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Willie Roaf with Bobby & Deke

Wed, 23 Jan 2013|



  1. Ray Lewis3:58, 4:15, 4:50
  2. Mario Williams6:04, 6:08
  3. Jammal Brown6:00
  4. Tony Gonzalez1:13
  5. Mark Martin0:26
  6. hockey league2:02
  7. 49ers2:29
  8. financial reward2:00
  9. Little League2:26

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    what they say they found that the patriots. Not the patriots but Tom Brady duke somewhat or very well but who vaguely knew that the balls were deflated what's your take on all. Well I think it's. Much ado about nothing new things and they'll hear that I know we hole. As quarterbacks are concerned. The conditions and approvals and and really the past decade Peyton Manning has and they do that is. This obliges have balls while the bonds bills link. And then there heart to heart attack within the thing we knew what the business. Possible ball but then you know you put him in drier than you wrote
    are right you have time do in Baghdad. Improperly inflated balls and Tom Brady was like night and nine and then they called couldn't stop them. So the bottom line is the rules are rules and
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    Gates to camp training camp the game will be it was fifteen it and as we can just laugh we'd go to the green brown. Yeah I think that it's a special place in the bottom line if you wanna. Continue to go there waiting to Libya twelfth team in in the we'll have the problem. You enjoyed the great facilities. Beauty you know I've been. In training camp the way in the way that way it's all a structured but. Hopefully the seasonal drop a whole lot better but. I think another deal went through four year deal so. Hopefully we'll win India well team that will take advantage of that makes the report seasons much mall on same thing we can't draft Albrecht gulf stuff at WW dot com.
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    picks and also reagents. Number one priority on offense got to protect Drew Brees better what you will do get one of the tops and is in the game in Max Unger. Your first round pick on interest pizza you've done that. You helped to special teams out tremendously bringing in Markus Murphy all purpose back really good punt kick return guy. You want it to get better at cornerback and you did Brandon Browner and bring in dealt with Borough Pharmacia now
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    KG came by the AB about the saints given a day sixth round pick this year he won a kid who'd get damion swan and every guy you look dead and you you kind of studied. One thing it's been a theme is being intelligent and Smart that's something this team talk me they bring in some guys they feel like a good players but also character guys. Well the ego. He's coming here are gonna compete like he was a first round pick . Mean you got to have that swagger played in the SEC. You look at all the measure of rules. He's gonna come in here. That you gotta be in that number I don't care views. Any and I've seen the east played safe these played in this slide corner the more you could do special teams . Well listen you need that competition. You bring in a bunch of guys and then I'll go to make the team. But the saints fans . We don't care that Omega team privilege to create the rise for the top. Whoever that might be without showing any favoritism.

