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  1. T-Bob recaps weekend in sports


    Mon, 30 Mar 2015

    Tigers drop series, Pels break losing streak

    michigan state found at 0:21

    beat them studio appeared double coverage. Ed butchered it and as we covered . Credit tire oh man that's great they we're comforted dire we end. Of sports and outlawed the big news. The final four officially decided. As Michigan State . Duke Wisconsin. And got Kentucky. All remaining term first off what I know. We're going to be tradition in standpoint aspect. Those are sexy big name programs. And if you start looking to coach gene and you can end up. Bo Ryan Tom Izzo Mike Hsu chef Steve John Calipari I mean these are you leaked coach named so law. Media whines that TV people convert
  2. Angela and Garland come full circle


    Fri, 27 Mar 2015

    40 years later, sharing on office together

  3. T-Bob: Next 11 games are vitally important to Pels' future


    Thu, 26 Mar 2015

    Tough loss to Rockets last night

    doctor jekyll found at 0:32

    Took all gone on. Disappointing loss for the pelicans last night. You consider everything that was on the line. Pretty much your play it hopes he now down three to have gained just eleven ago it's gonna be a lot to overcome a golden opportunity. But it tells last night is vote this in the thunder fell. Could have made up some ground and it looks good. Incredible. First quarter. 34 point shooting 75%. And how ever the doctor Jekyll and mr. Hyde kind of nature. And the elegant ended up coming out as over the next few quarters they are combined
  4. Bobby: Pelicans need to take it one game at a time


    Wed, 25 Mar 2015

    Change may come later, but don't think about that now

    dwight howard found at 1:32

    agree rings within the third this wreckage in the west though it's secure home court yeah putter goes so. Coakley would win. With Dwight Howard went on Dwight Howard doing fine I against Sacramento and then. You can't look at Michael and then thinking that you wanted to gain at a
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