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Hokie on LSU's Bowling

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

What's he think of the Chick-fil-A Bowl?



  1. New Year's Day0:40
  2. New Year's Eve0:44
  3. bowl game0:45
  4. contract extension0:50
  5. national championships1:07

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    Also, calm down about Les Miles

    beat notre dame found at 1:15

    City Bowl views how do you like the tigers' chances against the fighting Irish and media Elie fusion women Bogut and net I don't own. You know her name is not a power that they want to words that. Did they don't care that our about that they used to have so yeah idealist who can easily beat Notre Dame . Merry Christmas everybody. Billy's now we got.
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    Who doesn't want a shot at Notre Dame?

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    is idols. Yes but every you know stay safe. They say that Brendan Harris is the young man waiting in the wings he's the guy. Everything else didn't see enough for him play this year don't know but. You know maybe if they give Anthony King that option and it you know what if you see something you don't like just putting on the arm and go to house was it Dan. So but it's ours the other. Ten guys on offense in the eleven on defense threat I think but the young talent they're real good got a ways to go but improving.
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    Who wants to watch two bad teams going at it in primetime?

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    All the talk going around right now is about how coach Sean Payton and some veteran players have indicated bit. The young players on the saints team might be immature unprofessional. How do you think it might be influencing. The have a saints are playing. On him for his way it shouldn't influence the older players they know better. And if the younger players are following suit in bench there aspirin get rid. The saints have taken on the bears in Chicago on Monday so what kind of game do you expect. Too bad football team Dornan on Monday night. I don't imagine they'll be a whole lot of viewer ship. Except in the area of New Orleans
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    8-4 record nothing to shake a stick at

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    what do you think the tigers need to do to be a playoff contender next season. I well they got to find some help at quarterback. One thing that and it is a given. You in

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There are a lot of LSU fans that are voiced disappointment with the tigers playing in the -- label against Clemson how do you feel about the bulls select well today I can understand why the LSU fans would feel like date kind of -- -- a little bit of a lower tier bowl. Well but that was an L issues doing that was the BCS people that said all right you're going to hear you're going there and do I think it's. A bad goal for Ellis unit to go to know I mean they'll they'll present himself proudly they'll bring a good crowd there. When -- know but I I do think bill if you deserve more of a New Year's Day bowl than they did. New Year's Eve bowl game on December 31 instantly intrigued label. How about that contract extension that theories -- smiles and it was the right thing for ill suited to. I do act. Steve I don't know why so many people are so hard on this miles. I mean you look at your record you look at the number wins. He's got a couple of national championships there and I know there. There are people out there that think it maybe he should have a couple more of it. I don't know I really don't have anything to complain about I mean I look at his overall. Won loss record -- go it's just heard earnings sultry and whom I sit here and complain about it I like last miles I know other people think that. You know if you probably should go on to bigger and better things. It's hard to name recognition dated -- whoever else -- I've got no real problems with the man and you know if you look on the up and argue with me. Didn't come -- life.

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