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Bobby & Deke on Gregg Williams

Thu, 7 Feb 2013|

Time to move on?



  1. Jonathan Vilma2:29
  2. Gregg Williams0:08, 0:28, 1:10
  3. veteran player1:54
  4. Greg Lloyd's4:01
  5. human nature2:49
  6. student loan0:14
  7. head coach0:53, 3:40
  8. online book3:54
  9. Georgia Dome0:16
  10. Tennessee1:52

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One hot out there today out of recapping national signing can't be happy definitely -- -- Google also. Obviously coach Gregg Williams reinstated. And I would entity but when he had a lot of success there. Make it to the student loan of one of the best who will now welcome Georgia Dome and to the rams but you know I know a lot of -- had an experience here but I think deep down battle all of us. We we do feel looked at some gratitude and appreciate because Gregg Williams looking upon to -- -- we had unity event with a big part well. Well could dream -- -- -- border to me. And you know probably game a little too much leverage. Do you think everyone has applause -- -- -- -- in this kind of in his own laws. You know you'd think I mean -- looking gentleman additional -- head coach. But I truly. Believe -- -- group Muslim community. And as we get to this problem that everyone. And narcissistic. -- -- point. You know the way things -- didn't you -- your perception. Until we Gregg Williams. You know as their excuse is shocking -- -- well. I think depth policy and done Gregg Williams. All went overboard. We talk about him being back with the titans. Bananas over the -- is holding this event. So and a mile and a half anyone who went out and act like. You know 23 years coming out of turn around so I had this success. In this Google Jerry -- the coordinator with his -- to coordinate greatly. Because of the bills -- -- -- through anyway. So that it does surprise me we've Gregg Williams. -- get my appetite now because Tennessee going forward a veteran player on the titans. Who's who's seen it all been there. Great we're talking to put the right buttons and motivate you. Are you truly -- professional project and depriving yourself. Could -- where we've got to the point where he gives players the local -- and alcohol for. And now he might feel like -- that you know that's an edge and I can do that. And the other partners I think we'll be more naive view -- -- -- -- it won't all the players. You know might take the approach -- occurred. Like Jonathan Vilma who's leader that he answered any leader on the saints defense. And a great way of deceit is behind -- -- -- the -- So that's the innocent as he could truly. In after we operate in Iraq and that is better titans player. According to this have you talked with them to me you know we're human nature policy at the end. We greatly and has Gregg Williams changes coaching style I don't want any change. The cameraman yeah -- is boutique like you would hear it looks like. This used to be a little more grace you put it came -- -- let Erica welcome in whatever that's called -- show. You know the increasing -- these. It was good looks like you that you stressed out needs. We're ready to -- mean. -- this this is life like who's to fit a life for. Could Gregg Williams it isn't like her and you know they get an opportunity would I moved. Right so that's why. Look this is pitching very similar -- coach -- Think timeframe well I really think. Even little. I guess because he was in charge who was the head coach -- -- A lot -- -- -- And all this. Stuff that -- at me and all that publicity. A lot because I wouldn't put it. Most small only you can get pregnant found out online book on Hillary cabinet with Andy and our conversation because that's not all at WW you know great contact -- Greg Lloyd's bank because I greatly -- telling you. Let's look where we wanna tell we've only has two ovals so I don't have any hard feelings. Acquaintances is me you wouldn't know. The -- it was. -- it yet.

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