He says -- No politician. No big businessman and no academia and without tenure can come out in tell you how bad it's gonna get. And what He reflects is what Elliott stonecipher has told me run coaches -- -- at least. Ten different economists from all over the world including Pimco the big bond holders Garland. We can not sustain what we've got here of what's gonna happen the the feds or not going to be able to tell us the truth. Because there won't be an office will get a rhythm. The push it down to the states the states were also able constitutionally restricted this well we can spent they'll push into the city in the senator's widow -- I got a budget and people can be taxed anymore. And at that point. The city council of the parish councils. Will -- -- neighborhood. You want to bottles text. You get together and gives -- money I don't you think that's what it's coming to bet that we're going to be forced to live within the army so yeah. I got it up and I think that's worth the debate is good as long as the debate understands. We gotta get to the poor -- what we -- -- It did and -- is use. Look like which used a lot like -- we may have to go over the cliff. I mean like in the banking industry. Okay it at whatever happened happened but the bad thing is I mean once again I'm not that inform but. It is at least we could have said but we've changed things up the regulations are different or whatever it would do them every you know get a sense that that's true. It's not you're absolutely brilliant not proven knowledge and not true that there are getting bigger bonuses than ever they have merged now. So the banks are actually bigger. In other words much bigger -- for -- and up one banker. -- what has been brought before the Justice Department. On anything. Now to meet the danger lives -- to get the Republicans limit those conservative liberal. The big danger is there you lose faith. You convinced people you cannot believe they believe I don't care how big bank you're on the grill powerful -- ritual. You lose the trust of people something bad is gonna happen. Yeah yeah yeah. -- the -- good call I appreciate very much this kind of stuff we need in a think tank you know you don't totally groomed me I don't totally agree with you but maybe in the debate. We here's something where each of those shows a kernel of truth. Enough to move in the direction the gonna -- both of thank you so much for calling take -- bread double a BO north's. You're in the think tank -- Garland Robinette on WWL AM FN dot com. He news talk and sports leader 504260187. The or 8668890. Wait seventy wherever. So you're all pros who now. Not -- -- approach them ruler debate publicly -- congress. Or movie. Abduction. What we're talking about now is funding really appreciate the Republicans and don't from fighting each other rubric. One says you -- a twenty billion citizens isn't in the meantime. We've got to have 4000 people workers Tripoli furloughed. So do know of them played chicken with -- 70000. Idled workers because of the airport projects. All over the country come to a halt and -- -- congress. Going in recess soon there's gonna continue for quite awhile. It was -- your -- your appreciate your -- on your on. Saying it thought it. -- -- You will to a jury you'll lose speaker who got ahead on turn on the camera and -- talking about. You should end up doing and that He didn't want people aren't. -- don't give -- actual. -- everybody else. You know and then when He went all. -- -- We're Joseph little and is something and I agree with the union or of union people more. People just like anybody else -- here's a problem lifts a blown through union okay an argument good example reunion. With the car manufacturers now that they're selling more cars. They wanna go back to the table negotiated again all right in. I'm saying that they they cover a lot of benefits they cut around water play but. If you have to compete. And you know you do. We're -- trying to within India -- Brazil -- Mexico. Would at all have for a lower wages even to the point. A Chinese workers now or starting to charge a little bit too much because they're getting richer. Now China is moving some of its production to Vietnam Chile Africa. In order to get cheaper workers. As a union. How do you fight for higher wages and higher benefits. When you can't compete with the other countries. Well god and they shouldn't have to compete with -- become a well. You'll hold your old you do everything you -- either -- to connect because. Chrysler should compete with GMC here. 200. Older people don't know Georgia how -- you. And if you walk. All right well didn't you what do you want what -- -- and that's the younger generation the world and worked their way into more -- You're -- shoulders and you're. Other so called American cars. Under more American than black and -- guide their ports to come from all over an oral want to break or Joseph you're not gonna change that problem the world is a village now. You can computer -- in money markets in a nano second from China or from boutique. The world just doesn't work that bush -- these unions. Pink that's the way you should change true. Other you can do you do you're gonna live and very cold and dark place -- wading into. I am saying. You do you say have been other guy would do it I gotta say. You can answer my question yeah I don't know already soon and remember that. -- already -- that I agree with you on that but you can answer my question -- -- how do you complete. How do you compete. So if you build a car. That's 101000 dollars more than it can be built in Korea. You're gonna compete with that because a total product. No no no I. You may get demand the best product at the cheapest cost you could make regarding you know that I read. Every -- can't make it cheaper enough Joseph. Are you enjoy appreciated the call. You know again this is where we're immovable. My generation thinks this is the way it should be because it's always been that way. And we don't even here wouldn't people my age don't wanna hear change. We don't hear the world's different place. We don't wanna hear. That I had to compete with China. -- a referendum by a wife. Who's one of the best entrepreneur or so I've ever seen. Has been. Taking her proud of being made in China and selling and all over the world. She's got margin the producer wrote a very comfortable that the -- China. Because there wages are raising coming up. She can't do that anymore so she's got to switch into ironically. A European country. Who's down on its luck and consequently. The wages are lower and guess who's running the factories. In the European country where the wages are lower. Chinese companies. OK let's. Up moving up to be on top -- no limit to Google or break on combined to try to you have got squeezed another phone call we're also gonna have -- At twelve noon on solar energy. It's it's something we all. Really have to argue well understand and determine what we're gonna -- could we Stanley one place. And argue about it. The storms are gonna -- -- come right back. No your in the think tanks with Garland Robinette on WWL and AM FM and -- car. News talk and sports leader. -- god of -- about a minute. Appreciate Colin. Begala on the -- put up and I like our. -- and the taxes that it oatmeal farm product there's no way we can compete with Third World country that's been -- Well well first logged into the live big debate on the on South Korea and China has no thank you one of the -- news. When China and India and Brazil -- so -- of fire death it's kind of hard to get leverage against certain. When He went there and you drove our death. Also it seems like they're tags in the American public and taken -- tied the -- the foreign company. All of a company paid based although lied to America that we have to help feed the world countries we're doing a good staying put me back really bad. But they're not doing anything -- -- but those people -- giving -- -- that a payment -- had been double cross the street was okay. Well. Bottom line and implement terror inside of it just like concern due to its. There's going to be a debate in congress but part of the problem is true you put terrorists on them. They're gonna put Arizona and then the very union we're talking about are going to be screaming bloody murder because their product in more difficult to sell. Good call good thoughts I appreciate very much coming up next. We're going to be talking about -- -- it would go right here in this country. Losing jobs let's see what can be done going -- -- we call it do you think today. And -- governor of real big utility -- for a 53.