1. 1-17-17 Scoot 3pm- Does "Hidden Figures" help or hurt America today?

    Review of the movie “Hidden Figures” and what the movie says about America then...


    denzel washington's, motley crue, kevin costner, baby boomer

  2. 1-17-17 Scoot 2pm- When is it right for you to shoot someone on your property?

    A Slidell homeowner shot and killed a man he said was acting “erratically” in h...


    new book, john lennon, box office, george w bush's

  3. 1-17-17 Scoot 1pm- Is Trump the "legitimate" President-elect?


    paul mccartney, scooter libby, national news, harold melvin and the blue notes

  4. 1-13-17 Scoot 3pm- Is Friday the 13th really unlucky?

    It’s Friday afternoon on Friday 13th! How’s your day going? Has anything happen...


    traffic violations, traffic ticket, police officer, donald trump

  5. 1-13-17 Scoot 2pm- Do traffic safety cameras make you a safer driver?

    Some people are complaining about the city’s new mobile traffic cameras on the ...


    nicole kidman, rudy giuliani, harold melvin and the blue notes, george w bush's

  6. 1-13-17 Scoot 1pm- One week away from President Trump

    One week from today – Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United ...


    same sex marriage, hillary clinton, saudi arabia, vladimir putin

  7. 1-12-17 Scoot 3pm- Will higher rails improve Causeway safety?


    snoop dogg, joseph biden, woody allen, federal guidelines

  8. 1-12-17 Scoot 2pm-Trump &“fake news”

    Will the Trump Administration discredit as “fake news” any story it disagrees w...


    same sex marriage, justice department, hillary clinton's, white house

  9. 1-12-17 Scoot 1pm- Trump. media and "fake news"

    President-elect Donald Trump has never been afraid of calling out the media, bu...


    justice department, hillary clinton's, white house, security council

  10. 1-11-17 Scoot 3pm-Obama, Trump, Russians and hacking

    Even if you oppose President Obama – is there anything he said last night that ...


    country songs, deuce mcallister, drew brees, vladimir putin