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3 LSU coaching candidates to watch (Power 5 version)

Thu, 16 Mar 2017|

Seth Dunlap, co-host of Double Coverage 8p-11p with Kristian Garic, tells us three big names to watch from Power 5 conferences in the LSU basketball coaching search

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's hoops fans are still left here. Double coverage weeknight eight to eleven W don't deal with Christian Garrett. I would call to discuss them once and a fantastic opening round game between northwestern and Vanderbilt. Western medicine Florida the end it got me thinking about the hots up and down here for all tiger fans college basketball fans the coaching search. That is under way at LSU. And just who would be hot means. That Julian and this program should target we've got to be honest about this program right not a lot of resources sentence them to basketball program so. Just don't think that they're going to be able to lure it really true. Big time name here and not going to be able to quote somebody. From eight power program. Here right now to LSU that rouge so that's I do think there's some big names that they could possibly target and then do two or three video series here first real take a look at big names from power via conference I have three names the union to keep right three names first one big name today Tom Green got fired at Indiana. Little surprise that probably not the people up there in Indiana but he's it be named yesterday coaching cast shade with recruits. Relatively young at only fifty years olds he could be here awhile if B comes here and has success. Eight NCAA tournament appearance for creams we Marquette and Indiana through sweet sixteens as well. Bad Alaska leaders that's why he got fire is and we definitely want to buy it back front runner if I was Julie and that search. Committee second Moore got free he was NC State's earlier this month. He has it's easy ties he coached at Allen Allen you may remember that name. For eleven years went to ten at 131. In Alabama fantastic run there. Video and NC state may determine his first four years missed the turn of the last few years and they let it go I think he would be fantastic fit here especially. Recruiting wise in the SEC and finally Chris Collins northwestern head coach so Doug Collins big name in the NBA Chris Allen possibly in the NBA in northwest for four years. Improved every season big coaching family the problem I see there is maybe just a little bit too big. And name right now for Ellis shoot to go out there but that's my Big Three who were yours.

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