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  1. Garland: Can the Mexico border really be closed?


    Mon, 26 Jan 2015

    The GOP says it can. But for how much money?

    united states found at 0:08

    just to maintain the 600 miles of border that we problem southern United States . Now Republicans wanted to show the entire thing 2000 mile. Big government. Lots of taxes. Can we trust them where's the way
  2. T-Bob: Pels on their way to 5 game win streak


    Mon, 26 Jan 2015

    Next: Revenge on pitiful 76ers

    game winning streak winning streak found at 1:33

    500 they can't. Excellent bastion last night beating the thirty and fourteen Dallas Mavericks and having your stars show up when they. It most clutch finish with air recorded that three to tied up with a minute left. Higher get the delay it would twenty seconds left to put to a vote one and that deputy Davis would be huge. Clutch free throws and the excellent steel icy to meet or keep it. Do. It started out that it gives you 2010. That he asked he had big man with the ability big game when he freedoms and play game with a deep into the duties of certainly did. Don't want to hero. They're fourteen and 50. They get eight of their next nine games ago and it starts tonight with this 76ers. Gary that's it receives a 66 of the Golden Globe. From just a couple weeks ago how the work out I think it's I think they've wind I did beat the nuggets the next night and you'll get that team righted it. Five game winning streak I games Canada right up dooming them now they're gonna do it five game winning streak heading into the much tougher second half. Of them don't see what they tell you get it done. Like Tom blood do
  3. T-Bob: Are you Team Rita or Team Gayle?


    Fri, 23 Jan 2015

    T-Bob: Are you Team Rita or Team Gayle?

    sean payton found at 0:46

    did or basically Geddes. Eight capacity doesn't have the medical mental or physical ability to make correct decisions right now. They're arguing that the era basically people behind the scenes rather that deal. Sean Payton some of these studies at Gail and her allies are controlling. Mr. Benson and manipulate him that's one lawsuit kinda. CNET gives
  4. Bobby: Gayle Benson is an angel


    Thu, 22 Jan 2015

    She should own the teams after Mr Benson passes

    sean payton found at 1:54

    the business alive and ms. Gail is life would be in charge. Sean Payton Mayhew homeless they'd be around here and I'll. I think your freedom was in charge of the NB a lot of conflict
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