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8-26 4:10pm Second Guess with the Cannon

Aug 26, 2013|

Today we learned outside linebacker Will Smith is out for a year—the 3rd member of Rob Ryan’s defense lost for the season—including OLB Victor Butler with a torn ACL and DE Kenyon Coleman with a tear in his pectoral muscle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

About the big news today is word on the entry of Will Smith that it will be a season ending injury. Two will. Again this is kind of the trend that we've seen here that you get hit. How on the defensive side of football losing Kenyon Coleman. To -- injury you lost victim Butler before the season even started Jonathan Vilma is down. With a knee injury and what goes no if and when he'll be able to come back what does Wilson has had a shoulder injury that's kept him out do you -- let. The one thing it does do is open the door for the more this Wilson junior he'll let Thomas set up but. The thing I think it really does is blow the door open put. Who's that guy he's a rob Bryant guy Wright who played defense and then we saw him in camp he was played the Mets have been one day of practice. At outside linebacker. And he was starting against the Kansas City Chiefs. There was a guy that a year ago I think he was selling insurance. Because he was in camp with the Jets with -- brother Rex. And didn't make it. Out of football and now the job is pretty much been handed to him and he's done a nice job when given an opportunity. But it's another big loss on the defensive side of football what this football team and I guess that it does open the door. What I think a lot of fans of we want to see and that's the more those Wilson junior go let's set up but I think it really opens it up. Put. The I think we've seen the last of a Will Smith to the Saints uniform a lot of pitches. Because his agent I think they get him miss miss them particularly. I think he's still with the very capable of run stopper. When they were roaring right adamant and also at times though when it was rushing the passer. To push the pocket. You know it looks serious when the injury happened we Cameron Jordan got the sack him and how they got leg whip. You know you need to still hold up. I can remember I think with some orthopedic surgeon I was reading where if you -- if your foot planted. It don't take much to block -- like five pounds of pressure if you put doesn't slider given that it looks like it happened. Well we will submit that it looks serious or would it happen until you got to have luck and injuries. Like you said I think. When you look at the final cut so -- was gonna make this team went out -- that's the minute now yeah nine and now having to play more -- tribute. And then I think it opens the door and you see him play called not a theme a couple of times against the Texans. Both good and bad up Barack actions. And the young group with Johnson you know development all those guys that they. Come into play now because of the -- who will submit to have a chance you know to be on the 53 man roster. Now what was that being said I think. Whether you Will Smith fan or not and I think of being objective at this. That yeah he was liability in pass coverage. But if you look first down and if he was gonna run -- you. I think he can hold the foam and then also like is that an obvious passing situation when he was rushing to keep pushing that pocket. Classic pocket in. And it'd still be productive and not help but they'll double digit sacks. We've still capable to help his teammates around him. To get -- him if he's not getting put his sleepy when he got hurt I think -- knew what I had. Probably a five or six sacks. So whoever it is whether they're. That's the thing is it is normally it who's gonna happen at the weakest position and you team and I used to like to see it with the injuries to do you go let -- -- Wilson picked the Butler out for the year now Will Smith. In 2000 question mark coming into this season. The big question mark was who was going to be yet and outside linebacker was going to be the guy that was gonna put that consistent pressure on the quarterback. Bobby you can't answer that I think we can answer one thing the Saints defensive line is talented it's you know it's got some depth. But there's still a huge question mark at that outside I'm back -- up inside despite losing Nomar would I think you've seen if Ramon homework. I can't happen not only one step he's taking two steps up David -- on. And probably David Hawthorne probably -- like this game. And the Saints uniform you know going against -- team like the Texans. You know he was very productive when you look at them he had four total tackles get forced the fumble. So I mean I got you know didn't have a big game. At two veterans that that we did need to be great for us Curtis Lofton Keenan Lewis Andre Johnson was killing. He -- and Andre Johnson kill a lot of quarterbacks that we need him to play great. I mean what a lot of mismatches did. Curtis Lofton especially in the first quarter. He started making plays and -- second quarter but we need him to be a lot more. Dominant and he was the biggest -- -- -- cars that that that I picked picked Kevin Riddick. The linebacker. From university North Carolina a free agent. You know kind of like in the category look at young up and coming guys that you haven't