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1-24 6:10pm Deke and Bobby talk about Steve Spagnoula

Jan 24, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk with WWL listeners about the breaking news that Saints Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnoula has been fired.

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Money 72038668890. Rates -- the you can keep a what is on FaceBook and I'm now on Twitter at. -- big -- well the New Orleans Saints have fired -- according to Steve Spagnuolo. And secondary coach can play took. Personally I want to thank Steve and -- for their contribution during what was an unprecedented 2012. Season. As a -- In the pronounces Bowden is philosophically month and it. You -- off the air philosophically thank you so could you. Not know but I mean I'd rather the -- Arnold say it right between me to a we are changing our defense to a 34 alignment and right now is the best time to accomplish this transition. Steve Spagnuolo is out. You'll take the ball and we go -- joked Steve Spagnuolo has been fired thank you for calling WW it. That the beginning. About the average but it regard them. In what the coach did was sharp as needed. That would mean I have the utmost confidence in an independent having big. Non -- on the news about me in the airport in the heat of. Simple hold me out a lot women. Dosage of big time they waiting so much going to give us should take on the Hornets new logo and new team. Well it's not delicate that. Yeah and we got pregnant and not had a bad guys they have been a look at him out they Wear and bar I -- that people like you say if we win. It will be cold and if -- -- -- is there. Why couldn't work well. As you look at okay is like in Idaho if you were a team and I don't use that would put -- potato -- -- You have to Lusaka and commerce and and hold cheese thing at jesus' CD with the state of Wisconsin. Really -- about really -- LA LA. Yeah well and opt out what it. Mean it is probable well I wanna if we win everybody loves the. Yet you've got to be a winning -- -- -- not yeah you know ninety wanna -- the but -- thing about that you brought at Green Day and how they would its season and also their mask out packer you know to Packers learn where again and beat back in line. I mean I'll -- intimidating is that. You know. -- and the way. And I'm looking forward to be -- and eighteen on the victory one that. Thank you so much -- and we. Didn't really chill. You -- not buying. And work out there on not only. Only one of the guys that have been doing really well you. You call a bad call me a -- now. Against that -- and so being the being me you know I don't really now what might -- the. It is interesting -- Well he's always thinking no one day Babbit now we get a little bit more -- start. You know showing that we we we know our -- we we entertain bumble in sports banquet kind of we have all favor housewives show we like the wise to not -- I -- and managers -- -- by the life. All it's county in Beverly use you know we got a big kind of go across the board a bit but we gotta keep it kind of sports -- and. All of you always go out and you always love to colas and and -- next time welcome popular because we put him in the. I've been doing it you guys need -- you're yeah. All right thank you -- -- we appreciate it means Joseph given heartache as the Hornets would change to the box outs but it. The Hornets would change to the pelicans next year and the logo is up on line Dave Cohen did apiece. Right -- around a press conference time Dennis Clausen -- the -- the Hornets dignitaries spoke. That it WWR that accomplished the Hornets. Has skewed this might have fired defense according to Steve Spagnuolo. You'll take Darryl thank you for calling WW yeah. Maybe people outlets and -- people who honestly mark. I really do injustice skiing and the people that -- -- and now that we come back as a coach so you know -- it into Little League yet. Just don't manage the personnel. Listened to go Romanoff was a goat there's some other people have got to go and quickness out it was -- the bottom of Beijing most. You know maybe some more and you know good thing about it is a major personnel. Yeah probably yeah delegate Darryl also easy major overall person yet to look at what they guaranteed I need to make is with the invested. That it -- a couple of players Curtis Lofton -- on and I going anywhere because the money money it would have to eat. And -- I'd be shocked. You know willing to do that considering what you're dealing with the salary cap now. Sedrick Ellis Wilson and all those guys yet you need to make whatever changes who really. Aggressive and be -- object yet to -- Colin Cameron -- the I -- if you look at young -- that have been. Man out of our big that you you know you can go back and