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  1. Saints cage the Panthers


    Fri, 31 Oct 2014

    The Cajun Cannon says the Black & Gold are trending up

    cam newton found at 1:33

    at least six and two and how many times have you seen Sean Payton's team. Well we've rushed the ball more more and we passed that great balance 37 rushing attempts. 34 passes by drew. We haven't seen that too often so that's willing argument coach Payton did stick with the run a Mark Ingram. Having thirty carries. Mean you got to go back let me gentleman knows his Stephen I think got to go back to 2004. The last back to have at least for the thirty carries and Alan Deuce McAllister . In action though the first running back on the show on team now have thirty carries and write a hundred yards just look at that 10-Q where dollar defense. You know lesson drew is more than as a matter. You know the yards a year average entity controlled the table the game they didn't have to promise in the beginning. Has moved behind an eternal Marie shot but I'll be fits. Was outstanding. Like Cam Newton I was very normal few looking cam what he did in my glass on here. I mean cam very kind of embarrass
  2. Hokie surprised the Saints are favored at Carolina


    Thu, 30 Oct 2014

    Gajan: Saints road woes should favor the Panthers

    green day found at 0:57

    short week but I mean they've probably been preparing for her. That coaching staff anyway and apparent for a couple weeks no one. That it is a short week and get to game plan and it means a team to play twice a year continued division so there are no real surprises so. And a good thing is it to short flight. An hour and 1520 minutes something like dentist not like you're going cross country . So. Let's look at the odds now Vegas is saying that the saints are favored to beat the Panthers. What do you think you are creeping should be underdog here saints at the Pampers. I don't know how they just comes out there are also. They were favorite site for favorite last weekend against Green Day that. Didn't think that was rights may wan moved considerably more than one the margin was Blix. We haven't I don't know
  3. Bobby: Saints can take command of NFC South


    Wed, 29 Oct 2014

    And get some momentum going

    monday night football found at 1:23

    and it's from the town into dangles. They have the ravens put Monday Night Football facility in Drew Brees has never beaten multiple. You know when you look at that the pinnacle of his bird flu this group is perfect political. We'll consider part of this AFC teams that could give big challenge but first things first. Take
  4. Bobby: Saints will win 23-20


    Wed, 29 Oct 2014

    Getting to Carolina right on time

    slight favorite found at 0:06

    pulled the woman cannot cannot lose my favorite the saints now a slight favorite bags full basic Mississippi game. How do you see your camera yeah yeah that's sort of connection because they isn't yesterday and
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