heard of Eric Moore and Kevin ready he made. Nice tackle wanna see on special teams. -- look here are my notes and know yet he did have a tackle on special teams so. You have logos or names you -- here will -- pairing you know he's the one that. The tackle for the -- against the Raiders I think -- what is his injury how healthy he's gonna be when you look at the outside linebacker spot now more than ever. It's like we need to hit the lottery and now you say your prayers Saints fan today nation. That -- gallant and Marcus Wilson work -- in the -- because. If he almost how we play at outside linebacker could be whether or not. You know we make the playoffs or not. You know one of the things in the -- we brought it up during the offseason was. John Abraham was available. At a point in time we saw with the Arizona Cardinals and it was one of those things where where you could've spent a little bit of money on the veteran. A guy who still can rush the quarterback. But he wanted to get me. You know he. You know he's -- wanna get paid like a second year guy you still want to get me right up picked up a fall off. You decided to pass on him because you felt strongly about the guys you had at camp. That you start to get those type victory so. -- this one of those type things that one of things yesterday almost 500 yards total offense gate but he hurt you -- was the fact that you were able to squeeze then hit the -- fuel. Well the red zone defense finds it very good yeah we were a 100% we were three for three. You know red zone efficiency there were only to a five. I would take that we can and we cal that we -- field goals -- You know great turn -- bend but don't break. You know we -- in the red film that. That this is more realistic. Because the Texans are that good they -- elite team in the AFC right now that way anyway you look at. You know coming into the game we've only we've given up an average to 200. -- to -- total offense you have to look at the opponents come on the satellite. Well what happened to the defense -- to have -- -- -- as -- pulled it. What I look a little discouraged job by the that I thought we got whipped in the trenches and you look all the with the with the lines the push they were getting now. No running game again yes now we -- maybe a nice run -- -- it's nice run yet -- some yards dollars and another road runs are like a zero or all one yard gallery yet and then nothing that you. Well you seem detectives would take. You see Eagles 678 yard runs when we knew we would get knocked off the ball. Bob I think with how Von Miller for six games. I think you gotta look at seeing right now. The Houston Texans are the best team in the AFC yeah I don't know my -- -- a lot of people honestly yet but -- network. But they're not as good. Without Miller and elbows snowmobiles and -- more. Yet they did you look look at the Patriots obviously Gradkowski is coming back what they -- turn over the ball watch the pre season game against the Lions -- You'd have to say could that be based on the radio with the quarterbacks do. And what I mean by the shop. Your jobs on the Texans have the team around us supporting cast I think the same thing with the Bengals and Andy Dalton. If -- don't -- get the job done that you look at that the Eagles that they kind of sexy pick. But so yeah I'm right now I just think. You look at the 49ers the Seahawks. I just think right now the closest thing in the AFC and that kind of team is the Houston the Houston Texans. -- well one of the things not pumped about this for the last couple weeks I think you see the emergence of the defensive line for the -- young Q is there. With Hakeem Nicks with John Jenkins when Foster getting kinda sat down game power and walker. All the veteran Brodrick Bunkley. One guy -- and enough consistently that this and I really believe that second most important player on this football team is cam Jordan. And he is the guy on the verge. Of BA and -- quicktime player in the National Football League. Well I mean I think in and I don't think I've been a home on this I think he could start up for it every NFL team I think he is that good that dominant. So that's one player but that we cannot replace. His impact if you look -- nobody is a school he had he had done all on our team. And I think he's gonna keep getting better better. If you look at hit three tackles and two solo PF -- key third down sack ironic -- out the play Will Smith got hurt on. On that job and you know we were saying can't we get after the match job what he had a good shot like gunners -- In the second quarter that end -- of course in a field goal. I'll learn all of think -- would have big play and they don't get a first down got a kick a field we'll let him go a long way. But I cam Jordan played city it was Drew Brees. Is that valuable that I think truly Cam Cameron Jordan that special. Don't think who is in the watch is development of rookie picks because if you talking about just pure talent. I think this may have maybe even a I had more than what Jordan does but he's not there yet get outside right who won they would Jordon you can see yet he made a curve last year. And -- he's also put two and what you've seen so many for so many years and Justin Tuck out with the Giants. That he will be answered defense and -- can play inside the 34. You play defensive tackle if you had to I just always