say all right. This guy had a better year -- this gap but when you -- that edge defensively. You you've got to basically a couple of guys have to stick announced like this a closet full old shoes. And just say okay we're at that they have 1980 Madson knew it in the seventy -- play out on the -- -- -- -- -- if you if you don't think Curtis Lofton is a player. Some draw in and -- and he did at first they need had a caddie warned that Curtis Lofton is a big. Pamela -- and blog you gotta -- that's a lineman occupying and you know of front line and let him go silent a silent though he's. Is it to -- double digit tags out of high twelve tackles a game. And that that that's just what he's done throughout his children he's been reliably stayed healthy. You look available in a statement. As of right now obviously is always a handful. At Z for -- can keep drama like coach Bates and Al being evaluated. So be interested to see I've been. Hill you know pre -- drafts. I'm gonna do mini camp all -- given out on defense and. Is it is CU coach Steve Spagnuolo has made five all calls until 8 o'clock tonight give -- -- take this is sports talk on WW it. And. Do. That's wild man number two innings Santana yeah. She knows Sosa and Kelly and sands and it's one of the finest behind the scenes. -- him and Bobby's is unique he was the producer of the and emotional. Mount tam. One of the longest running shows a thing television shall we had an NC. Made an afternoon to remember if you come on the news on an Oprah went through zone and I said Danny booked almost -- in -- now to produce a of Garland. Element. Divorce. Those. Who went to get a thing and that -- The -- at this point that the Hornets or have a new name the pelicans you can take out the logo at WW go back out. And coach Sean Payton in the Saints have fired before the coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Negate Dickey was gonna meet eye you maybe tell coach I was gonna give him a shot because he wasn't -- -- -- noticed -- the date exactly. He was -- and reevaluate. Gotta feel a lot of his evaluating was done but any of their meeting yesterday and I -- today. Spagnuolo. Is now so -- can play to the secondary coach you take it to 60 point seven. Well -- Uga any of the words -- NFL history. And you might say oh he can't let the -- -- -- you know what would you do and his -- Not only did he Cuba more than 7000 yards. In a single season in the malls like this and in NFL history. They finished one before last in points allow. It was the united times I would tell him bend but don't break and it will break a -- -- who -- before last in points allowed. It -- quarterback rank twenty ninths oh. No I mean angle of the comments at the proposed changes need to be made and if you look along with coach Angola. Can play -- You know who you associate with you lose your connection with coach Spagnuolo was head coach. For the St. Louis Rams he was. -- as -- as the beavers coordinator for the Rams in. When he came -- coach during over the Saints who's the secondary coach. It was like since their connection. No regard -- different direction. Going to report on big. Saying we're going to at three forums you know do well Holmgren trying to see who would be strong can it. I think he would fall in the category. Jack Del Rio. And now Mike Nolan. Bob what do you mean. Not necessarily having success. Our ultimate success as a coach but outstanding -- it's a quarter -- That being Romeo Cornell. When the Kansas City Chiefs excellent not necessarily. Obviously that worked out they have a couple of opportunities and coach. When he's put in the ball arm is an as a -- -- coordinators so he's got those proselytize. The go all the way back yet. Giant days so red nation. What do you think maybe. Just throwing names out there -- name. You know look at it 34 background Romeo Cornell. You know criminal born in me being in his corner I don't know who it is it is. In the process. But like Rob Ryan -- he robber line. The rumors there you when he lead in the Cowboys. Ago would you pitch which makes -- with the Rams. Since you know Gregg Williams is not going to be legitimate -- -- -- it would bloody line. Would you pitches associated so I would say Rob Ryan when he made a statement his post game. Conference's fourth when he got our dollar dog and a job requirement. The kind of players looking -- opportunities. So it's it rob rise being more in line to go -- this year. And the Rams and I don't really you know when Romeo Cornell coach team that is in name. You know he can call one guy ask about. You stick with. A beat up from mark thank you for calling WW ago. They've -- Tom and that's -- right. I'm a game. He's back on our part so. And then in. I don't know camp on ward in wearing any available on the court. Record what happened -- You -- that was once strong point. If you look at the Cardinals. Now that the we do some investigation but ray -- You look at the -- as -- as though it was their offense when Collison at that slide it was because their defense. Very opportunistic. Probably the most impressively that seasoned they went to New England. When you start -- Portland cries that he took the Cleveland job. Before the quarters. These are all so more to me it definitely. Our -- well I mean I don't. Not -- -- it was a good thing that coach Peyton was going on you know not only this Bobby. But coach Payton watched these defense. From a standpoint that you never have again right you know until he knows he's through coaching soulful that. But to be out the inning comeback in. So I would imagine his frustration level Bobby in in his evaluation. It was soft and it. Is unique is the whole situation the Saints had to be in the here because although he couldn't you know base it from home he could really. Conversely you by an organization that talk about it doing -- -- -- -- he and noted in detail you know nobody -- was associate with this. Well -- you know being an outside and having a lot of time looking at the whole NFL in general. That's why anyone giving you about while we still learning the defense excuse. New Zealand did you go real with the Broncos in my -- with the Falcons. You look at those to -- was incarnate is day. Big -- deep into the top seeded teams the Broncos in the AFC. The Falcons in the NFC. So I mean it seems like those players taken a rather quickly. And I said it before you look at the talent are ranked fifth in the NFL in takeaways. Now on the Greg -- -- gratis festive season we won the Super Bowl 39 with a palace had 31 this year but this is important. You know tomorrow we were 11 before last of points allow him when the Falcons. All big -- repair of the only give up eighteen point seven points a game. That's one reason why you know you have a great opportunity. When Expos above is like the Falcons in that receiving -- and our offense that you win 1213 of fourteen game that you throwing -- What continue to on their Del Rio. Big this is unbelievable to about lay an egg in the playoffs. What they did in the regular season. Was truly amazing they -- the second ranked. The fifth overall after the year before. Being ranked twentieth. -- don't think I did a real turn things around. You look how you play gives the run stop the run they were second against the run they sagged a quarterback -- -- the Saints fans love. You -- -- about the dole going crazy. And an an -- in the hammered at home field advantage and now you gotta give the Ravens a lot of credit but they sagged opposing quarterback 52 times. I'm just so we get the high thirties. Below forty thing you look at how you stop drives and the opponent going down the feel us it is before you thirty to -- 33%. You know -- to an NFL. What they were number one allowing only thirty and a half percent third down conversion. -- we all know the year if we win. The suitable Greg Williams -- Darren Sharper opportunistic defense we had seventy yards and touchdowns. With the shared a Broncos at six. In his scoring 46 points. They had a couple of safeties with that bad but that's what we look at -- at the magical. Number when you say you -- it is like that not only. You know pick it up. No holding their weight so to speak in not being a liability but they influence an -- Kilmeny game. Now they were shocked and embarrassed. With the Ravens did an -- at home. But as far as laying a foundation. -- have this kind of performance again next year obviously with Peyton Manning no and his team had the biggest lines. The Broncos learned a favorite in the ANC to -- suitable even next year. We're going to look at who's possibly available Steve Spagnuolo has been -- -- of the top names of people lamenting on Lovie Smith and Romeo Cornell as Bobby talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is the longest tenured assistant coach with the Chargers San Diego there was some rumbling I was reading on a San Diego blog last night about. Possibly exploit lovely but I can't imagine that he would take a coordinator job at the being passed over because he did. Talk to the charges are Ryan has been picked up by the Graham so he's off the list so you know there's a list -- but I -- -- be interest to see because not only. You know the foot defense according to the coach. Peyton is already say they are moving. 