1. Sportstalk 7p - Pels - Saints


    deuce mcallister, cleveland browns, tom brady, jimmie johnson

  2. Sportstalk 5p - Pels - Saints

    Deuce and Deke talk to callers about the Pelicans and NFL Draft options with th...


    sean payton, college football, duce mcallister, ncaa

  3. Sportstalk 4p - Pels - Saints

    Duece and Deke talk with Dwain Price of The Fort Worth Star Telegram about tomo...


    carlos rogers, deuce mcallister, anthony davis, mike williams

  4. Sportstalk 6p - Pels - Saints

    Jeff Palermo with Louisiana Network talks to Deuce and Deke about LSU Baseball....


    new orleans saints, jarrett jack, paul pierce, jon wood

  5. Think Tank 1210pm losing a species from planet earth forever

    Is losing a species from planet earth forever, in the name of human progress, o...


    mardi gras, endangered species act, alabama mississippi, center for biological diversity

  6. Think Tank 1110am secret bank account or credit card

    A recent survey from CreditCards dot com finds approximately 12 million America...


    tim allen, mardi gras, houston texans, amazoncom

  7. Think Tank 1010am Mardi Gras

    No more 'saving' spaces on the neutral ground for parades? That's right. The ci...


    mardi gras, parade route, albert desalvo, mitch landrieu

  8. 2-24 9:15am Tommy, is the border wall practical?

    Tommy talks to David Bier, Immigration Policy Analyst with the Cato Institute, ...


    homeland security, border patrol, paying taxes, united states

  9. 2-24 8:15am Tommy, Friday Gras parades

    Tommy talks to Arthur Hardy, Editor and Publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide, abou...


    mardi gras, gras parades, equal opportunity offenders, mardi gras parades