1. Tommy, emotional call w/listener whose wife suffers from chronic pain

    Tommy talks to Kevin in Metairie about his wife's need for medication to cope w...


    side effects, at&t, experimental drug, metairie

  2. Tommy, NO has more drug-related deaths than homicides

    Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Meg Farris about a new report that New Orleans h...


    mental health, world health organization, child abuse, bbc

  3. Tommy, should we raise taxes to fully fund TOPS?

    Tommy talks to State Representative Cameron Henry about the current state and t...


    high school, louisiana state, appropriations committee, baton rouge

  4. Tommy, is Obamacare imploding?

    Tommy talks to David Howard, Professor in the Dept. of Health Policy and Manage...


    health insurance, medicare medicaid, affordable care act, health policy

  5. Tommy, more controversy over Confederate monuments in New Orleans

    The group Take 'Em Down Nola wants to rename streets, schools, and even hospita...


    united states, washington monument, sally hemmings, sally hemings

  6. Tommy, what could tax reform under President Trump look like?

    Tommy talks to Chris Edwards, Director of Tax Policy Studies at the Cato Instit...


    obama care, president obama's, chuck schumer, donald trump

  7. Tommy, post-mortem of the GOP healthcare bill

    What happened with the GOP healthcare bill? Tommy talks to Andy Smith, Director...


    new hampshire, andy smith, affordable care act, alternative health care

  8. Tommy's conversation with caller whose husband was hit by a drunk driver

    Tommy talks to Fay, whose husband was hit by a drunk driver when he was 19 and ...


    heart beat, drunk driving, designated driver, china,

  9. Tommy, should the legal BAC limit be lowered to .05?

    Tommy talks to Dr. James Diaz. Professor of Public Health at LSU Health New Orl...


    public health, prescription drugs, earl woods, bmw

  10. Tommy, will the GOP healthcare bill pass?

    Tommy talks to Gregory Koger, Associate Professor of Political Science at the U...


    united states, president obama, paul ryan, university of miami