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Sports Huddle - Thurs 3/9/17

Fri, 10 Mar 2017|

Bobby, Deke, & Kristian huddle up and break down the biggest news and signings from day 1 of Saints free agency


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    deuce mcallister found at 0:02, 3:34

    WL dot com Deuce McAllister saints cardinals all time leading rusher in. Now saint Martin's . Consult our what have you find out also that beard is gone to pot that's them now but anyway. News if felt the Oakland Raiders used an aero. Don't move from Oakland to Las Vegas that's the third relocation of the franchise and National Football League. And last eighteen months ran charters and Oakland Raiders out to Las Vegas. Fascinating on number level but more importantly I just think it. There might be four or five franchise in the NFL cities that it feels it everybody else eat got to be on there. Well if you're not build a new stadium . You know there I think that there has to be some worry or at least potentially put me into a 500 million. 700000000. And two is stating you know. And I think that's around the reins at the saints will be in with a super girl because it still see them doing a new stadium so. I don't see as we're moving from this region. Even though you've had some stability issues in the NFL with three
    temptations that could come wit. Lost face that's the story developing these Deuce McAllister by the way merger of GM now. And it's and it's interesting opportunity it was one and I couldn't pass them up
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    New Orleans Saints continue to do that due diligence so to speak and think that people go on a pro days and of course though one bit. Hinkle about a week Christian. Go to work out it seemed drawn more attention paid to do about it mr. vanderveer worked at a club. While Belichick as it. Think it was OK and Texas Tech quarterback you've seen think that in the very least there's certainly some strong interest there. Yeah I mean no indication that it definitely practiced I've enemy come and coach or particular offensive minded coach like Sean Payton goes to. A private workouts yeah in the private workout with a guy like pat homes. And and there's and there's a
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You know hopefully the date of the actions saint aggressive things out an important equity in your mind. Christian view and our European you can argue with the saints news politically brilliant critique an organ aggressiveness. And that's the going after the address all these things and if you can earning I want to operate they're just shelled out money get a team boss the bank and you lose there's more money instantly client. That's not a huge contract. What for will be I think the big splash we'll divorced last term numbers. He'll be at this last night taking junior also it is also keeping it fairly I think he's been Smart. The first call for youth. Yes you look and I think my true liberal so it. She truly getting an instance in there because applied to Manning get like Melvin Ingram. Even if you if you like. Mean that they don't don't get that out there. So NASA policies it will. Look we had to pay to get a pass or someone in that scenario. So you don't want overpaid that's why it won't for pick up violent it. You could call it. It almost guess that that case in point you look at a few seconds here you're right not quite top here but he sent here. Yeah let me get more money then you probably ever thought you'd you'd make silly because there's salary cap has increased. The at all overspend. Because everybody has money so there's competition so that's the only thing to me. Is dead in the future how this salary cap continues to grow if you can rush that passer and you're gonna get paid by setting records along with the quarterbacks. If you dominant pass rush like Beasley. Why do you think without dipping as they niche areas important if you think sex into the season due to a that exact well. I mean it is going to be unbelievable measures to read or could it though because the salary cap increases like this things done. Kinda think that proves feasible are their money down as he wouldn't let go right here on line WW dot com.