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Bobby and Deke at SB Media Day

Wed, 30 Jan 2013|



  1. Justin Smith0:29
  2. Super Bowl2:49
  3. Troy Aikman2:45
  4. Jim Harbaugh0:27, 0:30
  5. Sports Radio0:13
  6. outstanding job0:51
  7. saints fans0:44
  8. football game2:10
  9. world champs2:29
  10. NASCAR0:19

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WW dot com and WW -- -- home a suitable for his seventh annual media day Bobby. The second time -- FL history the fans can -- media people a small price and when you walk in the gates they gave these to the -- little box. It's -- Sports Radio -- what is it that it's able to be activated only for immediate date it is much like NASCAR Bobby's got one right the box. It's earpiece and you tune into the channel in each play as a channel and it listed Jim Harbaugh you click on ads now are announcement Justin Smith. Is bigoted Jim Harbaugh Bobby had a nice exchange during an antenna the days of old when they were both in the state emission. It together yet gone back to 1983 and now what he's still looks like he could play and you know just talk -- would him. The adult patrols saints fans -- a big fan GO. Coaching pat -- -- -- Jack's employees running the party dynasty that has been an outstanding job it. Doug they have this all. It's like wham -- It's it's like almost overkill but this is what you need to have a miserable. Tuesday being media days had to get this out the way the players coaches and naked be focused on the game. And I now have this the fans interacting. And can hear all the different interviews and the proximity. Like one stop shop everything is here. And you can get the best of of both worlds as far as you have talked your -- I didn't talk to the ravens -- you don't have to go anywhere Niko to you so just a great opportunity in Iraq. With the players and and just get different story lines what does -- means to them and and using the best in advance. When you come to this media day get ready -- -- doable. And the way it's laid out of course the foreign matters come in first -- of that program is simple -- -- In the ravens are coming in so precise you load up -- the media bus that the committee and senate they get straight and don't you walk in it -- -- security. It's him on Bobby through structured its business like a like Hussein after the date it's all business for the game the team to meet individually at their coattails. But this is it today it is the most media availability and it's all focused on the big game Sunday evening right here on WW. Yeah let all the media involve. His game has grown. Where it's mortgages of football game it's a worldwide he'd been. And I really Q what an outstanding game. The players from this time on -- that it finished they'd need to be told us on the game. And prepare. You know film study gains land we have two great teams that catamounts game and know what it takes to contribute. To be world champs so. You know you gotta deal with the public and the media. That they sell in the NFL. But there are really you can have this morning one day because it it would take good too much away for the preparation of the game out of things. My dear Debbie Debbie oh guess like Jay -- Troy Aikman Michael Irving you name it Bert Jones. We'll have them -- and of course the home was Super Bowl 47 WW AM mass -- right here at WWL dot --

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