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WWL>Topics>>Hokie: LSU - Ole Miss

Hokie: LSU - Ole Miss

Fri, 16 Nov 2012|

Saturday afternoon in Death Valley...



  1. football team1:16
  2. college football0:28
  3. BCS bowl0:54, 1:35
  4. Mississippi1:12, 1:15
  5. Alabama1:05, 1:26
  6. Florida1:27

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell -- who's hosting all this Saturday what do you think about quarterback Zach -- burgers progress. Well I think it's been tremendous but you know life. Steve I'm not so sure that it's his progress. As much as it has been and receivers. I mean these guys are starting to catch the ball. They have dropped some here in the last few weeks but they would haven't -- -- early in the year. And look at but I'm not saying that burgers and most accurate quarterback out there in college football I'm just saying that I think it's a combination that. He's getting more confident we're going to -- -- savers. I think -- coaches are getting more confident in Colin plays for him to run and then. After that the receivers are -- the ball on the on the tail end of it so. I like where it's going right now. It's looking like though LSU will not get to play in a BCS bowl so we're calling the season disappointing. Are you disappointed. Yeah. Yeah. We are certainly thought they had to Alabama on the ropes but. I. Was very impressed with the way they've bounced back to play Mississippi State job. Played him tough Mississippi State's a good football team in LSU held them off. But their biggest nemesis. Of the season was really not Alabama. It was Florida in my opinion but he -- -- loss team. You know maybe they won't get to a BCS bowl but. We still got a few weeks -- doing this season there's been so many upsets that have happened as far. If you see you know -- -- -- men that -- so if you rat backed him.

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