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WWL>Topics>>Bobby & Deke atop Bacchus float at Radio Row

Bobby & Deke atop Bacchus float at Radio Row

Wed, 30 Jan 2013|

Previewing the 2nd half of Super Bowl Week


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    Gates to camp training camp the game will be it was fifteen it and as we can just laugh we'd go to the green brown. Yeah I think that it's a special place in the bottom line if you wanna. Continue to go there waiting to Libya twelfth team in in the we'll have the problem. You enjoyed the great facilities. Beauty you know I've been. In training camp the way in the way that way it's all a structured but. Hopefully the seasonal drop a whole lot better but. I think another deal went through four year deal so. Hopefully we'll win India well team that will take advantage of that makes the report seasons much mall on same thing we can't draft Albrecht gulf stuff at WW dot com.
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    would you coach two key so if he could coming up on special teams too and get the rotation that's a big boost in team. All house even tell that to my guess is the by quarter till midnight in the latter part of first round you know you name of what you named you look at all these mock drafts . PJ woods is a part of that. So it's not like you're reaching to get him in the third round though is a guy that was that a lot of team's radar. And I'm not things where the belly first round pick the news in the conversation. So a lot of competition and we need that we need cover guys you never. A EC never gonna have too many receivers covered guys because they gained structured. If he could contribute you'd have to be 123 be admitted at fort. Covered guy edges contribute on special teams . Come game day you going to be active. And now you have ability to determine a high level. OK now we talk

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W de -- coverages to mobile 47 rolls honestly he's closer to the -- team that needs I was going to come -- bubbly. You're on top of the hospitality with a -- promote. The only thing in the the center of this. If it immediately -- -- -- -- convention center but now Bobby could talk to you that it is tight with. Thought you might be in town really focus in on the yes the players -- they got coaches that got that all behind them. Media. Superdome and their commitment. That's over now -- people was in the game. We gonna continue to do shows here. On radio roll over stages from all around the country. But really it's just really starting. People especially with the there's -- is -- that. Making it almost like five in the they'll be a big time and of course we get a code for you hope to hold. He views and teaching must not only did -- did little dot com wall to wall coverage Kenya tuneup for the market policy and real long -- content as well. Thank you so much more on the home to -- 47.

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