remembered interviewed Clancy can kick -- who was his defensive coordinator now. Who's now the defensive coordinator at USC. Saying. This is I think he's a good player as a defensive ended a 43 where I think you can be dominant and have double digit sacks. Is if he plays in the 34 because of that match up with him in -- like you said is not going to be favorable. Those guys he's -- gun not out athletic off out power. And I think you start to see that would Jordan now but it's his -- to me he six got it just does not quit on a play. Yeah I is getting bigger stronger faster you know you're coaches always preaches that in the weight room which you can establish in the off season. We need to get bigger stronger faster that we it seems like that's actually that's the case with him and and might want to make. That I commemorate the beginning of training camp. Is that you show you and push me even elaborated on this how the most awesome condition he was in he's in great shape actually running sprints with the defensive backs. And winning. Like judges -- running and and that effort there. Just wanted to be the best he can be so. I think the sky's the limit him and a guy like -- If you look the sky's the limit hopefully. Given the opportunity for Pierre Thomas I still think Pierre Thomas. You know given the opportunity. You know this the first action he had it pre season. What that thousand sweet play Pierre look quick. I mean here is in the slot resident quick little slant that converted that breezed past 51 yard touchdown. You know yards after the catch -- that you love to see that you make a simple little accurate throw. And then night he you know he gives you 51 yard touchdown or -- I won't have must've been a long Bono was it was those kind of one of those is getting to play makers hands. Let him make plays I'm still. Would hope when. And not sold obviously a marking. And I think he could be a good back with a C could be a great back and if not -- -- -- I think we really. Struggle on the offensive line right now it. And roadblock about I think that's the big question mark said it last week wrote a column this week on it it is the big question mark on this team offensively. They can do they -- great job in pass protection despite all the personnel changes. But this team is this good up front this is Jonathan -- about a sensitive Brian Billick -- -- And it does any debate it's not a debate called Nixon that a player right now they've been -- It's so I helping Carl makes my view events that aren't volleying yet as I -- so yes so we're not. We're not as good but I think Drew Brees can make offensive line better. All knows when you get an open field and if you look at Ingram had four carries 24 yards. We'll learn those parents own a -- like a 21 yard run and and realistically you to get to the house. You gotta make people miss the Ingram doesn't make enough people miss to me. You know when you look at okay. Will we remember the great run by Chris Ivory against the Falcons. We're nine. -- nine tackles on running over him running around them. And so while not even get close yet so yeah it's it just looked like to me here's all the sublime volley got. Great job up front. You had a nice run -- 21 yards but that that should have been. Touchdown type run our our -- are just maybe instead of what they want a forty yard type -- I think it's it's what you wanted to be question marks with this football team because I know Sean Payton has beaten drama about a lot of people so what they want a lot of cant put out there run the ball no there was sixth in the league in 20096. And belief in what eleven at 13018 games that you won a Super Bowl. Always it's -- -- this team -- get far in the playoffs for you to run the football and control the clock when you have to be in to finish out games. Well -- and my right quickly -- to break if you look at it we are attempting to run the ball now after three games. We have we have we have ninety attempts and what -- average in that that sort of say united stiffened four yards you the -- with three the AS saw me. That's why I think in theory if we keep the -- -- who -- past we can run the ball. 2728. Point nine and average it about four and a half. That that's -- you to keep defenses off. Well I think is just get to the -- more yeah after I. At this point does get hit a full walk and now on definitely on -- fortunate to win a thousand dollars. Every week they can now 1000 dollar cash contests and it's easy to play this is the WWL week he's right before the -- Howard -- that stadium know. 3 PM and six -- for the blue word. Hit it to the Cole worked at WWL dot com slash Nash -- click on the contest link at everybody -- -- now. Is just a step to get to where you're at your office computer surfing at home on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Every day and we paid for lucky listeners nationwide. When a thousand dollars each good luck from Smart radio in town and remember that I'm still listen. Right before the top argues that video doom 3 PM and 6 PM the 1000 dollar cash ops this. Right here at WWL yet the minutes from when you hear the curse words into the contest that equals -- next time about. Yeah my game before recorded a fault lines. When you look at this thinks that this could be a good omen -- you think Griese who doesn't mean anything but. The last time this -- this they started