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Bobby on Saints' 1st draft pick

Mon, 25 Feb 2013|

Where should they 'spend' it?



  1. Roman Harper1:02
  2. Gregg Williams1:05
  3. Malcolm Jenkins1:09
  4. missed tackles1:14
  5. Dean Cain0:01
  6. immediate impact1:29

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    when you do have a superstar. And until the end I think Anthony Davis . You have to look at his age and you Luka who's likable leads or new problem. And he did a more Trojan Drew Brees and investigate this let's money list any a lot of them could well. What else they've I think it is less money list and going anywhere but I was here to see where they're at nature I don't know by an extension how many years. You know fans might think to approach will get another UX it is so does that mean every year that has two years left and you go. From there but. Listen. It was. Big time that he made it well because no one thought wouldn't do all the injuries that an all star break . We weren't gonna do it really that on the just they'll pour. That's partially why I mean it. I think in Italy if you approach quitting they do negotiator. You know according to this season. And now Phillip how we expect this thing to do well you know we expect. That pelicans could be a playoff team now we get there have been at least with a theory much smaller line commentary of course because about it because of
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    inning. The old quarter of big childhood. Even though. In the desert. Controlled environment is that him early September and all of the adult games so. Hopefully they'll come evidently so they come and ultimately more than you do three at least three primetime games the practical body out double fault that it cow or a month later they're all there. Anything but when it first thought it. The V everyday at Altria Kindle. Well in the states and in the legal in prime time especially at home the best English there. Sunday Night Football request agreement Packers. And so you know what we can across the cowgirls coast Knight is going to be a special. Gained

Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

When it became Dean Cain about Nieve hit WW dot com -- can't -- -- the non listeners which wait for the defense of the saints go with with the birth date. Black -- back as a second it. They. I think look we can improve all areas -- defense considering. You know when -- deadline I think -- -- an internal records on the negative side. That we can improve in every area that hostility to approach that it all sorts of permanent. And -- even you throw in the process. Obviously it has been age the way to passing game is yet to have cover guys in and built to hold their only new when you put a little island. I still think of this pass coverages and pass rush. Look and I'll second area still think I -- trying to get that are front and hopefully do. Are angrier -- grew have a better. See -- again last year. -- drops and -- probably more consistently collateral calls him. Roman Harper I think it's gonna benefit this team will be more like Gregg Williams team going get after the quarterback play in the box and in many Malcolm Jenkins just to be more consistent he was very activity and way too many missed tackles. And a secondary to these. Need to play better -- I think it will play better -- thinking get out -- opposing quarterback. So whether it be an outside linebacker arguments have been as I still think within fifteen pick that kind of player will be available. -- immediate impact. SDK -- has to -- more WW dot com.

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