2834. Scheme albeit Collison and more of it -- Until 8 o'clock tonight coming back here from new news time the 63 to go to -- Amazing I know he's now in his defense formidable the Saints. -- played -- is out as secondary coach and the Saints who go to a three. Four scheme back cut to the phones that we go and it's -- to. Rick in Houston Rick thank you for calling WW -- Record. With the along. Secondly where -- they got reinstated Monday. Yeah but I'd be real today. It doesn't need to stop this should not like here you know. BB yes 040. Will be. Six year build and in the development what is. At. RNC. -- in. And coach coach as a coach you want to. I related development of linebackers our body of the last six years utility. No I I would say the guys know Vilma was a -- established over in the -- Exactly yeah the problem is not just personnel -- the opening of young talent. That team sorely need in the old car coaches. Get on the premiere of cereal or -- they need to go. And probably in her more from Alabama. -- -- it perched on. I've got to wait and see who is going Hafner. Well. I mean and Manny -- game back on reality you complain about what took so long. -- it's Joseph did the Raiders are Peyton adhered build on and and Greg and -- that you're beautiful -- -- not he needs to stop otherwise -- Yeah we're giving. What is the coaching and then how regular how do they create -- -- market which is our problem. Yellow Greg if you don't I don't know OLPN mail phone and they'll break if you look at it. OK coach Johnson was part a great way of -- and drove it were one of suitable. Now do you say yeah well we won in spite of the defense they had the takeaways and you know you look at scoring game because though it hasn't been though considers him of the business side I'd midday. But. I guess you'll get a secondary coach we grabbed advance. I guess is what -- -- -- Allenby Eagles because of the it was a coordinator with the Broncos now anyway to the Raiders. Now what of the Raiders haven't won anything. But no I've -- ain't -- address all that he's not. He's got all of -- signed. I think he ages. Gonna stay put he's gonna make changes and and who knows. They might be more changes to come his. He is at stake Baghdad's freaking nuts -- ago went from the debt capital city area code someone dole the point. On that gas prudently. And a pointedly about game retain its at all but I mean come on -- -- at what took so long they got reinstated Monday. I mean -- what Monday and Tuesday you spoke to the media as the date the unit -- -- -- they know why with -- -- know as coaches. Any anybody got a big -- come on man make some sense when you talk and. -- it and Joseph bit and have the power -- interim coach -- businesses even Mickey Loomis today. There is -- gentlemen. Coach Kirby Smart economic climate change head coaches in college have enough time make in the transition. To being a head coach and approach with -- assistant coaches now we've hit on offense. Same with coaches and players. Maybe as -- indicates in the Davis on a ball where we've been inconsistent. When you look at the office of line on the success those coaches have had -- summerall. Look he's an outstanding job. To Jason Peyton trio in Illinois coach -- bills coach -- Michael interview thing a coach and out Ammann as head coach. Koroma is offered corny but there are now -- doron was a Syracuse coach I a couple of success -- -- Mattingly coach and -- So I mean you know when you win -- that happens I mean Bill Belichick called albeit he's allowed his assistants haven't panned out. When you win idea people company assist. In coaching now you mentioned coach Ellington -- a great player just there's a great player doesn't mean you're going to be a great coach. You have to say. Via I don't not running attack that much of a step backwards as far as. -- from coach Johnson scored CJ. To Henry Allen I mean that really wasn't a problem. You know the -- a receiving corps now. I think the main problem was addressed today about it and you know I mean I don't know I don't I don't at -- that I was gonna say that the local Payton would fire. Him on the coach Peyton was. He was he was I think vary in in a professional way you know not a a lot of faces at Bristol but you could tell he was. I would say somewhat visibly upset when asked about how the defense performed. Last year he spoke with passion about it yesterday as well and today he led him firing so within a matter out -- Sean Payton being back on the job. He's -- two guys and it's always you know he's looking. 