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Deuce, Kristian, T-Bob make their picks

Fri, 20 Jan 2017|

Two out of three are going with Falcons to win



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  2. Mike McCarthy0:34
  3. Atlanta Falcons0:28
  4. Green Bay Packers0:35
  5. Bill Belichick1:24
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers0:21
  7. New England Patriots0:48
  8. Super Bowl0:08
  9. medical care1:09

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    WL dot com Deuce McAllister saints cardinals all time leading rusher in. Now saint Martin's . Consult our what have you find out also that beard is gone to pot that's them now but anyway. News if felt the Oakland Raiders used an aero. Don't move from Oakland to Las Vegas that's the third relocation of the franchise and National Football League. And last eighteen months ran charters and Oakland Raiders out to Las Vegas. Fascinating on number level but more importantly I just think it. There might be four or five franchise in the NFL cities that it feels it everybody else eat got to be on there. Well if you're not build a new stadium . You know there I think that there has to be some worry or at least potentially put me into a 500 million. 700000000. And two is stating you know. And I think that's around the reins at the saints will be in with a super girl because it still see them doing a new stadium so. I don't see as we're moving from this region. Even though you've had some stability issues in the NFL with three
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Who are committed to having him Telecom and Allen do isn't he a hero within the pro Christian Garrett NCA AC title game. Weekend who's going to the Super Bowl that he wanted to Houston I don't know why keep going back and forth as hard it's hard to pick against Aaron Rodgers how hot is but I think that. The falcons yup that's right things fans and thousands of mood on the visible along with the Pittsburgh Steelers in an upset do. I. Cannot make myself peak. The Atlanta Falcons even though I do think they may have better overall squad. I am hoping Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers figure out a way to take things game and India says I am goal with Pittsburgh. You know I think that they will be able to generate enough pressure to be able to get a turnovers. Against the New England Patriots. Well I agree with Christian and Aaron Rodgers is really hot he's also very good of football. Unfold but on the flip side Matt Ryan might be the only person playing better football. Then Aaron Rodgers right now on Atlanta's defense though is the reason why I think they may get on the watch out or. They have 51. Or second year players in the medical care and rogers' car biz guys up on the other side of the dock it. Give me big big and Antonio Brown Libyan del via triangle. I think they can get past achievements features. That's not Bill Belichick impersonation Terrell. Owens Goodell who used his real life. This is this is still trying to America that you can exaggerate their least QB impression that now durable it is your depression. Selig like now both.