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  1. Scoot: Is marriage equality the end of America?


    Fri, 26 Jun 2015

    Some things never change

    same sex marriage sex marriage found at 0:05

    office here deputy well this is that the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is legal and constitutional. And on same sex marriage in any state. Is unconstitutional I'm really surprised but usually. There have been so many people who are talking about this is
  2. Bobby: It will be a challenge for Pels to make playoffs


    Thu, 25 Jun 2015

    But Alvin Gentry can help get there

    lamarcus aldridge found at 0:52

    WW had to come by got a lot more at this point baseball . Basketball football as he's gone but let's talk a bit vetting team BA could be some big name players all of the mood and we look in the Western Conference . And that erupted with Kevin Love come back to the west from the east. What do delay is due and I think that's very important to have what we do here in New Orleans. Because we could ever shift of power and has only eight playoff spot in the west will be a good team that's going to be left out. Yeah they think the way it's let the rich get richer. The list gets better and in. You know we were just talking. If you look all the wealthy to ease the council I think congress. You probably if you really did it right. We have 46 hours and 111213. Wesley comes I think is that. LaMarcus Aldridge . Although it eased over the true voice as he he's the driver's seat. Kevin Love. Bogey via a bogey cousins though it
  3. Landrieu wants "divisive" monuments gone


    Wed, 24 Jun 2015

    Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis targeted for change

    jefferson davis found at 1:36

    raise the question today. Does in fact Lee circle or the statue Jefferson Davis reflect who New Orleans is historically as a people who we wanna be in the future I think the answer is no.
  4. Angela: Are 17-year-old juveniles or adults?


    Tue, 23 Jun 2015

    The answer might change the shape of youth crimes in New Orleans

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