43 coaches now and line coach a secondary coach and also a coordinator a defensive coordinator so let's go back to the polls Bobby. Paul in -- trade does not like the move all thank you for calling. I thought that line. Really don't think we should I expect -- -- which means even more and more easily and defense all of our players that beat entering the -- beyond its review we need it plays we needed to coach. No apology and that's the -- a lot of people OC is the coach -- is -- talent embassies that company in. A bowl on those good deal of success. With the Eagles in the -- I mean he camp is the pits and get -- Tom Brady kept the agents from Oakland undefeated. That we in his. You know Doug human yours Justin Tuck might mystery and lining up but all of analyst. Hoping it is does know each patient in the NFL. The Jaguars -- the Jaguars. Are daring coach after one year. So I mean yeah. As -- like -- you got to build a program it you know get a recruiting class delegate Cutler's 23 years ago. Every year it's amazing what you -- in next year. At least six. It's an average ending up on the board this one time. If you got 32 teams every year and the seeks -- coaches on average. Coaches get far. I mean yeah that is no patience. Oh I didn't really surprise in that regard I thought maybe he said it would have given of one more year. But I and he coached me was to go to different directions. When it. Reports that a report. 2601878668890. Eighths any Steve Spagnuolo has been fired as befits a squad made a for the Saints -- -- second is -- Candice plays to your take pride here on WW it. -- And then. Then then I can only. These Spagnuolo has been five if they -- to wanted to for the black and gold. And the Saints who moved to 834. Defensive scheme. Back to the phones we go hard before Max thank you for calling WW Rio. -- -- -- -- These were the better power from the beginning shouldn't there with the Graham's. But he. Hall of fame lineman with the Giants and that made it very successful and to see increasing their defense never succeed and what I mean by that. We were always -- long covered and that the -- about Campbell's. It can't be all personnel at Uga won't cover your goal to view it is time. And we got a little hopefuls are. And we -- company you keep you can't be a full point for the alternates which probably optional. Somewhat not -- -- -- -- we went to none of you deciding what optional all the way. But I thought that these chancellor -- Tibet -- -- -- -- He would have been better defense. And championship you got to boot the ball well you can Nadal for the championship next week. And all you can also sell tickets but defense wins championships all the little -- and -- get it checked bag greedy but not in the midst. That was still good decent it's. And all signs the enough that we none at all in Atlanta Falcons but we were horrible on defense and not all personnel. He can certainly at the and we took on that personal that ran the action over the last three years that. Gregg Williams has like eleven and 31. As Buffalo BO -- Yet that truth to it and you know moment and Gregg Williams on their quarterback -- that adult. I mean about -- -- tip the -- which all day long but what I'm saying he's got a look at it but the coach Paul you know. I mean a lot of guys are they coming Max -- Romeo Cornell is a very good coach I'll miss him a note he's a good coach he's a damn good coordinator. And you know and and assistant coach in the exact some -- like that you know. I agree with Cuba but you. Our coaches and if you play well. That you that would good quarterback. Coach I'd pick out of back it kicked on some personality. Doubt Obama -- game at. Like as good decent ball club. Right now. Should quell this is all agree he spent on the annual armed alarms me. Try out a plan now that you viewed on par at that particular. Art art beat because. And Chicago at all that that. This year apartment -- able to -- important this is the playoffs. We were not close the pledge we were more. By street game. And I think they're happy it would form the sort attack and not really. You know Maxwell was -- a lot of ways -- in the the year was saying it. They hit their scheme them all like come home and they'll don't think I mean he's a big please don't say it and welcoming it. Oh wait -- -- -- that you're on the -- There were in game. And a lot of players look at it's finally. Hardly learn that he can -- and -- -- -- like that and that one point that he isn't sure that at except they're somewhere around it and it -- -- picked -- the scheme. So on the conceded that it. Well let me actually we don't know that sport what we play good but I don't see anybody fire with the bat technical. Even though would you say spurts at to gain the Raiders and we -- -- and they know. It was -- -- yeah in Atlanta and it added to -- Stevens and and I that they have back in in you look that this and drew will sit at the play great well. Win that game he had against the point nine is here and in that Atlantic as the frogs -- it is played good. You know we won those games and note the outcome of those a big part -- crucial lose but do what you bring a -- he's -- the Bears it's amazing. How to get the total package. The Bears have been unbelievable defense look at their rank you know in Iran and Lovie Smith. But you know they've had a major problem how we learn about dared the our the kids they