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I literally speak you know the hall of fame and you look now going forward and you know don't get any bigger and is doable if you look at all these events. Do you feel like a rock star. Now not only upcoming event and you are being -- if you just ovals and really -- is now a household name because in the pro football. I went there -- a major reason of doing that is -- -- counterpart Mark Martin recovered. Room who people. We took some blow your mind he's he's in order to win the war with. You know we're doing OK you don't throw it we don't we you know we return we'll be pleased -- ultimately -- You have to figure out where people wanna play here who. Millionaire didn't pit -- pricing you'd be lucky to get ahead you have to a couple of are always -- -- and we're -- who are you looking through our view you can go hungry girl. Who work on your I don't want. The great -- join us really got -- -- a -- and it's becoming the efficacy of new on what I wanted to do suitable. The bigger name. But he didn't take him out that you did you have got to vote. You don't come like Tony Gonzalez -- probably the greatest idea ever poly won one playoff game. But you know and never as good also added that never did see that you went our. Want to work if intimately and he won't do too. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's big -- and literacy is broken ribs bruised and if you -- -- -- where else in the studio so virtual McGrady is in big games particularly. An internal inventory they're real good little game that they that -- -- -- that's -- -- Carol in his career wouldn't care consumer wherever. I don't do you really think he's durable and thinking here -- you do well. It might be done now and -- happy that your body -- up a few months and the bills come due in July they make that call and all of Sunday financial reward them -- hockey league all that money that people. Because the you know that we'll -- that Ernie -- what you've done you've done. So I don't know but he played at such a high level I don't see how it can actually give it up but he might. Because. You know I guess taken the approach going out of considered. I you know first ballot hall of Famer and not the best in the congress these retired and -- Little League and it is game. Between the rings and -- 49ers. -- -- donors are absolutely and especially offensively how they're clicking. And peaking at the right time to look at the ravens. They shuffled their offensive -- -- to talk about that almost everything I got the right formula where they've -- Michael oracle to right tackle. And as intellectually intrigue is key positions -- -- -- -- -- you know you -- know Wharton borderless -- your and you know -- you know guard vice Versa. But not every right -- -- left tackle. But it would just talk about child out of line and is it kind of -- -- towards. A lot of partners -- What personal producers -- Matt -- has been solid solution. That you know deeply. -- -- -- -- -- -- Who went over in the league who wouldn't -- can remain true. He's got -- breaks through look terrible. Urgency wasn't clear it was ridiculous -- -- weren't sure -- mr. -- -- -- put -- how many years and then boom right which he can run the American religion. -- yeah I think so I think we're number one among local premiere. He just about Michael -- an -- I didn't look -- right. I don't think there's rumors and particularly stardom had. -- ultimately. I think incredible mammography. That he won't hold immortal words and hit that. Yeah -- -- listen I don't care how great you are we've all been humbled. You know even talked about the time I -- against -- -- and falcon and as great as Ray Lewis isn't. Are we are all like to blame game I think you -- -- -- -- that -- okay great elusive behind I don't really shields who know aren't we welcome our war okay you know you're not longer two overall would. Would you like that filled. Ray Lewis was blocked every time. It regularly is where Burton Charlotte with a crowbar and he got these -- -- we're. And route orders from two I don't talk with anyone know of no god no turnovers that you wouldn't if you really don't want yeah -- didn't -- -- -- -- but it didn't -- -- -- -- Merck and more before the circles -- -- and duty before -- got the hook yeah not. Yeah. Sure we -- you don't you don't third and we'll get there. And now they're coming in and I thought it was a volatile last seen Ray Lewis get dominate. It was like 5050 no. He was getting blocked all the time to talk about Doug -- -- that the leaders really want a lawyer who's getting it just shows -- NFL -- over the years that -- it. You think you might be -- -- UKB home. And we -- -- -- important aren't really -- him and now Larry look the faith and their situation. The key freeagent. What your take what you see Vermont vote fraud at all to attack on those who -- all want -- back. I mean he's even been like kind of late Pro Bowl tackle our alternate and that's sort of find a guy that you could -- just your take on push rod. And you do maybe to say that no market that they will theme keep him. They've got to figure the government over excellent job as part of our religion our army he's the student birdies. Good week you'd be eager to run it as hard as well he's -- depend immigrants are a -- he's been -- everything -- -- -- -- -- do you think you. Yeah -- was as good as we could really begin league and I talked about this this thanks well priced and against the Texans. There are training camp in Houston. All of a sudden Jammal Brown goes down at Busch truck at a critical look at Mario Williams it really felt a humble we watch him practice. Mario Williams as kick it puts trucks behind so what what the world's gonna happen in the game you know what he's gotten a game. Want to in the second quarter Marlins got the best of them. We -- got rid of the ball but he held his long and the rest is history we boot drive has done -- that things left tackle Andre Bruce worked. A really good enough to please shoot me please. Get real goofy or. And -- bridge you can make Americans very good guy -- he's given them want to go through our secure. Indeed is bigger things to keep improving he's if you are horrible little time he's right here would you want. Yeah look -- got 32 teams 32 left tackles. He's in the top 1012 misinterpret via Bloomberg dual purpose of your yeah yeah exactly exactly.

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