1. Think Tank 1210pm drug addiction in the city

    Should drug addiction in the city be treated as a health issue or drug issue? M...


    back pain, new orleans, public health, garland robinette

  2. Think Tank 1110am healthcare plan

    Bernie Sanders said he’s going to push his plan for a single-payer healthcare p...


    obama care, bernie sanders, generic drug, drug companies

  3. Think Tank 1010am recreational marijuana

    OH CANADA!  Could Canada be the next country to legalize recreational marijuana...


    lung cancer, obama care, washington oregon, bernie sanders

  4. Think Tank 1210pm select committee

    Is an independent “select committee” necessary in the investigation of Russian ...


    foreign intelligence surveillance, house intelligence committee, national security agency, tucker carlson

  5. Think Tank 1110am Obamacare

    Can you and your family afford to live with Obamacare? And, do you have faith t...


    obama care, john breaux, heritage foundation, paul rudd

  6. Think Tank 1010am prison reform

    Should Louisiana be the national poster child for prison reform? States looking...


    new hampshire, health services, mental health, medical care

  7. 3/24 12pm Don Dubuc: reducing prison expenses.

    If Louisiana needs to reduce prison expense, the state should: reduce the priso...


    christian fellowship, parole board, pat o'brien's, 20/20

  8. 3/24 11am Don: reducing prison expenses

    If Louisiana needs to reduce prison expense, the state should: reduce the priso...


    picayune mississippi, christian fellowship, gas station, fbi

  9. 3/24 10:45am Michael Glasser talks consent decree

    What is the consent decree? And how is working against NOPD recruiting? Capt. M...


    department of justice, new orleans, consent decree, tex

  10. 3/24 10:25am Don: NOPD recruiting former military

    Would you support a family member's decision to pursue a law enforcement career...


    text message,