learn about -- and the policy. Like over the past decade they've had six different offensive coordinators. -- you bring in Jay Cutler his kind of attitude. In him Brandon Marshall. And -- -- Jacob I was a part of gambling and interest did he was part of the interview process. So it -- Tennessee. Probably they gonna try these -- school and defense but their offense a big and have more consistency and actually between them. New Orleans east -- -- can thank you for calling WW. OK Aaron. In his not than this goes to we have a mostly about a JW. In a New Orleans here JW thank you for calling. -- Nobody lecture anybody but you know -- bit. It was on the wall just don't think you can bring coach and who's got a lot -- system and he's not gonna make adjustments and -- a major problem is that. But no it didn't make adjustments never saw that deep bench change you're making adjustment. Or get better during the -- Or. A big Jets were out there and our agency. There. -- other day is true. Would dash broad outlook for a -- radio which who would. Think yeah sure -- and -- I think you mentioned again I think should replace a pitcher collect Cornell. -- may not be a great coach but he's a good. Because to coordinator in three core issues special thing. There were still a very important piece and then I think -- -- Ellis again and. And you thought I coached it W did that mean you'd think about it this year and look they want a good team. But all -- want to go through in the adversity especially in with a suicide at the of the players and I mean look. I don't aren't holding but -- -- -- -- young man you know commit suicide are common in ten -- of ball games so and he's -- -- policy illustrate that he's even though we have had success -- the -- topic he's well respected. Well I I any way it everything about this you looked as. Always had better buys me an out to BA coach Wade Phillips as good as the Bradley was acquired in a Mike Nolan. -- Jack Del Rio Romeo canal could be one of those that day. You know pitcher they show this or received conduct. -- AFC championship and all that the players. That Mike Nolan drafted or San Francisco. I mean taller pro bowler -- deep bench but he looks Maurice and -- bit -- you try to implement it. Work an article morsel the all pension it would deep trench and do what they're all and so that was really the problem terps are -- -- -- -- but yeah excellent thing. If you're not going to be -- now I expect that you see the change. What somebody for a Ravens or from Sheppard should just go maybe. Maybe I'd be like linebackers coach or somebody like that like a top assistant. Right guys should I don't -- has gotten me assistant coaches grown that he's gotten a decent record from check the score. Or when -- is so it's a lateral move Egypt every night to make a lateral move you go with the Arnie and head coach -- and and big thing Sergio has a history New Orleans and -- tomorrow but he's not quite that. Look I -- the coordinated enough. Another and Bobby to you know win when you have that type announced that coach Payton has had a chance to do was on evaluating. It's it can land a way is okay now if we don't do well in their pre season. And we start off bad defensively again. The end the theory of guys we were a couple of police he had made a couple of bad -- we were close to pick it up that's all out the window. Inning you talk about on how to players respond. And that that's a whack at data plays a huge part of because if you go to the pre season -- to saint -- for the coordinator. And he didn't school you know escorts in gouged. Like his defense was in the players and me what what the players and -- back into it there's no way an obstacle -- much the same guy soft and personnel wise and coaching wise that prompted him. To have -- -- I knew that I'm not -- gonna say it's the coach in skiing though it's a combination personnel too that's why I love or hate Gregg Williams. A lot would Gregg Williams is doing like hell -- eleventh. Like it and you know I did back in his vision of porn on his twelve game -- and I play more conservative. You know you say you always blitz him blitz blitz blitz that I -- or governors -- feast of -- we got burned themselves only way. They Gregg Williams thought we even have a chance. To have success that you look and they Gregg Williams the it was us in the -- Know what that team blitz more know by and it wasn't like oh we were kicking ass no we just do that to survive. I have a chance to win he gave that he thought that was a bit and as you can make Valencia. And out of the way to coach. Coaches coach in the way the players responded in the that you know say which -- -- -- -- by the said the players responded more to the stop and what Coach Williams was say in. Vs that -- Steve I know this is forestall or WW.