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  1. Bobby on Saints roster cuts


    Tue, 1 Sep 2015

    Nick Toon and Ronald Powell gone

    high school found at 0:48

    I Islam. And let it be any kind of had at all. Training camp . That you're prepared in the path at a high ankle sprain. That's like Brookings analyst for six weeks ago. That doesn't surprise me Colorado pol. I expected him. Do. He looked like football. You know it. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane and really. His physical capabilities so. And has been perpetrating this thing is one high school players come hell on the floor. The problem crappy it. The terrorist threat to cut him he's talking about I can see
  2. Scoot: Is there a war on police?


    Tue, 1 Sep 2015

    Or do recent shootings just show what a dangerous job it is?

    police officer found at 0:01

    This morning a police officer on foot patrol in the Chicago area we shot and killed by three suspects they now are believed to have he has
  3. Preseason game #3 hard to watch


    Sun, 30 Aug 2015

    Bobby almost took a nap...you?

    security blanket found at 1:04

    to be. Realistic. In the race. Drive and all on the field. Security blanket . Who try to win this thing tightly franchise kill him and him. You know workout though it hasn't been present we Jamie. Either but we've been more of this result office entity grow with recent. That was a result of field goals and I think there's. I policies and we. If there aren't. Cuomo he's seen things active cardinals on Sunday September 13 most
  4. Bobby: Nobody can stop Brandin Cooks


    Thu, 27 Aug 2015

    Bobby: Nobody can stop Brandin Cooks

    hail mary found at 0:14, 0:46

    lot of situation. Right. They get through there and you know that hail Mary it's better. Yeah. Great they again. Paradise the weather is ultimately ultimately. Calmly and again that there's. What they did in the
    a ball has kind of like normal lives they would quite a hail Mary sees him that it did in the field. Words like normal golf with this setting up a field goal in the getting text. The financing on the chance that killed a drive big interception. He dropped interceptions were used to play
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