1. Tommy's conversation with caller whose husband was hit by a drunk driver

    Tommy talks to Fay, whose husband was hit by a drunk driver when he was 19 and ...


    heart beat, drunk driving, designated driver, china,

  2. Tommy, should the legal BAC limit be lowered to .05?

    Tommy talks to Dr. James Diaz. Professor of Public Health at LSU Health New Orl...


    public health, prescription drugs, earl woods, bmw

  3. Tommy, will the GOP healthcare bill pass?

    Tommy talks to Gregory Koger, Associate Professor of Political Science at the U...


    united states, president obama, paul ryan, university of miami

  4. Tommy, how could the GOP pass healthcare reform?

    Tommy talks to Josh Huder, a Senior Fellow at Georgetown's Government Affairs I...


    planned parenthood, chuck schumer, vice president, georgetown university's

  5. Tommy, conversation with a pro-Obamacare caller

    Tommy talks with Bill, who says Obamacare helped him.


    obama care, joint effort, donald trump, gold cup

  6. Tommy, conversation with an anti-Obamacare caller

    Tommy talks to Wayne from Chalmette about his problems with Obamacare.


    family guy, fox news, missing family, master chef

  7. Tommy and US Senator John Kennedy

    Tommy talks with US Senator John Kennedy about the healthcare debate and about ...


    chuck schumer, wendell holmes, supreme court, affordable care act

  8. Tommy, will the GOP healthcare bill pass?

    Tommy talks to Lara Brown, Professor in the Graduate School of Political Manage...


    united states, president obama's, george washington university, affordable care act

  9. 3-23 Tommy and NO City Councilmember Jared Brossett

    Tommy talks with Councilmember Jared Brossett about plans to tear down the Cana...


    city council, world food, president obama, council meeting

  10. 3-22 Tommy, will the GOP's healthcare bill pass?

    Tommy talks to CBS News White House correspondent Steven Portnoy about the effo...


    capitol hill, white house, tax credits, health insurance