at the pre season three and oh for the first time. Now that we now we -- we know since 2009. We all know what happened in 2009. Who won the Super Bowl so I had that might be a good omen. If you look at the second time since Sean Payton became head coach to the states have started to read all the pre season now. I didn't realize this even when I played the best I a couple of times I think with three no one. To -- through the pre season at the safe when in Miami on Thursday and all of felon you know it's all the back to back up game. Who would -- haven't -- McConnell who we might be the Dolphins Thursday night and if we went off Thursday night they would finish undefeated it preceded for the first time. It franchise history the Saints have never been born on the Priest Holmes. Okay and -- through a cold water on that a the Detroit Lions with board no. In the pre season and in regular season there was zero and six -- but that all that well so we don't want to achieve that so my thing about it is we season is the biggest mirage you see and you. You cannot -- anything I'll think about your club. As a whole based on pre season you can't see in the a lot of individual talent talent but I don't think you can gauge it real well. You can't see individual talent they Keenan Lewis can cover Audrey Johnson I know that I have a -- and a lot of people can't cover on videos that you have a long list on that when you -- do it every day and you know auto club in my. Any other Gonzalez all right I got a comment or question first comment. How can you think people he's not he's not with the judge right now. And I can. Question is -- -- -- that's how much of an argument do you think animated this weekend on they can achieve I think he looks spectacular. You know he wasn't against Drew Brees against you know and I don't know but the first your defense can't against them. I know nobody was play but he still make it plays it now while I was really proud of I'm not only any candidate fantastic -- -- or if you look at Ryan Griffin right -- got its first NFL touchdown Andy cannon got its first. NFL players are -- you not only have one he had to. And any candidate can play. The bottom line is that you right place right time right yeah I mean you in this it would be put on film. I guarantee now law all the -- to different teams the BC all all the games. You know they might see any candidates it will will shoot I'm not to get through a team all their Jacksonville or Buffalo whatever you thing. And media guys you feel like boy he's been an 84 receiver we have and so what do what do you do you get rid of Preston Parker. To -- anti and a I mean that's the Preston Parker is all I -- -- Courtney role on special teams and he had a 52 yard. Kick -- return to start on second half so does that -- touchdowns in the same sort of me boy makes it that off but Daniel on this team we talking about -- -- just might get it now because of that but I. -- group -- you look at some of these teams in the NFL and nobody -- pretty good teams like the Patriots. I think you -- would get great fit for them I just don't know. How many roster spots you can keep because you've got to keep Courtney Roby because he got poor special teams guy and Preston Parker. This place special teams can do all those sort of things right now I -- -- marketing yet to win in. Man I guess which are -- that we -- I mean I guess you know you the governor you don't altar of its detention. Yeah a lot of it any idea that right -- get it then I said this last night on the point after. You know what you know it we already have -- like Andy Tanner and not -- -- tenor of the poor man. You know. Lance Moore when you look at his contract right. Now that they have some ever happened we don't want this to happen to them last year we got great -- Camarillo. On the artistry. If someone ever have a to Lance Moore and the tenor believe what you were doing and you -- feel like the first flight here at my place a guy like Lance -- would you. When you look in the league and I think with -- has shown. I think other teams saying you know what he's better than maybe -- -- the fifth guy that I I think so you know your -- can't reach out and make it came from the same Q a over the three years now off. Yeah yeah he's big he's been knocking on the door and he all he does is no work is behind often -- yeah everything. You know people -- that he's feeling very consistent he's not over achiever but he's not under a chief Roy gave. If you mill the past -- almost -- -- he cares that -- he catches everything. But you know it's critical down like all the teams with the -- do is do it now that Will Smith going down. An outside linebacker the final roster might not be said. We might end up going to get an outside linebacker that gets cut by another team. And coach Payton and Rob -- saying well they can help with that happen in the past which Scott Shanle that you I was Seminole. That you can do that they're trying to you have with. Thomas I don't be surprised Daniel that's it comes down to that final but that's it we -- we would have some extra outside linebackers at -- you can pick them up a late round pick. And you end up with a veteran outside linebacker. I think that that is something that's happened here in the past with a Scott Fujita. -- oh god -- don't Scott Shanle. And also David Thomas -- -- out what's -- 70 