1. Dave, LSU vs Tulane

    WWL's Dave Cohen asks Steve Geller for his prediction on the baseball game betw...


    baseball game, week contests, baseball diamond, florida,

  2. 540am Dave- Record heat on tap


    eric parker, severe weather, squall line, rough weather

  3. Dave, Woman says she crashed because she saw a sasquatch

    WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake dive into the What is Wrong with People!?! fil...


    moscow pullman, tv shows, rare earth, idaho

  4. Dave, Are the Pelicans playoff dreams dead?

    WWL's Dave Cohen and Steve Geller talk about the playoff chances after the Peli...


    utah jazz, alvin gentry, demarcus cousins, final playoff spot

  5. Dave, Will you pass a cop in the interstate?

    WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake talk about getting stuck behind a police offic...


    police officer, mike butcher, new orleans, speed limit

  6. Dave, Man gets ticketed for eating pancakes... in the middle of the street?

    WWL's Dave Cohen and Dave Nussbaum crack open the What is Wrong with People!?! ...


    chiron, pinpoint forecast, lakewood, lakeland

  7. Dave, Should leggings be banned on airplanes?

    WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake discuss the story making headlines about a pai...


    dress code, united airlines, wearing spandex, wearing flip flops

  8. 520am Dave-Pelicans keep winning when Cousins is out


    denver nuggets, portland trailblazers, demarcus cousins, weird coincidences

  9. Dave, Do signs with radar telling you how fast you are driving make you slow down?

    WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake talk about the signs popping up on Louisiana i...


    louisiana, tokyo, curve balls, speed limit,

  10. Dave, Box office battle

    WWL's Dave Cohen and David Blake look at the show down shaping at the weekend b...


    box office, movie theater, movie starring, tv show