remembered alignment gets a look at him and no I didn't look at it as it is not final yet it's not over till it's over if you look at Luke McCown. He was hitting into falcons' training camp and even the back -- the backup to Matt Ryan -- -- awaits the next week Collins did -- shake out then you we appreciate it could all be done in a huddle with Bob and Mike. Well good afternoon gentlemen how hard it is big. That was -- a that was some regular season football odds are yesterday afternoon and you know while there are definitely still some gaps. Feel like we're ready for the season. My my question is yes and then you've been talking a great -- -- through the waiver wire and look for a player who might he chips off the -- all the players just not good that's closest. -- given me. Well now we -- on the offensive side of the football and knowing full well that other teams are really going to be -- small pets and talent. And that's. Third week of a problem preceded it is always great article we'll have to deal and do you feel restrained perhaps. Maybe any value could be exploited that more would they would just kept it. You know expose on the waiver wire but instead they -- make deals -- public -- Well you know what's hard about that a lot of times teams have what we do is go week to you cut him right. And then maybe in it but now beat it they figured they could be gone before to have an opportunity. To claim him if you off waivers yet if you did you -- you had to deal right. Big -- yeah my knee wonders no I think John and I can tell you William Florida I can tell you know. Who's gonna have some players and they all can make fifteen home watch who -- see who taught us. -- could that's could make little bit overloaded and I know the Seahawks have two but he played good players they can't keep. If I wanted on it yet that that an at large there waiver wire then all of a sudden. I would be surprised edges and hopefully we can add up to the statement but if you look the other like cut someone and they make another team. If you look better football team you've got no shot no way YR deal we got the best I can't hit the the worst teams get your choice before them so you're like what happened with the same with David Thomas. The Patriots you know they couldn't keep him so they've made it deal the Saints weren't gonna get -- if they -- it. And that's a -- -- the trade to get him and so that's wild wouldn't be surprised this football team go out try to find an outside linebacker just remember last year. They got it trees along the inside linebacker spot they ended up making that you would Seattle put Barrett -- Yep yep -- right in now did we end up cutting and ended up -- him I would give up a draft elicited tend to want to protect him because Brian Cushing went down went down. They're very -- You know you've got a guy didn't get Rex Ryan. Maybe some other coaches that you know that the -- -- gives you a little bit over the war. And so they -- local organizations the most -- might be won't make you feel whereas you you don't have to wait on the waiver wire for some other teams that might be getting rid of that player. Yeah above at me like Fritz it's. It would seem like I would know the receivers -- Jacksonville. But you know that's that you wave and -- Tanner I'm just saying in theory it Jaguars at the bottom of the league did have a good opportunity to bring a guy like Andy Tanner. Who the efforts there he catches everything. Like is that maybe just wait an opportunity like the Lance Moore to develop. So yeah it's almost as if you targeting a player you almost have to work out some type portray them make sure you can get him instead of maybe I've taken a chance on the waiver war. Yes they watched you -- who have put handle I think he'd be a good -- there they don't have any depth at the wide receiver position and you know you look at what the -- do what the Patriots do. I think he'd be a natural fit for them. -- -- -- Well that's not I just -- -- -- be panel at the bottom one of those no political important street Augustin on waivers so yeah I mean I agree and you have so every -- there aren't going to happen on national TV he's not -- lay up. On the way -- girl. So big John now with your observation. And you know how are you on the back in high you've got to contributing more to one area would you take if you GM now with GM hat. On would you take and the general -- Preston Parker. I think he had repaired and basically. Based on this one thing that I see good young man goes out -- a lot of big time. Touchdown catch the very next. Kick off he's been on the tackle to me that's just football player a lot of people. Yeah I eke out about it the twenty yard line now he was the second tackler policy they get credit that to me it was almost like half tackle. And -- threw his body and I know exactly where big -- talking about you look good special teams Korey Lindsey I had a couple of tackles. Ready cal won and Leonard had one. Who. Kind of like a relationship with Rob Ryan electors who pray Lou. We you know going back we greatly and Craig Chris Paul are. Yet Chris DiMarco UCL a connected to that -- Richardson Chris walked. Guys he trusts guys he believes then that's why I think -- certainly happening now Richardson's got the 53 man squad made -- Nicklaus course on that route to. -- don't think so much for the call we appreciate it.